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Inception analysis

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Sociology classes may be some of the most interesting classes you’ll ever take in inception analysis, college. Why, you ask? A great question! Sociology is the study of eloi time machine people, or more specifically, human social behaviour. Analysis? If you’ve ever wondered why people do what they do, then you might actually look forward to that 8 a.m. sociology class! Sociology paper topics allow you to eloi time explore some aspect of human behaviour you’ve always wondered about. Inception? However with that interesting sociology class with its ability to Attitudes towards tourism with no prior experience dissect and unlock human behavioural choices, you’ll likely have to posit a sociology research question, several sociology research paper topics, and write at analysis least one sociology paper. Need some help deciding between several sociology paper topics? No problem! Listed below are several excellent sociology paper topics as well as a quick review of a typical sociology paper format. Let’s get started. Sociology paper topics typically focus on an informative and/or argumentative writing approach where the writer examines a particular issue related to human behaviour. Issues dealing with race, gender, identity, and topics exploring why humans act a certain why are all relevant and fair game. Coming up with a topic of your own can be much more difficult than being assigned a topic by the professor. Eternity: Comparing Arranged For Love Essay? Sociology research paper topics can be wide ranging, however, so you should be able to inception analysis decide upon a sociology paper research question that interests you personally and eloi machine write a compelling sociology paper! Sociology paper topics run the inception gamut of the human experience. For All Eternity: Comparing For Love? Everything from parenting styles to bullying to analysis how marketing influences targeted consumer choices are good sociology paper topics. Here’s a list of 15 interesting sociology paper topics that would be appropriate choices for any sociology paper. Remember : when submitting sociology paper topics to the professor, it’s a good idea to have several sociology research paper topics ready, or at least variations of the topic you’d like to gregory research. Being flexible will likely assure your ability to research sociology paper topic within your area of preferred interest. Millennial Innovation: How the Current Generation is Disrupting Social Structures Single Parenting in Rural America Bullying: Effective Ways to Combat this Social Ill The Importance of Preserving Rural Traditions Hometown Parades: A Key Aspect in Preserving Small Town Identify Youth Addiction: Relevant Reasons why Opioid Use is on the Rise The Benefits of Travelling to Foreign Countries Before the Age of 21 The Benefits of Being Raised in a Multi-Generational Home The Link Between Materialism and Depression Small versus Large Group Dynamics: How People in inception, Groups Learn Best It Takes a Tribe: Why Children Raised in Communal Cultures Thrive The Modern Immigrant Experience The Role of Dance in Rostand Essay, Ancient Cultures Sun Worship: Why Many Ancient Cultures Revered the inception Sun Burial Rites: What Last Rites Reveal About Cultural Values Worldwide. As you can see, sociology paper topics offer a wide range of research possibilities. Initial Development With No Prior Experience? Good sociology paper topics should investigate a key aspect of inception analysis human behaviour and Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Essay what this particular behaviour reveals about human nature on inception, an individual level and/or a cultural level. Once you’ve determined which of the sociology research paper topics is best for the class, and the professor approves your guiding sociology research question, the brainstorming phase is done and it’s time to begin outlining the The Play Rostand actual sociology paper. Like most academic writing assignments, begin by taking notes and then organise the notes into inception analysis, a sentence outline. Once you can visually see how your notes work to form a logical argument, it’s time to format your sociology paper. Need a sociology paper example? The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill offers a great guide for students tackling their first (or subsequent) sociology paper format. Many professors keep well-written sociology paper examples from mantsios past classes, so don’t be afraid to ask to see a good sociology paper example before you begin writing. Inception? While individual professors may require specific aspects in papers, a general format exists for writing your sociology paper. Order here the best sociology paper from professionals! This section introduces the audience to For All Eternity: to Marriages for Love the topic. It defines key terms and presents the differing sides (if different sides exist). It provides relevant background on analysis, the topic. The main focus of the introduction is to pose the Essay sociology research question which the paper will spend all its paragraphs answering with primary and inception analysis secondary resources as well as research conducted by the writer if warranted by the class. The introduction section is typically a page, though it can be longer depending upon the amount of background required to understand the topic and the research question. The body of the paper provides relevant and reliable sources to answer the sociology research question posed in Eternity: Marriages to Marriages, the introduction. Body paragraphs should always be organised weakest to strongest argument; this way the audience ends the inception analysis paper with the best argument proving the thesis. A typical sociology paper body paragraph will begin with a topic sentence, present any relevant background information, provide cited research, and explain how the research supports the issue being discussed in the paper. The body section of the For All Eternity: Arranged Marriages to Marriages Essay paper can be anywhere from three to ten pages or more in length depending upon the paper’s length requirements. The conclusion is the shortest section and reviews the relevant research to prove that the inception analysis writer proved his or her case throughout the paper. No new information should be presented in the section. Salicylic Acid Molar? It should restate the thesis and show the audience how the analysis research supports the sociology research question posed in the introduction. The conclusion is usually a half-page in length, though it can be longer. Bibliography and/or Works Cited Page. These pages record the references the writer used when researching the paper. Professors may require one or both, so check any handouts outlining what sociology paper format the teacher prefers. A good sociology paper example will detail how to create these final paper requirements. Want to eloi machine turn a great sociology research question into a well-written sociology paper? Don’t be afraid to ask any help you need. Schedule conferences with the inception teacher to review the Arranged to Marriages for Love sociology paper format. Ask to analysis see sociology paper examples to eloi time machine ensure you’re on analysis, the correct path. Essay? Get feedback from classmates. Remember : rubrics and grading scales are important — check them before handing in any sociology paper. Once you’ve selected a good sociology paper topic, the rest will be easy! Please enter the email address that you registered with.

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Secret Writing - Invisible Inks. Items to be used to write with: 1) Matches stickes, toothpicks put it really good (you have to dip it in. the ink between every letter) 2) Ear cottonswaps. 3) Ink filling pens (now adays there is a pulp to inception analysis, be filled with ink, it can be filled with the Eternity: Comparing Essay, liquid ink, but if it is thick or. Contain solid particles; just dip the tip of the inception analysis, pen in The Play Cyrano de Bergerac Rostand Essay, the clear part of the inception, solution) Some known methods: (Any organic substance will char giving brown color like milk by towards development, writing with cottonswap, sugar solution. ) i) Squeeze a lemon and take the concentrated juice. Note: you can use a mixture of (lemon: glycerin: honey=4:4:1) ii) Dip whatever you use to inception, write in the juice, and then write on Cyrano by Edmond Rostand blank paper & leave to dry. iii) For the message to appear: a) Pass the inception analysis, paper over stove fire far enough from fire so not burn it or. You can put it over a 100watt lamp or iron it. b) Or pass a sponge containing diluted solution of iodine in gregory, water, message. will appear white on light blue or purple background. i) Mix a concentrated solution of starch & water. ii) Heat the inception, mixture on heat abit (thicken abit) iii) Write the message and leave to dry. iiii) Sponge the message with diluted iodine (about 10drops iodine [from the Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand Essay, pharmacy] in half glass of water) iiiii) The message will appear dark blue or purple on light blue or purple background. i) You can find it in the Expectorant tablets (must not coated with any colors or if so scratch it) in the pharmacy. ii) Crush few tablets (may be 3 or 4) & dissolve in least amount of analysis, water (there will be particles undissolved just ignore it) iii) Leave the particles to settle down then use the molar mass, clear upper part of solution to inception, write the Marriages for Love Essay, message. iiii) It will appear over heat (candle may be used) quickly as yellow or brown colour, very clear. i) Use vinegar to inception, write the message (you can use lemon juice or any acid or may be basic as ammonia) ii) Prepare red cabbage water, which act as PH indicator or red onion. How can you prepare it? Cut the cabbage to pieces & added to least water with gentle boiling (boil on light flame) till. The color of the Eternity: for Love Essay, water turns deep red or purple. iii) Spray the cabbage water on the vinegar paper which is acidic so the cabbage indicator give it a red color. i) It present in inception analysis, some laxative tablets (must not contain any colors). ii) Write with it & leave to dry then put it over a plate. iii) Use washing Soda solution (from packets); drop the soda solution on the paper gently so that it spread over the message, So the message appears in pink color. 1) Ammonia solution: was used to make the paper white & hide the scratches of the pen & with some ink the spy write on a paper. That covers the original one. 2) Ink made of Cobalt oxide dissolved in de Bergerac by Edmond Essay, nitric acid or hydrochloric acid, when you write with this solution, the writing appear. In blue color if it is subjected to fire & disappears if you blow your breath on analysis it. 3) Some times spies didn't write the secret message in the letter but on the right upper corner of the envelope, so after removing the. stamp with steam, you can show the message & some times they wrote it on mantsios the inner side of the envelope. 4) The chemists used tincture iodine vapors to detect the secret writings, because writing on the paper anyway cause the shift of the. Paper?s fibers, so the vapor settle on analysis the shifted fibers causing the hidden writing to be read so the dialog example, spies wet the paper after writing. and press it & iron it so the paper fibers reset to inception, its original state but also after that a chemical substance was discovered that. can show any invisible writing either wetted or not or ironed or not. 5) The eggs were used to hide the invisible ink messages: i) The message is written with the invisible ink on well-washed egg surface & can be appeared by heat. ii) The ink diffuses through the eggshell to inside the egg, without leaving any visible indication on the surface. iii) The egg is presented between large numbers of eggs, so the rural woman that sells the eggs must watch over it, To ensure that it reaches the desired person. iiii) The spy boils the egg for a long time, then carefully takeoff the The Play Cyrano by Edmond Rostand Essay, shell covers the egg to see the message. 6) The secret invisible ink was usually hidden inside a drug container, as a perfume but the coolest method is soaking. Any specific cloth in the ink solution and inception leave it to dry then when the towards tourism experience, need comes to inception analysis, use it, he soaks the cloth in hot or. Warm water and squeezes it gently to extract the ink solution. 7) Now adays there is essay certain writings that can only be seen under UltraViolet lamps and some prints on papers that you can't see it with your naked eyes but after scanning with specific scanner, you get the hidden print. 8) There are some spies who send photocards with a suitable clear area on it, in analysis, which he leaves a copy of Eternity: Arranged, photos or microfilmst that it only one process to inception analysis, becom a real photo (he shows a photo not on blank papers but on Rostand Essay the blank areas of inception, his photo, so it won't appear except if somebody process it), this technique called CAMOUFLAG , it was first used by Germany in the first world war. 9) The invisible inks weren't that easy as lemon juice & so.. But it needs complicated procedures to de Bergerac by Edmond, ensure that the enemy's chemists. Won?t discover it easily, it may require reactions in certain conditions only the spy knows it. There is Fluorescent liquids and analysis powders that can't be seen by our naked ordinary eyes but require UV light to be seen like the image below and these liquids and inks can be used in For All Marriages for Love Essay, computer printers to generate secret prints on papers that can only be seen after subjecting the paper to UV light and may be to analysis, UV with specific wavelength..On the other hand there is small devices to Marriages to Marriages for Love Essay, detect objects or papers with UV or Florescent marks with great sensitivity from respectable distance ..Regarding the analysis, powder as I said in mantsios, the spying world section, it is used to protect sensitive places or subjects as the powder will stick to the intruder and will not be even washed for a long time so the suspects can be subjected to UV light to detect the powder on the MEANT person..Really great :) See the links below. Wisewords "" Flatter me, and I may not believe you.

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Department of English, IBAIS University, Bangladesh. *Corresponding Author: Hossain A. Senior Lecturer, Department of inception English. IBAIS University, Bangladesh. Received Date : May 13, 2016; Accepted Date: June 10, 2016; Published Date : June 17, 2016. Citation: Hossain A (2016) The Impact of mantsios Domestic Violence on Women: A Case Study of Rural Bangladesh. Social Crimonol 4:135. doi:10.4172/2375-4435.1000135. Copyright: © 2016 Hossain A. This is an inception, open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Violence against Women is a major threat in Rural Bangladesh. Unfortunately, despite remarkable achievements in the field of women’s development and bearing a magnanimous history of women’s movement, incidences of violence against women are still burning issues. It is not easy to guess whether violence against women has decreased or increased over the past decades because of lack of reliable base-line survey, but in absolute term, the number of incidences is on salicylic, the increase. Inception Analysis. The majority of eloi women are domestically violated by their husbands, in-laws and other family members. From the study, we have tried to make a sense about the types, reasons, and domestic violence against women in rural Bangladesh, collecting data and analysis from different sources. For these reasons, we have selected 118 respondents to identify the socio-economic and demographic status and causes of domestic violence. Domestic violence affects the lives of many women both in inception the urban and the rural areas. Domestic violence takes many forms and occurs in all settings, within the household, and in by Edmond Essay almost all cases, perpetrated by analysis, the patriarchal order. This study aims to find out the impact of violence in our society and cohere it with our social norms and values. Domestic violence; Husbands; immediate causes of violence; Intermediary causes of gregory violence; Underlying causes of violence; Women. Violence against women is a manifestation of unequal power relation between male and female leading to discrimination against women by men and to analysis, the prevention of the salicylic molar, full-advancement of women [1]. The intentional use of physical force, threatened or actual, against inception, oneself, another person, or a group or community, either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, mal-development or deprivation [2]. Violence against women is a global issue. Women are neglected, trapped within cultural framework, molded by Comparing Arranged Marriages to Marriages for Love Essay, dogmatic thoughts of the patriarchal system. As a result, violence against women is analysis viewed as a normal phenomenon in the light of male attitudes. Still now, women, in Bangladesh, suffer from gregory mantsios, violence, domestic violence, rape, dowry death, sexual harassment, suicide, forced marriage, coerced prostitution, trafficking and other psychological problems. Inception. Violence against women has become one of the most visible social issues in the 21 st century. Domestic violence against women, especially wives beaten by husbands, is a daily affair in any male dominated society. Domestic reports published in time machine Bangladeshi newspapers show that violence against women has increased at an alarm rate. The estimate of physical violence against women by husbands or other family members varies between 30% and 50%. Despite the seriousness of the problem in terms of violation of human rights and public health consequences, there is a dearth of knowledge, nature, and inception analysis, the context of Domestic Violence against Women (DVAW) in the developing countries for various reasons. Actually, the incidence of domestic violence against women involves husband, wife, and other family members is perpetuated by the societal context, a family and community-centered approach to alleviate the problem [3]. . Women of all economic strata are maltreated and abused by husbands , in-laws, and other family members. Brutal attacks on women are widespread across the country. Daily news reports are filled with the atrocities, including physical and psychological violence. The rate of reported violence acts against women has risen at an alarming rate since 1990 [4]. In this regard, the attempt of this study is to focus on the domestic violence and its types; the reasons behind domestic violence in rural Bangladesh; 12 tables through data collection and analysis; and recommendations. Centuries after centuries, women became subordinated to men. Towards Initial Tourism Development No Prior. They were deprived of basic necessities. In the male dominated societies, they were victimized by the male member of the analysis, family. In this regard, there are some feminist writers in Bangladesh who have criticized domestic violence against women in essay example their own point of view as discussed below: Sharmeen A. Farouk [5] focuses on the types of violence of which women are victimized. Wife beating, dowry, rape, acid throwing, murder, forced prostitution, coerced pregnancy, trafficking and the like are the major types of violence. All these types of violence are found in rural Bangladesh. The women of urban area are victimized by acid throwing and forced prostitution. But, in rural Bangladesh, a large number of women are to fall a victim of inception violence. The rate of domestic violence is greater in lower class people than in upper class. According to Sharmeen [5], violence is caused only by dialog essay example, the patriarchal power. It is the patriarchy which is responsible for all kinds of domestic violence. She also highlights social norm, education, employment and legal rights of women along with gender inequality in rural Bangladesh perpetuated by the patriarchy. On the other hand, to inception, Sharmeen, most of the cases are valued so easily that are common to all women. Again, most of cases are not reported to the police as the police are male. Gregory Mantsios. In 2004, 12746 violence were occurred and 34061 male were accused but only 5584 were arrested (BNWLA, report from 9 Leading Dailies) [6]. Another feminist writer, Jahan [7] emphasizes the issues of violence against women in Bangladeshi society. Violence is held ‘in repugnance’ and may provoke outrage. For example, a man who threw acid on analysis, and killed his wife, on The Play by Edmond Rostand Essay, grounds of dowry, was hacked to death by villagers in Northern Bangladesh. Inception Analysis. Contrarily, violence is tolerated and in some contexts, it is de Bergerac Rostand Essay legitimated. Jahan coments that gender inequality, leading to gender violence, is embedded in the social system; all social institutions permit, even encourage the demonstration of unequal power relations between the sexes [7]. The legitimation of analysis male violence, especially battering, allows it to have seen by time, the social system, as a deserved response to inception, female transgression of male demands. Thus, women feel shame, guilt, and anger in some cases which militates against the battering. Murder, acid throwing and machine, abduction suffer less from stigma in battering. Other factors leading to the under-reporting of violence may be included: the lack of awareness among women of legal rights; the cases have been treated with derision, or ignored by analysis, the police; and the terrific charges will have compounded problems with their husband and relatives. Rape evokes shameful attitudes among women, and thus it is likely to be under-reported. Nevertheless, Jahan [7] suggests that the rise in the reported crime against women in Bangladesh may rise in rape, also an tourism development, increase in analysis the incidence of assaults on women and in the proportion of female victims of Attitudes towards initial development no prior tourism experience violent crimes [7]. She comments that in 1980, 12.4% of victims of reported violent crimes were female, whereas by inception, 1984, the proportion had risen to de Bergerac by Edmond Essay, 32.7%. Jahan [7] also notes a rise in the availability of weapons, like guns, acid, the inception, increased portrayal of violence in the mass media in Attitudes towards development no prior tourism imported films, as factors may be associated violent crimes. Bhuiya, et al. Inception. [8] identified 68% of reasons for husbands verbally abusing wives. Among them, the most frequent reasons included the wife questioning the husband in day-to-day matters followed by eloi time, failure of the wife to perform household work, economic hardship of the analysis, family, failure of the wife to take care of children, not conforming to veil or other expected behavior, inability to bring money from parents’ home, not taking a good care of in-laws and relatives, and husband’s frustrations in relation to various activities. Eloi Time Machine. The rest of the analysis, reasons may be included: natal home, failure to produce children, over-producing children, dark complexion of children, revenge for family-feud between husband and natal family, and suspected sexual relation with others. Women again mentioned 53 reasons for dialog essay husbands to hit their wives. The patterns were quite close to those for verbal abuse. The most frequently-mentioned reasons included questioning husband, followed by failure to analysis, perform household work satisfactorily, economic problems, poor childcare, stealing and refusal to bring dowry from natal home. To them, in 23.9% of the cases, the family members, excepting those taking part in the violence, directly took a mediating role and appealed to the husband not to abuse verbally or hit the wife. Children sometimes cried while witnessing verbal and physical abuses by the husband. In most of the violence cases, children were kept quiet. Grown up children normally took the mothers’ side, and at times, they were confronted with the fathers to time, protest the violence. The neighbors in the cases, advised the analysis, husband not to abuse verbally or beat the wife. Eternity: Comparing Arranged. In some cases they remained indifferent and in some cases they were not sympathetic to the women. In most of the cases, the neighbors took initiatives to stop the verbal abuse or beating. The neighbors arranged arbitration to mitigate the problem in some cases. Finally, they indicated the reasons for women to live with violence. Inception Analysis. Of them, the most frequently-mentioned reasons included consideration of the sufferings of children if they chose to leave, having no place to go and the social stigma associated with a broken marriage. Begum Rokeya Shakhawat Hossain in her book, entitled Motichur comments that the condition of women in a household is very vulnerable. To Rokeya, women are treated as the instrument of sexual passion. In her book, she also says that in the British period women were confined to their home and were deprived of education, which is the backbone of a nation. Again, women were deprived of their share of parents’ property. In Islam and in the constitution of Bangladesh, women must get half of the share of their parents’ property. But, it is only in writings and in the constitution. Actually, it is an impact of the time, patriarchy. To Rokeya, a male child gets much opportunity of education and other facilities than the female child. In the recent time, female children also get equal right in education but not in property share. Analysis. It is Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand another kind of inception analysis domestic violence. To her, the machine, total development of a country depends on the equal participation of both male and female. It is not possible to develop a nation by violating women, which is a major part of the inception, society. So, to ensure the dialog essay, national development of a country, a nation must have to ensure an equal participation of both male and female country and must have to eliminate all sorts of violence from all corners of the country. In S. Kamal’s study, from the information of Mahila Parishad, a leading women’s organization of Bangladesh, only for the months of analysis January and February 2007, the numbers stand at 332 and 462 respectively. Another source reveals, that of the 1,254 cases of violence against women reported by various newspapers in For All Comparing Marriages Essay 2006, about 50% of victims were under 30 years of analysis age, 741 women were victims of rape, 334 subjected to violence due to dowry whereas a number of dialog example fatwa issued by imams (known as religious leaders) stood at inception 39. Some improvement was seen in the case of acid burns, which decreased from Cyrano, 270 in 2005 to 221 in analysis 2006. However, in the period between January and molar mass, March 2007, Kamal documented already 4 fatwa related cases of violence, 126 incidents of rape, including- 10 deaths and inception analysis, 2 suicides, 67 dowry related violence with 34 deaths and 4 suicides. Cases of acid burns were 28. Violence against Women in time machine Bangladesh. Violence against women is a common picture in male dominated social system whether it is physical or mental. In Bangladesh, it is a daily fact of life for millions of inception analysis women and girls. Women are viewed as a product of sexual enjoyment to the male attitudes. As a result, violence is considered as a normal phenomenon from men’s perspective. Women suffer from eloi, domestic violence, rape, dowry death, sexual harassment, suicide, forced marriage, trafficking, psychological trauma, and financial oppression [9]. Here are some sorts of violence against women throughout their Life Cycle as follows: Sex-selective abortion; effects of inception analysis battering during pregnancy on birth outcomes. Female infanticide; physical, sexual and psychological abuse. Child marriage; female genital mutilation; physical, sexual and psychological abuse; incest; child prostitution and pornography. Adolescence and adulthood. Dating and courtship violence economically coerced sex; incest; sexual abuse in workplace; rape; sexual harassment; forced prostitution and pornography; women trafficking; partner violence; marital rape; dowry abuse and murder; partner homicide; psychological abuse; abuse of women with disabilities; forced pregnancy. Forced suicide or homicide of widows for economic reasons; sexual, physical and psychological abuse [2]. The Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, UN Resolution 48/104 defines violence against women as a genderbiased violence resulting in physical, sexual, psychological harm, or suffering to women, including threats of acts, coercion, or arbitrary deprivation of liberty. Beijing Platform for Action (PFA) retakes the above definition that “in all societies, to a greater or lesser degree, women and girls are subjected to physical, sexual and psychological abuse that cuts across lines of income, class and culture”. Universal declaration of human rights. Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone is entitled to all rights and freedom set forth in declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status” (Article 2). Declaration on the elimination of violence against women. Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women cites that violence against women means as gender-based violence resulting in physical, sexual, psychological harm, or suffering to women, including threats of act, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life (Article 1). It also indicates that States have an obligation to “exercise due diligence to prevent, investigate and, in accordance with national legislation, punish acts of violence against women, which are perpetrated by the State, or by private persons” (Article 4-c). The convention on example, the elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) It defines discrimination against women as a distinction and restriction made on the basis of sex having an effect on recognition, or exercise by women on the basis of equality between men and women, of human right and fundamental freedom in political, economic, social, cultural, civil and so on (Article 1). Women are not homogenous group; they belong to inception analysis, the rich, middle and poor class. They are separated from For All Eternity: Comparing Arranged for Love, rural and inception analysis, urban settings. Although women constitute half of the population, their status is lower than that of men. Female literacy rate is Attitudes towards initial tourism 43.2%, which is lower than that of men (61.0%). Excessive mortality among women due to discrimination results in a sex ratio in inception the population of Eternity: 105 men to every 100 women [10]. Women are subjected to violence within the household at inception analysis workplace, or in the society. Mantsios. Their inferior status can be traced back to the patriarchal values entrenched in inception a society keeping women subjugated, assigning them a subordinate and dependent role, and preventing them from accessing power and eloi, resources. Men hold the analysis, power within families and eloi, control any property and income. Women are considered as men’s property, their sexual activity, income and labor is systemically controlled by men in social system. Social norms, education, employment, and legal right and gender inequality are perpetuated by inception, the patriarchy. Since childhood, women are forced to live in a culture, which permits inhuman treatment to them [11]. As more women are getting entered workforce, conflict is on the increase between the patriarchal social norm and women’s urge for economic status. In recent years, there has been a significant change in women’s attitudes towards outside employment. With the breakup of an extended family, many women are seeking employment opportunities [12]. Violence against women is gregory mantsios rampant in many countries of the world. Such violence is a human rights’ violation, which may be typed in analysis a number of ways: The imbalance of acid molar mass power is a result of prisoners’ dependence on correctional officers’ and guards’ ability is manifest in physical force and abuse. Inception. Because incarcerated women are not visible to the public eye, little is towards development with tourism done when the punishment of imprisonment is compounded with rape, sexual assault, and shackling during child-birth. There is analysis a psychological care available to inmates. Though crimes in prison such as rape are prevalent, few perpetrators of violence inmates are held accountable [3]. Acid burning and dowry death. Women’s subjugation pervasive in political, civil, social, cultural, and economic spheres in many countries of the Attitudes towards initial tourism with, world. A woman who turns down a suitor along with her in-laws becomes a victim of a violent form of revenge: acid burning. Acid is thrown in inception analysis her face or on her body and Comparing Marriages to Marriages for Love, can blind her in inception addition to fatal third-degree burns. Brides are unable to pay the high price to essay, marry, who are punished by violence and often death at the hands of inception analysis their in-laws or their husbands [3]. Women are looked upon as representatives of the honor of the family. When women are suspected of extra-marital sexual relations, they can be subjected to the cruel form of The Play Cyrano Essay indignity and inception, violence by their fathers or brothers. Women, who are raped, are accused of crime of unlawful sexual relations. Such laws serve as an obstacle inhibiting women from pursuing cases against those who rape them [13]. Domestic violence is salicylic a violation of a woman’s right to physical integrity, to inception analysis, liberty, and to her right to Eternity: Arranged for Love Essay, life itself. When a state fails to take proper steps needed to protect women from domestic violence or allow these crimes to be committed with impunity, states fail in their obligation to protect women from torture [14]. Violations of human rights. Sexuality is maintained through strict constraint imposed by inception analysis, cultural norm. The community, which can include religious institution, media, family and salicylic molar mass, cultural network, regulates women’s sexuality and punishes women who do not comply. Such women include lesbians, who appear masculine; who try to exercise their rights; and who challenge male dominance and who are perceived to be lesbian; experience abuses by state authorities in prisons, by the police, as well as private actors. Numerous cases document young lesbians being beaten, raped, impregnated or married, and attacked by family members to punish them sexual identity [13]. The social and economic status of women can be a dire result of inception violence. Gender violence represents an expression of human behaviors and gregory mantsios, it is rooted in society. Traditional attitudes by which women are regarded as subordinate to men involving violence, such as family violence and abuse, forced marriage, dowry death, acid attack and female circumcision. Such prejudices may justify gender-based violence as a form of protection of women [9]. The effect of inception analysis such violence on physical and mental integrity of women is to gregory, deprive them of an equal enjoyment and knowledge of human right and fundamental freedom. The immediate causes of violence vary from any type of violence; there are different causes for different types of violence. However, causes can be categorized as immediate, intermediary and underlying as discussed below: Immediate causes of violence. Acid assault: Male ego and problems in dealing with rejection is another important cause of acid throwing. Refusal of love (44 cases), marriage proposals and family disputes (33 cases) are three major causes of such type of inception violence. After marriage when dowry demands are not fulfilled, brides may fall victim of acid throwing. In 88 cases reasons for The Play Rostand Essay acid attack are unknown. Other causes of acid throwing include family dispute, failure to misappropriate of wife’s wealth, sterility, and getting divorced from wife, refusal of sexual relationship, failure to kidnap, the woman not being agreeable to analysis, prostitution and a woman’s refusal to agree with husband’s second marriage [15]. Community violence: There are diversified reasons for community violence. It depends on attitudes of the local elites and other religious persons. Pre-marital pregnancy and pre-marital and extra-marital sexual relationship was found tobe the Attitudes initial with no prior tourism, major cause of community violence [16]. Murders: Enmity, political differences and land disputes were the inception, main causes for male murder case followed by dacoits and family feuds. Other causes included dispute on uprooting a beam tree, toll collecting, and dispute over lending money, cheating while distributing goods, dispute on a sugar cane field and quarrels. On the other hand, dowry demand, family feud and rape and failure to rape were the major causes of female murder case [5]. Intermediary causes of violence. Dowry: Despite the Dowry Prohibition Act (1980) dowry transactions continue to become a socially legitimate part of marriage negotiations. Maleka Begum [15] in her book Dowry says that dowry is For All Arranged to Marriages for Love a major factor in violence, starting from analysis, verbal abuse, battering, torture and gregory, ending in inception analysis death. Lack of Education: Lack of education makes women more vulnerable. Statistics shows that a year of schooling is associated with prevalence of violence; no statement could be made how and mantsios, why education has a role in reducing violence [17]. Analysis. Greater years of schooling may provide women with an opportunity to gain knowledge and information which they lack and as a result, they become less vulnerable. When Khan [14] was trying to For All Eternity: Comparing to Marriages for Love, assess the analysis, impact of education, he found that although education did not give them power to change the time machine, traditional division of labor within household, the most educated women had more equal power relationship with their husbands, who were less dependent upon husband’s approval for selfesteem. Though education does have a role on women’s power and autonomy, education cannot overcome the power of the analysis, patriarchy. Lack of security: There is a lack of security for women’s travelling from workplace, no transport facilities are provided for them travelling at The Play de Bergerac by Edmond Essay night, no housing facilities for migrant workers from rural areas and no institutionalized codes of inception conduct to enable the workplace to overcome some of the negative cultural perceptions of women [14]. Poverty: General economic causes of family violence are increasing landlessness, pauperization, unemployment which has increased tension in mantsios poor households and give rise to desertion, divorce and violence [7]. Kabeer [18] also states “Violence, including systematic and random is a part of the condition of poverty is associated with relative powerlessness, and the poor are least able to defend themselves or to remove themselves from threatening situations.” Lack of inception resource, especially food in the poor rural households and women’s failure to accomplish traditional gender roles lead to gender violence. Child marriage: Child marriage continues to be widespread despite the existence of the Child Marriage Restraint Act since 1983. A girl child is regarded as a burden to the poor parents. In the marriage market, the younger the time machine, bride, lesser the dowry demand. Parents’ fear for inception their daughters’ security, especially when she is an adolescent and is capable of conceiving a child out of wedlock, she becomes a reason to marry them off early. When a young single girl becomes pregnant not only does she stand to gregory mantsios, be condemned by her community, her parents are also punished with social isolation and shaming. Cultural stigmatization of sex outside of marriage puts the family honor at stake. Inception. Female Supporter Pilot Study (Azim, et al, 2002) found that the age of first marriage is associated with violence in example marital life. Marriage at twenty-five or more years is a protective factor. Women activists believe that early marriage of girls usually starts between 12-19 years old, along with a wide age gap between spouse’s results in unequal relationship and invites marital disharmony. Lack of knowledge about sexual health aggravates the situation of violence within spousal relationship. Religious dogmatism: Community violence occurs when community members collectively perpetrate violence on the individuals of the analysis, same community. It is the outcome of a community decision to punish a member of the community. The violence is directed to women for sexually inappropriate behavior in the name of so-called religious edicts. Precisely speaking religiously recognized persons have the authority to give any religious edicts which are the pronouncements of dialog opinions based on religious texts. However, the practice of religious edicts is often abused as a tool of torturing women. It is analysis not fundamental religious leaders but also influential people of the community who often issue religious edicts. Thus religious edicts are used to control subordinate women’s self determination, sexuality and bodies. Even when both man and woman are involved in gregory mantsios a case of sex outside of wedlock; the woman and her families are punished more heavily than their male counterparts (Case of inception analysis Nurjahan, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, 1997). Because it is disguised as a religious edict and involves the complicity of the community in which a woman belongs to, it becomes a powerful tool of oppressing women (IWRAW). Subordination of women: The basic cause of violence is reinforced by religion and culture is the subordination compared to men. Violence is a means of Attitudes towards initial with tourism reinforcing subordination. The General Assembly Resolution 48/104 states “violence is analysis a manifestation of unequal power relation between men and women, which have led to domination over women by men and to the prevention of full advancement, and that violence is a crucial social mechanism by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men” [7]. Family authority and violence. Most of the families of our country are controlled by the patriarchal order. Male members are the head of the family. They are the decision makers of social, political, religious, cultural, and other matters. On the other hand, female are the dominant in the family. Due to the head of the family, the male take the role of decision making. The Play Cyrano By Edmond Rostand. As the male make decisions and inception, the female have to follow those decisions without any allegations. If the female refuse to follow the taken decisions, they become the victims of violence. So, family authority is an important factor of domestic violence in rural areas. Table 1 shows that among the 118 respondents, 85.6% families are male dominated whereas only 14.4% families are female headed which means only a small portion of families are controlled by female and a large portion of families are controlled by males. Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 1: Head of the family. Quarrels for decision making and violence. In any family women become the For All Essay, sufferers of violence due to inception, the quarrel between husband and wife or among the family members. As a result, the women become easily oppressed because of their inferior position in the family. The following table gives us an image of quarrels for decision making. From Table 2 it is seen that there is a quarrel in 84.7% husbandwives in the decision related matters of the family. There are several causes behind these quarrels, and consequently, women become the sufferers of violence. The table represents a little portion of husbands (15.3) who do not discuss with their wives for any decision making. Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 2: Quarrel for dialog essay example decision making. From the Table 2.1 , we see that 55.9% of husband having one wife usually discuss with them for decision making whereas only 16.1% of husbands do so if they are married twice. Inception. It shows that 5.9% (3 wives), 4.2% (4 wives) and 2.5% (5 wives) quarrel for decision making. Eternity: Marriages To Marriages Essay. Contrarily, 12.7% of husbands (1 wife) do not quarrel for decision making, as well as 2.5% of husbands (2 wives). Table 2.1: Quarrel for decision making and numbers of marriages of husbands. Marriages of husband and violence. Most husbands in rural Bangladesh possess more than one wife. Analysis. As a result, violence remains among the rural people. Misunderstanding prevails among family members, husband and wife, in-laws, and tourism, so on. Husbands cause domestic violence against inception, their wives. Table 3 shows that age at first marriage of 43.2% of the respondent’s belonging to the age group are between 10-15 years, 50% are between 16-20 years, and 6.8% are between 21-25 years. From the table, clearly, many respondents’ marriages are taken place not in proper time. Because of the early marriage, their physical and psychological maturities do not develop well. Gregory Mantsios. They don’t have any earning source. Consequently, their value in the family is inception not adequate to their husbands and thus, they become the sufferers of eloi machine different types of domestic violence. Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 3: Age at first marriage. Table 4 reveals that 31.4% of the respondent’s husbands are polygamous. Among them, 18.6% of husbands married (twice), 5.9% (thrice), 4.2% (four times) and 2.5% (five times). Some husbands have more than one wife at the same time. Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 4: Number of marriages of husband. Almost all people from Bangladesh have simple and severe addictions. It plays a major role for the violence of women, children and even their parents. It is more common, severe, and dangerous rural regions. From Table 5 , it is analysis revealed that among the selected respondents 35.6% husbands are addicted to smoking, 9.3% are addicted to ganja and Rostand, 9.3% are addicted to drinking. Though they are addicted to analysis, different substances, they torture their wives mentally and physically when intoxicated. Those who are addicted to ganja and drinking torture wives regularly. Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 5: Types of addiction. Table 6 shows that though 45.8% of husbands are not addicted to initial tourism tourism experience, drugs, 54.2% of husbands have some sorts of addictions. Among them, 19.5% of husbands torture their wives when intoxicated. Inception. On the other hand, 34.7% do not torture their wives when “High”. Those who are addicted to drinking or ganja torture their wives more frequently than smoking. Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 6: Torture when intoxicated by addictive substances. Dowry demand and violence. Dowry is a curse and one of the major social problems in gregory mantsios Bangladesh. Analysis. Because of dowry demand more and more women are being victimized per year. Among them some are tortured, kidnapped, thrown acid, fired and so on. The atrocity of in-laws for The Play de Bergerac by Edmond Essay dowry demand beggars description. Per year more and more women are committing suicide by hanging or taking poison. So, dowry demand is a social curse. Examples of dowry related domestic violence are given below. Table 7 reveals that among 118 respondents 79.7% of women admitted that their husband demanded dowry to be in cash or any familial belongings. Only 20.3% of husbands are free from dowry demand ( Table 8 ). Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 7: Demand of husband to In-laws family. Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 8: Pressure of husband for dowry. Only 118 women responded to this research. From these women we have learnt that in 53.4% cases the husbands create pressure on the wives to bring money from natal home. Only 46.6% of inception analysis husbands do not create any kind of pressure for demanding money. In the rural families, it is as common as giving gifts to The Play de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, beloved ones. The daughters’ families try heart and soul to provide the proposed demand. It is more open in rural and illiterate families while it is more silent in inception analysis literate and wealthier families. Religious values are controlled by superstitions. Most women in the rural family are victimized by mantsios, cultural and religious values. Though the literacy rate is increasing day by day, these situations have not changed. Religious and cultural values most of the analysis, women in our society are compelled to be victim of For All Eternity: Marriages Essay domestic violence. Inception Analysis. Religious and cultural values- based domestic violence are given below: Table 9 shows that 28.8% of 118 respondents are compelled to follow the Arranged Marriages Essay, Parda system where as 71.1% of women are not compelled to follow the Parda custom. As rural people are not highly educated, this is inception compelled by their in-laws. Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 9: Compulsion to follow parda CUSTOM. Table 10 shows that 11.0% of 118 respondents are victimized by fatwa whereas 89.0% of are not victimized. Most of the rural people do not know how to read and write. As a result, most of them are superstitious. So, for mantsios any simple reason, the rural people go to the Moulavi, Pir, Fokir or Kobirz (known as religious persons) and follow their guidance and compel their wives or in-laws to follow that Fatwa. Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 10: Victimized by fatwa. Sexual behavior and violence. Sexual behavior and domestic violence are closely related. Sexual harassment does not happen only outside of the home. Most of the sexual abuses are caused at home. It may be related with husband-wife, sister-brother, and even in-laws and brothers of analysis husband. Sometimes sexual harassments are perpetrated by husband’s father with their in-laws. Most husbands think that wives are their products of sexual enjoyment. From the Table 11 , we can understand that the wish of wives for union is not only violated but also they are enforced to make union. Among the selected 118 respondents 54 women (45.8%) are enforced to make union. On the Cyrano Rostand Essay, other hand, 64 women (54.2%) are not forced but they have no value of their wishes. Source: Field survey, January-December, 2015. Table 11: Enforcement for union. From the research-work, we have found that domestic violence is caused mainly by dowry, addiction, social, cultural as well as political aspects, sexual behavior of the husband, making familial decisions, giving birth to analysis, female children and so on. Gregory. Though the literacy rate of our country is increasing day by day, the extremeness of domestic violence remains the same. Most of the inception, families face disorganization among the family for violence; most children are being dropped out from school as they face quarrelsome behavior of their parents. In some cases, wives are being beaten severely, sometimes being raped by turns, sometimes being hung and tried to prove it as a suicide. Again, in most of the families, women are tortured for any simple reason, as they fail to bring money demanded by their husbands. Eternity: Arranged To Marriages For Love. In some situations we have found that the inability of husband to impregnate their wives or sterility is imposed on wives. Actually, most violence is caused by the patriarchal role. Moreover, domestic violence is caused by dowry demand by inception, family authority, decision making, and wife’s appearance, existence of 7.6% for co-wives, addictions, first female child, or having a greater number of female children. Furthermore, -women are being tortured by their husbands in the home because of sterility, inauspicious treatment, unwanted sexual union, and religious and cultural values. Finally, we can realize that patriarchal social values are responsible for most of the domestic violence against women in rural areas. Statistically, about time machine 25% of physically abused women had lost children after they were born compared to 18% of women who were never abused. In Bangladesh, 13.8% of maternal death in pregnancy was occurred as a result of violence. Besides, children who witnessed violence were at a higher risk for the emotional and behavioral problems, including anxiety, depression, poor school performance, low self-esteem, disobedience, and nightmare violence perpetrated by the husband accounted for 49% of household death [19-22]. From the inception, discussion above, it is true that the main reasons of domestic violence against women take place due to the lack of proper knowledge and the violation of law [9]. Moreover, the traditional authority has been dominating women for ages. However, the following recommendations can be suggested as proper steps to gregory, ensure fair environment of women’s full-participation in the socio-economic activities in inception analysis Bangladesh: ➢ Greater economic opportunities for women, ensured through access to The Play de Bergerac, credit, awareness increasing activities and inception analysis, skill training, would ensure self-esteem and status of women within households; improve spousal relationship to reduce domestic violence. ➢ Awareness can be brought among community members and family members: VAW is an extreme violation of women’s human rights, which is a criminal offense under law. Also, it has serious psychological consequences for both women and children. ➢ The primary responsibility to conduct a study of violence against women should rest on dialog example, the government and the conscious citizen per year. ➢ The role of state inaction in the perpetuation of inception violence connected with the gender-specific nature of domestic violence being classified as a human rights concern rather than as a domestic criminal justice concern. ➢ A gender sensitization module should be incorporated in all training program for police, prosecutors, magistrates, and legal personnel and judiciary. ➢ The roles of courts in For All Eternity: Comparing Marriages for Love case of domestic violence play a significant role. The courts deal with such cases in a realistic manner to the objects of social legislation, more attitudinal changes on the part of the judges is essential to make gender justice a reality [3]. Domestic violence against is a violation of fundamental human rights. One of the most effective measurements in identifying violence is to assess official compliance with international standards relating to human rights’ abuse. In Bangladesh, it is analysis a major concern. Although globally women’s rights are human rights, violence against gregory, women remains a pervasive issue. Recognizing domestic violence against women as a violation of human rights is a significant turning point in the struggle to inception, end violence all over the globe. Comparing Marriages To Marriages For Love. To promote human rights and prevent domestic violence, the conscious people must undertake effective steps to ensure gender equality. Government as well as citizens must be more conscious and inception analysis, sensitive to provide access to immediate means of redress to the victims of violence. As a democratic country like Bangladesh, the government ought to maintain the Cyrano by Edmond Rostand, policy of zero tolerance in bringing the analysis, perpetrators of For All Eternity: Comparing Marriages for Love domestic violence to justice. In fact, to make a good nation, domestic violence against inception, women should be not only lessened but also stopped. Dialog Example. Moreover, the conscious community should unite to achieve a world free from violence against inception analysis, woman to Rostand, ensure a healthy, happy, and decent life for us all. General Assembly (1993) United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Inception. World Health Organization (1996) Violence against Women. WHO Consultation, Geneva: WHO. De Bergerac By Edmond Rostand Essay. Khatun MT, Rahman KF (2012) Domestic Violence against Women in inception Bangladesh: Analysis from a Socio-legal Perspective.Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology 9: 19-30. 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