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Aim: To investigate the effect of examples of creative writing substrate concentration on the rate of activity of the enzyme catalase. Catalase is an enzyme which is found in Jackson: Supernatural Essay, most living organisms. It catalyses the of creative writing, decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen. Catalase dramatically reduces the activation energy needed for the reaction. Without catalase the decomposition would take much longer, and would not be fast enough to sustain human life. Hydrogen peroxide is simon of matches, also a dangerous, very potent by-product of metabolism, so it is examples, essential that it is broken down quickly, otherwise it would cause damage to cells. I have done some preliminary work and Management as a result, have identified problems that may occur in examples writing, my main investigation, such as timing, measuring and keeping variables that I am not investigating constant, (such as temperature etc). In the main procedure I will control the Inspector in An Calls, temperature in a water bath in order to create a constant external temperature to dissipate the heat energy. This will minimise the examples, effect of temperature on the results of the experiment. Simon Armitage Book Of Matches. I have decided to do this because in of creative writing, my preliminary procedures, I used a thermometer to measure the temperature of the hydrogen peroxide (when left on Professional, the side) at different intervals, and on different days, and found that the examples, temperature of the hydrogen peroxide fluctuated slightly. By doing this, it will ensure that the test is as fair as I can make it. Although the reaction is exothermic and will give out heat during the reaction anyway, since the into air characters, heat has been dissipated by being kept in the water bath, the amount of of creative heat given off in the experiment will be relative to the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, but obviously some reactions will take longer than others, so more heat will be produced. However the temperature initially will be kept the same in each case. This is also very relevant because we may not get the opportunity to do the Essay in a Professional, whole experiment on one day, or in the same class room. This means the room temperature in each class room or on examples, different days will not be the Jackson: of the Essay, same for each procedure, because of obvious factors such as type of day (very cold or mild etc) and the level of heating within the class rooms. Temperature directly affects the shape of the active site. At a temperature below the optimum, the molecules have less kinetic energy so the rate of collisions between enzyme and substrate molecules are low and therefore less enzyme-substrate complexes are formed. As the temperature increases the molecules have more kinetic energy and so collide more often, resulting in an increased rate of reaction. Because of this, it is very important to control the temperature, in order to ensure a constant temperature is maintained. Above the optimum temperature, the thermal energy breaks the hydrogen bonds holding the secondary and tertiary structure together, so the active site changes shape and eventually the reaction can no longer be catalysed. I will keep the examples of creative writing, water bath at Role of the Inspector Inspector Essay, 25 o C because the optimum temperature for the enzyme catalase at of creative writing, which it works most effectively is 45 o C. This will ensure that, since the temperature is below the optimum the reaction will be slower and therefore enable me to collect oxygen at a measurable rate. Thin. I may, however need to change this as I have not done a preliminary experiment using a water bath. In my preliminary work I also found that when doing the experiment with 1g of yeast, and 5cm 3 of examples of creative writing 20 volume of hydrogen peroxide, the Shirley Jackson: The Embodiment Supernatural Essay, rate of reaction was too fast to collect oxygen at a measurable rate, and therefore made it impossible to gain meaningful results. I consequently reduced the mass of yeast to 0.2g rather than the 1.0g I used initially, and still used the same volume (5cm 3 )of hydrogen peroxide. This meant that because the enzyme concentration (catalase in yeast) was reduced there were less collisions between enzyme and substrate molecules so the rate of enzyme-substrate formations were reduced. This meant that less gas evolved with time, so I could effectively time, and measure the volume of oxygen produced. Another factor which I had to examples writing, consider was the surface area of the yeast granules, because each yeast granule has a different surface area the amount of enzyme will differ in each granule, but more importantly the greater the Essay of down, surface area of the yeast the more reactions take place because of the fact that there will be more collisions between the enzyme and substrate molecules. In my first preliminary experiment I just weighed 1.0g of yeast as it was supplied in its granule form. However in my next preliminary experiment, I decided this would be unfair in the main procedure and because of this I decided to examples of creative writing, grind the yeast into a powder so that the surface area would be more similar in each yeast granule. Also, in my main procedure I will grind a larger mass of yeast (more than I need), and then weigh it, rather than weighing the yeast and then grinding. This is important because if I weigh the yeast and Essay on Effects then grind with the pestle, some of the yeast will be lost because it might get stuck to the pestle, hence decreasing the examples, mass of yeast slightly. I will also use the same batch of yeast because this will ensure that the yeast granules have the same surface area. I also used 2 different methods in order to determine which would be the on Effects of down, most effective in gaining the best possible results, with minimal error. In my first experiment, I used the displacement of water method, whereby a measuring cylinder (containing water) is placed upside down in a plastic tub, with a tube attached to the test tube (airtight). Examples Of Creative. A syringe with hydrogen peroxide is also present (as shown in the diagram). I believe that as the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide (substrate) decreases, the rate of reaction will decrease consequently. This is Essay on Reward, because there will be fewer collisions between the substrate and enzyme molecules (catalase in yeast) – because there are fewer molecules of hydrogen peroxide, so there will be a decrease in examples of creative writing, enzyme-substrate complexes formed. The reaction will then stop because all of the active sites become saturated with substrate because the enzyme is the limiting factor. This will result in a decreased volume of oxygen being produced as one of the by-products of this reaction. In addition, based on Shirley The Embodiment of the Supernatural Essay, my knowledge of the examples of creative, collision theory I believe that if the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is doubled (or halved) then the rate of reaction is also doubled (or halved). Supernatural Essay. This is because if the concentration is doubled the number of molecules of the substrate is also doubled. This means there will be twice as many successful collisions. Writing. Therefore it is true to say that in theory: rate Вµ concentration. I will investigate if this is true for this reaction. The hydrogen peroxide is injected into the test tube and the volume of simon armitage book of matches oxygen gas is examples, recorded (by the amount of water displaced). This would determine the rate of reaction. However I decided against this method for several reasons. Firstly, because I used such a large measuring cylinder, the operations, volume of gas produced was hard to measure as not much water had been displaced. Although I could have used a smaller measuring cylinder, I decided that the best possible way I could do the experiment was by measuring the volume of gas directly using a gas syringe, rather than by the displacement of water. Also, because the hydrogen peroxide had to be inserted into the syringe before the reaction could begin, the amount of time it would be out examples, of the water bath (which I intend to use in my main experiment) was longer than necessary. I decided that I could reduce this time by using a different method. In my second preliminary experiment, I used a gas syringe instead, which measured the volume of oxygen produced directly, rather than by Essay in a Organisation the displacement of water. The hydrogen peroxide is inserted into a 5cm 3 small beaker and then tipped over to “spill” the examples of creative, contents and start the reaction. I felt that this would give me more reliable result in my main investigation because the length of time that the hydrogen peroxide is out of the water bath is reduced. Furthermore, the volume of gas is measured directly. I noticed that when doing the first method that “bubbles of gas” were affected by people bumping the table, and that sometimes they got trapped in the tube, so even though the product of the Essay, reaction (oxygen) had been formed it was not measured until afterwards, (at a later stage in the reaction). Also, the bubble volume is affected by examples of creative writing the diameter of the tube and the overall pressure of the on Reward in a Professional Organisation, water (depth of the water) so I believe that by using the gas syringe, I will be able to eliminate this inaccuracy as water will not be involved. The gas syringe, however, also has a small volume of air displaced within it when it is attached to the conical flask, so I will have to consider this in writing, the main procedure. I will subtract this volume of air from each of my results so that I can gain a precise measure of the volume of Jackson: The Embodiment of the Supernatural gas produced. The preliminary experiment also gave me an idea as to how often I should measure the volume of gas formed (i.e. Writing. every 5, 10, 15 seconds etc). In my first preliminary experiment the reaction went to fast to collect oxygen at a measurable rate, but in the second preliminary experiment I measured the volume of gas every 10 seconds, but found that the reaction was over before I had enough measurements and that the results I gained would not be sufficient to obtain enough results and Essay on Reward Management Professional Organisation make a valid conclusion. I therefore did a further experiment based on mainly on timing only, and found that if I measured the volume of gas every 5 seconds I obtained enough measurements. However, I do have to take into of creative writing, account that I will be using different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in my main experiment, so 5 seconds may not be sufficient to measure the volume of oxygen produced in the slower reactions and Jackson: The Embodiment of the Essay I may need to change this. The concentrations of hydrogen peroxide I will use will be 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% and 50%. Examples. I will use these concentrations because I believe that if I were to go any lower than 50% that the rate of example reaction will be relatively slow, and will not produce enough results because the substrate concentration (hydrogen peroxide) will be too low in concentration. I also want to decrease in 10% because I believe it will provide me with closer results rather than decreasing by 20% which will mean I would be testing a concentration of 0% of hydrogen peroxide. Finally, I also want to determine whether or not half the 100% concentration of hydrogen peroxide (50%) would produce half the volume of gas. Bored of revsion? need to writing, read something GOOD? Want to say thanks for this article? Help me out by checking out Shirley Jackson:, this book I helped co-edit. Thanks in advance! The independent variable will be the factor that I am going to manipulate. This will be the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide. I intend to use a pipette in order to examples of creative writing, make up the concentrations of book 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, and 50%. I will do this by making each mixture up to 100cm 3 , so for example, the 90% concentrated solution will consist of of creative writing 90cm 3 of hydrogen peroxide, and 10cm 3 water. I will put the 6 different concentrated solutions in a conical flask which will be placed into a water bath. Because a pipette is a very accurate way of measuring volumes, I believe that this will be the best method to on Effects syndrome, make up the concentrations. This will eliminate a very large apparatus error that would occur if I used a beaker or conical flask. The dependant variable – the variable I intend to measure is the volume of of creative writing gas produced in each reaction. This will vary as a direct result to the different concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Controlled variable – the of down syndrome, controlled variable consist of all the of creative writing, other factors which must be kept constant. This will be the mass of yeast for each experiment (0.2g). I will make sure that I measure 0.2g of Essay yeast as accurately as I can using the of creative, balance. The balance has a mechanism whereby it can be made level (so perfectly balanced) regardless of the angle of the desk or counter it is placed on. I have explained this is my method below. I will also consider the apparatus error of the Essay on Reward Management in a Professional, balance (and indeed all the of creative writing, equipment I use) so I can work out the overall error derived from the Jackson: The Embodiment of the Supernatural, apparatus and examples writing identify this in my conclusion. I am also controlling the temperature, so this has to book, be considered, because I am controlling 2 variables. This will affect my results, but I believe it will make them more accurate since the temperature will be constant, and writing so eliminate any fluctuations in temperature (as I have explained earlier). It will also rule out the fact that if I have to do my procedures in different rooms/days, the temperature in thin air characters, the room might be different. Conical flask 20 vols hydrogen peroxide Water Yeast Gas syringe Stop clock Clamp stand 50cm 3 pipette 20cm 3 pipette 25cm 3 pipette Water bath Syringe Stopper Pestle and mortar Thermometer Tweezers 5cm 3 Beaker. Firstly I am going to measure out the concentrations of examples hydrogen peroxide that I have decided on. This will be 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% and Jackson: The Embodiment 50%. I will do this by adding different volumes of water to examples of creative writing, make up 100cm 3 .For example, the 80% concentrated solution will consist of Management in a 80cm 3 of hydrogen peroxide and 20cm 3 of water, (as shown in the table below). Instead of using a conical flask or a measuring cylinder, I will use a pipette because they are very accurate for measuring volumes. I will then place the 6 conical flasks in a water bath, at examples of creative writing, 25 o C, to of down syndrome, create a constant external temperature to dissipate the examples of creative writing, heat energy. I will do this first to Role Inspector Essay, ensure that the mixtures have enough time to reach a constant temperature, rather than only putting them in for a short time because this will mean there may be fluctuations in temperature of the writing, different molecules which I was initially trying to of the in An Inspector Essay, eliminate. Next, I will grind the examples writing, yeast into a powder using a pestle and mortar. Shirley Jackson: The Embodiment Of The Supernatural Essay. I will grind up more than I need, so that I can use the same (ground) yeast for all of writing my experiments. This will also be fairer than grinding the yeast on different days or for different procedures, because the time spent grinding may be different. Hopefully this will mean that each yeast granule will have the same (or a very similar) surface area. I will then set up my apparatus. Finally, on setting up the apparatus, I will place the simon, balance on the table, making sure the bubble in the spirit level is in the middle level, thereby eliminating any deviation from the balance position. This means that even though the table may not be level, the writing, pan (or weighing basin) is perfectly level. I will set up my apparatus this way every time I need to, e.g. when I need another lesson to complete my investigation. Once the Essay on Effects of down, apparatus is examples writing, set up, I will place a conical flask on the balance, and set the balance to 0, so that I can weigh the yeast only, which I will place in the conical flask using a spatula until the Essay on Reward Management, right weight (0.2g) is in the conical flask. Of Creative Writing. I will weigh the yeast directly into Jackson: of the Supernatural Essay, the conical flask, not a Petri dish, because then I do not have to worry about transferring the yeast from the Petri dish to the conical flask. Next I will place the writing, conical flask under the gas syringe and place an airtight stopper in the top, with a single tube attached to the gas syringe as shown in the diagram. I will then take the conical flask with the Role of the in An Calls, 100% hydrogen peroxide out of the water bath and writing measure exactly 5cm 3 of the mixture using a syringe, and place it into the 5cm 3 small beaker. Simon. Being very careful as not to spill the mixture, I will take the of creative, stopper off the conical flask and lower the armitage of matches, beaker into the conical flask using tweezers. Examples. I will then put the stopper back on the conical flask so the procedure is ready to commence. Using a stop clock I will time from the moment the small beaker is tipped over to when the reaction stops, measuring the armitage, volume of gas evolved every 15 seconds. The reaction is over when I record 3 volumes of gas that are concordant or very similar. This indicates that no more gas is being produced because the enzyme is the of creative, limiting factor as all the active sites are occupied. I will repeat this method using the different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide making sure to wash the equipment thoroughly after each reaction. I will carry out each reaction 3 times for each to gain an average. I hope to record concordant results for each repeat, so if an anomaly occurs I can discount it and repeat the procedure again. I will record the data in simon armitage of matches, a table and allow me to work out the rate of reaction. I will then represent the results in a graph. This will enable me to work out the gradient and make a conclusion based on the evidence I have obtained. Hydrogen peroxide, if inhaled or has contact with the examples writing, skin or eyes, can be very dangerous and toxic. I will therefore be wearing safety goggles whenever I am handling the Essay syndrome, hydrogen peroxide and during the reaction, and will also wear gloves. I will also make sure that my hair is tied back at all times and that I am not wearing any jewellery or articles of clothing that may come into contact with the hydrogen peroxide. I will also clean up any spillages immediately. I believe that the graph will firstly start of steep in of creative, all the reactions, but steepest in the 100% concentration of hydrogen peroxide and Shirley Jackson: Supernatural Essay gradually decreasing as the concentration of hydrogen peroxide decrease. This is because there will be more collisions between the enzyme and substrate molecules so more enzyme-substrate complexes. The curve will then level off and this represents the point where most of the enzymes active sites are saturated. The curve will eventually stay constant and writing this is because the enzyme molecules are fully saturated. This is called the on Reward Organisation, maximum velocity of reaction or Vmax. The substrate concentration at this point, even if increased, will not affect the rate of of creative reaction because it is the enzyme which is in low concentration. Management In A. I believe that the graph for one of the of creative, concentrations, for example 100% hydrogen peroxide, will look similar to the one below. I believe that each curve for each concentration will look like the one above, but for each decreased concentration – 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% and 50%, the air characters, value of the Vmax will decrease too, as will the initial rate of of creative reaction, This is because of the fact that there will be less substrate molecules in each successive concentration, so fewer collisions between particles that can react with each other. On Reward. This means that the number of collisions that reach the activation energy also decreases. This can be explained by the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution curve: THEN Draw the graph using your results or the writing, one's in the above table. "Based on the information above, I therefore believe that the graph with all the concentrations plotted will look similar to the one below". I will record my results in Shirley of the, a table like the one below, and then record further, average results, in examples writing, a similar table. I will draw a graph based on the average results, and draw a curve of best fit for each concentration which will help me analyse my results. I will then work out the thin air characters, gradient of each curve and writing plot a further graph of percentage of H 2 O 2 against rate of reaction on the y-axis. I would expect this graph to be linear as this would show that as the concentration increases, time taken for a set volume of Essay on Effects of down gas would decrease - in other words, the rate is proportional to the concentration. I expect this graph to look similar to the one I have drawn previously. I will work out the rate of reaction from the results gained in the first 5 seconds as this will be the point where the greatest volume of gas is evolved. I had to change the volume of of creative hydrogen peroxide used from 5cm 3 to 4cm 3 because in the first reaction with 100% hydrogen peroxide went too fast to collect oxygen at a measurable rate. When I did repeat the procedure with 4cm 3 of Role Inspector in An Calls Essay hydrogen peroxide, I could effectively measure the volume of examples of creative writing gas. On Reward Organisation. I also had to change the gas syringe because at first the reaction did not occur, and examples writing this was because a large volume of of the in An Inspector Calls Essay gas was leaking from examples, a tear in the tube. I also had to on Reward in a Organisation, repeat the whole of the 70% concentration of hydrogen peroxide because the results were all anomalous when compared to the rest of the data. I will talk about why this might have been in my evaluation. * Another factor which I found out examples of creative, later when I drew my graphs was that there were limitations to in An Essay, the range of results I collected, so I decided to collect some more results. I have explained this later on. Below is examples writing, a table of the armitage book of matches, results I collected, including all the results which I had to repeat. The raw results can be seen in the appendix. Because my results where mostly concordant, and at the very least there was only a 2cm 3 difference between any 2 repeats out of examples of creative writing 3, I decided that I did not need to in a Professional, repeat any of the procedures, apart from the whole of concentration 7 which I will discuss later. This then enabled me to work out an examples writing, average by adding up 3 three repeat values and dividing by 3. For example the 100% concentration average would be (48+49+48) Г· 3). Below is a table showing the average results. From these results, I can see instantly that less gas was evolved in the first 5 seconds as the concentration decreased and of the in An Calls Essay that the overall volume of gas also became successively lower in each decreased concentration. This is because there were more molecules of hydrogen peroxide in the higher concentrations, so more collisions took place and examples of creative writing so there was a greater probability of successful collisions. Of The Inspector. This resulted in examples, more enzyme-substrate complexes formed in the higher concentrations, and of down syndrome less in the each decreased concentration. This supports the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution curve I drew earlier. I have drawn a graph based on examples writing, these average results, with a curve of best fit for each concentration which will allow me to identify any anomalies. From the graph I can see that as the example, concentration of hydrogen peroxide decreased, the volume of oxygen produced decreased as a direct result. Examples Writing. This is operations example, because as the concentration decreased, the number of molecules of hydrogen peroxide also decreased. This decreased the writing, number of particles that can react with each other, and simon armitage book so the number of collisions that reached the of creative, activation energy also decreased. This means that there are also less successful collisions, and so less enzyme-substrate complexes formed. The final volume of oxygen produced also decreased as the concentration decreased, and thin this is because less collisions overall took place, and so a reduced number of collisions reached the activation energy. This was because there were fewer molecules initially, and this resulted in examples of creative writing, a lower probability that the on Effects syndrome, molecules would collide. This means that there were less successful collisions overall. For example, the 100% concentration of hydrogen peroxide evolved a final volume of oxygen of 88.3cm 3 , 90% concentration evolved 73.3cm 3 of oxygen, 80% - 63.7cm 3 , 70% - 49.3cm 3 , 60% - 44.7cm 3 and the 50% concentration evolved 37cm 3 of oxygen. The initial rate of reaction is fastest for the 100% concentration of hydrogen peroxide and gradually decreases as the concentration decreases. This can be explained by the collision theory, which states that the time taken for a reaction to take place, and so a set volume of gas to examples of creative, be evolved, becomes shorter for higher concentrations substrate. This is because at higher concentrations there are more substrate molecules than in lower concentrations. Subsequently, if there are more molecules, then there will be more collisions taking place, and example therefore more reactions between enzyme and substrate molecules take place in 1 second, and so oxygen is evolved more rapidly. So at the 100% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the oxygen was given of more rapidly because there were more substrate and enzyme molecules reacting in a second. From the curves of best fit, I can also see that there were no anomalous results, only examples some results which were slightly above or below the curve, though they were not excessively distorted. This shows that my results were relatively accurate for each concentration alone. To find out if the concentrations together were accurate, I worked out the rate of reaction. This enabled me to find out if each concentration, based on the number of molecules of substrate in each decrease of 10%, was similar or even showed a pattern which I failed to identify with my previous results. I did this by into thin working out the examples of creative, gradient of each curve and plotting these values against the concentrations on the x- axis. The method which I used to do this can be seen on the next page. By plotting these values on a graph I could also see if there was a relationship between the different concentrations. On the next page is a graph showing the rate of example reaction, with a line of best fit. (again - on of creative, your graph showing rate of Essay of down syndrome reaction, draw a line of best fit) Overall, I believe my experiment went well and I believe that I gained sufficient results because I repeated each concentration 3 times, and investigated 8 concentrations in total. Examples Of Creative Writing. I believe that my results were also relatively reliable because as you can see from the graph I plotted with the curve of best fit for Calls each concentration, as the examples of creative, concentration decreases the volume of simon book oxygen produced also decreases. Of Creative Writing. For example, the 100% concentration of hydrogen peroxide evolved a final average volume of gas of simon of matches 77cm 3 of oxygen while the 90% concentration evolved a final average volume of 73.3cm 3 . Also most of the points were on or close to the curve of best fit for each concentration. However there are some factors that I must take into consideration. Firstly, there were limitations of the apparatus that I used. Each piece of apparatus has an apparatus error in which there is an upper and lower limit. For example the balance had an of creative writing, apparatus error of В±0.01 which means that since I used 0.2g of Shirley yeast, this value could either be 0.21g or 0.19g. This obviously affects the examples of creative, amount of catalase present, and this means that there could be more or less collisions and so successful collisions between enzyme and substrate molecules depending on the greater or lower mass of air characters yeast. For example, if there were more molecules of yeast the rate of reaction would increase because there would be more collisions between enzyme and substrate molecules which would result in a greater probability of examples successful collisions, and therefore more enzyme-substrate complexes being produced. This means that in my results, the volume of gas produced in the first 5 seconds may have been higher than it should have been if I had used exactly 0.2g of yeast. This could have been a reason for the very fast rate of reaction of the 100% hydrogen peroxide, which showed up as an anomalous result on the first rate of reaction graph. This would apply for the substrate concentration too, in that the simon armitage book of matches, pipettes also had an apparatus error. Of Creative Writing. This would also mean the amount of substrate molecules could have been different for each repeat, even though I used the same concentration. For example in the 100% concentration I used two 50cm 3 pipettes which had an apparatus error of В±0.01. Essay On Reward Professional. So in 100cm 3 the examples of creative, actual volume could have been either 99.98cm 3 of The Embodiment of the Supernatural hydrogen peroxide or 100.02cm 3 of of creative hydrogen peroxide so there would have either been more or fewer molecules of hydrogen peroxide. Jackson: Of The Supernatural Essay. If there were fewer molecules of hydrogen peroxide, there would have been fewer collisions between molecules of enzyme and substrate, resulting in examples of creative writing, fewer enzyme-substrate complexes being made. However, I do not believe they were significantly different because each of my repeats were mostly concordant, so a similar amount of on Effects oxygen was produced which must mean that there was a similar number of substrate molecules in each. For example, from my results, in the 100% concentrated solution on the first repeat, 48cm 3 of writing oxygen was produced. In the second repeat, 49cm 3 was and in the third repeat 48cm 3 of oxygen was produced. I tried to select the best method with which I considered would be most accurate. I decided on the gas syringe method because, as I explained in of the Inspector Inspector Calls, my plan, it measured the volume of gas directly and examples of creative writing would also minimise the operations management, volume of of creative oxygen which could potentially dissolve in water. However, some oxygen was displaced in operations, the gas syringe and I had to solve this by subtracting this small volume from the volumes produced in each of the reactions. Also, I noticed if the barrel was wet, the syringe often got stuck for a short time before it recorded the volumes of gas. To prevent this I had to dry out the barrel and syringe before commencing the procedure. It was very hard to insert the small 5cm 3 beaker into the conical flask, and when it came to tipping it over, some of the substrate was still trapped inside the beaker. I solved this by swirling the conical flask constantly throughout the reactions and this seemed to solve the of creative writing, problem. Shirley Jackson: Supernatural Essay. Although, this means that the amount of swirling had to be the same in order to ensure a fair test. I tried to keep this constant by making sure I swirled the conical flask evenly. The accuracy of the results showed that this factor did not distort the results too much, and so a similar amount of substrate molecules were present in each reaction. For example, the examples writing, repeated concentration of 80% had values of 32cm 3 ,33cm 3 and 32cm 3 which means that a similar number of substrate was present in each reaction. Another factor which was hard to Jackson: Essay, measure was the volume of examples of creative gas produced because some of the higher concentration reactions were very fast, so it was hard to read off the correct values every time. I tried to make this as accurate as possible by making sure my eyes were level with the gas syringe. Into Thin. Again, judging by the accuracy of my repeat results, I believe that this factor was not an issue. Examples. Although I did not check for gas leaks beforehand, there was good agreement between my replicates. In the 60% concentration the repeats at management, 5 seconds were 20, 21 and 20cm 3 , which is concordant. If my replicates had not been so close I would have had to change the tube. I ground up the yeast to try to examples writing, make the surface area as similar as possible, because surface area is a major factor in my experiment. Management Example. A larger surface area means there is examples writing, more molecules being exposed to collisions with other molecules, with sufficient energy to cause a reaction. This means that having the same surface area of yeast in management example, each reaction is very important in ensuring a fair test because the number of molecules exposed to collisions must be the same. Temperature is a major factor which affects rate of reaction. This is because at examples of creative, higher temperatures, molecules of both enzyme and substrate have more kinetic energy and so collide more often. This results in management example, a bigger proportion of molecules having a higher energy greater than that of the activation energy. More collisions are therefore successful so more substrate is converted into product. The reaction is exothermic, and so heat is examples, obviously produced in of matches, the reaction. Of Creative Writing. The higher the concentration the more heat will be produced because the molecules of both substrate and enzyme have more energy, and so collide more often producing more heat energy. This heat energy is on Effects, transferred to the environment. Although I tried to control the temperature in a water bath, and to good effect because a constant external temperature was produced and so the examples of creative, heat energy was dissipated, I could not control the amount of heat given off in each reaction. This would have affected my results for several reasons. Firstly, more oxygen dissolves in water at a lower temperature than at high temperatures and this means that for the reactions involving low concentrations more oxygen would have dissolved than in simon of matches, the higher concentrations because of the decreased amount of heat energy given off. Because the volume of of creative writing oxygen dissolved in the reaction is not constant for all the reactions, because less oxygen is thin air characters, dissolved in water at examples, higher temperatures, this would have affected my results. This may have been why the difference in the final volume of oxygen produced was not equal, but instead decreased in steps of 3.7cm 3 , 9.6cm 3 , 14.4cm 3 , 4.6cm 3 and 7.7cm 3 . The different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide that I made up could not have been exactly accurate because this would have meant that the volume of gas evolved would have increased in equal steps which it did not. Example. For example, the final average volume of examples writing gas for 100% hydrogen peroxide was 77cm 3 , and for 90% was 73.3cm 3 , 80% - 63.7cm 3 , 70% - 49.3cm 3 , 60% - 44.7cm 3 and 50% it was 37cm 3 . As I have mentioned earlier, this decreases in steps of simon armitage book 3.7cm 3 , 9.6cm 3 , 14.4cm 3 , 4.6cm 3 and 7.7cm 3 , which is far from examples of creative, equal. This may have been because I only used a pipette when measuring the thin air characters, hydrogen peroxide, and of creative writing only poured the water into the volumetric flask to make up the 100cm 3 . Into Air Characters. I believed this was accurate, but upon reflection using a pipette would have been much more accurate as pipettes have a much lower apparatus error than the volumetric flask. This may have also been a reason why I had to repeat the whole of the 70cm 3 concentration, which initially had a final volume of gas, 72cm 3 , which was greater than the final volume of oxygen produced in the 80% concentration, 64cm 3 . Also I had to make sure I washed out the conical flask and beaker thoroughly with distilled water and addition I made sure they were also dried sufficiently. Of Creative Writing. If I hadn’t I could have risked diluting the solutions more and this would have affected the number of molecules of hydrogen peroxide present which in turn would have affected the number of collisions between enzyme and substrate molecules. For example, if there was still only 1cm 3 of water still remaining in management, the conical flask and beaker combined, then in say the of creative writing, 80% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the into, concentration would have been closer to 79%. This can be shown by the simple calculation of 80 Г· 101 x 100 = 79.2%. Overall I believe that my data does reflect my hypothesis that “ as the concentration of hydrogen peroxide decreases that rate of reaction will decrease consequently because there will be few collision between enzyme and substrate molecules due to a decreased number of molecules ”. This is shown by my rate of reaction graph which shows that for the 100% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the examples, rate of reaction was 8cm 3 second -1 , and the 90% concentration was only 7.4cm 3 second -1 . My results also showed that the reaction will gradually slow and eventually stop because the enzyme will become the limiting factor. This is shown when oxygen stops being produces and the same results is recorded 5 times. So for example, I knew that the 100% concentration of hydrogen peroxide reaction was over syndrome because I recorded 88cm 3 at least 5 times. However, I also believed that if I halved the concentration then the rate of of creative writing reaction (volume of oxygen produced) would also be halved, and so the rate would be proportional to the concentration. Essay On Effects Of Down Syndrome. This would show that the reaction is a first order reaction. Though in theory this should be the trend, my results did not show this pattern. So, although my results did show a positive correlation, it doesn’t necessarily mean I have an examples, accurate correlation, because my results do not follow specific trends. For example the final value at 50% was 37cm 3 whilst the volume of oxygen produced at 100cm 3 was 77cm 3 which is not double 37. Again the final volume of Role Inspector in An Inspector Essay oxygen produced at 30% was 27.3cm 3 , whilst the final value produced in the 60% concentration was 44.7cm 3 which also not double. As can be seen from the rate of reaction graph, the concentrations of 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% are relatively even, and of creative would suggest that the line of best fit should be drawn where I have drawn the line of best fit (1). However this does not account for the fact that a concentration of air characters 0% hydrogen peroxide produces 0cm 3 of oxygen. If the line of best fit (1) is correct it would make this value an anomaly, which clearly it is not since it is the most accurate value on the graph. The line of of creative writing best fit (2) therefore makes much more sense, because it is into thin air characters, crosses through (0,0), and also shows that the concentrations of 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% and examples of creative writing 90% are still quite even. However, this presents a problem because this either suggests that the concentration of 100% is not accurate and is an anomaly, or that the line of best fit should in fact be a curve of operations management example best fit. This presents me with a problem in the fact that I now have limitations because I did not test any of the examples, concentrations below 50%, which would clearly define whether the graph should have a line or a curve of best fit. Consequently I have decided to do further experiments with concentrations of 10% and 30% hydrogen peroxide. I will use exactly the same method as I did previously, and since I still have some yeast left, I can still use the same batch of yeast. Operations Management Example. I will then work out the gradient of the 2 concentrations and plot them on examples, a rate of reaction graph along with the other concentrations. I will also repeat the operations, 100% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, because I believe this was an anomalous result. Examples. Because it had a rate of reaction that was so much higher than the other values. Hopefully, with the new and repeated results I will be able to analyse my results further and therefore evaluate them with more evidence than I had previously. I will work out the gradient of these new results and syndrome plot them on a new rate of reaction graph. This should tell me whether the reaction is indeed is a first order reaction, or if a curve of best fit is required. Now I have carried out the repeats and plotted the points on the rate of reaction graph I can see that the graph is in fact clearly linear. This means that the reaction a first order reaction, so the rate is proportional to the concentration. I believe that the data also shows strong positive correlation, and there are few outliers which show that my results are accurate. I have drawn a line of best fit to clearly illustrate this trend. Of Creative Writing. The line of best fit also suggests values of concentrations which I have not investigated. I can find out what these values might be by in a drawing a line up and examples of creative across from the line of operations best fit. So, for example the 40% concentration should have a curve gradient near to the value of 3 (shown by red line on the graph) Overall, the there is examples, a pattern showing a constant trend in of down, that as the examples, concentration decreases the thin, rate of reaction decreases too, and that the examples of creative, overall volume of armitage book gas evolved also decreases. This is of creative, because at into air characters, higher concentration there is more molecules of substrate , so more collision take place, resulting in more enzyme-substrate complexes being formed. This is shown in the table with all the results I have gained. Apparatus error was one of the main factors in my experiment which I tried to examples writing, keep at a minimal. I did this by only using pipettes which have a very small apparatus error when compared to of matches, beakers. I also avoided using apparatus more than I had to when measuring amounts. The balance proved to be the biggest apparatus error and this would have been much bigger if I had used only 0.1g rather than 0.2g of of creative writing yeast. Below is management example, a summary of all the percentage errors. 50cm 3 pipette В± 0.01. 20cm 3 pipette В± 0.03. 10cm 3 pipette В± 0.02. Balance 0.01 Г· 0.2 x 100 = 5% Making up concentrations. 100% using 2 x 50cm 3 pipettes: 0.01 Г· 50 x 100 = 0.02% x 2. 90% using 1 x 50cm 3 pipette, 0.01 Г· 50 x 100 = 0.02% 2 x 20cm 3 pipette: 0.03 Г· 20 x 100 = 0.15% x 2 = 0.3% 1 x 20cm 3 pipette, 1 x 10cm 3 pipette 0.01 Г· 50 x 100 = 0.02% 0.03 Г· 20 x 100 = 0.15% 0.02 Г· 10 x 100 = 0.10% 70% using 1 x 50cm 3 pipette, 0.01 Г· 50 x 100 = 0.02% 1 x 20cm 3 pipette 0.03 Г· 20 x 100 = 0.15% 60% using 1 x 50cm 3 pipette, 0.01 Г· 50 x 100 = 0.02% 1 x 10cm 3 pipette 0.02 Г· 10 x 100 = 0.02 % 50% using 1 x 50cm 3 pipette 0.01 Г· 50 x 100 = 0.02% Total apparatus error for apparatus used for examples writing concentrations = 0.66% Total error for apparatus – 5.66% Considering the whole experiment, 5.66% is Shirley The Embodiment Essay, a relatively small apparatus error, and taking into account that the fact that the balance contributed to 5% of this error, the remaining error is examples of creative writing, minimal. Remembering that a apparatus error on the balance is В±0.01, this would mean that the yeast could weigh 2.01g or 1.19g and this either increases or decreases the number of molecules present. Book Of Matches. I will talk about this in my evaluation. for original and inspiring surf photography, articles and interviews with your favourite surfers. A grade GCSE chemistry coursework - Rates of reaction Decomposition of of creative sodium thiosulphate. The Enzyme Catalase Activity at Different Conditions Lab Report. by hyunchang 70. Oxygenate Your Body - Proper Regimen for Powerful Results. by Fairwitness 0. by Rhys Baker 1. Biochemistry Notes on Essay on Effects, Proteins, Denaturation, and examples writing Structure. by Nalini Marquez 3. A grade GCSE chemistry coursework - Rates of reaction Decomposition of sodium thiosulphate. MemeMachine 4 months ago. Everybody knows that luno2012 has some of the dopest fresh swag. I like memes tbh. Are you of insultings me. I am of here to the learn of biology not for the English. English of no importants to of becomings doctor. Please shut off. This is the very good the piece of the work but i think the conclusion could be the of matches, better man so the marks could the be the highest. Nice hub with great information about of creative writing enzyme kinetics. (Ignore the last question) What board gave the grade? What mark did this get? Thanks, this is great! full marks..nice! Copyright © 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages ® is a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc. HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on Role Inspector Calls Essay, affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and writing others. Copyright © 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners.

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Love and Hate The Merchant of Venice a play written by the famous poet and play writer, William Shakespeare, in the year 1596 . - 1598. It is based on both love and hate. Shakespeare demonstrates the themes of love and hate clearly through various character. The friendship love is shown through Antonio towards Bassanio, romantic love is of creative writing shown through Portia and Bassanio and self love is shown through shylock. However Shakespeare also illustrates hates during the play through the characters shylock. Antonio , Love , Portia 938 Words | 3 Pages. Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice " Summary: In "The Merchant of Venice " by William Shakespeare, . Shylock is armitage book of matches always portrayed as the villain of the play. However, a study of his strengths and weaknesses reveals how hard it is to tell whether he is a villain or a victim. 'The Merchant of Venice ' written by William Shakespeare is examples writing two stories; the flesh blond tale and the love caskets tale. An important character that portrays these two stories is Shylock, an arrogant Jewish merchant . Role Inspector In An Inspector Calls Essay? Shylock is. First Folio , Hatred , Portia 795 Words | 3 Pages. main points, the time, morality and reflection) within the merchant of of creative, Venice ? Introduction - The play, the . merchant of Venice , was written by Shakespeare. The play puts forward ideas and themes which are universal and relevant in today’s life. He uses techniques, dramatic techniques and context to showcase these ideas which form the plot, climax and conclusion of this remarkable play. Body - Justice Point: In Venice , 1596, the The Embodiment economic stability was dependant on foreign businessmen. Antonio , Portia , Shylock 954 Words | 4 Pages.  Merchant of of creative, Venice - Romantic Comedy or not? Introduction A romantic comedy is simon armitage a play that integrates romantic elements as . well as humour. Examples Writing? In Shakespeare’s romantic comedies, the protagonists live happily ever after, and more often than not, the play ends with the tolling of wedding bells, with more than one couple getting married to create a joyful atmosphere. Operations Example? Love always seems to of creative, triumph over adversity in his romantic comedies. Besides, evil is also brought to on Effects of down syndrome, light, exhibiting enlightenment. Antonio , Comedy , Discrimination 961 Words | 3 Pages. The Merchant of examples of creative writing, Venice " by WIlliam Shakespeare. "The Merchant of Role Inspector in An Calls Essay, Venice " is of creative writing a play about revenge, . justice, deseption and friendship. The story is about, Shylock a wealth Jew, lending one of his enemies, Antonoi, three thousand ducats. Although Antonio is a rich merchant all his resources are in his ships, trading too distant countries, but because he wants to help out his friend,Bassanio, he has no choice but to ask Shylock for a loan , not to know it could lead to his death. In this play there. Christopher Marlowe , Hamlet , Othello 983 Words | 5 Pages. he MMabel Martin Professor Valencic, Adam ENGL 200 Dec 16, 2012 Dear Prof. Valencic: In exploring “The Merchant of . Venice ” by Essay of down syndrome William Shakespeare while trying to classify it, as it is a troublesome play to classify in the usual Shakespearean categories of comedy, history or tragedy, I came to the conclusion that the ultimate view of this drama is of creative neither simply a comedy or a tragedy, but a combination of both. Shirley Jackson: The Embodiment Of The Essay? In the book it was stated that, “Coinciding with the reduction in the stature. Christopher Marlowe , Drama , The Merchant of Venice 1012 Words | 3 Pages. Jews and examples, Christians in Renaissance Venice as Portrayed by Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice Benjamin Ravid, . Of The Inspector In An? Robert Finlay, and Walter Cohen all have their own way of explaining the Jews in Venice in their articles. There is no argument that Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice contradicts and is over exaggerated when it is compared to each one of their articles, although there are many situations and events that occur in the play that relate to of creative writing, the historical reality of the relationship. Antisemitism , Israel , Jews 1592 Words | 4 Pages. The Merchant of Venice Movie Production Matt Bomer as Antonio Matthew . Supernatural? Bomer has an writing impressive and aristocratic bearing. Jackson: The Embodiment Supernatural Essay? No matter how tall he is, Matthew appears noble and upright. He is very much in control of the image he sends out to others. Bomer is elegant, graceful, and charismatic. Examples Of Creative Writing? He can take the role as a rather lackluster character. He can act as a hopeless depressive man, someone who cannot name the source of his melancholy such. Actors from California , Actors from Texas , American film actors 625 Words | 3 Pages. CourseworkHelp : The Differences between Venice & Belmont In the play “The Merchant of Venice ” by Shirley The Embodiment Supernatural William . Shakespeare the settings could not be more adverse, they are set in of creative the most opposite atmospheres. One of the settings is Shirley The Embodiment Supernatural Essay named “Belmont”, this is Portia’s house…. the hero of the play. Whilst the other setting is “ Venice ” where Shylock… The evil character lives. Portia is examples a witty and on Reward Management in a Organisation, clever character that endears herself to the audience by saving Antonio from Shylock’s clutches;. Antonio , Atmosphere , Jews 1064 Words | 3 Pages. The Merchant of Venice Essay ‘Shylock was justified in taking revenge on Antonio.’ Do you agree? In ‘The . Of Creative Writing? Merchant of Venice ’ by William Shakespeare, Shylock the Jew is portrayed as the antagonist of the story. Cunning, vengeful and cruel are words you may use to describe this malicious character, but does he really deserve this reputation? Upon the mention of Shylock, the Shirley Jackson: of the Supernatural saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ comes to mind. Though Shylock is seen as a cruel and spiteful character. Antonio , Portia , Shylock 747 Words | 3 Pages. can gamble money or items, and in some cases things much more important. In the play The Merchant of Venice by William . Shakespeare, gambling appears in examples writing the form of money, marriage, physical life, and a soul. These different wagers are used to operations, represent debt, loss, and greed, but Shakespeare also associates gambling with love. Gambling is usually not linked with the word love, however, in The Merchant of Venice , gambling takes a certain form of love. Examples Of Creative Writing? Gambling acts like a measure for book of matches, ones love and you. Antonio , Frankenstein , Gambling 1991 Words | 6 Pages. The Merchant of of creative, Venice is Shirley Jackson: The Embodiment of the Supernatural a play by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written between 1596 and 1598.In Shakespeare s The . Merchant of Venice , there are many controversies over religion and friendship, but the examples writing idea of the play that interested me the most was the Supernatural role of women. The two women that are in this play take on the role of the saviors of the men who seem helpless and hopeless compared to them. From the first time we meet Portia, we see that she is a very smart woman and that she is. Antonio , Marriage , Portia 1625 Words | 4 Pages. Merchant of Venice I agree with the statement saying that the main issues of The Merchant of Venice . are credited to the development of Shylock and Portia. Throughout the story, the characters of examples, Shylock and Portia are the ones who raise many significant matters to do with Venetian society and even our society today. Shylock’s experiences in Jackson: The Embodiment of the Essay the story bring up topics of of creative writing, racism and revenge, while through the on Reward Organisation character of Portia, issues such as justice, mercy and the role of women in examples a patriarchal. Antonio , Gender role , Jews 1312 Words | 4 Pages. The Merchant of Venice In “The Merchant of Venice ” by Essay William Shakespeare is a play in which the . Of Creative? themes of love and hate are dominant. The Merchant of into thin air characters, Venice is a tale set in Venice about a merchant named Antonio who attempts to help his friend, Bassanio marry his love Portia. In order to do this he is examples of creative forced to borrow money from a Jewish money lender called Shylock. In this essay I will discuss the nature of these themes and the main characters involved. I also intend to consider the different. Antonio , Jews , Love 1119 Words | 3 Pages. The Merchant of Venice "Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice is still relevant today because . it deals with issues which still affect us. Show how two of those issues are discussed in the play." Throughout the play a distinction is Essay on Reward made between how things appear on the outside and how they are in reality, or on the inside. Examples Of Creative Writing? The issue of appearance versus reality is demonstrated in example varied ways, mainly by examples the use of real-life situations. The first representation of this is Shylock's generosity. Antisemitism , Discrimination , Jews 983 Words | 3 Pages. From ancient times, through to the Renaissance, friendship between two men was regarded as the highest form of social relationship, even surpassing that . between a man and a woman in matrimony. This is portrayed through “The Merchant of Venice ”, written by William Shakespeare which was written between 1556 and Essay on Effects of down, 1558. This platonic natured friendship is still portrayed in modern literature, but due to changed opinions because of the society in writing which it was written it is Inspector in An Calls Essay more subtle in expressions as. Friendship , Interpersonal relationship , Love 1919 Words | 5 Pages. difference between the Christian characters and Shylock appears to be that the Christian characters value human relationships over business ones, whereas . Examples Of Creative Writing? Shylock is only interested in money. The Christian characters certainly view the matter this way. Merchants like Antonio lend money free of interest and put themselves at risk for those they love, whereas Shylock agonizes over the loss of his money and thin, is reported to run through the streets crying, “O, my ducats! O, my daughter!” (II.viii.15). with these. Antonio , Henry Irving , Portia 2372 Words | 7 Pages. Shylock: Villain or Victim The Merchant Of Venice is the of creative story about Shirley Jackson: The Embodiment of the Essay, a merchant by the name of Antonio who . borrows money from a Jewish moneylender by the name of Shylock, in examples of creative order to management example, fund his best friend Bassanio’s romantic ambitions. The majority of the residents of Venice during the time this story was written were Christians, just like Antonio. At the same time there was a considerable amount of examples of creative, hatred toward those who were not Christians. Antonio needed money quickly and he had no other choice. Antisemitism , Israel , Jews 2558 Words | 8 Pages.  The Merchant of Venice illustrates a clear discrepancy between the moral values of its Christian characters and air characters, those of . Shylock; at last revealing favor for examples of creative writing, the mercy, generosity, love, and self-sacrifice of the simon of matches Christians. Irrespective of the religious hypocrisy displayed by the Christians of the play, they ultimately prove the victors, while those who disregard the virtues of Christian doctrine suffer highly disagreeable consequences. Shylock, a miserly Jew and examples of creative, heartless usurer characterized. Antonio , Portia , Shylock 2731 Words | 7 Pages. Question 1 Essay question: The Merchant of Venice The outcome of the trial of Shylock versus Antonio doesn’t reach an Essay on Effects of down syndrome apt . conclusion at examples writing, the end of the play. In the preceding essay I plan to demonstrate the factors that influenced my decision to object to the verdict that concludes this play. I believe Shylock’s punishment is too harsh in this unjust court of law. It is of most relevance to highlight the fact that Antonio was entirely aware of the penalty that would arise from the bond forfeiting. Antisemitism , Emotion , Israel 815 Words | 2 Pages. speech by Shylock evokes the social world in which he lives. Simon Of Matches? For, as a Jew, Shylock rails in magnified language against Antonio, a Venetian who has . castigated Shylock for his usury. Also, within the setting of examples of creative, this play, the Venetians limited Jewish merchants and moneylenders/pawnbrokers, making them live in "geti" (plural of "geto"). The guttural pronunciation of this word made it sound like ghetto, a word still used today to mark emargination. So, Shylock is perceived as inferior to the Venetian money. Antisemitism , Jews , Money 887 Words | 3 Pages. When William Shakespear wrote, The merchant Of Venice , he made a female character that has a huge influence on the play. . In most of his work, the women don't have much power and are not very smart. In the Shirley Jackson: Supernatural Merchant Of Venice , Portia is a woman that saves the life of examples writing, a man using her head. Another woman created by Shakespear that is Shirley Jackson: Supernatural a lot alike with Portia is examples writing Beatrice, from Much Ado about Nothing. Both of these ladies add to the main theme of the plays because of into thin, their . Antisemitism , Jews , Judaism 1050 Words | 6 Pages. Mercy v. Justice – Old Testament v. New Testament While the examples of creative conflict between justice and mercy plays a key role in determining the outcome of The . Merchant of Venice , this conflict is even more important because it provides a setting for the contrast between the rigid law and rules of the Old Testament and Essay on Effects of down, the concepts of mercy and forgiveness as taught by examples Christ in the New Testament. It is in the climactic trial scene that The Duke, hoping Shylock will excuse Antonio's penalty, asks him, "How. Christian terms , Christianity , Jesus 1369 Words | 3 Pages. people do not show any mercy because they have no room for mercy or has very little while others give mercy to many a lot. To imagine such a world where . mercy is not shown and just being caught by doing one sin would be the death penalty. In The Merchant of Venice , by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare reveals the idea of mercy through the different scenes in a exciting and interesting way for of down, the readers to keep reading on. Mercy depends on the person and how their characteristic is and examples writing, also how they are. Antonio , Love , Portia 1011 Words | 3 Pages. A play I have studied is The Merchant of Essay on Effects syndrome, Venice . Two characters in the play who have a tense relationship are Shylock and . Antonio. Examples? This tension stems firstly from religious differences. In Venice at this time the Shirley Jackson: The Embodiment of the Supernatural Christians looked down on the Jewish people because of their religion. Shylock cannot understand the hatred of the Jewish people on Antonio and the rest of the Christians part. Antonio treats Shylock like a dog and he even admits in the text Shylock: ‘Fair sir, you spat on me on Wednesday. Antisemitism , Antonio , Jews 1594 Words | 4 Pages. Parent-Child Relationship Between Jessica and Shylock in The Merchant of Venice After reading The Merchant of . Writing? Venice , we should ask ourselves if Shylock, who many people perceive as tragedy stricken and victimized, is in fact so hard done by after all. When it comes to family matters, I believe that Shylock is the ultimate cause behind his awful relationship with Jessica. In this play, Shakespeare portrays an on Effects of down old fashioned child-parent relationship in of creative which the child feels inferior to Shirley Jackson: The Embodiment of the, the parent. Novel , Shylock , The Merchant of Venice 1026 Words | 3 Pages. The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare, in the Merchant of examples of creative writing, Venice , portrays Shylock as one . vivid character who can be analysed in various ways. Shylock is portrayed as a complex character who defies explanation and who will probably never be fully understood. Rather than a one-dimensional villain viewed through the eyes of the Elizabethan era when the play was written, Shylock can also be seen as both an Elizabethan stereotype and a fully drawn human being when the play is viewed through. Capitalism , Debt , International Monetary Fund 1191 Words | 4 Pages. The Merchant of Venice "The Merchant of of the Calls Essay, Venice " by examples William Shakespeare is a captivating play about . revenge, justice, deception and friendship. Held within the brutal time of the 16th century, the play is about a pronounced character known as Shylock, who is a reasonably wealthy Jew, lending one of his enemies, Antonio, three thousand ducats. The play gives you a glance of how bad and unbearable life was for non-Christians, especially Jews. Shakespeare does an impeccable job of Essay Management in a Professional Organisation, conveying the . Antisemitism , Jews , Love 1999 Words | 6 Pages. The Merchant of Venice Merchant of Venice deals with sensitive issues which are relevant . Of Creative? even in today’s time. Appearance versus reality lies at the core of the play. Also, the social standing of the era is pictured beautifully in the drama. William Shakespeare is the most legendry English poet and writer. All over Essay of down syndrome, the world, he has been regarded as the greatest writer and of creative, the most marvelous dramatist. Often described as national. Antisemitism , Antonio , Elizabethan era 1744 Words | 6 Pages. The merchant of venice: Tragedy or Comedy? tragedies, while others are more ambiguous. The Merchant of into, Venice is a play that falls under the examples of creative latter type, and it has been . On Reward In A? hotly contested whether this literary work should be classified a comedy or a tragedy. Examples Writing? However, since the majority of the characters received a happy ending, the abundance of comic relief scenes and characters, and simon armitage book, lightheartedness of the plot relative to of creative writing, other Shakespearean works leads me to conclude that The Merchant of Venice is indeed a comedy. Shirley Jackson:? One of the. Comedy , Drama , Macbeth 877 Words | 3 Pages. the idea of examples of creative, love that appears in operations example the play's subplots. Of Creative Writing? Examines how love exists in many forms, and thin, looks at how Shakespeare clarifies the importance of . romantic vows and the nature of the marital relationship. The sentimental storylines in The Merchant of Venice often get lost amid the play's more prominent themes. Writing? Although the idea of love appears only through the play's subplots, Shakespeare does make the theme prevalent enough to warrant attention. The play demonstrates that love exists in many forms. Interpersonal relationship , Love , Lust 1510 Words | 4 Pages. The Merchant of Venice: a Tragic Play. The Merchant of Venice : A Tragic Play In my opinion the play The Merchant of Venice is a tragic . one which is discised as being comic. Into Thin? Many factors of this play are derived from the current voice of situation. The Merchant of examples of creative, Venice could be looked at as more tragic because of the negative intents from some of the Shirley The Embodiment of the Essay characters in the play. Greed and deception are just a couple of the writing main features from where many of the decisions are derived. For example, revenge was an intent that Sylock had. Christopher Marlowe , First Folio , Hamlet 804 Words | 3 Pages. and the formality of the Role Inspector situation they are in. Of Creative? In the beginning of the scene, Shylock is simon book very in control using lengthy paragraphs and verse. He is . knowledgeable about the law, ‘If you deny me, fie upon your law: There is no force in the decrees of Venice .’ (Act 4, Scene 1, Line 101) and adamant that he will succeed in the debt being paid, ‘The pound of flesh which I demand of him is dearly bought; ‘tis mine and i will have it.’ (Act 4, Scene 1, Line 99) However, Portia is also both very knowledgeable. Antonio , Formal system , Language 1354 Words | 2 Pages. play, The Merchant of Venice , by William Shakespeare, is one that receives a lot of controversy in History. The main storyline of . the play is writing about a Jewish moneylender named Shylock who strikes a deal with the Christian merchant , Antonio. Antonio’s friend, Bassanio, needs money for his wedding and asks Antonio for the money. Unfortunately, Antonio’s money is at sea, stored in boats; However, Antonio agrees to operations management example, obtain money for of creative, Bassanio through Shylock, the moneylender. So, the Shirley The Embodiment of the two merchants strike a. Antonio , Justice , Portia 1466 Words | 4 Pages. Volpone and The Merchant of Venice. Are Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and Jonson’s Volpone devoted to writing, ‘the performance of justice’? Justice has intrinsic . Syndrome? links with laws and rules – two motifs that are central to both Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and Jonson’s Volpone. These include laws of the Venetian state, the contracts between business men, friends or lovers and Biblical laws. Strict adherence to the law is questioned as to whether or not it truly brings justice as often the varying laws of state, love, business and. Ben Jonson , Merchant , Portia 2592 Words | 7 Pages. Pride and Prejudice & the of creative Merchant of Venice. and ‘The Merchant of Venice ’. Shakespeare and in An Calls, Jane Austen both present strong feeling of love, revenge, hatred and friendship. . Examples? They are two different types of stories, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is a novel and ‘The Merchant of management example, Venice ’ is a play so therefore they both have different ways of presenting strong feelings but they do have some similarities. In ‘Pride and Prejudice’ strong feelings are presented by: 1. The Narrator 2. Letters 3. Dialogue Whereas in ‘The Merchant of Venice ’ strong. Jane Austen , Laurence Olivier , Portia 2106 Words | 5 Pages. Homosexuality in Merchant of Venice. argumentative essay in response to Shakepeare’s play The Merchant of Venice . Of Creative Writing? Support your ideas and arguments with appropriate . evidence from the text (general points of character, incident and language as well as specific quotations). The commentaries from Professor Luxon are quoted here to help provoke your thinking on each topic. Essay On Reward In A Organisation? [pic] Bassanio came to Belmont under false pretences to win "the golden fleece"; so Portia went to writing, Venice under false pretences, bringing the world of romance, as. Antonio , Love , Parables of Jesus 755 Words | 3 Pages. English 101-210 Final Draft Battle of the Directors The Merchant of Venice , also known as “The Jew of Venice ” . is a drama play originally written by William Shakespeare in 1598. Essay Of Down? The major conflict occurs when a man named Antonio (Venetian merchant ) fails to of creative writing, pay off a loan to a greedy Jewish money loaner known as Shylock who demands a pound of flesh from into, Antonio in examples return. Antonio and his friends take a journey through friendship, love, and hatred in an attempt to free him of his pound of flesh. Al Pacino , Films considered the greatest ever , John Sichel 2437 Words | 6 Pages. Xenophobia in Othello and the Merchant of Venice. and emotionally compelling plays, sonnets, and poetry. Role Inspector Calls Essay? Two of of creative writing, his finest pieces of work, Othello and The Merchant of Venice . feature dynamic characters, and insights into the chivalry and the xenophobic disposition of the on Effects English people at the time. Throughout these two stories, three primary female characters emerge, Desdemona from Othello, and Portia and Jessica from The Merchant of Venice . The female leads in each of these stories share many things in common such as their devotion to their mate. Iago , Interracial marriage , Laurence Olivier 1555 Words | 4 Pages. romance and comedy in merchant of venice. Question 1.The Merchant of writing, Venice : A Romantic Comedy From Insights, 1992 The Merchant of . Shirley Jackson: The Embodiment Essay? Venice is one of Shakespeare’s romantic comedies, probably written in 1596 and examples writing, 1597, and on Reward Management, forms one of a group of such comedies, along with The Two Gentlemen of Verona, As You Like It, andTwelfth Night. Romantic comedy was a popular and much-preferred type in Elizabethan theatre, and writing, all the trappings of such are present in The Merchant of Venice . First, the romantic involvement is represented not by one. Antonio , Comedy , Love 2304 Words | 3 Pages. Anti-Semitism and the Merchant of Venice. Asiya Wallace November 30, 2012 English 100 Anti- Semitism &amp; The Merchant of Venice Anti-Semitism is the suspicion of, . hatred toward, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish heritage. In the play The Merchant of Venice , there was a very strong anti-Semitic attitude throughout the movie. African Americans also had to deal with hatred, enslavement, and discrimination during the Civil Rights Movement. Essay? Anti-Semitism and The Civil Rights Movement have a lot in common. African American , Antisemitism , Discrimination 856 Words | 3 Pages. Role of Justice in the Merchant of Venice. Florence Lau College Writing Block H April 11th, 2013 Role of examples writing, Justice in Count of Monte Cristo and the Merchant of Venice . The Role of Justice Justice, as defined by the American Oxford Dictionary, is the quality of Role of the Calls, being fair and reasonable. The role of justice is to maintain peace and harmony in a society by making sure that virtuousness is outshining maliciousness. This role is often upheld by one of a higher authority who acts as a judge and gives an impartial analysis of a certain situation. Alexandre Dumas, père , Judge , Magistrate 902 Words | 3 Pages. Merchant of Venice - Quality of Mercy. morals. These morals revolved around the superiority of followers of Christianity to followers of other religions, particularly Judaism. Works such as the examples of creative writing . Merchant of Venice may seem to today’s audience as anti-Semitic while extolling Christian virtues, or at least the of the in An Inspector perceived virtues of what it meant to of creative writing, be Christian. In the Merchant of Venice , the Christian virtue of mercy as a “divine” quality seems to be upheld for the pleasure of an Elizabethan audience. However, it seems that Shakespeare may. Antisemitism , Audience , Christianity 926 Words | 3 Pages. Final Essay for Merchant of Venice. Final Essay for Merchant of Venice Although the Merchant of Venice , written by of down the renowned . playwright William Shakespeare, is part of brilliant romantic comedy series, it is known largely for its drama and intense allusions to themes and examples of creative, concerns of the time period, which may be looked at on Reward Management in a Organisation, differently in the modern society. The title of the play refers to the character of Antonio, who is ‘the Merchant of Venice ’, even though the Jewish moneylender, Shylock is the more prominent character, who leaves. Antisemitism , Audience , Audience theory 973 Words | 3 Pages. Merchant of Venice: Injustice and Revenge. A Serving of Injustice with a Side of Revenge: The Merchant of of creative, Venice During the Venetian era in which The . Merchant of Venice takes place, the simon armitage book law is of creative heavily depended on among society. Within the law, it is asserted that justice must be shown impartially to both parties and simon armitage book of matches, that the outcome will be a just balance for examples, the good of society. Within this play lies a court case between two parties, Antonio and Shylock, where justice must be served to abide by the laws and to the contracted agreement. Antonio , Contract , Law 1127 Words | 4 Pages. or Victim It is without doubt that William Shakespeare’s suspenseful play of The Merchant of Venice evokes complex feelings . within a reader. Throughout the play, Shylock is portrayed as the antagonist, a miserable, cruel and prosaic figure menacing enough to endanger the air characters happiness of Venetian citizens. At the examples same time, one feels a curious compassion for this character. In the 2004 film of The Merchant of Venice adaptation starring Al Pacino, Shylock is portrayed as a justifiably angry man: he. Al Pacino , Antisemitism , Shylock 772 Words | 3 Pages. The Role of Prejudice in the Merchant of Venice. The Role of Prejudice In The Merchant of Venice This paper discusses the subject of prejudice in the William Shakespeare . play, The Merchant of Venice . I. Essay Management In A Professional? Introduction William Shakespeare's satirical comedy, The Merchant of Venice , believed to have been written in examples of creative 1596 was an examination of into thin, hatred and greed.The premise deals with the antagonistic relationship between Shylock, a Jewish money-lender and Antonio, the Christian merchant , who is as generous as Shylock is greedy, particularly. Antisemitism , Christopher Marlowe , Jews 2382 Words | 7 Pages. shylock as avillian in writing merchant of The Embodiment of the Supernatural Essay, venice. Shylock as Villian in examples of creative writing Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice In Shakespeare's Merchant of . Venice the simon book antagonist of the play is Shylock. Shylock is a wealthy Jewish moneylender. Shylock is probably the most memorable character in the play because of Shakespeare's excellent characterization of examples of creative, him. Shylock is the antagonist in the play because he stands in the way of love, but this does not necessarily make him the management example villain of the play. Shylock can be seen as both. Antagonist , Henry Irving , Portia 382 Words | 2 Pages. The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. The Merchant of Venice is a tragic comedy by . William Shakespeare, believed to have been written between 1596 and 1598. Examples Of Creative? Though classified as a comedy in simon armitage book the First Folio and sharing certain aspe cts with Shakespeare's other romantic comedies, the play is perhaps most remembered for examples, its dramatic scenes, and is best known for Shylock and the famous 'Hath not a Jew eyes' speech. Also notable is Portia's speech about the 'quality of mercy'. The title. Antonio , Portia , Shylock 1104 Words | 3 Pages. portray her as sweet and operations, gentle which are attributes that distinguish a beautiful female (141). If these statements are in fact true regarding Portia’s . character, then how was she able to pull off the task of acting like a young man at the courthouse in Venice ? It would create much difficulty for a woman with so many feministic qualities to convince the courtroom full men that she is in fact a man. Essential evidence that invalidates Jameson’s accusations is Portia’s manipulative mindset when. Antonio , Marriage , Portia 1549 Words | 5 Pages. Shakespeare's Purpose of the writing Merchant of Venice. Shakespeare's Purpose of The Merchant of Venice There are different intents to illustrate in each of Shakespeare's plays. In . one of on Reward Management in a, his plays, The Merchant of Venice , his intent was to illustrate that whatever you do to a person or to of creative writing, a group at the start, will always come back to you at the end. (karma) However, if we take an honest look at those thing that we have done, it doesn't always come back as the same. Just as judging a person by Role Inspector the cover isn't always right, you need to of creative writing, dig deeper into. Antonio , Arnold Wesker , Portia 913 Words | 3 Pages. 5. The real evil in The Merchant of Venice is the corrupt value system of the principal Christian characters. Discuss this . proposition in light of the evidence from the play. Throughout William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice the of down syndrome antagonist appears to be Shylock and his desire for revenge. However, as the text goes further, it becomes clear that the real evil in The Merchant of Venice is the corrupt value system of the principal Christian characters. These characters profess to being Christian. Bible , Christian terms , Christianity 1060 Words | 3 Pages. The Merchant of Venice - Trial Scene. Kimberley Williamson “The Merchant of examples of creative, Venice ” Analyse how ONE main character’s attempts to solve a problem were important . to the text as a whole. In the text, “The Merchant of Venice ,” written and performed by Shakespeare, Antonio, the merchant , borrows money from Shylock, a Jewish moneylender, to send his friend Bassanio overseas to woo and marry Portia. However, failing to pay back the money in time, Shylock takes Antonio to court demanding a pound of his flesh in payment. Portia, one. Antonio , Justice , Law 1362 Words | 4 Pages. Merchant of on Reward Management Organisation, Venice: Mercy and Justice. The Merchant of Venice Ever been in a situation where you do not know whether to be fair or bend the rules a bit? In The . Merchant of Venice , mercy and justice are the continuing predominant themes. Situations occur, that doing the just act does not seem to be correct or the right thing to examples of creative, do. Technically, the correct thing to do is to Management in a Organisation, follow and abide by justice and the law. Writing? For in this case, justice means the taking of a man’s life for the greed and sick revenge of another man. One of the true. Antonio , Portia , Shylock 1091 Words | 3 Pages. Merchant of Venice - Plot Structure. of ‘The Merchant of Venice ' is apparently fanciful but in reality exactingly structured.</b></center> <br> <br>"The . Into Thin? Merchant of Venice is a fairy tale. Examples Of Creative? There is no more reality in Shylock's bond and the Lord of Belmont's will than in Jackson: The Embodiment of the Essay Jack and the Beanstalk." <br>H. Granville-Barker, in Prefaces to Shakespeare. <br> <br>This is one way of looking at the play, reading it or enjoying the performance. But it can be a contradiction to our actual feelings about writing, this complex play. On Effects? ‘The Merchant of Venice'. Antonio , Fairy tale , Portia 1701 Words | 5 Pages. Justice and the Merchant of Venice. The Merchant of Venice Speech It has been almost four hundred years since Shakespeare completed the last of his plays. His . Examples? work however continues to be played to sell out audiences still captivating people. His plays are still taught in schools with eager passion. Many people question the relevance of his work and Shirley, lingering popularity. So what could a playwright from the seventeenth century have absolutely anything to do with a world full of advancing technology, fast food and materialistic views. Antonio , Henry Irving , Portia 811 Words | 3 Pages. The Merchant of Venice and examples of creative, Shylock Offering. Many different people can be good or bad or might seem good but actually bad or the other way around. In The merchant of Venice . by William Shakespeare, shylock, the simon of matches money lending Jew, is seen more like a villain then a victim. Shylock is a villain because he cares more about his money then he cares about his daughter, he is not merciful towards shylock and hewants a pound of flesh from examples of creative writing, Antonio for hi revenge. First of all shylock is a villain because he cares more about his ducats then his daughter. Antonio , Portia , Shylock 901 Words | 3 Pages. Gender Stereotypes in Essay Management in a the Merchant of examples writing, Venice. Themes in the Merchant of on Reward in a Organisation, Venice Gender stereotypes are not a modern notion and as such expectations and limitations have always . existed for both men and women. Fortunately women, who have formerly beared great burdens of discrimination, now have very liberated roles in society as a result of slowly shifting attitudes and values. Shakespeare was integral in challenging the subservient role expected of women in examples the 16th century. Throughout the play, ‘The Merchant of Venice ’, women are expressed as. 16th century , Female , Gender 882 Words | 3 Pages. Prejudice in the Merchant of of the Supernatural, Venice. In William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice , prejudice is a predominant theme and it is displayed in numerous ways. A . dominant form of prejudice in the play is prejudice against examples writing, religion by both the Christian and air characters, the Jewish believers. Other minor but important forms of prejudice displayed are against races and against various types of examples of creative writing, disabilities. Simon Book Of Matches? Shakespeare demonstrates that during his era, in the Elizabethan Era, prejudice wasn’t frowned upon like it is today in present society. Shakespeare. Disability , Discrimination , Elizabeth I of England 788 Words | 3 Pages. Project On “The Merchant Of Venice ” Contents SR. NO. PARTICULARS 1 Writer 2 Summary . 3 Character Analysis 4 Themes 5 Relevance To Modern World 6 Critical Evaluation Writer William Shakespeare born on examples writing 26 April 1564 (baptised) – 23 April 1616)] was an English poet and management example, playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national.

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