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University of hertfordshire review

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lolita essay

LOLITA. Of Hertfordshire Review! By Vladimir Nabokov. The first time I read Lolita I thought it was one of the your illegal, funniest books I’d ever come on. (This was the of hertfordshire, abbreviated version published in Airport Essay the Anchor Review last year.) The second time I read it, uncut, I thought it was one of the saddest. I mention this personal reaction only because Lolita is one of those occasional books which arrive swishing behind them a long tail of opinion and reputation which can knock the review, unwary reader off his feet. Is it shocking, is speech, it pornographic, is it immoral? Is its reading to be undertaken not as a simple experience but as a conscious action which will place one on this, or that, side of a critical dividing line? What does the Watch and Ward Society say of it? What does Sartre, Graham Greene or Partisan Review? This is hard on review, any book. Does Security Make! “Lolita” stands up to it wonderfully well, though even its author has felt it necessary to contribute an epilogue on his intentions. This, by university, the way, seems to me quite as misleading as the purposely absurd (and very funny) prologue by “John Ray Jr., Ph. D.,” who is a beautifully constructed caricature of American Academic Bumbledom. But in providing a series of i have a dream text, trompe-l’oeil frames for the action of his book, Vladimir Nabokov has undoubtedly been acting with intent: they are screens as well as frames. University Of Hertfordshire Review! He is not writing for the ardent and simple-minded civil-libertarian any more than he is writing for the private libertine; he is writing for readers, and those who can read him simply will be well rewarded. He is fond of frames and their effects. A final one is provided within the your illegal, book itself by the personality of the narrator Humbert Humbert (“an assumed name”). Humbert is a close-to-40 European, a spoiled poet turned dilettante critic, the possessor of a small but adequate private income and an enormous and agonizing private problem: he is aroused to erotic desire only by girls on the edge of puberty, 9-to-14- year-old “nymphets.” Julliet, Dante’s Beatrice and Petrarch’s Laura all fell within this age range, but to poor panting Humbert Humbert, the of hertfordshire review, twentieth century denies the only female things he really desires. Then, as in a fairy tale, his wish comes true. Lolita is its fulfillment. She is the i have a dream speech, quintessence of the nymphet, discovered by total accident in an Eastern American small town. To get her, Humbert puts himself through a pattern of erotic choreography that would shame a bower-bird. He is university of hertfordshire, grotesque and horrible and unbearably funny, and he knows it. He will settle for anything, and does. The “anything” involves marrying Lolita’s widowed mother, Charlotte, with all the acid is an example, lies and of hertfordshire review swallowing of distaste that this implies. Charlotte promptly arranges to send the child away so that the two “lovers” can be alone together, and Humbert begins to consider the distasteful lies necessitated by murder. Fate, however, intervenes. (McFate, Humbert calls him, envisioning him as an old, lavish and absent- minded friend addicted to making ambiguous gifts, a sort of deified Bernard Goldfine). Charlotte is killed in an accident. Dream come true! With his little stepdaughter (he drops the “step” to strangers), Humbert sets out on an odyssey of lechery that approaches the flights and “fugues” of schizophrenia. It turns into a nightmare. Through two years and two lengthy circuits of the American scene, Humbert spirals down the levels of his inferno. Possessed, insatiable, he can never stop wanting Lolita because he never really has her, he has only her body. Does Airport! In the end, his punishment matches his crime. Lolita runs off with a monster; Humbert attempts to university track them (giving a hilarious impersonation of a Thurber bloodhound as he does), bounces into a sanitarium, bounces out and Airport Make Us Safer? lives in despair, until Dolly, who used to be Lolita, finds him . She is now an entirely different person, a triumph for the vital force that has managed to make a life out of the rubble that Humbert’s passion created, and the monster’s mindless activity merely confirmed. For a moment Humbert stands revealed to himself as her destroyer. But this confrontation does him no good. He sheers off into action again and university of hertfordshire rushes away to find and murder the monster in a long tragi-farcical shambles that somehow combines the chase scene from “Charley’s Aunt” with the dйnouement of “Titus Andronicus.” In his epilogue, Mr. Nabokov informs us that “Lolita” has no moral. I can only say that Humbert’s fate seems to me classically tragic, a most perfectly realized expression of the moral truth that Shakespeare summed up in the sonnet that begins, “The expense of spirit in a waste of shame/ Is lust in i have a dream speech action”: right down to the detailed working out of university of hertfordshire, Shakespeare’s adjectives, “perjur’d, murderous, bloody, full of acid example of, blame.” Humbert is the hero with the tragic flaw. Humbert is every man who is driven by desire, wanting his Lolita so badly that it never occurs to of hertfordshire him to consider her as a human being, or as anything but a dream-figment made flesh 3/4 which is the eternal and universal nature of passion. The author, that is, is writing about all lust. He has afflicted poor Humbert with a special and taboo variety for a couple of contradictory reasons. In the first place, its illicit nature will both shock the reader into paying attention and prevent sentimentally false sympathy from distorting his judgment. Acid Of! Contrariwise, I believe, Mr. Nabokov is review, slyly exploiting the American emphasis on the attraction of i have text, youth and the importance devoted to university of hertfordshire the “teen-ager” in order to promote an unconscious identification with Humbert’s agonies. Both techniques are entirely valid. Rain Is An Example! But neither, I hope, will obscure the purpose of the device: namely, to underline the essential, inefficient, painstaking and pain-giving selfishness of all passion, all greed—of all urges, whatever they may be, that insist on being satisfied without regard to the effect their satisfaction has upon the outside world. Humbert is all of us. So much for the moral of this book, which is not supposed to have one. Technically it is brilliant, Peter-De-Vries humor in a major key, combined with an eye for the revealing, clinching detail of social behavior. If there is review, one fault to find, it is that in making his hero his narrator, Mr. I Have A Dream! Nabokov has given him a task that is university of hertfordshire, almost too big for is an example, a fictional character. Humbert tends to run over into a figure of allegory, of university of hertfordshire, Everyman. Caviar! When this happens it unbalances the university of hertfordshire review, book, for journey, every other character belongs in a novel and university of hertfordshire is real as real can be. Humbert alone runs over at the edges, as if in painting him Mr. Nabokov had just a little too much color on his brush; which color is, I suppose, the moral that poor Humbert is carrying for his creator. Never mind. This is still one of the of Women in Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis Essay, funniest and one of the saddest books that will be published this year. As for its pornographic content, I can think of few volumes more likely to quench the flames of of hertfordshire review, lust than this exact and immediate description of its consequences. Mrs. Janeway is both a critic of fiction and, in such books as “The Walsh Girls” and “Leaving Home,” a writer of it.

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reflection essay on technology in university the classroom

-- | Reflection on acid rain of, Technology and Lifelong Learning | -- "Excellence can only be achieved when great respect is placed on learning, teamed with patience and effort. Because of the changing times in which we live, we must constantly strive to improve ourselves through life-long education. I t is invaluable for us to know how to utilize technology for our continued success in learning." I wrote these words in 1998 as I began my career in education. The Internet was just beginning to flood into our lives as a part of society and I wanted to learn how to swim! And so I began my re-education after a long period of intellectual drought. I still believe in the words written so long ago. The following is my reflection on technology and it's effect on education. During my re-education, I've discovered that I do not want to ever stop the learning process. I want to be a lifelong learner. The more I learn and explore, the more I see that looks valuable and interesting that needs exploring. Thanks to technology, there are now so many new ways to explore and learn. But more importantly, I have also discovered that it is not just about me and my learning process. Rather, the true importance becomes how I am able to inspire and motivate others (my students) with learning that uses technology as a catalyst. Empowerment comes from finding multiple ways to university review show students that technology can help them to perhaps learn more easily and on The Role of Women Satrapi's, a higher level. This in turn helps them to develop their own love for lifelong learning. Of Hertfordshire Review? The empowerment continues as I create situations for speech text learning in such a way that students decide what they need to learn and how they will go about learning it. The use of technology creates many opportunities for university of hertfordshire review self-directed learning. I have come to understand that learning is dependent on interaction with others. Airport Security Us Safer? Essay? Hearing and seeing the ideas and experiences of others, sharing my ideas, discussing and learning from each other produces a richness of truth and learning. Technology helps to foster this interaction among many learners. Consider how technology has become such an important part of learning. Technology allows for a finer, more individualized degree of interactivity in university review order to customize the example of, learning experience based on the needs of the user. Technology provides new resources for learning that overcomes distance and review, time. The addition of this valuable tool, technology, into our education system is a slow process. It begins as one single idea of how to use technology in education. That one idea soon becomes noted as a meaningful addition and so more uses of technology are developed across more curriculums. Technology becomes integrated in multiple ways for imitation instructional purposes. As a new technology is developed, educators think and reflect on how that too should become incorporated into their classrooms. Sometimes these insights arrive one idea at a time. At other times, there is a wild flurry of growth and activity while technology is added to support teachers' instruction and students’ learning when the conditions are right. University Review? It takes funding and committed support of all parties involved (administrations, boards, parents, students, teachers) to develop appropriate projects for the integration of technology into our education systems. One area of education impacted by imitation caviar technology is with our "special needs" students. Many useful assistive technologies and advanced software programs continue to be developed helping students to overcome physical or emotional disability. These students may be able to utilize a computer quite easily where using pencil and paper or classroom participation is a greater struggle for them. Technology adds sensory depth to topics. It may be as simple as playing music at of hertfordshire review the beginning of a class in order to set the mood for learning. It may be as powerful as hearing a noted author read his own poetry. Of Women Satrapi's Essay? Or viewing videos of historic moments in our society. Technology adds great value to the learning experience for some types of university of hertfordshire review learners allowing them to see or hear what in the past was only to odysseus journey be discussed or imagined. Another important use of technology is the creation of opportunities for repetition and university, practice. Is An Example? Individual students may use simulations or specialized software to assist their learning of facts or practice of skills as often as needed until the concept is mastered. These types of programs are tireless tutors. University Review? They free up the time of the teachers that in the past may have been spent in individualized instruction and can now be spent in your child planning new learning opportunities for of hertfordshire review many students. Technology is changing how teachers instruct and deepening the learning experience for students in other ways. Your Child? No longer must students rely only on the information that the instructor presents. The teacher should not be considered the sole source of information for students. Students must learn how to do research, evaluate their findings, and then assimilate their learning. The Internet is a powerful tool for research and a springboard for this type of active learning. It provides many opportunities for of hertfordshire review authentic learning experiences. Technology is being used to help students collaborate with other students. Your Child Illegal? Students no longer need to learn in university of hertfordshire isolation. By using chat, discussion threads, and even hand-held computing devices, students can share what they learn with others. Imitation? Students can share with other students anywhere whether it is within their own classroom or somewhere across the globe in another state or country. Technology is adding a sense of fluidity to education. One of the main areas where technology is having an enormous impact is in online instruction. Many people turn to online courses as a way to start or continue their education in the face of personal obstacles or schedule conflicts. Students are no longer bound by time or geographic constraints when seeking educational opportunities. With proper motivation, many students can work full-time, and tend to their family's needs all while working toward their degree. While using technology for online learning presents great opportunities for of hertfordshire some learners, it is not appropriate for every learner. There are also some teachers who perform best in a traditional classroom rather than in an online environment. Although technology creates the opportunity for online learning, it does not ensure success. Knowing how to leverage the power of acid is an technology can only go so far. I feel that the key to successful online learning experiences depend a great deal more on people skills. The most important factor for success is the effective use of communication skills for university of hertfordshire review both student and instructor. Without the The Role in Marjane Essay, benefit of body language and review, classroom visuals, the power of timely, well-chosen words gains importance. Is Smacking Your Child? What may seem perfectly clear and obvious on university review, one end of the online classroom, may be cloudy and confusing when received on the other end of the room. The tone, the emphasis, the mannerisms are not visible in an online classroom. Clear expectations of odysseus journey both learner and teacher must be set forth at the beginning of class. What does one expect of the university review, other? The teacher needs to lay out the schedule, the topics to be covered, the point value of assignments, the caviar, due dates, classroom procedures and policies. The teacher needs to develop instructional methods that use technology to trigger those "a-ha" moments for the learners. Students must be dedicated, on task, responsive and communicate on a regular basis with the teacher. Disciplined learning is imperative for success as an online learners. Never put off until tomorrow what you could (should) do today. It only gets harder to get back to task when you somehow "fall off the track" in an online classroom. With the completion of my Master of of hertfordshire Arts in Educational Technology, I want to extend the learning in three major areas. First I will continue to use technology to empower my students. As a teacher, I must create the The Role Satrapi's Persepolis Essay, kind of environment for my students so that they will be able to university develop and reach their personal learning goals as they become lifelong learners. They will be given many projects and learning experiences that will help them be active participants in their education. Students will be introduced to technology at the beginning of class. Technology will be further integrated with the curriculum to function as a tool for Does Airport Us Safer? Essay maximizing the learning process. Second, I have resolved to support my colleagues as they strive to use technology more creatively to university of hertfordshire review instruct their students. Some are aware of technology as an instructional tool but not truly cognizant of its potentially enormous impact on learning. I will model techniques for them that I have found success with. For example, the use of odysseus electronic surveys on the first day (and again the last day of class) helps me gather data on the needs and abilities of students. This data allows for of hertfordshire review the customization of teaching techniques for that particular group of students. A Dream? The purpose of the survey on the last day serves as a powerful and yet seamless feedback tool on how well the review, students have learned the material presented. Additionally, electronic surveys are a wonderful way to introduce students to the idea that it is possible to use technology for communication and the collection of a dream their ideas in university addition to being a medium for the research of ideas. For classes meeting in a computer classroom where each student has his or her own computer, technology can help to text make these class sessions interactive and collaborative. Review? By putting students into small groups or pairs, quick Internet research can help them find answers and solution to problems. The small groups of students then report back to the larger group as "experts" in their problem area. Learning occurs for the entire class as everyone discusses the findings and draw conclusions from the small groups' research. I will show my colleagues how technology can help with the lecture portions of classes using PowerPoint presentations displayed via an overhead projector. These presentations could be loaded onto a campus network or the odysseus, Internet so students may access them at any time for review purposes. Besides helping my colleagues in the specific ways discussed above, I am working to university develop a new course serving as the capstone course to the Lansing Community College certificate program, Internet for Business. The course will be called Web Portfolio. Students will explore job opportunities using the Internet and learn about The Role of Women in Marjane Persepolis, appropriate types of university of hertfordshire electronic rйsumйs. Students will then create a digital portfolio of their work developed throughout the speech, certificate program that supports their electronic rйsumй. The process will get them to use technology to review and strengthen their learning. The end product (digital portfolio) will help them obtain gainful employment upon graduation from the certificate program. They will have thoughtful, visible documentation of the their skill set as well as its application for communication and university of hertfordshire, problem solving. The third area for extending my learning is more of a long-term goal. I plan to investigate and apply for the Fulbright Senior Specialist Program. Although this is a new program, I feel this experience will round out odysseus my learning as I take part in professional and collaborative opportunities with colleagues at overseas academic institutions. Sample activities may include taking part in specialized academic programs, lecturing at graduate and undergraduate levels, or conducting teacher training programs in countries where there are U.S. Embassies and a Fulbright Commission in place. Review? Once my application is received and approved, my name is odysseus journey added to a database administered by the CIES (Council for International Exchange of of hertfordshire Scholars) as a Senior Specialist. Then as program requests are made, CIES facilitates the matching of Senior Specialists with the journey, program requests. University Of Hertfordshire? The process is long but the rewards and acid rain example, potential for extended learning are enormous. What began as my personal re-education amid the flood of new technology has now shifted into review, calmer waters that ripple with creativity and in Marjane, learning. Sharing and helping others learn promotes a rich climate in which to sustain the lifelong cycle of learning. As technology increases its stronghold in our lives, there will be countless new opportunities to harness its power for lifelong learning. Respect, patience and effort will help all of review us to realize the impact that technology can have on lifelong learning.