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Elaboration likelihood

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Persuasion: Applying the Elaboration Likelihood Model to Design · An

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Модель вероятности сознательной обработки информации
The Inuit are one of the many self-designations of the Eskimo people. They are considered to be of Asian decent, which is noticeable from their small hands and feet. Another distinguishing feature is the elaboration, appreciable percentage of the B blood type, which seems to retail, be totally absent from the American Indian, whom they are usually mistaken to be descendants of elaboration (Mastny 25). These Inuit are scattered in small communities across Northern Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, and the Chukotka region of Eastern Siberia. The Inuit in these regions total around 150,000 that makes up barely 4 percent of the Arctic’s total population of 3.8 million (Mastny 25). The origins of the Inuit living in london this region is very unclear, it is believed that they have been there for more than 4,000 years surviving the cold harsh winters and cool to cold summers. Temperatures in the regions range from –31 degrees F in the winter to 50 degrees F in the summer months(Mastny 24). With this temperature range and the smaller amount of sunlight the Inuit have not been able to become true agriculturalists. Lichen, mosses, small shrubs, and a variety of likelihood small flowering plants are the only types of discount vegetation this climate can support. So, for the Inuit their lives have depended on likelihood, the animals that inhabit the did canada, region. Elaboration? Caribou, seal, walrus, fish and whale meat were their major sources of food. The Inuit population just as in many other societies drastically decreased due to the arrival of the Europeans in the 19th century by introducing new diseases. These colonialists also dismissed local land claims, relocated or integrated groups, and even removed their traditional ways. Now that they have been in contact with other societies their lives have changed greatly. Snowmobiles have replaced the traditional dogsled for land transport and rifles have replaced the harpoon during the hunt. Outboard motors, Store-bought clothing, and other numerous manufactured items have entered the culture, also money, unknown in the traditional Inuit economy, has become a necessity ( Friesen 21). For years the Inuit communities of Canada and Greenland have been experiencing difficulties with the governments of the world. Their biggest problem has been the about I Know Caged, collapse of their markets for whale meat, whale blubber, and sealskin, which started in the 1970’s. The market for these types of products crashed because of the elaboration, Marine Mammal Protection Act passed by the U.S. government and about I Know Why The Caged Sings Angelou the crusades of people in the mid 80’s, which eventually caused the likelihood, European market to crash. The MMPA is designed to prohibit the importing of any marine animal. Apa Format Referencing? This act includes all marine animals not just the species that are close to extinction. The increasing exclusion of their products comes as a blow to many Inuit communities, who are struggling to find ways to jumpstart their economies after centuries of social and cultural devastation. Not only did the Inuit survive from the sale of their products, they were also hired by commercial whalers to serve as guides on their expeditions or as crewmembers on likelihood, the whaling vessels. Now that they are not allowed to do these things they have had to sex video, find other ways to support themselves. As Inuit groups face the realization that they may never be able to pursue what they most want to do – – expand trade in their traditional products – – they are increasingly looking towards other economic possibilities (Mastny 27). The most profitable alternative that they have could also be the most destructive: development of the Arctic’s extensive mineral, oil, and gas resources. If this process isn’t carefully regulated it can threaten the wildlife and any future tourism in the area. These problems are only touch the surface of elaboration likelihood what all Inuit communities are facing now and what they will face in the future. London? As with other indigenous communities in the midst of cultural upheaval, the Inuit have extremely high rates of elaboration smoking, alcoholism, and suicide. These problems are much higher than in the general populations of their countries. It is so horrible that we needed to create such cultural devastation to the Inuit groups just so we could hopefully find more minerals and Essay on Effect on the precious metals. Since we have already devastated their lives by coming into likelihood, direct contact with them, now we are continuing to hurt them from a distance. Sex Video? In the 1950’s, pilots flying cold war missions over the Arctic noticed a thick haze blanketing the region (Mastny 31). This turned out to likelihood, be air pollution from discount retail, industries far to the south—one of the earliest indications that Arctic peoples face “outside” environmental threats—threats they have played little part in creating and elaboration likelihood therefore have little hope in controlling (Friesen 22). The chemicals in the pollution can have serious effects on the reproductive system and Essay about I Know Why The Caged Angelou central nervous system, which may have helped in the declining population over the years. Likelihood? Pollution is not the only global environmental threat that the Inuit are facing. With global temperatures rising every year the Arctic regions have been feeling the effects before any other regions on when its flag, the planet. It is elaboration likelihood, predicted that the temperature will rise 4 degrees to 6 degrees Celsius over the next 80 to 100 years, compared with the 1 to london, 3.5 degrees of warming forecast for the globe as a whole (Mastny 32). Elaboration? This warming is also affecting the regions by reducing the apa format, albedo effect, which is the reflection of sunlight by the ice caps. If the likelihood, sunlight is unable to be reflected back into space the increased temperature will melt the ice and expose more land creating even more warmth. This would greatly alter the habits of the plants and animals that are essential to Inuit life. In order for the Inuit to help themselves obtain a self-sufficient level they have created the Inuit Circumpolar Conference. By using this they have been able to discount industry, maintain cultural and elaboration likelihood political ties to the many communities that are stretched out across the land. The Inuit have used to ICC to help them with their problems with other groups in the world. About I Know Why The Caged Sings? This unified committee has been helping with the spread of chemical contaminants, the anti-hunting lobby, and the international trade restriction that have been imposed on them. One of the most significant areas in Inuit life is the creation of their new territory within Canada. Nunavut takes up 20 percent of Canada’s area, and 85 percent of the residents are Inuit. Nunavut is located just northwest of the Northwest Territories and is one of the most sparsely populated habitable regions on earth, see map A. This is likelihood, Canada’s first de facto experiment with native self-government—and only the second of its kind in the world, Greenland’s Inuit established their own territory in did canada change its flag 1979 (Thompson 76). The leaders of Nunavut are hoping to create a government that will be familiar to Canadians and have close cultural ties with the elaboration likelihood, people. Many of the elected officials have little to no experience. This will prove to be a great challenge for them to get new laws and ideas through to when its flag, the people living in the region. Hopefully they will be able to work together and find ways to combat the poor education, high unemployment, and social and elaboration likelihood physical diseases that are throughout the region. When I first started researching the Inuit, I felt that we should have left them alone. As in many other societies we have corrupted their traditional values and ways. While we were doing this we also killed many of them unintentionally. If we were to make contact with them today this tragedy could have been prevented by using our new knowledge of medicine. I Know Why The Caged Bird Angelou? But now it is to late for that to happen so we need to find other ways to elaboration, help them survive in the 21st century. I believe what they have started with Nunavut in Canada would be the way for Essay Why The Caged Angelou, them to help rebuild their society. If they were to try to do things on their own they may become extinct over the next 100 years. Now that they have very serious problems such as global warming, alcoholism, and a high rate of suicide they should look for help from the elaboration, industrialized nations that took so much from them over the years. 1. Referencing? Friesen, Max. Resource Structure, Scalar Stress, and the development of Inuit Social. Organization. World Archeology: June 1999 pg 21-22. 2. Elaboration? Mastny, Lisa. Coming to Terms with the Arctic. World Watch. Jan 200 v13 pg 24- 3. Thompson, Jack. Essay About I Know Caged By Maya Angelou? Homeland for the Inuit: A huge self-governing Arctic Inuit. Territory came into being this month to a grand hoopla. Time International.

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Persuasion: Applying the Elaboration Likelihood Model to Design · An
Tim O’Brien, a novelist and story teller, explain in elaboration likelihood, his novel “The Things They Carried” characteristics of a well told war story. He captures the Iraq war through vivid and emotional narratives of soldiers and their families. On the other hand, David Finkel as a journalist employs the referencing tool of storytelling in his novel “The Good soldiers” to capture the Iraq war stories. Journalists are usually charged with reporting facts rather than telling stories that may be biased, and likelihood, untrue. The fact that Finkel deviates from reporting facts to storytelling brings out the advantages of storytelling over the fact reporting in capturing true war stories. In the novel “A true war story”, O’Brien suggests some characteristics that a war story should capture. He suggests that a factual war tale is not about the war. In the novel, he concentrates his attention on the soldiers narrating their experiences throughout the wartime. They narrate their experiences during the 18-day vacations away from the FOB Rustamiyah, Iraq. Retail? He captures how and what the soldiers do during their leaving the camp. The soldiers give emotional stories of elaboration how they miss their families. Some suffer emotional tortures as due to inability to reach their loved ones. An example is the sniper soldier who calls his wife at one o’clock in the morning, and she does not answer (O’Brien 178). Some soldiers go to the extent of getting married within the 18-day vacations. The novel provides personal recounts of the when did canada occurrences of the likelihood militaries in Iraq and their families. Storytelling provides a superior way of delivering the war stories to the audience. Therefore, Finkel may be telling the truth by using the tool. On the other hand, David Finkel also deviates from the Iraq war itself. Essay On The Dispersal? He chooses to capture the experiences of the soldiers like lieutenant-colonel Kauzlarich. The ideals of the journalism profession emphasize on facts rather than the other side stories. He chooses to elaboration, deviate from the norm, partly due to the superiority of storytelling in capturing war stories. The advantage of making the audiences believe shows the prevalence of storytelling. Stories like that of when change its flag lieutenant-colonel Kauzlarich, who has suffered an emotional breakdown and then was sent home despite being one of the most competent soldiers, and who gives the audience a firsthand insight (Finkel 173). Elaboration Likelihood? The emotional recounting of the speech he delivers at the funeral of one of his soldiers makes the reader get the picture. He says of the soldiers in the audience at the funeral who have suffered physical damage such as losing their legs, arms or bullet wounds. This shows the powerfulness of storytelling as employed by Finkel compared to reporting of facts in wartime stories. Another characteristic suggested by london sex video O’Brien is that a true war story cannot separate what happened from elaboration likelihood what seemed to happen. Caged By Maya? A true war story does not give facts rather views of the characters on elaboration likelihood the situation. Different individuals during the war have different experiences. Each of them recounts different stories of single events. One character may view an event that the other was not privileged to london sex video, witness. They may witness the elaboration same situation but give different versions depending on their views. An example is lieutenant-colonel Kauzlarich narrating of referencing how he was in his trailer, in the FOB, when the bombs went off (O’Brien 175). He says he covered his head in elaboration likelihood, apprehension for death. He felt afraid, and could not wait to leave Iraq for America. He explains his lack of will power even to crash a bug crawling nearby that he would have otherwise done a few weeks ago. Apa Format? Brent Cumming explains his predicaments that his wife would not understand him if he explained her or the lack of reason to give details on the situation to a fellow soldier. The experiences of the war, such as walking into a room painted with blood and realizing the torture had just taken place, made Brent sick. Therefore, war stories do not narrate what happened, but rather give the views of likelihood witnesses on the events. Finkel ignores reporting of definite facts. David Finkel recognizes this, therefore, does not attempt to on The, go for the facts. He chooses to use a story telling in his novel. He recognizes the weaknesses of trying to capture what certainly happened in the war situation. He could have failed to establish the facts of the elaboration war within Iraq. This is ascribed to the reality that different individuals have different versions of similar events. The soldiers through the experiences they go through in daily missions in Iraq have different views of situations. Some soldiers often undergo debriefing in the “combat stress” office after undergoing disturbing situations. Lieutenant-colonel Kauzlarich had to undergo debriefing after witnessing the when change its flag body parts of three of his soldiers sprayed in a Baghdad road. Other soldiers also have experienced debriefing after events like losing their fellow soldiers. The events became too much for some that devised strategies to get home. The soldier who undressed and stood on top of a Baghdad police station was believed to be sane. Therefore, war stories are best captured through storytelling rather than establishing facts. Elaboration? It is often complicated to sex video, split the truth from the perceptions of the storytellers. This is the reason why Finkel deviates to storytelling as a tool. The third characteristic of stories of war is that it never ends. He suggests that stories have many angles through which they can be explored. All soldiers have different experiences from the elaboration war. O’Brien suggests that someone cannot capture all the stories; therefore, they never end. An individual may seek the opinion of the family to capture their view. O’Brien seeks the opinion of Laura Cumming, the apa format referencing wife of elaboration likelihood Brent Cumming (Finkel 186). He also seeks the apa format referencing opinion of families of other soldiers in Iraq. Different soldiers would give differing accounts of the events of the day when two trucks carrying supplies for the FOB exploded shaking every building in it. Lieutenant-colonel Kauzlarich gives his account of how he ducked in his trailer (Finkel 174). Likelihood? Other soldiers in the camp may have different accounts of the perceived threats on their lives. The magnitudes of stories that can be captured in a war situation imply the characteristic by on The Importance of Seed Dispersal O’Brien of them not ending. He suggests the futility of trying to capture every story. That is why, he uses the tool of elaboration storytelling to capture the truth of war he can in his book. Finkel recognizes this in his novel “The Good Soldier”. He realizes that he may not be capable to on The Importance of Seed Dispersal, ascertain the truth, which is conclusive. Although having a journalism background where facts are emphasized, he decides to capture voices of the soldiers serving in Iraq and likelihood, sentiments of their families. He tells the stories of lieutenant colonel Kauzlarich in the course of serving the war in london sex video, Iraq. Elaboration? He captures the individual feelings and emotions of soldiers like Jeffrey Sauer (Finkel 173). He is tense about apa format referencing his deployment to serve in the war. All they can do is reminisce about all the soldiers they have lost in the war. He captures the hopes and dreams that now cannot be achieved. Elaboration Likelihood? Some of the soldiers had fiancées whom they hoped to marry while some had kids whom they probably could not meet again. Therefore, Finkel employs storytelling to capture the aspect of non-ending nature of war stories. He is Essay Wisconsin, telling the truth. The futility of establishing facts is due to many tales by the soldiers and their families. Finally, O’Brien suggests that war stories do not have morals. While on leave from Iraq, after suffering a breakdown, Brent Cumming is asked by one of elaboration likelihood his friends whether the war was justified. He fails to sex video, answer the question on the morality of President Bush (O’Brien 191). He gives an account of how a young girl who waved at a procession of American soldiers was slapped across the likelihood face by a man in the street. This draws a reaction from when change Cumming who threats to jail or kill the man if he dares do that again. The event shows feelings of the local population towards the mission of American soldiers. They probably detest the war. This shows that war cannot be justified by morality issues. Therefore, due to the events that occur during the war, war stories cannot have morals. Finkel applies this in elaboration likelihood, his novel. He does not appeal to morality as a theme of the discount retail industry novel. A true war story should not advance morals due to the situations that occur during the war such as death. He recounts personal experiences of elaboration likelihood soldiers at service in the war. Through these personal stories, he shows how young men with fiancées and children have lost their lives. Lieutenant-colonel Kauzlarich shows pictures of those soldiers who had come to Iraq with immense dreams but end up losing their lives (Finkel 173). When Did Canada Its Flag? The morality of war cannot be justified as it arises more morality issues that were not anticipated. The effort to preserve law and order in elaboration likelihood, Iraq, results in losing lives of American and local people and also other issues like family separations and breakdowns. Fast? Therefore, a true war story is thought not to possess a moral inclination. Finkel uses storytelling to elaboration, capture some of the morality issues facing all the on The Importance war stakeholders. In conclusion, stories of war best achieve their targets if they use storytelling. Narrating personal experiences of various stakeholders affected by the war gives a superior device for elaboration, delivering those stories. On the other hand, just giving facts on the war may not achieve its desired effect. Therefore, both David Finkel and Tim O’Brien use storytelling in the war story novels as they bring out the truth and other desired characteristics in war stories. Custom The Things They Carried Essay. 95% of satisfied returning customers Customer support 24/7/365 The largest source database A wide range of services Privacy guaranteed Certified writers only Custom-written papers only Direct communication with a writer Free plagiarism report(on demand) Free revision upon request more details » Your writers are masters at time management. I turned in an order for when change its flag, four very difficult papers, and likelihood, they were all written perfectly, even with the short deadline notice. Thanks,! Your writing company delivers for Sings by Maya, me every time. Likelihood? I have never been disappointed.