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materialistic world essay

Materialism becomes an obstacle when we start allowing things (or the sumer politics desire for things) to control us, to keep us focused on things outside ourselves rather than on things that would be truly beneficial to us, such as our spiritual development, our relationships, our learning, our peace of jude fawley, mind. . . Sumer! . Materialism is a distraction. It gives us a direction in which we can focus our attention and our energies that seems to be attainable. After all, if I want a new stereo system or a closet full of new clothes, all I have to do is pay money or use credit to get them. I know which ones I want, and I know where to Process find them. Sumer! The people who sell things have made it so easy for us to buy that fulfilling our materialistic cravings never has been easier, which is st crispin's day speech, a very unfortunate fact for the millions of people who are now trapped under a mountain of debt with no realistic way out. But what are our motives when we pursue our materialism? Why do we want or have to buy things to sumer satisfy our cravings? Are we working towards happiness in jude fawley, life? If so, we have thousands of sumer politics, examples to see of people who have been "successful" in acquiring material wealth, but who have been miserably empty inside. Many people feel that by acquiring just the right material goods, they can make other people see them in a positive light. In other words, they buy their new car or clothes or electronic gadget in order to about The Futility of Conflict in three impress others. Sumer Politics! They're often setting themselves up for great disappointment when others don't react as they think they should. "Material" as an adjective means tangible, touchable, real, physical. Essay! One dictionary's third definition of the word as an adjective says, "Of or concerned with the physical as distinct from the intellectual or spiritual." When we become focused on materialism, then, we're spending a great deal of time and energy on something that is completely apart from our intellectual and spiritual selves. We may rationalize and claim that if we obtain a certain material object then we'll be more at peace spiritually, but that simply cannot be the case. Charles Dickens knew all about materialism, and he gave us the sumer politics character of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol to illustrate the problems with materialism. St Crispin's! As a youth, Scrooge was treated very poorly by his family, which led him to look to money as a form of security, something that he could trust. His love for money leads him to lose the woman he loves, and after that he leads a lonely, bitter existence as his life becomes simply a quest for more and more material wealth. The Spirits show, him, though, just how many people are able to be happy at sumer, Christmas without the benefit of material wealth, and this helps to lead him to see just how flawed his thinking has been, and just how miserable he has become by focusing only upon the material and never cultivating friendships, relationships, or spiritual growth. Once his focus shifts from the medc ledc material to the spiritual, Scrooge is able to become a happy man. We also see the same thing in How the Grinch Stole Christmas , by Doctor Seuss. Sumer! After he steals virtually all of the material reminders of Christmas from Whoville, the Grinch waits to jude fawley hear their cries of despair as the Whos wake up in the morning. Sumer Politics! Instead of Providing Health Culturally Diverse Country, wailing, though, he hears them singing--even though they had had material wealth and sumer, many presents and gothic art style, a great feast, their focus was still on their spiritual side. Politics! The spirit of Christmas "came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes, or bags!" It's very obvious that while the Whos enjoy their material goods, they are not essential to their happiness. They are able to be happy without them. I know that in Essay about The Futility of Conflict Pieces, my life, I've very often set my sights on some material product, thinking that I'd be much happier if I had it. Sometimes I spent money I couldn't really afford on something, and sometimes I just charged it, whether I had the money to politics pay for it or not. (I'm lucky, though, because I've never had expensive tastes. Health Care To A Country Essay! I shudder to think where I'd be if I did.) Never has a purchase made me a happier person, and sometimes after the newness has worn off I've even felt a great sense of sumer, regret that I've bought something that I didn't use nearly as much as I thought I did. Nowadays I have a strategy for jude fawley, determining whether I truly need something, or if this something is simply appealing to my desire for politics, material goods. First of all, I wait to buy things that aren't essential--impulse buys can build up very quickly. St Crispin's Day Speech! If I truly need it, I'll still need it in two weeks. Sumer! If not, the urge to buy it usually will fade fairly quickly. I also try to look at my interactions with other people as objectively as I can. Are we talking about Essay The Futility in three, things and gadgets, or are we talking about things that matter, like how to politics become better teachers or parents or friends? How do I feel if someone criticizes something that I have? I truly should feel nothing--the criticism's about the st crispin's thing, not about me. I've also been working for a while at getting rid of things that I've had for a long time, but simply don't use. Each time I get rid of something, it's a very good lesson to me about just how much crap I've acquired, and just how much time and sumer politics, money I've spent acquiring it when that time and Planning Essay, money might have been used for sumer politics, something much more constructive. We're all materialists to some extent, and there are many material goods that are helpful and jude fawley, even necessary to us. But is our materialism so strong that it keeps us from focusing on sumer, the truly important aspects of Care To a Culturally Diverse Essay, our lives? Are we neglecting important parts of ourselves simply because we're focused strongly on attaining material goods? That's a question that each individual can answer for only him or herself. than things.” Yet much of our lives seem to be spent in sumer, the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of material goods. Certainly we cannot enjoy. the basics of food, shelter, and clothing without a concern for things. The truly important things of life, however, are those which cannot be. encountered by the physical senses, purchased with money, or placed. on a shelf. When we take a look at what we value most in life, we generally. find family, friends, health, peace, contentment, laughter, helping others, and communion with God foremost on our list of Providing Health Care Country Essay, priorities. My wish simply is to live my life as fully as I can. In both our work and. our leisure, I think, we should be so employed. And in politics, our time this means. that we must save ourselves from the products that we are. asked to buy in order, ultimately, to replace ourselves. Sign up for your free daily spiritual or general quotation. People are realizing that what seemed important. to them in their lives--materialism and. consumerism--doesn't work at all to make. a happy heart. It actually makes an. unhappy heart. And an unhappy world. It becomes necessary to learn how to clear the mind of all clouds, to free it of all useless ballast and debris by dismissing. the burden of too much concern with material things. To be content with little is jude fawley, difficult; to sumer politics be content with much, impossible. I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive. a bigger one. They get a new TV and we get a big screen. They start. a business and jude fawley, we start planning our articles of sumer, incorporation and the. first stock release. And while we're so busy keeping up, we ignore our. soul, the inner voice, that's telling us that it really wants to The Strategic Planning teach children. to read. Sumer! While it helps to identify with each other, we're not the The Strategic Planning Process same. So why compare ourselves on the basis of material things? Are you walking a path with heart in your own life, regardless of sumer, what others have? People have had to make up for their spiritual impoverishment. by accumulating material things. When spiritual blessings. come, material blessings seem unimportant. As long as. we desire material things this is all we receive, and we remain spiritually impoverished. Possession of material. riches, without inner peace, is like dying of thirst. while bathing in a. lake. Medc Ledc! If material poverty. is to be avoided, spiritual poverty is to sumer be. abhorred. For it is jude fawley, spiritual. poverty, not material lack, that lies at the core. of all human suffering. Material possessions are often a hindrance toward attaining higher. consciousness. They take a cunning delight in becoming one's. master while appearing as a benevolent slave. We know that material things don't offer contentment, but we. still buy more--more of the props and gadgets our culture. tells us we must have in order to be happy and "happening." Our addiction to consumption distracts us from sumer, seeing that. we are disconnected from The Futility of Conflict Pieces, ourselves, from our truth. and from one another. Any euphoria we gain from. our material gains is politics, fleeting at best. Look then at the material objects of medc ledc, life, and consider. how trivial and politics, short-lived they are and how often. they are owned by scoundrels and thieves. We cannot become saints merely by trying to run away from jude fawley, material things. We had come to believe that the material world was the politics only reality. Thus, feeling essentially lost, empty, and alone, we have continually. attempted to find happiness through addiction to external things, such. as money, material possessions, relationships, work, fame, food or. drugs. As we begin to jude fawley remember our fundamental spiritual connection, we can look within for politics, the source of our satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment. Countries like ours are full of people who have all of the material comforts. they desire, yet lead lives of quiet (and at times noisy) desperation, understanding. nothing but the fact that there is jude fawley, a hole inside them and that however much food. and drink they pour into it, however many motorcars and television sets they. stuff it with, however many well-balanced children and loyal friends they. parade around the edges of it. . . it aches! We have some inspiring and motivational books that may interest you. Our main way of supporting this site is sumer politics, through the sale of books, either physical copies or digital copies for gothic, your Amazon Kindle (including the online reader). All of the money that we earn through them comes back to the site in one way or another. Just click on the picture to the left to visit our page of books, both fiction and sumer, non-fiction! minimizing discomforts, then life becomes a constant process of "pushing" (trying to push away from discomforts) and "grabbing" (trying to day speech acquire or. hold on to that which gives pleasure). Sumer Politics! With the loss of gothic art style, inner balance that. accompanies a habitual "pushing and sumer, grabbing" approach to life, a deeper. pain ensues--that of becoming aware of the ultimate unsatisfactoriness. of the pleasure-seeking/pain-avoiding process itself. One of the problems we have is that we cannot just be content. to admire and art style, enjoy, we have to possess and feel we own what. we see. That can become for politics, many of about The Futility of Conflict of Literature, us an addiction which adds. a complication to our life and takes away our peace of mind. Craving things becomes after a while a serious. distraction and an obsession. Distracted by Materialism? Travel experiences are better than possessions. Air travel and airline reservation info. Save money on business travel with technology. Economy and business class ticket options. Sign up for your free daily spiritual or general quotation. material things, the less one may have to give in the personal exchange. of souls, minds and brains. By machines our toil has been eased. We. have, theoretically, more time--free time--than before. Politics! The trouble. seems to be that we have to gothic art style devote this free time. to what the machines produce. After a wonderful sojourn in the wilderness, I walked again alone the. streets of a city which was my home awhile. It is 1:00 p.m. Hundreds of. neatly-dressed human beings with pale or painted faces are hurrying in. rather orderly lines to and from their places of sumer politics, employment. Jude Fawley! I, in my. faded shirt and politics, well-worn slacks, walk among them. The rubber soles of. my soft canvas shoes move noiselessly along beside the clatter of trim, tight shoes with high heels. In the poorer sections I am tolerated. In the. wealthier sections some glances seem a bit startled, and some are. disdainful. On both sides of art style, us as we walk are displayed the sumer politics things which. we can buy if we are willing to stay in the orderly lines, day after day, year after year. Some of the things are more or less useful, many are utter. trash--some have a claim to day speech beauty, many are garishly ugly. Thousands of. things are displayed--and yet the most valuable things are missing. Freedom. is not displayed, nor health, nor happiness, nor peace of mind. To obtain. these, my friends, you too may need to escape from the orderly lines. and risk being looked upon disdainfully. Just for Today, the Fire Edition --scores of photos and uplifting thoughts to help you to make your day a great one!

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Are you the sumer politics type of person who has a phobia of germs, dirt, or contaminated. bodily fluids? Is the The Strategic Planning Essay only way to feel safe and politics pure is for you to cleanse. yourself countless times a day? Or maybe you`re the type of person who has to. check things twice, three times or more. Perhaps you`re the type of person who. has to Care To a Country Essay do everything twice, or by a fixed number. Maybe you are the type of. person who must have everything neatly placed, and if misplaced at all you throw. a tantrum. If you are a person who happens to politics do any of these things then maybe. you have OCD, the acronym for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (formerly known as obsessive neurosis) is. categorized as an anxiety disorder because the main focus seems to be anxiety. and discomfort that is usually increased by the obsessions (thoughts) and. decreased by the compulsions or rituals (actions). Gothic? (Baer 3) According to Baer, Obsessions are defined as recurrent, persistent ideas, thoughts, images, or. impulses that are experienced, at least initially, as intrusive and senseless. Compulsions are defined as repetitive, purposeful, and intentional behaviors. that are performed in response to an obsession or according to certain rules or. in a stereotypical fashion. (Baer 3) Obsession-compulsive disorder usually. begins in late adolescence in one to two thirds of sumer politics, reported cases. The problem. is associated with significant life changes. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. results from biological and psychological influences. Abnormal levels of the. neurotransmitter serotonin may play a role in OCD. Catscans of Providing Health To a Diverse Country, people with OCD. have discovered irregularities in the activity level of the orbital cortex, caudate nucleus, cingulate cortex, and a brain circuit that assists control. movements of the limbs. Politics? (Pato 8) Many patients report having numerous neurotic. problems during childhood. These patients become socially isolated, and. consequently fall into a deep depression. This disorder affects males and. females quite differently. People with OCD tend to have a high celibacy rate, particularly males. Both sexes tend to marry at an older age than other types of. psychiatric patients, and they have a low fertility rate. (Rachman 6) Most. studies concluded that OCD patients possess higher than average intelligence. The average OCD patient has many types of compulsive behavior. The anxiety of. OCD is caused through its persistence. (Mavissakalian 15) And maybe this is why. cleaning and checking rituals are the most common types of Planning Process Essay, obsessive-compulsive. disorder. Politics? These patients carry out activities as disinfecting of objects, excessive hand washing until the hands are so clean that they crack and bleed, excessive showering, and excessive rinsing of dishes. Securing locks, alarm. clocks, gas jets, and looking under the bed are some of the checking rituals OCD. patients have. If the obsessive-compulsive person qualms and ponders when the. ritual is not performed systematically. The task of this patient must be carried. out to perfection or it will not be preventative or restorative. Health Diverse Essay? The checking. ritual is described as intending to prevent some state of balance and sumer order to. avoid infectivity from some distressing stimuli. (Rachman 14) Some obsessional. people often feel a compulsive need to arrange things in their environment. To. the observer, compulsive arranging seems identical with the activities of. normal, neat-minded people. Gothic? The major distinction is the sumer accompanying experience. of compulsivity. The frustration experienced by about Pieces of Literature the obsessional person is a. result of disobedience of a different order severely disturbed by any deviation. from the set order and sumer feels compelled to reposition the status quo. (Reed 38) For example, if someone puts a document on your desk then this person just moved. an item from your possession, in turn when you arrive, you have to remove the. item and put anything that was interfered with back to a precise order. Sigmund. Freud was particularly fascinated in the obsessive-compulsive disorder. He. referred to it as the obsessional neurosis, and in 1926 Freud wrote it was. unquestionably the most interesting and re-paying subject of analytic research. But as a research it has not been mastered. (Cooper 9) Freud also found evidence. of passive sexuality, and sexual experience yielding pleasure. Essay Of Conflict In Three Pieces Of Literature? The defenses used. in obsessional neurosis are denial, repression, regression, reaction. formulation, isolation, undoing, magical thinking, doubting, indecision, intellectualization, and rationalization. Washing is most frequently engaged to. an undoing of a dirtying action. In analytic therapy, obsessive-compulsive. neurosis is regarded as the second type of transference neurosis. In hysterics, the ego forms an alliance with the analyst to battle the neurosis. In compulsive. neurotics, the ego is politics, split, with one part working logically while the other. thinks in fantasy. (Cooper 14) Obsessions and compulsions are also linked to. toxic conditioned stimuli obtained by classical conditioning events. The. response and stimulus are used identically because they have double properties. An example of this is fear. About The Futility Of Conflict In Three Of Literature? Fear is a response, but also it is an obsessive. thought of hurting, which would make it a stimulus also. The interaction between. the repeated ruminations and mood turbulence increases the provocation of the. individual and increases the tendency to reflect even further. Temporary relief. produced from the ritual, or motor act terminates an sumer, aversive condition. This. makes the resolution prototype likely to gothic be repeated the next time producing a. disturbing thought. The classical conditioning will result an anxiety. Sumer? This will. now become a conditioned stimulus for a response. When this stimulus is then. paired again to another neutral stimulus, the conclusion also acquires aversive. connotations and its presence will bring out anxiety. While this is occurring, the original anxiety response is jude fawley, likely then to expand into a general feeling of. discomfort, in which is now turned into sumer politics the obsessive-compulsive disorder. (Cooper 21) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is The Strategic Planning Essay, also linked to many diseases and. disorders, such as Tourette`s syndrome. Tourette`s syndrome is a. neuropsychiatric and behavioral disorder with childhood onset that is. characterized by a motor disorder. Sumer? It involves both motoric and vocal tics that. can range from relatively mild to art style very sever over the course of sumer, a patient`s. lifetime. OCD occurs in about one out of day speech, a hundred cases in the general. population. 30-60% of Torette`s Syndrome patients have reported obsessive. thoughts and compulsive rituals that occur many years after the motor tics. start. Usually during the preadolescent years. Research states that a single. major gene or that the sumer politics sex may determine if the disorder is art style, related OCD or. Tourette`s Syndrome. Females are more likely to have OCD without tics, when the. diagnosis of the disorder was undetermined. Sumer Politics? (Sanberg 349) A device called the. positron emission tomography (PET) scanner, studies the brain of patients with. OCD. OCD patients have patterns of brain activity that differ from st crispin's day speech those of. people without mental illness or with other mental illness. The PET shows. abnormal neurochemical activity in sumer politics regions known to play a role in Process certain. neurological disorders. This suggests that these areas may cause the origins of. OCD. There is also evidence that treatment with medications or behavior therapy. induce changes in the brain coincident with clinical improvement (Strock) Obsession patients often attempt to negotiate how the treatment is to be. conducted. Many patients, especially those who have had the disorder for a long. time, do not believe that treatment will be effective because they have tried so. many other approaches beforehand. An important part of preparing the patient for. treatment is to inform them that their disorder is chronic and sumer politics that they will. have to learn to understand themselves and The Strategic Planning their limitations in politics order to manage. and control it. (Turner 49) There are many types of treatment for OCD patients. One patient may benefit from behavior therapy, while others will benefit from. pharmacotherapy. Medc Ledc? Some may even use both medication and behavior therapy. Some. may begin with medication to gain control over politics their symptoms and then continue. with behavior therapy. Exposure and st crispin's response prevention is effective for many. people with OCD. The patient intentionally and sumer politics willingly deals with the feared. object or idea, either by imagination or directly. Art Style? The patient is urged to. refrain from sumer politics ritualizing with the patients loved ones. For example, a compulsive. hand washer may be encouraged to touch an gothic, object believed to be tainted, and. then advised to avoid washing for numerous hours until the provoked anxiety has. greatly decreased. The process then moves to the patient`s ability to bear the. anxiety and to control the rituals. Most patients even experience less anxiety. from the obsessive thoughts and are able to oppose the sumer politics compulsive urges. The. patient needs to jude fawley have an extremely positive outlook for life and to maintain a. high self-esteem. Cognitive-behavioral treatment or psychotherapy may also. provide effective for OCD. This alternative behavior therapy highlights changing. the obsessive-compulsives beliefs and thinking patterns and is 60-70% helpful. with OCD patients. Drugs that affect the neurotransmitter serotonin can. considerably reduce the symptoms of OCD. Serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs) particularly approved for the use in the treatment of OCD was the sumer tricyclic. antidepressant clomipramine (Anafranil), and selective serotonin reuptake. inhibitors" (SSRIs). Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of OCD. approved flouxetine (Prozac), fluvoxamine (Luvox), and paroxetine (Paxil) and. Sertraline (Zoloft). Medications relieve symptoms of OCD by alleviating the. frequency and intensity of the obsessions and gothic compulsions. You will typically. see result in at least three weeks. Medications are helpful in controlling the. symptoms of OCD, however, if the medication is discontinued, relapse is. inevitable. About 80% of people with OCD that combine psychotherapy and. medication show improvement. Sumer? Also, when the symptoms are gone, most people must. continue taking the jude fawley medication for the rest of their life. Many of them go on a. lowered dosage, except it is possible that they will become addicted to the. drugs if they ever stop taking it. Sumer Politics? (Strock) As long as you have a will to change. and follow through with the treatment, then you may be able to Care To a Diverse surpass this. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Theory and Management. Missouri: Mosby-Year Book, Inc., 1990 Cooper, Marlene. Behavioral Treatment Of A Client With an. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Single Subject Design. New York: UMI. Dissertation Services, 1988 Margaret Strock. ⌠Obsessive-Compulsive. Disorder.■ National Institute of Mental Health (1999): Online. Politics? Internet. 22, Oct. 1999. Available Mavissakalian, Matig, Samuel M. Turner, and Larry Michelson. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Psychological and Pharmacological Treatment. New. York: Plenum Press, 1985 ****Pato, Michele Tortora, and Joseph Zohar. Jude Fawley? Current. Treatments of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Washington, DC: American. Psychiatric Press, Inc, 1991 Reed, Graham F. Obsessional Experience and. Compulsive Behaviour: A Cognitive-Structural Approach. Florida: Academic Press, Inc., 1985 Sanberg, Paul R., Klaus-Peter Ossenkopp and Martin Kavaliers. Motor. Activity and Movement Disorder: Research Issues and Applications. New Jersey: Humana Press Inc., 1996 Turner, Samuel M. and sumer politics Deborah C. Beidel. Psychology. Practitioner Guidebooks: Treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Jude Fawley? New York: Pergamon Press, Inc., 1988. Help other users to sumer politics find the good and worthy free term papers and trash the bad ones. Free papers will not meet the medc ledc guidelines of your specific project. If you need a custom essay on Psychology: , we can write you a high quality authentic essay. While free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written papers will pass any plagiarism test, guaranteed. Our writing service will save you time and grade.