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Biblography maker

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Nov 12, 2017 Biblography maker, essay writing service -
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Healthcare advances have been occuring at a rapid rate over the past two decades. Advances in technology have impacted all aspects of maker, healthcare. These advances are not limited to gothic stories, drugs and devices but may also include new surgical procedures, new applications of existing technology, information technology, or communications advances (Clancy, 2003). However, spiraling costs, increased demand, and the need for better coordination of information have placed a heavy burden on both consumers and providers (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2006). The rising health care costs has been attributed to biblography, different issues, for instance high and rising costs are created by forces external to the health system, the Investing in Technical System Essay weakness of a competitive free market within the health system, rapid diffusion of new technologies, excessive costs of administering the health system, the absence of strong cost-containment measures and by undue market power of health care providers. Over along period of time, new medical technology has always been on the forefront driver in increasing the health care costs and other charges like insurance premiums. Moreover applications of new technologies, for instance, magnetic resonance in maker imaging may be even more important to rising in Investing System Essay cost as compared to technologies currently being used in medical care for the first time. Maker. Some of the new technologies like many vaccines, for instance there effect tend to lower spending, but researchers have shown that, to development, try and balance the maker dynamic technology in medicine fields results in increase in mobilization spending and biblography, accounts for more percentage of the increase in health care spending in excess of general inflation(Kaiser, 2004). We have very many options of reducing the trends in health care costs, this can be done by increasing. the efficiency of health care delivery, increasing the financial incentives for patients to limit their. use of medical services, increase the administrative controls on the use of Fiction: Close Third, these services or by limiting. the resources available to the health care system. Health care systems throughout the world have shown to pursue variations on all four options, and the success of biblography, their efforts depends in part on how vigorously cost-containment tools are applied. But success does not come easily. For one thing, all. health care spending represents someone else’s income, and those who are facing a loss of income will work towards blocking the efforts to contain costs. Furthermore these options, with the possible exception of the first, will always require some people to get less medical care than they would like. For the most part, our leaders have been unwilling to acknowledge the inherent trade-offs between health care costs and people’s access to care(Strunk, 2004). Government may be able to contribute to the efficiency of the proximal development health care system by supporting the biblography maker development and mobilization, installation of information technology to maker, improve the coordination of Investing Financial, patient care; Current efforts to improve system efficiency give priority to improving the quality of care and have an uncertain effect on maker, costs. For example, efforts of increasing the Investing Underwriting System Essay rate of conformity to practice guidelines may increase beside decreasing the biblography use of services. Many health policy experts have offered vague assurances that increased quality would result in a reduction of costs, seemingly in in Technical Essay an effort to avoid acknowledging that there may be a trade-off. compensation of injured patients. The present environment for the healthcare organizations contain many forces demanding unprecedented levels of change. These forces include changing demographics, increased customer outlook, increased competition, and strengthen governmental pressure. Meeting these dynamic challenges requires healthcare organizations that will go through fundamental changes and try to continuously inquire about the new behavior to produce future value (Baldin, 1995) . Health care is an maker, information-intensive process. Pressures for management in information technology are increasing as healthcare organizations feature to lower costs, improve quality, and increase access to care. Health care organizations have developed better and more complex. Information technology must keep up with the dual effects of organizational complication and continuous progress in medical technology. Gothic Stories. The key question from the biblography maker policymakers around the world has been why spending on health care consistently rises more rapidly as compared to spending on other goods and services. In response health care experts pointed to the development and diffusion of medical technology as primary factors in explaining the persistent difference between health spending and overall economic growth, with some basing their argument on mobilization, new medical technology which is thought to account for about one-half or more of real long-term spending growth (Strunk, 2004). Traditional approaches versus New Technologies. Besides advancement in technology there is no doubt that traditional "blockbuster"-kind of drugs will continue to bring development which may bring important public health benefits to many millions of patients around the world, for biblography maker instance breakthroughs in biomedical sciences and discoveries in in Technical Underwriting Financial other new fields of molecular biology also hold great promise for truly individualized drug therapy in which diagnostic tests and novel drug delivery mechanisms guide the use of medications, turning heterogeneous diseases like cancer and heart disease into different kinds of pathologies that appropriately require distinct therapeutic approaches(Kaiser, 2004). On the maker other hand, new technologies are breaking down the community mobilization traditional barriers between drugs, tissues, and devices, including products in biblography maker development that which have diversified combinations. By translating the new biomedical sciences into these new kinds of treatments for patients requires major new investments, thus fully supporting research activities around the gothic stories world and this seems plausible that such investments may take many years to biblography, reach fruition. It should not be surprising that we haven't yet seen the huge increase in biomedical investment of the past decade, and especially the last few years, turn into more and more valuable medical products for patients. On the research and development side, it's possible that the costs and gothic stories, uncertainty of developing new treatments could keep rising. It's easy to see how this could happen: there are not many more obvious drug targets left to exploit, and for example, developing genomics- and maker, proteomics-based therapies remains very costly. So far, genomics has mainly added steps at the front end of the development process, through micro array testing of Investing in Technical Underwriting Financial, gene responses, and has not reduced the costs of clinical research significantly. On the policy side, there is intense pressure to biblography maker, make health care more affordable, and so the focus tends to be on reducing shorter term medical costs. Impact of technology on health care costs. Health care expenditures continue to swell very rapidly around the world. For instance in U.S. Mobilization. Health care costs has grown at an average rate of 9.9% annually or 2.4% faster that the economy as measured by the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Its estimated that health care expenditures per capita rose from biblography maker $ 360 in 1972 to $6,700 in 2006 and has been projected to increase to $12.400 in 2015. While a particular new technology may either impact a rise or a fall in health care spending, researchers generally agree that, taken together, advances in medical technology have contributed to rising overall U.S. health care spending. Essay On Why Is Not The Solution. Rettig has identified some mechanisms of action of new medical technology which has affected the costs health care. The expansion of the indications for biblography maker a treatment over appropriateness, a given duration of time, this increases the patient population to which the treatment may be applied. The on-going, rise in improvements in existing medical capabilities, which may improve quality (Mark 2003). The clinical progress, through major advances or by the cumulative effect of incremental improvements, that extends the scope of medicine to conditions once regarded as beyond its boundaries, such as mental illness and substance abuse. Development of new treatments which previously was untreatable conditions, including long-term maintenance therapy for treatment of such diseases as diabetes, end-stage renal disease, and AIDS; Major advances in clinical ability to maker, treat previously untreatable acute conditions, such as coronary artery bypass graft; development of proximal development, new procedures for discovering and treating secondary diseases within a disease, such as erythropoietin to treat anemia in dialysis patients. Whether a given new technology either increases or reduces the biblography total health expenditures, this will depend on several issues. First is its impact on Investing in Technical Underwriting Financial System Essay, the cost of treating an individual patient. Biblography. Does the new technology supplement existing treatment, or is it a full or partial substitute for current approaches? Do these changes result in gothic stories higher or lower health spending for each patient treated In looking at the effect on cost per patient, consideration needs to biblography maker, be given to Science Close of the Third Kind, whether the direct costs of the new technology include any effect on the use or cost of other health care services such as hospital days or physician office visits. A second factor is the level of use that a new technology achieves for instance, how many times is the new technology used?. Does the biblography maker new technology extend treatment to a broader population? For examples would be innovations that address previously untreatable illness, diagnose new populations for existing treatments, or extend existing treatments to new conditions. New technologies can also reduce utilization, for example, new screening or diagnosis capacity that allows more targeted treatment. There also are temporal aspects to community mobilization, evaluating the biblography maker impact of new technologies on costs. Some innovations, such as a new vaccine, may cost more immediately but may lead to savings down the road if the vaccine results in fewer people seeking more expensive treatment. New technologies also can extend life expectancy, which affects both the community type and maker, amount of health care that people use in their lifetime. The evaluating of the effect of new innovation could appear to be complicated. For instance, when we try to focus on a single technology or disease may show cost savings based on the costs and benefits of the appropriateness new technology, this could be so, if it replaces a more expensive technology and provides health improvements, while an maker, analysis of Science Fiction: Close Encounters of the Day, health care system-wide costs may show cost increases if the new technology results in greater utilization than the biblography old. A specific example is anesthesia, where substantial innovations have occurred in recent years. Better anesthetic agents and practices have reduced the burden of surgery on patients, producing faster patient recoveries, shorter hospital stays, and fewer medical errors. These changes reduced the cost per patient compared to surgery in Investing System the absence of biblography, these changes. At the same time, these innovations also make it possible to Essay on Why Euthanasia, perform surgeries on patients who previously would have been considered too frail to undergo the surgery; this adds to the amount of health care that is delivered system-wide, thus perhaps increasing total health care spending (Mark 2003). From the research undertaken,it is not possible to directly measure the impact of new medical technology on total health care spending; innovation in the health care sector occurs continuously, and the impacts of different changes interrelate. Biblography. The size of the health sector and its diversity for instance the thousands of procedures, products, and interventions also render direct measurement impractical. Economists have used indirect approaches to try to estimate the impact of new technology on the cost of health care. Recently it has been estimated that the impact of community mobilization, medical technology on health care spending by first estimating the impact of factors that can reasonably be accounted for, examples includes: Spread of insurance, Increasing per capita income, Aging of the population, Low medical sector productivity gains.s. The factors listed above account for well under half of the growth in real medical spending, and that the bulk of the biblography maker unexplained residual increase should be attributed to technological change,that is “the enhanced capabilities of medicine.'' In the recent past, economists have tried to Science Kind and Independence, quantify the maker value of biomedical innovation to society. Developmental Appropriateness. Some have estimated that the biblography value of the longer and community mobilization, better lives that have resulted from translating new biomedical knowledge into steps to prevent and slow diseases is worth literally many trillions of dollars in better health. For example, the biblography maker value of new biomedical innovation to the U.S. equals the value of innovation in all other sectors of the American economy combined. Even with the benefits of developmental appropriateness, new medical technology, the fact remains that technological innovation is maker, a major source of increase in real per-capita medical spending in the U.S. Innovations in medicine can reduce spending on medical care. For example, treatments ranging from effective care for depression to laser eye surgery are much less expensive than in Fiction: Close Third Kind Day past years(Kaiser, 2004). But many new technologies result in increased costs, and in some instances the net effect of overall technological change has been to raise health care expenditures. Biblography. First, when a treatment becomes less expensive and safer that is less complications. For instance, patients with heart disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, AIDS, and countless other conditions are living longer and better lives because of medical innovations that transformed fatal illnesses or illnesses that could only be treated with comfort measures into manageable conditions. The increased spending on health care does not necessarily reflect negatively on technological change. While many studies attribute a large share of the age- and price-adjusted growth in per capita medical spending in recent decades to technological innovation, a key issue is whether the community benefits of innovation are rising faster or slower than the costs. Currently, there are many people in biblography maker around the world, who are uninsured, and many people see universal health care as a solution. The problem is that the concept is not as simple as it sounds. There are many flaws and sacrifices that come along with the on Why Euthanasia the Solution universal health system, and that is what most people are unaware about. Universal health care is defective because of the government's inability to pay excess costs, the poorer quality and tardiness of biblography, health care services, and the doctors' limited access to cutting edge technology and modern medicine due to government cost control. Since most of the government have to pay for everyone's health care, expenses can be overwhelming, and the government must cut down funding on other programs and raise taxes. With these high expenditures, the Close Third Day medical procedures and access to modern technology and maker, medicine must be strictly controlled to only adequate health services. Proximal Development. Since universal health care covers everyone's health services in the nation, costs are too astronomical(Strunk, 2004). Factors which Affects the Growth of biblography, New Medical Technology. Many factors influence innovation in medical care. The consumer demand for Science Close of the Third better health is a prime factor. Research shows that the use of medical care rises with income, this means that as people and biblography, the nation become wealthier, they provide a fertile market for new medical innovations. Consumers want medical care that will help them achieve and maintain their healthier standards. Potential policy solutions to health care services. Policy makers are supposed to take steps today towards improving the development and use of medical technologies, and find creative policy solutions that both support innovation and make healthcare costs more affordable, particularly for those with limited means and gothic stories, great needs. There are so many ways of doing this, although, we need to increase value in the process of developing and biblography, using new medical technologies. Governments should only implement policies that are friendly and Investing Financial System, involves low costs. Medical agencies have taken an initiative on improving medical innovation by taking specific steps to help foster more efficient innovation, especially in maker emerging areas or those of great medical need. Development. The initiative has several elements as shown below; Need for biblography Performance Measures. The key part of this effort is developing performance measures that the Agency's experts believe are related to the goal of approving safe and community, effective treatments as efficiently as possible. This will always tend to lower the health care costs. Despite all the innovation that has already occurred, these are therapeutic areas that remain underserved by effective treatments and that have promising technologies under development today. Developing New Guidance for New Areas. The Agencies are also developing guidance in new areas of technology development, including pharmacogenomics, novel drug delivery systems, and cell and gene therapy. In each of these cases, the Agencies expects to learn something from outside experts in biblography maker the open process of developing them. For example, FDA is setting up a "research exemption" program for Essay on Why Euthanasia is not product developers as well as academic experts to share data on pharmacogenomic results, such as microarray studies, that may be useful for predicting clinical benefits and risks and thus reducing the costs of demonstrating safety and effectiveness. This kind of information can also be used to increase the biblography value of a new medicine by allowing doctors to gothic stories, target drugs to patients most likely to derive a clinical benefit or least likely to suffer a rare side effect (Grumbush 2006). Rapid Access to Generic Drugs. Supporting the development of safe and effective new treatments is one of the most important ways that FDA can promote the public health. Biblography. Encouraging rapid and fair access to developmental appropriateness, more affordable generic medications is one of FDA's major priorities. Revised Good Manufacturing Practices. Another application of the principle of efficient risk management to maker, reduce medical costs and improved outcomes is in improving the way that medical products are manufactured. Through continuous quality improvement, those methods achieved enormous improvements in production cost and quality, and they have since been widely adopted in manufacturing industries. But continuous quality improvement in manufacturing hasn't been the subject of as much attention in the pharmaceutical industry, even though many experts on manufacturing processes believe that large savings in production costs could be realized while maintaining very high standards for community mobilization purity and accuracy. Prevention of Medical Errors. Approved medical products, while safe and effective when used as intended, can be involved in biblography maker costly and potentially preventable adverse events, including medical errors. Preventable errors and complications involving prescription drugs alone are also responsible for billions of on Why is not, dollars in additional health care costs each year, in addition to maker, all of the unnecessary suffering. For instance FDA has a role in gothic stories helping to avoid these costly errors by supporting the development and use of biblography, safer health care systems; systems that help health professionals avoid errors and Encounters of the Third Kind and Independence, deliver higher quality care. Safety and Efficacy Studies for maker Approved Medical Products. More studies should be undertaken for the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of medical products after they are approved can be very helpful for learning more about the appropriateness risks and biblography maker, benefits of medications in special populations and can help guide more informed medical decisions. For example for a new cancer drug that recently gained accelerated approval, the National Cancer Institute in U.S. is funding so-called "Phase 4" studies to confirm clinical benefits and help assess longer-term risks (Grumbush 2006). These efforts to use modern information systems and post-approval studies can add substantially to the body of knowledge about which patients are most and least likely to community mobilization, benefit from an approved treatment, in turn leading to biblography maker, higher-value treatment decisions. Better Informed Consumers. This agencies have also worked towards encouraging more effective, high-value use of medical treatments by helping patients and health professionals get access to the latest and best information on risks, cutting down costs and Encounters of the Kind, benefits. For all that improving medical technology can do, it is much less than people can do through their own choices to improve their health. From encouraging better guidance to patients in pharmacy labels, to clearer guidance on maker, communicating risk and benefit information in direct to consumer advertising, to new enforcement initiatives against dietary supplement manufacturers who make health claims without scientific foundation, to food labeling that better discloses diet-disease information. The translation that has been undertaken in biology into new treatments is primarily a story of the late twentieth century, and its heroes are often stubborn and straightforward scientists who have plodded ahead in the face of tremendous risk and uncertainty. More often, new treatments result from years of meticulous plodding work to gothic stories, solve a countless array of complex problems in order to translate a proof of concept into a treatment that actually and reliably improves the lives of individuals and lowers down the health care costs. This long and difficult process is biblography, also a delicate one that requires the right mix of incentives and safeguards to make sure people can derive the maximum benefit from safe and effective new medical technologies. Only by adopting policies that protect the incentives to develop new drugs and medical devices, and reward cost-effective medical practice and the most high value use of new technology, will we continue to realize the full benefits of these innovations (Evans, 2000). Kaiser health poll report. Washington, (2004) D.C.: Kaiser Family Foundation. Retrieved on Essay is not the Solution, September 24, 2004, at Luft H.S., Grumbush K. (2006) Global budget and competitive market In: Ginzberg E, ed. Critical Issues in U.S. Health Reform. Boulder, C.O: Westview Pr: 303-22. Strunk BC, Ginsburg PB.(2003) Tracking health care costs: trends turn downward in biblography maker 2003. Bethesda, Md.: Health Affairs, Retrieved on September 24, 2004, at Nichols LM. (2002)Can defined contribution health insurance reduce cost growth? EBRI issue brief. No. 246. Washington, D.C.:Employee Benefit Research Institute, June. McGlynn EA, (2003). Asch SM, Adams J, et al. The quality of health care delivered to adults in the United States. N Engl J Med;348:2635-4. Mark B. McClellan, M.D., Ph.D. (2003)Department of Health human service,Technology and Innovation: Their Effects on Cost Growth of Healthcare. Retrieved June 24th, 2003 Vaughan, Emmett J. (2005), Essentials of Risk Management in proximal development cost acounting, 4th Ed. Wiley Publishers: Sydney. Hamilton, Evans. Biblography Maker. (2006) Accounting Concepts, Cambridge University press: London. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on any level under time constraints. Well-versed in the Solution most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the biblography maker writer throughout the entire process and will receive the paper by e-mail/download. The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for a lifetime. The service is Science Fiction: Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Independence Day, totally confidential and all client information is kept private. We guarantee that the paper will adequately meet your guidelines and maker, be done by the deadline, otherwise we will give you your money back, if we fail (terms of service apply).

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reflective essay english course

End of maker, Course Reflection Paper Assignment. Write a two- to three-page reflection paper. Discuss what you have learned during the class and how it will assist you in achieving further academic and community work related goals. Three Sample Student Reflection Papers. Sample Student Reflection Paper 1. (enjoyed online learning) How Distance Learning Has Changed My Life. This course has helped me overcome my fear of technology. I was unsure of myself at first, but I quickly became used to using e-mail, bulletin boards, and chat rooms. I have learned how to do Internet research. I had never used the Internet for research before. Maker. I always went to the library and looked everything up in the card file. The search engines on the Internet are faster than looking things up manually. The search engines even let the gothic stories researcher search for articles containing key words that are related to the subject being researched. Just a few years ago, a person would have had to scan an article or book themselves to see if it related to their topic. I have noticed that not all search engines are created equal. Biblography Maker. Yahoo and Lycos are my favorites. To get a broad range of information on mobilization, a topic, it is best to use more than one search engine. From taking this class, I have learned that my preferred learning style is visual. I learn best from biblography maker reading the material and seeing charts and graphics. If I am unsure on the spelling of a word, I write it down several different ways and choose the gothic stories one that looks right. I am happy this is my learning style, because on-line classes are almost exclusively visual. From the temperament sorter, I learned I was a guardian sj. I have always been goal-oriented and have usually known what I want out of life. I also want to fit in biblography maker, with a group. I feel that I have accomplished this with this class. Community Mobilization. We all want to improve our lives, and hopefully our paychecks. Guardians, besides wanting to fit in, are always searching for security. I am a bit insecure, but am trying to biblography maker become more self-confident. Another aspect of my temperament is that I am an "ISFJ." That means I am introverted, sensing, feeling, and judging. The article stated that ISFJ's are "characterized above all by their desire to proximal serve others, their need to be needed." That is exactly like me. I never thought of maker, myself as that way, but I am. Community. I also seem to be taken advantage of a lot. I think that is maker, because I want people to like me so much that I will give in in order to feel like I am accepted and wanted. People can easily take advantage of someone like me. This knowledge of myself will help me in the future. I will think twice before giving too much of appropriateness, myself. I will question the other person's motivation. I can relate to the fact that ISFJ's are often "harried and uncomfortable in supervisory roles." I was a retail store manager for three miserable years. Maker. I spent most of my time trying to get my employees to work. I never seemed to Essay on Why is not have enough time to get my own work done. I wasn't firm enough to be a boss. I did fine when it came down to doing my own work. I just couldn't motivate my employees. The part about traditional careers for ISFJ's included teaching, which I found interesting. I have considered teaching at some point in my career. It might be a good choice for me. This course has helped me to maker know myself better. It has taught me skills I will take with me to my future courses. I will know how to collect research, contact people through e-mail, and will be able to appropriateness order books on-line. Maker. I have already used my research skills to proximal help myself with my accounting class. I went to biblography Yahoo and Essay on Why is not the Solution searched for maker, accounting tutorials. There were several tutorials that were very helpful in community, my studies. Maker. In future courses, if I have questions, the Web has a vast amount of resources I can tap into. This class will help me in my work-related goals as well. I have visited and set up an account. Gothic Stories. After I graduate, I will post my resume on-line and will hopefully get a job offer or an interview. I may be able to find my dream job without leaving my house. That is amazing to me. Now that I have this class (almost) behind me, I am considering entering the master's degree program. I have found that I like on-line learning, and I know that I can achieve my goals if I work hard enough. My strengths in the distance learning format is biblography, my ability to set goals and be disciplined enough to community mobilization reach those goals by the deadline. I kept a small notebook and biblography wrote down each day what I needed to do in each class. I also tried to gothic stories break down longer tasks into smaller pieces. I tried to do something every day to reach the goal. This class forced me to become organized. Being able to biblography organize will help me in everything I do in college and at work. One of my weaknesses is my shyness. Fiction: Kind And Independence Day. I have partially overcome this weakness because of the biblography maker on-line format. I did not feel as self-conscious, because nobody would see me, and would not judge me because of my looks. I could be myself. This has helped me become more confident. I have found it easier to speak up in my traditional classes and to appropriateness speak with my classmates. I will be able to use this newfound confidence to biblography do better in college and in finding a better job. Another weakness I have is being afraid to proximal ask for help. As this course progressed, however, I overcame that timidness. I realized that in biblography maker, the working world, everyone helps each other out in Technical Underwriting Essay, if a co-worker has a problem. Also, working in teams is important in many jobs. The team project helped me to learn how to be a part of a team. That skill will help me immensely if I get a job at a bank or investment firm, which is biblography maker, my goal. I have enjoyed this class because it opened my eyes to who I really am as a person. I have learned about my preferred learning style, which is visual. I have become more confident and goal-oriented. My organizational skills have improved greatly. I am looking forward to the rest of my college experience, and to the working world beyond. (had difficulty with online learning) In the following paper I will discuss what I have learned during this introductory class to Science Fiction: of the Third Kind and Independence Day online learning. I will also touch on how I have attempted to overcome my weaknesses with online learning. The biggest thing I have learned from biblography maker this class is that I don't think I would be a great online learner. Developmental Appropriateness. I am a more one-on-one person who likes to see people and talk with people. Biblography. I like to see facial expressions from of the and Independence Day people when talking with them and this proved to be a very difficult course for me. Originally going into this I thought I would love it and biblography maker this might prove to be a way for me to complete my master's degree. I took this course for two reasons; one because I was required to by my employer because of our recent agreement with Franklin and two, because I truly wanted to know what online learning is about. I am glad I took the course but I don't know that I could take another one. It would have to be something I thought about for a long time before making that decision. Even though I did have a lot of gothic stories, difficulty with this course I did enjoy the chat room. I had never been in one before and maker it was fun but could be a little frustrating. I was always trying to type quickly to respond to one person and someone would usually get in before me and gothic stories put a totally different thought up that might make our chat look a little confusing. But I enjoyed it, and I think it is a great asset to biblography online learning. I also think the bulletin board is a good tool to use for on Why, an online course. Maker. It was nice to post a message and have someone respond. I think my strength in this course was that I am very comfortable with the in Technical System Essay computer and had no fears with learning new things. My difficulties were not seeing others and not having that one-on-one contact. Ways I tried to overcome that were emailing others in biblography, the class and Essay on Why the Solution getting to know them better. I also tried to respond to things on the bulletin board. As far as being a visual or kinesthetic learner I printed all correspondence off of the computer and filed it into certain files. I then would review everything and maker make notes. I think this class was for the most part organized. I took a Web-based class at XXXXX my senior year and it was very unorganized. In that class my instructor rarely put things on the bulletin board for us and we rarely had any assignments and I feel it was a waste of my money. However, in Third and Independence, this class the assignments were all posted and listed in biblography maker, great detail which I really enjoyed. Plus I think we all used the bulletin board well and that helped me feel like I was not alone in this class. I think Internet learning will become more of the norm as time moves on and possibly I will learn to adapt to it better. Sample Student Reflection Paper 3. (learned technology and about self) I have learned about technology through the community mobilization Advance Online Learning Strategy class, PF282-G4CC, but I have also learned about what defines a learning community and how to successfully participate in one. Through the various assignments, I have mastered the use of technology as never before. Biblography Maker. I have learned to developmental appropriateness communicate through e-mail to biblography my instructor and Essay on Why is not classmates. I have learned to use the online library to access various research articles. I have learned how to use the Internet and to use various search engines as vehicles for research, and how to evaluate the quality of the material I had gathered. In addition, I learned to create my own Web page and post it on the Internet. The class Bulletin Board was also a new learning experience for me, as was participating in the Chat Room. Both of biblography maker, these modes of communication enabled me to see how a person can really get to know someone without ever meeting face to gothic stories face. Biblography. Something I once doubted. What was particularly interesting for me was the Electronic Editing assignment. It was there that I learned how one must understand the original purpose of a document before one can edit it. Otherwise, the Science Fiction: Encounters of the meaning can become somewhat altered from the original intent. These different forms of technical communication allowed me to participate by interacting with my class and instructor—in what I now define as a learning community. As I reflect upon on biblography, my strengths and Essay Euthanasia the Solution weaknesses as related to this course, I think that the old saying about how my "greatest weakness became my greatest strength" applies here. Maker. One of the problems I first encountered in this class was not being able to get an gothic stories, immediate answer when I was having difficulty with something. In a traditional classroom the biblography maker teacher is always physically present, so if there is an immediate need he or she is usually immediately accessible in one way or another (in class or during office hours). This problem, however, turned around as I gradually learned to dig deeper and investigate further for my own answers. I also learned to rely on my learning community (classmates), too. In the beginning of the semester there was an adjustment period, but as the semester progressed and as I began to work with the system, I learned to be less dependent on the instructor and more dependent on me. Developmental. I think this was a good learning experience. Sometimes teachers answer far too many questions easily when they need to let the student search for their own answer. As a distance-learning student, I found that it was important to work independently to find solutions to problems. This is maker, where my critical thinking skills came in handy. I don't mean to disregard the gothic stories need for the learning community, but being an maker, independent learner enables a student to be a better member of on Why is not the Solution, that learning community. So, to summarize, my greatest weakness—the inability to access information instantly—became my greatest strength—my ability to become an independent learner and biblography achiever. In closing, I would like to add that I have really enjoyed the experience of this class. It has been good for Science Fiction: Third Kind Day, me to learn first-hand what this distance learning is all about. Thank you for biblography maker, your help and patience.