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Selfish Quotes and Sayings about Selfishness

Quotes on selfishness

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Selfish Quotes and Sayings about Selfishness

bullying in school essay conclusion

Bullying is a worldwide problem that occurs around us everyday and everywhere. People experience some sort of bullying at some point in their lives, whether they are the victim or the bully. In this essay, I will focus on the causes and effects of quotes on selfishness bullying in the school environment. But what exactly is bullying? There are multiple ways to define bullying. It can be described as repeated negative events, which occur over time; directed at a special individual and carried out by one or several people. Bullying is an act of aggression causing embarrassment, pain, or discomfort to The Congressional Essay, another person. It’s an abuse of quotes on selfishness power that can either be planned or unintentional. Eastern World Essay! In bullying, there’s a clear imbalance of power. Bullying is basically anything that makes a person feel hurt, whether it is physical or psychological. No matter if it is physical or psychological, bullying is wrong. On Selfishness! There are two types of bullying. The first type is indirect bullying, which includes intentionally rejecting or freezing someone out of a group. Of Franz! The second type is direct bullying. There are three categories of on selfishness direct bullying--physical bullying, verbal bullying, and bullying yourself. Physical bullying includes pushing, shoving, hitting, kicking, stealing, etc. Verbal bullying includes mockery, taunting, name-calling, verbal threats of violence, and so on. When you bully yourself, it usually includes emotional abuse. Telling yourself that you’re fat or ugly is an example of bullying yourself. These types of bullying occur everywhere, but the away themes most common place where bullying occurs is at school. Why is the school environment so vulnerable to bullying? I will discuss where and why it occurs in quotes on selfishness the school environment, as well as the effects it has and how society can prevent bullying. Also, I will describe the common characteristics of bullies and victims. Bullies are people who need to hurt, threaten, frighten, or control other people. They are often angry, upset, jealous, aggressive, mean, insensitive, and themes, cruel. They usually lack self-confidence and gain confidence and quotes, feel powerful by controlling others. Bullies think that being hurtful, aggressive, and frightening is okay. Essay Genetically Modified Organisms Are Not Good! Bullies are often thought of as stupid, although, they are very clever. They have little empathy for their victims and derive satisfaction from inflicting injury and suffering on others. They defend their actions by saying that their victim provoked them in some way. Other characteristics of on selfishness a bully include being defiant or oppositional towards adults, with a tendency to break school rules. Caucus Essay! They’re antisocial and have little anxiety. Having a positive attitude about quotes, violence and being steered by impulses are some other traits often found in a bully. Themes! Although bullies seems to have very high self-esteem, under their aggressive surface they are actually insecure and have very low self-esteem. Children aren’t necessarily always the bullies. Also, men and women, of all ages, can both be bullies. Bullies often don’t know any good ways of on selfishness dealing with their problems and/or their parents fight instead of discussing their problems. They often come from homes where physical punishment is of franz ferdinand, used or the parents have taught their children to strike back physically as a way to handle problems. On Selfishness! Usually parental involvement and Essay about Modified Good, warmth are frequently lacking. Victims can also be anybody, male or female, and can be of quotes any age. But how do victims get picked? They could be anyone who’s either just in the wrong place at the wrong time or anyone who’s regarded as a “loser.” In general, there are two types of victims: passive victims and Essay, resistant victims. In passive victims, there is an acute sense of personal threat, which in quotes on selfishness most cases is example of public relations, followed by a strong emotional reaction of anxiety, panic, anger, fear, and/or humiliation. Quotes! Passive victims seek to get away, cry, hide, and perhaps become severely despondent. On the other hand, in resistant victims there will be a sense of threat, unease, and maybe fear. The bullying is seen in a different light. Away! It’s seen as a challenge to be met. Resistant victims may think of quotes on selfishness escaping, fighting back, acting nonchalantly, seeking help, or even distracting the bully. Black Caucus Essay! Although passive victims and resistant victims may react differently to bullying, they share the same qualities and characteristics. Victims of bullying are shy, timid, afraid, unassertive, lacking in confidence, and people who allow others to control them. They’re anxious, insecure, and on selfishness, cautious. Western Thought In An Eastern World Essay! Victims are usually smaller, weaker, and/or younger than their bullies. The school environment is seen as frightening of unfriendly to many victims. They lack social skills and therefore, find it hard to quotes, make friends. Away Themes! Victims suffer from low self-esteem and rarely defend themselves in a bullying situation. Another characteristic is being seen as “different.” Being different includes being overweight, wearing glasses, or even being gay. Quotes On Selfishness! They could simply be the victim because they’re new to the town or to the school. Victims are usually people who are late developers, which means that their bodies haven’t changed or developed yet. They are often clumsy and bad at sports. Also, they have a negative self-image. People could be the victims of bullying because of their family life. Fr Leavis Othello! Their family could be either very well off or even the extreme opposite, badly off. This could be a factor of who or who doesn’t gets bullied. Also, a victim could be bullied because their parents are the focus of public attention. For instance, a kid gets bullied at school because his dad is in on selfishness jail. Victims are often socially isolated and therefore, are close to their parents. Victims’ parents could just simply be overprotective of their son or daughter. As mentioned earlier, the most common place where bullying occurs is at school. The “hot spots” at school for bullying are in the classroom, on spirited away the playground or halls during breaks, and on the way to and from the quotes school. People often wonder why these “hot spots” occur. The many factors that contribute to bullying may explain why bullying occurs more often in certain places than in others. Many people think that the size of the class has an effect on the amount of bullying that happens in the classroom. According to studies, neither the school size nor the class size has any significance for creating an othello, environment where bullying occurs. There’s no proof that a highly populated school suffers from more bullying than a sparsely populated school. Other factors that people believe affect the amount of bullying are poor grades or failing in on selfishness school. Essay About Genetically Modified Organisms Are Not Good! In fact, these factors don’t seem to quotes, influence the likelihood of bullying. Factors, such as the family’s economic status, are also not believed to make any difference as to who is bullied or who does the of public bullying. One factor that seems to diminish the vast amount of bullying that goes on, is whether or not an adult is near during breaks or anytime bullying could occur. Bullying causes problems that can carry into adulthood both for on selfishness, the victims and ferdinand definition, the bullies. Bullying tends to increase some students’ isolation. Quotes On Selfishness! Their peers don’t want to lose status by associating with the Mao & in an Essay bullies. Also, they don’t want to increase the risk of being bullies themselves. Bullying has a major impact on the victims’ lives. Quotes! Some victims commit suicide or run away from home. Some victims suffer from depression and stress. People who are bullied often refuse to go to school and find it hard to trust anyone ever again. When the victims get older, they often have difficulty forming relationships. Roughly 7% of America’s eighth-graders stay home at least once a month because of bullying. The bullies are affected by bullying too. They seem to maintain their behaviors into adulthood, negatively influencing their ability to develop and maintain positive relationships. Approximately 60% of bullies in grades six to nine had at least one criminal conviction by age 24. How do we, as a society, decrease the amount of bullying that goes on? Especially since teachers and parents are generally unaware of the extent of the problem. Also, other children are either reluctant to get involved or simply don’t know how to help. We need to: develop whole-school bullying policies; implement extra-curricular activities; improve school ground environment; peer counselling; assertiveness training; and provide interventions at the school, class, and individual levels. Prevention of bullying needs to themes, happen at the school, in class, and at the individual level. As well, bullying can be prevented at home. At the school level there needs to quotes on selfishness, be better supervision of the students’ activities, an attractive outdoor environment, contact phones for the students and the parents, and teacher groups. In the classroom there are many things teachers and of public relations, students can do. They can make class rules against bullying and have activities that encourage well-being. In the classroom, frequent class councils, co-operative learning, and quotes on selfishness, meetings between the fr leavis teachers, parents, and quotes, students can help to prevent bullying. Othello! Teachers or other authorities can have serious discussions with the bully to quotes, reduce the amount of bullying that occurs. Any other individual can offer protection to the victim. The victim could simply change to a new class or school. At home, discussion groups can be formed for parents, bullies, and victims. Also, conversations and meeting can be held between the school personnel and the parents. There are many other ways to reduce the risk of bullying. A physically attractive and stimulating school environment seems to reduce the risk of Western World bullying. A school environment which has a lot of involvement from adults, many positive interests, and warmth, would have less bullying occur than non-attractive schools. Anti-bullying programs, such as parental awareness campaigns and interventions with the bullies and victims, are also effective. Another way to quotes, prevent bullying is to stop the bully itself. There are three approaches to treating a bully. The first approach is the moralistic approach. It requires that the student conforms to the values of the school. The second approach, the legalistic approach, assumes a set of rules, which the bully is expected to be familiar with. The last approach implies listening and establishing two-way communication as an essential element in othello bringing about change, not only in the bully’s behavior, but also in the bully’s way of thinking and feeling. This is called the on selfishness humanistic approach. In conclusion, I think bullying is a very serious problem and I think it can be stopped altogether. I have learned many things about bullying, mostly about the prevention of bullying, and I can’t believe how easy it would be to stop bullying. I’ve been through bullying, both as a victim and a bully, and about Modified, I think it’s very wrong and hurtful to on selfishness, bully others. I just hope that people everywhere can learn to be less tolerant towards bullying in general. I think it would be great to live in Gandhi: Western Eastern a world where people don’t have to quotes on selfishness, worry about what is going to happen to them, but achieving this would take more than just me.

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Othello - A Racist Play?- Although there are lots of things to suggest this is on selfishness a racist. play I don't think that racism actually dominates the othello, play, even. though it has a racist theme. Quotes On Selfishness! There is a romantic union between black. and white which gets destroyed because most people think the. relationship is wrong. At the time the play was written, 1604, even. the Queen of England was racist so there must have been a strong. hatred of blacks around that time. Most racist comments in the play are said by people that are. angry or upset. For example, when Emilia found out Essay Modified Good that Othello. had killed Desdemona she was extremely mad and she called Othello a. "Blacker devil", this was the only time in the play that she had said. anything racist about Othello. The main characters that have racist. attitudes are Iago, Brabantio, Roderigo and Emilia, with the hatred of. Othello as the basis for their racist actions and comments towards. him. Iago is the most racist character in the book as he has it in quotes, for. Othello right from the start. What sparks off Iago's hate towards him. is the fact that when Othello chose his lieutenant , it was Cassio who. was chosen instead of Iago. What made Iago angry was the fact that. Cassio had no experience in war when he did and Cassio was chosen. instead of him. Iago does not say anything racist to Gandhi: Thought Eastern World Essay, Othello's face. but he has a lot to say against quotes on selfishness him behind his back. He schemes to. destroy Othello and anything in his way including Cassio and. Desdemona. The first time we hear one of his racist comments is when. he's talking to Brabantio about Othello and Desdemona, "Even now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe". Iago says this to try and turn Brabantio against Othello. Iago uses. racist comments all the way through the play, as he tries to turn. people against Othello, for example calling him a "Barbary Horse". He. never says anything racist to Othello's face because in his plot he. had to be his best friend, so as not to make him suspicious that Iago. was causing all the trouble for him. Iago is Genetically are not jealous of Othello for. many reasons, one being that Othello has higher ranking in the army. than him, and on selfishness, also he has a good marriage with Desdemona which Iago. does not have himself with Emilia. Of Franz! These are the main causes of his. hatred for Othello and the reason he adopts such a racist attitude. Roderigo is another one of the quotes on selfishness, racist characters in the play, being so right from the start. He is Iago's accomplice and will do. anything that Iago wants him to. I think he does this because of the. way Iago can twist a situation to of public, make it sound as if Roderigo would. get something good from it but in the end he doesn't. One of the racist names he calls Othello behind his back is. "Thick-lips" . He hates Othello because he's jealous of quotes, him as he. also loves Desdemona but cannot have her. I don't think he views. Othello in a very bad, racist way but uses the racism against Othello. because he's jealous of him. About Modified Organisms Are Not! Neither Roderigo or Iago would say. anything racist to Othello's face as he is the general of the army. Brabantio is also a racist character, and is enraged when he. finds out that his daughter, Desdemona, has been seeing "the moor" behind his back. Brabantio is so mad he sends out his guards to catch. Othello and put him in prison. Brabantio views Othello as a foul and. dirty no good black, I think this racist view of his is because he's. angry when he finds out on selfishness that his daughter has been seeing this "moor". Unlike Iago and Roderigo, Brabantio will openly make racist comments. about Othello to assassination ferdinand definition, his face such as, Brabantio can do this because he is the Senator of Venice and is. higher in rank than Othello. The other character who is racist towards Othello is Emilia, the. lady in quotes on selfishness, waiting to Desdemona. Emilia is disgusted with Othello when. she finds out that Othello had killed Desdemona this is the time she. gets a chance to express her feelings about Othello, "O, the more angel she, and you the blacker devil!" Although this is the only time she says what she thinks of him, I. think that she was racist towards Othello all through the play and did. not approve of his relationship with Desdemona but just could not show. it because she would get in trouble with her "lord". Because Shakespeare wrote a play about about Genetically Modified Organisms are not, a black and white union, which was later destroyed, I think it shows that he's not racist. Quotes! I. think he feels that the union between the two is right, but the. relationship would never survive in a racist community at that time. He portrayed the union between Othello and Mao & World Essay, Desdemona as a good thing, and the people who destroyed it, mainly Iago and Roderigo as evil. This shows once again that he approves of a black and white. relationship and therefore was not racist himself. Once before Shakespeare wrote a sonnet about his mistress which says, "If snow be white, why then her breast be dun" He writes about his mistress being black when other poets of that time. wrote about quotes on selfishness, how their mistresses were white. The other poets were the. racist ones, they girlfriends were always white and perfect, Shakespeare wrote about how his mistresses is black and example, not very. beautiful. Although the play has a strong racist theme against blacks. I don't think that the play is quotes on selfishness racist. Othello - Battle of Good vs. Evil- "I am not what I am." What is Iago? -- as distinct from what he. pretends to be -- and what are his motives? In Shakespeare's, Othello, the reader is presented the classic. battle between the deceitful forces of evil and the innocence of good. It are these forces of evil that ultimately lead to the breakdown of. Othello, a noble venetian moor, well-known by the people of Venice as. a honourable soldier and a worthy leader. Othello's breakdown results. in the muder of his wife Desdemona. Desdemona is representative of. the good in nature. Spirited Themes! Good can be defined as forgiving, honest, innocent and unsuspecting. The evil contained within Othello is by quotes on selfishness, no. means magical or mythical yet is represented by the character Iago. Iago is cunning, untrustworthy, selfish, and plotting. He uses these. traits to his advantage by The Congressional Black Caucus, slowly planning his own triumph while. watching the demise of quotes on selfishness, others. It is this that is Iago's motivation. The ultimate defeat of good by the wrath of evil. Not only is it in. his own nature of Mao & World, evil that he suceeds but also in the weaknesses of. the other characters. Quotes! Iago uses the weaknesses of Othello, specifically jealousy and othello, his devotion to quotes on selfishness, things as they seem, to. conquer his opposite in Essay about are not, Desdemona. From the start of the play, Iago's. scheming ability is shown when he convinces Roderigo to quotes, tell about. Othello and Desdemonda's elopement to Desdemona's father, Brabantio. Confidentally Iago continues his plot successfully, making fools of. others, and himself being rewarded. Except Roderigo, no one is aware. of Iago's plans. This is because Iago pretends to Mao & World, be an honest man. loyal to his superiors. The fact that Othello himself views Iago as. trustworthy and honest gives the quotes, evil within Iago a perfect. unsuspecting victim for his schemes. The opportunity to get to. Desdemona through Othello is one temptation that Iago cannot refuse. He creates the Gandhi: Western Eastern World Essay, impression that Desdemona is having an affair with. Cassio in quotes, order to stir the jealousy within Othello. It is this. jealousy and the ignorance of Othello that lead to the downfall of. Desdemona; the one truely good natured character in the play. As the play opens we are immediately introduced to the. hostility of Iago against example relations Othello. Iago has been appointed the. position of servant to Othello instead of the more prestigous position. of lieutenant. Michael Cassio has been appointed this position. Iago. feels betrayed because he considers him self more qualified than. Cassio to serve as lieutenant. Iago then foreshadows his plans for. Othello to Roderigo, "O, sir, content you. / I follow him to serve my. turn upon on selfishness him (Act I, Scene I)". The Congressional Black Caucus Essay! Iago already realizes that Othello. thinks about him as an honest man. Roderigo is quotes on selfishness used by Iago as an. apprentence and someone to do his "dirty" work. Roderigo is naively. unsuspecting. As the play shifts from Venice to definition, Cyprus there is quotes on selfishness an. interesting contrast. Essay About Genetically Organisms Good! Venice, a respectful and honourable town is. overshadowed by on selfishness, the war torn villages of Cyprus. It could be said. that Venice represents good or specfically Desdemona and that Cyprus. represents evil in Iago. Desdemona has been taken from example, her. peacefullness and brought onto quotes on selfishness, the grounds of evil. Iago commits his. largest acts of deceit in Cyprus, fittingly considering the. atmosphere. Ironically, the venetians feel the Turks are their only. enemy while in The Congressional Caucus, fact Iago is in hindsight the one man who destroys. their stable state. Act II Scene III shows Iago's willing ability to. manipulate characters in the play. Iago convinces Montano to inform. Othello of Cassio's weakness for alchohol hoping this would rouse. disatisfaction by quotes, Othello. Iago when forced to assassination ferdinand definition, tell the truth against. another character does so very suspiciously. He pretends not to. offend Cassio when telling Othello of the fight Cassio was involved. in, but Iago secretly wants the worst to become of Cassio's situation. without seeming responsible. On Selfishness! Cassio is relieved of his duty as. lieutenant. With Cassio no longer in Western Eastern World Essay, the position of lieutenant, this. gives Iago the opportunity to more effectively interact with and. manipulate Othello. By controlling Othello, Iago would essentially. To reach Desdemona directly is unforseeable for Iago. considering that Othello is superior to him. It is for this reason. that Iago decides to exploit Othello. If Iago can turn Othello. against his own wife he will have defeated his opposition. Act III. Scene III, is very important because it is the quotes on selfishness, point in the play where. Iago begins to establish his manipulation of Othello. Cassio feels. that it is necessary to The Congressional Black Caucus, seek the quotes on selfishness, help of Desdemona in order to regain. his position of lieutenant and therefore meets with her to discuss. this possibility. Iago and spirited themes, Othello enter the scene just after Cassio. leaves, and Iago witfully trys to make it look like Cassio left. because he does not want to be seen in on selfishness, the courtship of of public, Desdemona. Iago sarcastically remarks : Cassio, my lord? No, sure, I cannot think it. That he would steal away so guilty-like, Seeing your coming. (Act III, Scene III) When Desdemona leaves, Iago takes the opportunity to strengthen. Othello's views of honesty and quotes, trust towards him by saying ironically, "Men should be what they seem; / Or those that be not, would they. might seem none! " (Act III, Scene III). Black! This cleverness by Iago. works upon quotes on selfishness one of the tragic flaws of Othello. Othello has a tendency. to take eveything he sees and everything he is told at face value. without questioning the circumstances. Iago wonders why someone would. pretend to be something they are not, while in fact that is the exact. thing he represents. Finally, after hearing the exploits of Iago and. witnessing the events surrounding Cassio, Othello for the first time. is in conflict about Essay about Genetically Modified Organisms are not Good, what is the truth. Quotes! This is the first stage of. Iago's scheme to control Othello. As Emilia becomes suspicious about. Othello's development of jealousy, Desdemona defends her husband by. blaming herself for any harm done. This once again shows Desdemona's. compassion and willingness to sacrifice herself for her husband. Othello begins to ferdinand, show his difficulty in maintaining his composure : Well, my good lady. O, hardness to dissemble -- How do you, Desdemona? (Act III, Scene IV) Act IV, Scene I is a continuation of the anxiety and indifference. Othello is under going. Iago takes advantage of on selfishness, this by being blunt. with Othello about his wife Desdemona. Iago suggests that she is. having sexual relations with other men, possibly Cassio, and continues. on as if nothing has happened. This suggestions put Othello into a. state of such emotional turmoil that he is lost in example, a trance. Iago's. control over Othello is so strong now that he convinces him to. consider getting rid of quotes, Desdemona and fr leavis, even suggests methods of quotes on selfishness, killing. her. Of Public! Iago, so proud of his accomplishments of underhandedness : My med'cine works! Thus credulous fools are caught, And many worthy and chaste dames even thus, All guiltless, meet reproach. Othello in quotes, this state commits his first act of violence against. Desdemona by hitting her. This as a result of Desdemona's mention of. Cassio. This shows now Othello's other tragic flaw. He made himself. susceptable to Iago and Mao & Gandhi: Western Thought Essay, the jealousy within him begins to on selfishness, lead to the. demise of others. By his actions Othello has isolated himself from. everyone except Iago. This gives Iago the perfect opportunity to. complete his course of action. Iago does not tolerate any. interference in his plans, and example of public, he first murders Roderigo before he can. dispell the quotes, evil that Iago represents. Finally, Othello, so full of. the lies told to him by Iago murders his wife. Fr Leavis! Desdemona, representative of goodness and heaven as a whole blames her death on. herself and not Othello. Iago's wife, Emilia, becomes the ultimate. undoing of Iago. After revealing Iago's plot to Othello, Iago kills. her. This is yet another vicious act to show the true evil Iago. represents. Othello finally realizes after being fooled into murder : I look down towards his feet -- but that's a fable. If that thou be'st a devil, I cannot kill thee. Iago says "I bleed, sir, but not killed", this is the final statement. by Iago himself that truely shows his belief in evil and that he. truely thinks he is the devil. That is the destruction of all that is. good. Hell over on selfishness, heaven and black over white. Iago, as a representation of evil, has one major motivational. factor that leads him to lie, cheat, and commit crimes on other. characters. This motivation is the destruction of The Congressional Essay, all that is good. and the rise of evil. This contrast is represented between Iago and. Desdemona. Desdemona is described frequently by other characters as. "she is divine, the grace of on selfishness, heaven" (Act II, Scene I), while Iago in. contrast is described as hellish after his plot is uncovered. Assassination Of Franz Ferdinand Definition! Iago. uses the other characters in the play to work specifically towards his. goal. In this way, he can maintain his supposed unknowingness about. the events going on and still work his scheming ways. Iago's schemes. however at times seem to work unrealistically well which may or may. not be a case of witchcraft or magic. Iago's major mistake, ironically, is that he trusted his wife Emilia and found that she was. not as trustworthy as he thought. Although not completely victorious. at the conclusion of the play, Iago does successfully eliminate the. one character representative of heaven, innocence, and honesty. Yet. "remains the censure of this hellish villian" (Act V, Scene II). Finally, everything Iago pretended to be led to his demise : Honesty, Innocence, and quotes, Love. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on assassination of franz ferdinand definition, any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects. Every paper is written from on selfishness, scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of Essay about Genetically Modified Organisms Good, any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the quotes on selfishness, entire process and will receive the paper by e-mail/download. The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for a lifetime. The service is assassination of franz ferdinand definition totally confidential and all client information is kept private. We guarantee that the on selfishness, paper will adequately meet your guidelines and be done by the deadline, otherwise we will give you your money back, if we fail (terms of service apply).

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Essay on Sophocles “Oedipus the King”. Among the quotes on selfishness, Greek tragedies, there can probably be found something deeper and more elaborate, than “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles, but there is not a single one, in which the assassination ferdinand, philosophical depth and tragic strength would be combined with such incomparable sophistication, noble grace and structural perfection. The image of a monstrous Sphinx with the face of a woman, wings, sharp claws, the quotes on selfishness, body of a lion and mysteriously dangerous speech penetrates the othello, whole tragedy as an incorporation of destiny and unknown future. The following research represents a critical analysis of the Sophocles’ tragedy, dealing with various issues raised in it. Quotes! It gives a detailed analysis of different problems evoking throughout the tragedy on the basis of the existing research conducted by profound contemporary researchers. Human Conscience and Destiny. The problem of definition human Destiny that the humanity faced years ago had not been solved up to these days. The problem of the interrelation of human conscience and something mysterious and unknown is still under discussion. Different world religions tried to solve the problem of interrelation between the on selfishness, humanity and Destiny. The whole system of beliefs, rites and superstitions is simply a byproduct of the interaction between human conscience and the unknown (Martinez 15). According to Essay about Genetically Modified Organisms are not, the religious beliefs, the problem of on selfishness unknown belongs to the sphere of human intuition, but cannot be solved as such. An attempt to explain irrational matters is an away themes, equation with multiple unknowns. In this regard, the destiny of Oedipus, a poor Cadmian king, is quite exemplary. His whole life is a continuous investigation of his own “crimes” and constant search of truth consisting of quotes on selfishness multisided local solvability. Various researchers define the destiny of Oedipus as an infernal machine that gradually adds more and more mechanisms of destruction of an innocent human being. This machine is destiny that works despite the acts and wishes of a person. Destiny is first of all the Mao & Gandhi: Western in an, inevitability that deprives a person of the right of choice. It is something like a zugzwang in quotes on selfishness, the game of chess, when every compulsory move inevitably leads to failure (Segal 78) Oedipus, a newcomer from Corinth and a young hero immediately conquered Sphinx. He saved people from the deathly and truly intimidating allurement of the monster and solved its riddle. This is what he is like at the beginning of the tragedy. He is described as the savior of humanity from the dark forces of the Destiny, a hero of mind and will. The people believed that he would conquer the monster and he himself believed in his own strength. The people considered him a wise deity and he himself thinks so. However, Oedipus is a human being and nothing more. The victory of mind and will over Sphinx as a symbol of Destiny is temporary. Although, Sphinx ran away and fr leavis, left the people in peace, it pierced the on selfishness, heart of the hero and would soon once again give him unsolvable riddles. This is the core of the tragedy. Although Sphinx no longer exists, it is fr leavis still inside the soul of its conqueror. It is more intimidating than any carnivorous animal as now he is elusive and quotes on selfishness, bodiless just like a phantom. Sphinx is the mystery of life and every human conscience. The prophet Tiresias has a full right to mock the savior of people by saying that he should no save himself. Spirited Themes! Let him know who his mother and father are and quotes on selfishness, what the meaning of Essay life is. The meaning of life lies in the victory of his spirit over on selfishness Destiny and victory of Destiny over spirit (Bloom 65). Let every human solve the riddle of their own origin. It would then seem that the meaning of life is a crime, horror and despair as will is nothing compared to the eternal law of necessity. The ancient and cruel monster won over its conqueror, outwitted the human mind and engaged him into the unlawful temptations.            The Symbolism of the Gandhi: Thought Eastern World, Tragedy. The tragic image of the hero and on selfishness, savior of the people who fought against Sphinx as a riddle of its own origin and Destiny as a tempting spirit is an of public, eternal image that is quotes passed on from generation to generation. About Genetically Modified Organisms Are Not Good! The hero and on selfishness, Destiny, will and necessity, mind and world mysteries all represent the true meaning of this religious, philosophic and in many ways symbolic tragedy. In fact, if it was not for symbolism, than what would be left? There would probably be left only a tragic contingency. From the contemporary point of Caucus Essay view, Oedipus is not guilty as he was not aware that he was killing his father and quotes, would marry his own mother. Neither consciousness, nor will played any role in the murder of his father and incest. In fact, it was not a crime, but simply a tragedy and contamination of an innocent person diluted by the prophecy of deities. Oedipus was doomed to spiritual death not because he was guilty, but simply because he wanted to have more power than a human being can have and was too audacious to conquer the Destiny and ancient monster. Example! The power of Oedipus turned into autocracy (Martinez 19). He placed himself over other people forgetting the essence of human nature. He mocked the prophecies of deities and wanted to become deity himself. Here, we can see no tragic contingency, but the very essence of life and the inevitability of the spiritual death of a hero, who believed in quotes on selfishness, his own will, strength and “ego” when he faced the fr leavis, mystery of the world in the form of a womanlike monster with its eternal riddles. Artistic Mastery of the Tragedy. Apart from the religious and quotes, philosophic meaning, the tragedy has a truly inexhaustible fiction attraction. It greatly differs from other Greek tragedies judging from the strength and mastery of the psychological analysis. About Genetically Modified Are Not! It thus makes the tragedy resemble the European drama. The poet concentrates on a few horrible hours in the life of a hero without changing the quotes on selfishness, setting and step by step shows all stages of the human existence starting from the highest point of beatitude and ending with the utmost tragedy. The hero becomes an outsider and a cursed criminal (Kallich 34). The king who has been a deity becomes a poor homeless stranger. The horror and attraction of this tragedy mainly lies in the inevitable and slow graduation, which leads to Caucus, the solution of the mystery. Something as horrible as death gradually grows into a disaster that leads to the spiritual death of its victim. At the beginning of the tragedy, Oedipus has the utmost power and fame being worshipped by the people. Although the city faces the disastrous plague, nobody doubts that Oedipus would be able to win the hearts of the deities and that the conqueror of Sphinx would save the people from the new disaster. The first hint to suspicion is evident in the words of Tiresius. Oedipus is greatly irritated by the half-word of the prophet and this is on selfishness when the conflict evokes. It is a dangerous knot that nobody can untangle. The last scene of Oedipus’ despair, his blindness, shame and cursedness is relations written with such strength and mercilessness of realism that horror and compassion experienced by the readers are mixed with aversion and disgust in our mind (Sophocles 128). However, the harmony is not ruined. Quotes On Selfishness! The beauty overcomes horror and the last scenes of the tragedy are penetrated with the reconciling tenderness. Oedipus forgets himself, his pride and grief and thinks of his poor outcast children. Love gives makes the human will immortal and conquers the blind power of Destiny. “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles is so deep and complex that focusing on certain problem that penetrates the tragedy inevitably leads to other issues. Of Franz Definition! The critical analysis of this work is like untangling of a sweater, when by pulling one fiber the other two are revealed. In conclusion, it should be mentioned that the destinies of the three main heroes of the tragedy are closely connected with the feeling of fear. One hero was afraid of death, while the other was afraid of truth, and still other was intimidated by power. Quotes! As a result, every one of them got just what they feared. The above research represents a critical analysis of such issues as Destiny and human being as well as the importance of symbolism in the tragedy. The research is based on the existing investigations of this ancient piece of writing, still revealing the personal viewpoint of relations its author. “Oedipus the King” is a true masterpiece that evokes a mixture of feelings in its readers. Quotes! It has long become a classic writing whose fame will hardly ever fade away.