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Bacon rebellion causes

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Researchers are making progress in developing rechargeable batteries based on potassium, a potential alternative to lithium that's less expensive and far more plentiful, and also have shown how to derive carbon for causes, battery electrodes from old tires. "With the growth of hurricane rechargeable batteries for electronic devices, electric vehicles and power grid applications, there has been growing concern about the sustainability and cost of rebellion causes lithium," said Vilas G. Pol, an associate professor in the Davidson School of i came, i conquered Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. "In the last decade, there has been rapid progress in the investigation of bacon rebellion causes metal-ion batteries beyond lithium, such as sodium and i saw, i conquered potassium." Because of its greater abundance and lower cost, potassium shows promise for large-scale electricity storage on bacon rebellion causes the power grid. "The intermittent energy generated from solar and wind requires new energy storage systems for the grid," Pol said. "However, the limited global availability of Essay Positive the Superheroes lithium resources and high cost of extraction hinder the rebellion causes application of lithium-ion batteries for such large-scale energy storage. This demands alternative energy storage devices that are based on earth-abundant elements." Potassium is hurricane katrina about eight times more abundant than lithium and bacon causes one-tenth the hurricane cost, he said. Three research papers on rebellion causes the potassium-ion battery work were published this month, in collaborations with the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory and National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. "We initiated this program almost a year ago, and there are not many groups in the world working on potassium-ion batteries," Pol said. The three papers were published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces , Chemical Communications and the Journal of the Electrochemical Society . In one paper, the researchers describe a new design using carbon nanofibers as the anode. Batteries have two electrodes, called an anode and a cathode. The anodes in most of today's lithium-ion batteries are made of graphite. Lithium ions are contained in causes, a liquid called an electrolyte, and bacon rebellion these ions are stored in the anode during recharging. New findings showed that batteries with anodes made of Literary of Joseph Heller's 22 Essay carbon nanofibers are promising. The paper is available at DOI: 10.1021/acsami.7b02476. "The carbon nanofibers demonstrate great potential as an anode material for potassium-ion batteries," Pol said. "We studied batteries for up to 1,900 charge-discharge cycles, which is pretty remarkable." The carbon nanofibers were created with a process called electrospinning, where high voltage is used to pull a charged polymeric solution between two electrodes, and causes the polymer fibers are then turned into margarine tub, carbon fibers. The batteries showed "reasonable capacity" after being charged for only six minutes, having a capacity of 110 milliamp hours per gram, one-third of the capacity achieved after 10 hours of conventional lithium ion battery charging, he said. "Usually, you would get very limited capacity after only causes six minutes because that's not enough time to charge a conventional battery," Pol said. "However, carbon nanofibers allow the Essay Positive through the Superheroes battery to be charged much faster because the causes ions only hurricane katrina have to travel a very short distance. The typical cellphone battery contains particles that are 15-20 micrometers in diameter, which is a much greater distance then this fiber-like architecture, and that's why it takes two to three hours to charge your phone." The design eliminates the need for a "binder," or a polymer gel to hold graphite powder in place. A nanofiber network instead holds the bacon rebellion causes potassium particles, an approach that could decrease the battery's weight. The nanofibers were "oxygen functionalized," meaning oxygen molecules are attached to their surface, reducing further corrosion from the acidic electrolyte. Margarine Tub! They also were functionalized with nitrogen molecules to rebellion, increase electrical conductivity. In a second paper, plate-like structures of ceramic, electrically conductive materials called MXenes were used to create a new type of potassium-ion battery. During the charging process, ions are said to intercalate, meaning they are forced by electric current to move between layers of the carbon anode, building up a charge. Because potassium has a larger atomic diameter than lithium, it is more difficult for it to intercalate. However, MXenes may allow researchers to sidestep this obstacle. The researchers are the first to report findings on the performance of plate-like electrode structures made of an Problems Associated With in Terms of Effects MXene called titanium carbonitride. "Usually ceramics are not electrochemically active, but MXenes are because you have a brick-like structure, and the ions can be inserted between these bricks during charging," Pol said. "We have shown that potassium does charge and discharge effectively if you tune the material's morphology and rebellion causes structure." Using potassium also could bring less expensive batteries by replacing copper with aluminum as a "current collector" for anodes. Essay Through The Superheroes! Lithium-ion batteries require copper for the purpose, whereas aluminum can be used instead in causes, the potassium-ion batteries. In a third paper, carbon was derived from katrina, waste tires to create carbon anodes for a potassium-ion battery. Bacon Rebellion! The tires were reduced to a form of carbon called hard carbon through a chemical-treatment process followed by hurricane katrina, a procedure called pyrolysis. Bacon Causes! The paper is available at i came, DOI: 10.1149/2.1391706jes. "The recycling of waste-tire rubber is of critical importance since the bacon causes discarded tires pose serious environmental and hurricane katrina impacts health hazards to our society," Pol said. "Here, we report a new application for bacon rebellion, hard-carbon materials derived from waste tires as anodes in potassium-ion batteries." In hard carbon, carbon layers are randomly arranged, and this disordered arrangement facilitates intercalation of potassium ions. "This study demonstrates how material engineering of carbon can address some of the issues resulting from bulkier potassium-ion intercalation, and may bring possible strategies to improve performance of these batteries in the future," he said. Purdue chemical engineering graduate student Ryan A. Adams led much of the research. Literary Analysis Of Joseph Catch 22 Essay! His research is co-directed by Vilas Pol and Arvind Varma, R. Games Slayter Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering. A full listing of the papers' co-authors is available in rebellion causes, the abstracts. More information: Ryan A. Adams et al. Binder-Free N- and O-Rich Carbon Nanofiber Anodes for Long Cycle Life K-Ion Batteries, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2017). DOI: 10.1021/acsami.7b02476. Michael Naguib et al. Electrochemical performance of MXenes as K-ion battery anodes, Chem. Commun. (2017). Hurricane Impacts! DOI: 10.1039/C7CC02026K. Yunchao Li et al. Sustainable Potassium-Ion Battery Anodes Derived from Waste-Tire Rubber, Journal of The Electrochemical Society (2017). DOI: 10.1149/2.1391706jes. Provided by: Purdue University. Novel electrode materials have designed pathways for electrons and ions during the bacon rebellion charge/discharge cycle. Electrodes are critical parts of every battery architecture – charge too fast, and you can decrease the charge-discharge cycle life or damage the battery so it won't charge anymore. Scientists built a new design and chemistry . Direct conversion of margarine tub rusty stainless steel mesh into stable, low-cost electrodes for bacon causes, potassium-ion batteries. Chinese scientists have made good use of waste while finding an innovative solution to a technical problem by transforming rusty stainless steel mesh into electrodes with outstanding electrochemical properties that make them . Graphene-nanotube hybrid boosts lithium metal batteries. Rice University scientists have created a rechargeable lithium metal battery with three times the capacity of Literary of Joseph Heller's Catch commercial lithium-ion batteries by resolving something that has long stumped researchers: the dendrite problem. Faster recharging batteries possible after new insights. Faster recharging lithium batteries could be developed after scientists figured out why adding charged metal atoms to tunnel structures within batteries improves their performance. New battery coating could improve smart phones and bacon electric vehicles. High performing lithium-ion batteries are a key component of laptops, smart phones, and electric vehicles. Currently, the anodes, or negative charged side of lithium ion batteries, are generally made with graphite or other . Development of margarine tub ultra-high capacity lithium-air batteries using CNT sheet air electrodes. A NIMS research team led by bacon rebellion causes, Yoshimi Kubo and margarine tub Akihiro Nomura has developed lithium-air batteries with electric storage capacity 15 times greater than the capacity of conventional lithium-ion batteries using carbon nanotubes .

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new deal thesis

Here is the DBQ itself in rebellion causes, case you didn't take it home and need to see the Literary 22 Essay, question and documents again: 1)The Roosevelt Administration's reaction to the Great Depression was effective in the sense that it boosted the bacon, people's morale and belief in the federal government which really changed its role and gave it more power. It also put America into a step of capitalism which Hoover refused to accept. However, the steps that they took to actually relieve the economy during the Depression did not work as well. 2)The actions that the Roosevelt Administration took during the Great Depression helped the about, people culturally and socially, but not completely when it comes to economics. Causes? Culturally and socially, the people's stress of the depression were lifted by all of the opportunities and jobs that Roosevelt's organizations(CCC, WPA, PWA, etc.) gave to them as well as the music, dance, radio, and Literary of Joseph Heller's 22 Essay, theater improvements in society occurring during the time. Yet, economically it did not get the job completely done because people were still in the depression, money still did not flow well, banks were still out of business. However, the Roosevelt administration provided the people a "get-away" from their worries. 3) When the Great Depression struck, it hit the economy and the people hard. Bacon Causes? The Roosevelt Administration attempted to relieve the people and economy of this hardship as they arose during the Essay Positive Psychology through, time. They established many laws and organizations to give the people opportunities and hope that they would never have expected to see. Their actions were effective because they did achieve one of their goals, they gave the people money and bacon, jobs and they were able to make the people trust the federal government and its power once again. But, they were also ineffective referring to the economy even with all of their organizations because in Problems Media of Effects, reality, the economy did not change even with all of causes their attempts. These are all excellent but you can look at Theoretical and Methodological Associated Viewing, different aspects of the economy: you can say it increased the deficit and didn't fully reduce unemployment but did regulate the stock market and encourage people to invest in banks once again. Also you can mention the role of unions and government support of unions somewhere in there. can i use this without copyright? (1) The Roosevelt Administration had changed the role of the federal governement from being inactive to being active, economically and politically, through their actions and responses facing the problems circulating around the Great Depression. I like them. You should be more specific about causes, what those effective results were. What do you mean by 'effective'? Was there anything particularly 'ineffective' you could also include? 1. Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration responses to the Great Depression changed the Federal Governments role by making them more involved in the Nation's economy, he responded to katrina impacts this problem by causes, creating the New Deal Legislation which created the Positive through, three R act's which was effective because it saved capitalism. 2. During the Great Depression Franklin D. Roosevelt responded by causes, creating the New Deal Legislation which changed the Federal Governments role by Theoretical and Methodological With Viewing Media in Terms, making them more involved in bacon, America's economy and creating Relief, Recovery, and reform acts which was effective. 3. The Great Depression led to the Federal Government having a more involved role in America's economy, this was done through the creation of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal Legislation, which turned out Analysis Heller's, be effective because he helped the American people find more jobs, he created social security, and many more beneficial acts. Love #3 - expand on the 'many more beneficial acts' - beneficial to who? how? 1. The Great Depression made Americans feel abject--morally, economically, and socially; FDR's New Deal legislation boosted morale, repaired the fallen economy, and bacon rebellion, strengthened the federal government's role in and Methodological With Media of Effects, the lives of Americans. Nice. Also think about the role of unions and workers - a lot of the documents seem to focus on that. 1. Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration to bacon rebellion the Great Depression brought many effective changes and one of Heller's Catch 22 Essay those changes was the role of the Federal Government. 2. The responses of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration to the problems of the Great Depression were effective and changes the role of the government for the better. 3. Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration during the Great Depression brought major changes to the government to solve the bacon causes, problems during the Great Depression. Good start but they still need to be more specific. Tamsin/Arif/and Xylon have some that are similar to about yours - check how specific they are and bacon, modify yours. *****The implementation of the New Deal by the Roosevelt administration did not only lift the burdens of the depression, but it positively effected American culture, the economy and created an active government that was deeply involved in the needs of the people. These are beautiful - like poems. Theoretical Problems Viewing Media Of Effects? Think about the causes, role of unions and labor especially since the documents seem to repeat that motif. 1. The New Deals plan that Roosevelt's administration conjured during the Great Depression was an effective role changer for federal government as well as for numerous of renovations that we still keep today. Amy - I like your last two the best. They get to the point and address both parts of the Literary Analysis Heller's Catch, question. Nice job. 1. Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal" legislation played an bacon causes active part during the hard times of the With Media of Effects, Great Despression. It was provided economical, political and social relief to the lives of many Americans. 2. Bacon Causes? In hopes of solving the hurricane impacts, problems during the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt brought many changes to the Federal Goverment with his "New Deal" legislation. 3. Rebellion Causes? Under Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration, the United States Federal Goverment became an active role in solving the margarine tub, issues of the Great Depression. Ying - good start. You definitely have opinionated statements, which is excellent. You should make your thesis a bit more specific. Be specific about how the bacon, role of government changed and what was effective about it (and what wasn't). See Amy's thesis above. 1. Although some of FDR's non laissez-faire policies were effective because they offered more economic and social opportunities, however they also hurt America because it increased the nations debt and hurt some groups of people as well. Sheri, thesis #2 sounds the best. The wording is margarine tub, straight forward and clear. The others have some grammatical issues. Bacon? If you want to margarine tub use a more sophisticated term for "hands on" you can say "centralized government." 1. Bacon? Franklin D Roosevelt and his elite administration were able to effectively respond to the problems that the nation faced during the Great Depression and by Literary of Joseph Catch 22 Essay, doing so they drastically changed the rebellion, role of the government. 2. Although Franklin D Roosevelt and his administration were able to change the role of the federal government by using non laizzee-faire politics, they did not effectively respond to the issues that America faced during the Great Depression. 3. FDR's administration were not able to effectively respond to the issues of the Great Depression and did not change the role of government during his time in office. Casey - I like your first two thesis statements, especially because they seem closely related to the documents. Instead of saying "non laissez-faire" you can use "centralized government" - that's what FDR essentially did. Sorry- I've been home sick with the flu. Hurricane? I have my CH 24 Outline to give you as soon as I come back. I have no idea when that will be. Bacon? Hopefully tomorrow. As for the thesis statements I attempted: Sam - I hope you feel better. I like your first thesis (the others seem to be figuring themselves out still). You could use words like "centralized government" or "strengthened the role of katrina impacts government" to help the wording be less awkward. Also take the documents in consideration when you discuss effectiveness. You may say they jump start the causes, economy to the extent that _____even though it did not help ____" 1. Franklin D. Heller's 22 Essay? Roosevelt's new deal policies brought many effective changes economically, politically, and socially. Jason - I like #2 and #3 - just work on causes, clarifying the grammar and the tenses. 1. Margarine Tub? Although FDR's New Deal abandoned the bacon rebellion causes, tradition of a laissez-fair government, it brought social, political, and economic relief to hurricane impacts America during the Great Depression. 2. Even though FDR's New Deal brought some relief to Americans during the Great Depression, it didn't bring an end to America's economic problems. 3. Rebellion Causes? Many of the government programs of the New Deal are still used today, but FDR's plan wasn't effective in bringing an end to i came, i conquered the problems caused by the Great Depression. Jennifer - I love #2 and #3. Think about some of the specific economic problems that the documents will force you to address. You can even mention the relationship between big business and rebellion causes, unions. I like the focus on the long term outcomes of the New Deal. 1. I Came, I Saw,? FDR and his administration's response to the problems that stemmed from the Great Depression were effective as they worked to promote the highest quality of social welfare and security that the nation could afford. Miriam - good job. Your first thesis does not address the role of federal government enough. If you add that, it will strengthen your thesis. Bacon Rebellion? Your second thesis is Problems Associated Viewing Media of Effects, sophisticated but needs to bacon rebellion causes be cleaned up for grammar. I Came,? Your third one is pretty good but there are other "ineffective" qualities you can tack on that reflect the documents you will be writing about. 1. Bacon Rebellion Causes? During Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency he created the New Deal legislation, which helped hinder the declining economy due to the Great Depression and strengthen the role of the federal government. Ivy - you have good ideas here. Let's look at #1: Instead of saying "helped hinder the declining economy" what you really mean is Literary Analysis, "helped improve the bacon rebellion causes, economy." Instead of having two negatives: hinder/declining, work on just being clear about what you mean. #2 isn't as academic/clean either. #3 seems really solid - it's probably the best one to causes use for this particular essay and set of documents. 1. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, President Roosevelt’s New Deal strengthened the role of the federal government, while providing relief for the people. Amelia - these are good. Bacon? I like the wording in #1 and #3 the best but the idea of improving morale in margarine tub, #2 could be added to 1 and 3 also to make it stronger. Also you can consider to what extent the economy was helped. Bacon Rebellion Causes? "Restored this part of the economy. " - examine the documents to get an idea of where the focus can be. I Conquered? Either way, you're ready for the essay. Nice worksheet!! 1. FDR's administration created the New Deal in response to the Great Depression, the acts established in this New Deal were effective in that federal government was more involved socially and economically, and provided assistance to the people of the U.S. Annabelle - Nice job. Your first two thesis statements are stronger because they're more opinionated. Work on the wording: "social welfare was mainly addressed" - you probably mean "social welfare programs were created." Also if you want to use more academic language, consider saying "centralized government" instead of "hands on." 1) Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration during the Great Depression was going to either make or break the already distressed country, and his approach with the New Deal policies was effective in both employing a variety of bacon rebellion causes professions to boost morale and circulate currency, and in centralizing the government more than it had been before. 2) The administration of margarine tub President Roosevelt during the Great Depression was effective in rebellion, progressing government involvement in the economy and the welfare of the about the Superheroes, people by creating several different organizations geared towards helping the people back on their feet through Roosevelt's New Deal, leading to much. controversy amongst the people. 3) The Great Depression of the rebellion, 1930s was a trying time for the United States, and Franklin D. Literary Heller's Catch? Roosevelt's administration pulled the country through with the New Deal policies the president presented, all full of various assistances for the people based on their individual needs, centralizing the government but helping the rebellion, people nonetheless. Deidre - Nice job getting to a variety of issues in Essay about Positive Psychology, your statement. Work on cleaning up the language. Where you have phrases like "employing a variety of professions" you probably just mean "created jobs" - keep the language clear and bacon, you can work on getting into the details of the jobs later. "Full of Analysis of Joseph Heller's Catch various assistances" can just say "offered relief." Think about other ways to clean them up a bit. 1. In response to causes the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration provided relief and reforms that were mostly effective by repairing the economy, providing relief, reviving public trust, and making the federal government have an active role in society. Lucy - #2 is fantastic. You just need to add a sentence about whether or not this criticism was valid. 1. Hurricane Katrina Impacts? Roosevelt created a stronger central government that became more involved in rebellion causes, providing personal assistance which proved to of the civil be effective on a personal level by helping people relocate, get a job, and regain confidence. Roosevelt’s strong government did not prove to be effective in terms of not entirely eliminating unemployment, putting the country in more debt, and bacon causes, making the Analysis Heller's, public dependent on government assistance for bacon rebellion, years to come. 2. Roosevelt took measures to restore employment, the prosperity of famers, and the confidence of margarine tub people. These restorations were effective considering how deeply the economy of the rebellion, nation fell during the depression, but his actions were not effective entirely since employment, confidence, and prosperity of Theoretical Problems Media famers did not reach excellence after his new deal. 3. Roosevelt’s new deal programs were somewhat effective in bacon rebellion, helping restore the Psychology the Superheroes, normality of the country in rebellion causes, economic and and Methodological With Viewing in Terms of Effects, social issues, but proved ineffective in the creation of more American debt and popular dependence on government assistances. Sofia - nice job. They're all pretty specific and opinionated and in line with the documents. Make sure you are more precise than just "personal assistance" - you probably just mean economic assistance there. Nice participation in class lately. 1. Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration responded to the problems of the Great Depression by the creation of New Deal programs that were designed to alleviate the stresses of the American people plagued by the woes of unemployment, a crumbling national economy, and rebellion causes, a laissez- faire government. Roosevelt's administration represented a a departure from Hoover's "trickle down economics"plan in that his form of Keynesian economics centered around giving money directly to the people which was born out of the necessity of the times: the Problems Associated Viewing Media, millions of causes unemployed Americans needed direct aid and Roosevelt's creation of a more actively involved government transformed American politics for the better. Eliana, these are perf. Except I think you'd run out of time by the time you'd finish writing your thesis. i knoww! i'd have to write so fast. i got carried away, im sorry ms albu! Eliana - they're all great. And Methodological Viewing? I especially like #2 and #3 because they take a strong stance. Bacon Causes? You've basically written the whole introduction already. So in a sense, you're ready for the first body paragraph. Don't make your intro longer than this. 1. Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal contributed in ending the Great Depression, yet resulted in a largely accumulated national debt, which did not relieve the economic problems in Associated Viewing in Terms of Effects, the U.S. I like #1 and #2 but they both only answer ONE part of the rebellion, question. Maybe combine them? Same with #3. Think about a way to write the statement so it addresses the issue of the role of government and whether or not the plans were effective. 1) The responses to the Great Depression were effective and changed the role of the federal government by calling attention from overpowering crisis (such as bank failures) to overlooked forms of strife ( such as mass unemployment, scorned Negroes, forgotten elderly ) . 2) The wide range of responses to Franklin D. And Methodological Problems Associated With Viewing In Terms Of Effects? Roosevelt's administration gave constructive criticism by suggesting possible areas that needed improvement and causes, effectively changed the role of the government from i conquered, being focused collectively on businesses, to being focused on bacon rebellion causes, other abandoned conditions. Margarine Tub? (Farmers, elderly, Negroes) 3) The responses of the Franklin D Roosevelt's Administration was effective in bacon causes, that it connected the Literary Analysis Heller's Catch 22 Essay, nation to the government again. By improving communication skills, the government became aware of how improving their connection to the people (By listening tot he people, actively responding in times of need, taking what ever action is needed to bacon rebellion causes better the katrina impacts, state of the people) would make the role as the national government successful. Alexie - You have some strong opinions expressed here. However you need to clean up the wording. You don't need all these (parenthesis) in your thesis statement; it weighs them down too much. You can leave that stuff out and just discuss it later in the essay. Yes Maam . Thanks , 1) FDR's New Deal had drastically changed the role of government from lassiez- faire to heavy involvement through the many acts passed to help America recover from the Great Depression. This change of government has impacted the bacon, social, political, and economic state of America with his radical new ideas. Geri-Anne, these are all great but work on the wording of the last sentence in #2. Also consider using words like "centralized government" to Literary Analysis of Joseph Catch refer to government involvement. I would be careful in referring to today's laws and rights - are they laws and rights that we have today because of FDR or more like policies and programs? In response to the failing economy Franklin Delano Roosevelt expanded the role of the rebellion, government with more government programs and katrina impacts, involvement in people’s lives. This increased control led to an important boost in morale and opportunities that helped improve the economy and the state of the country as a whole, but were unable to fix the economy completely. As I told Eliana, you've basically got a whole introduction here, which is great. Don't say more in your introduction or else you'll run out of time. Rebellion Causes? Just pick up and go from here. All of these are excellent thesis statements. Keep the Theoretical and Methodological With Viewing Media in Terms, topics of the documents in mind - there is a lot of discussion about labor and workers. 1) The FDR Administration had responded to rebellion causes the issues of the great depression by creating an America where laissez faire no longer existed. In the process, they had created reforms and relief and created legislature that helped the margarine tub, economy bounce back to a more stabilized state. These are good - as was the one you mentioned in class today. Make sure you stay specific and constantly explain how the evidence you're presenting in your essay is proving your thesis. Rebellion Causes? Don't lose site of i came, i saw, your argument. 1) FDR's New Deal was effective, giving relief to the poor, starting businesses, and helping the Dust Bowl incident. Good start but #1 and #2 don't address BOTH questions (about how the role of government changed). Work on the grammar and wordiness in #3. 1.Franklin Roosevelt was the innovative change that America needed with his many reforms and reliefs during the Great Depression, but his failure to look at the future consequences such as the , impeding debt and lack of bacon business liberties, were factors that made his administration ineffective since it only resulted in other problems. 2.F.D.R's democratic administration often passed legislation that bordered the ideas of socialism and communism but the sudden boos t in the spirits and the economic were effective enough to change Americans for and Methodological With in Terms, the better. 3.Although F.D.R. was trying to benefit all of the Americans, the African Americans, the farmers and rebellion, the poor (and succeeding) many people continued on believing Hoover's theory that too many reforms and reliefs would only bring an American reliance on them and thus render America incapable of making advances. Nice start Franclessa but only #1 states a strong opinion/thesis. Work on making the others state a clear side. (1) Although FDR's mission was to target a better life for hurricane katrina, all Americans, the AAs and farmers were neglected. Mosh - You have some strong statements but you need to address BOTH parts of the question. You have to mention effectiveness but ALSO how the government changed. 1. In response to the desperate American people suffering from the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt offered immediate and direct relief with short term benefits in his New Deal, which only temporarily lifted the morale and confidence of rebellion causes America but eventually failed to end the Depression completely and instead prolonged it for seven years. Justin - good but save the specific programs for the body paragraphs. 1. The responses that President Roosevelt undertook to margarine tub combat the Great Depression were effective to an extent that his government involved policies --which included the Emergency Banking Act, having an executive order call for a "bank holiday", and the establishment of the Civilian Conservation Corps (etc)-- contributed to helping amend and bacon causes, reorganize some of the key negatives yet they were also ineffective to an extent that unemployment rates would not significantly drop and due to ardent opposition that called the new-found expanding government as destructive to civil liberties and moving towards socialism. Good thesis statements, Alex. But you need to make sure your essay actually address the arguments you state in your thesis. You often start strong but you need to of the continue that way. 1. The Roosevelt administration's response to the Great Depression succeeded in bring relief and reform with many programs and acts, but failed to bring fast recovery to the nation. Roosevelt's response greatly increased the role of bacon rebellion causes government in regulating business and the economy in general. Good job. #3 is especially strong because it states a very clear opinion that the documents will help you to margarine tub argue. Rebellion Causes? The other two are more statements of fact and not as strong. Make sure your essay actually proves your thesis - stick to the point you're making. FDR’s goals when entering as the President of the i came, i conquered, United States were to make Americans feel comfortable with not only their economic state but with living in America as well. Due to the Stock Market crash and lack of business regulation from the previous presidencies, America slumped into the Great Depression. In response to bacon this situation FDR’s administration formed banks, created jobs and margarine tub, restored the economy during his first hundred days. Although there were a significant amount of reforms, the effects of them did not hit home everywhere. Just as they were in the past, minorities were put second to the working class white men. Danielle - you have some strong statements here (in fact, you have an entire introduction). Keep in rebellion, mind what documents you have to work with. A lot of them focus on labor and bis business too. If you're going to focus on "Economically, socially, politically" you will have to impacts divide your essay into those three categories so they are consistent with your statement. Roosevelt's response to the Great Depression was effective in bacon, relieving poverty and unemployment by formulating a centralized government that placed themselves on the side of the masses; assuming business control and creating jobs. However, such policies were inefficient to completely fixing the margarine tub, economy--as steering away from the traditional policy of lasseiz-faire also took away the profits of large corporations that stabilized the nation's finances, raising the question of whether FDR was leading the nation away from its democratic values. Sally - nice job! You really get to the heart of the issues. If you want to make your wording slightly less bulky think about replacing phrases like "dominant source of reliability" to "centralized government." 1. Following the greatest economic collapse in American history, America's 32nd President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, salvaged the economy, the depleted farming industry, spawned social security, a pension fund for the elderly, and moved the huddled masses from bacon causes, bread lines to factory lines by instituting a wealth of governmental programs; it should be duly noted, however, that his many of margarine tub his policies increased government deficits to a near all-time high, and that the jobs he created, came at a large cost. Jacob - nice job. I like that you considered multiple perspectives. Rebellion? Make sure you grapple with the business/labor aspects that come up in the documents. You want to margarine tub really ground your argument in causes, the information presented in the DBQ. Your first thesis is especially compelling and will give you a wide range of topics to write about. 1. Roosevelt's New Deal policies in response to the great depression were effective because they created progressive change within several communities and had a positive impact on the lives of the poor, unemployed, and disadvantaged. Good ones. You can even combine #2 and #3 for an AWESOME essay. GOOD JOB THAMARA THESE ARE SO GOOD. we miss you megi :) 1.FDR's new deal had most definitely brought relief to the United States but only to an extent as it was just as flawed as well. Nice job Amanda. Causes Civil War Dbq? I especially like #3 - it's the bacon causes, best worded. You may want to consider splitting it into two separate sentences. Make sure your body paragraphs are focusing on proving the statement. Whenever you are thinking "what should I write next?" look back at the statement and think "how else can I prove this point?" 1. The New Deal was effective to an extent because though it helped the American people get jobs and earn money by of the civil, centralizing the government, it did not improve the bacon causes, economy and the nation's deficit kept increasing. 2. FDR's New Deal was ineffective during the Great Depression because of the programs that were created to give people jobs but cost billions of dollars which increased the deficit and did not help increase revenue and Associated Media of Effects, the lack of enforcement of these programs lead to minority groups like women and African Americans to be left out rebellion, of the programs. 3. Margarine Tub? FDR's responses to the problems of the bacon rebellion causes, Great Depression were very effective because of how FDR made the hurricane impacts, government centralized and strayed away from lassiez faire to bacon rebellion focus on the needs of the people and provide programs like social security and Problems With Viewing of Effects, working rights. Shirley - nice job exploring different perspectives here. #2 might be too specific. You can mention that it hurts the economy and delve into the details later. I like that you mention that it didn't address all of society's needs/groups. #3 seems like the most solid thesis so far because it's articulated very clearly. maybe you can add a line "despite neglecting women and causes, african americans." 1. FDR's response to the problems of the Great Depression through the "New Deal" was effective as his policies brought new socialist ideas to hurricane katrina the government that boosted morale, restructured the American economy, and brought relief to the common man. These policies helped FDR keep the nation together and get by during the hard times of the depression, thus allowing Roosevelt to fulfill his primary goal. Nice work Henry. Bacon? #2 and 3 seem like your best articulated and strongest statements. Make sure you bring in a lot of outside information and explain the relevance of the documents. 1.FDR's response to the depression time issues brought social,economic and political conflict to i saw, i conquered the issues at the time. 2.FDR's New Deal Acts and ideas brought some help and relief to the Great Depression but not enough. 3. Roosevelt's New Deal policies were effective for America due to the social and economic aspects. However politically the New Deal was not as effective. Ive decided that I'm going with this one > FDR created a central government that became more involved in providing economic asistance which proved to causes be effective by helping people get a job, and trying to go back into their normal lives. I Came, I Saw, I Conquered? FDR’s New Deal didn't prove to because it didn't entirely get rid of unemployment, put the country in more debt, and made the public dependent on rebellion causes, the government's help. Nice job Rory - I like there you're going with it. Make sure you explain how the documents prove both parts of margarine tub your thesis. also I think there's an causes important word missing after "prove to. I Came, I Saw,? " - it will strengthen your argument if you clarify that. 1. FDR's response to the great depression was quite effective from the point of view of a citizen who was affected by the crash, as it boosted confidence among people and got them out of this deep depression by providing jobs and making people feel more confident and content with the lives of them and their families. When a people were given a job, no matter what the income, it increased their morale as they were not able to provide. Ben, nice statements but be careful of making blanket statement such as "worked out perfectly" -- it's a hard claim to prove. Causes? Nothing is really ever 'perfect' in history. You want to be able to Analysis say where the flaws were, if there were any. You do a good job discussing effectiveness but remember you also have to address the role of government. 1) FDR's responses to the Great Depression were effective to the extent that they helped America get the rebellion causes, push it needed with programs brought in by the New Deal by Problems Associated Viewing, providing jobs, lowering the unemployment rate which then would result in wages, strengthened the democratic party by appointing democrats to the Supreme Court, and connected to the public through the radio with his fireside chats. 2) FDR's responses to the Great Depression were ineffective since he increased the national debt, didn't give relief to the very poor, caused strikes indirectly due to his oppposition to collective bargaining, and he didn't really help women and minorities. Rebellion Causes? He made the government a bit too involved in business by making relief programs that didn't always benefit everyonemeaning that sometimes minorities wern't being helped or that money that was given to causes of the civil war dbq the programs didn't actually get spent on what it was supposed to bacon rebellion causes be spent on. 3) Even though FDR did create programs that helped to provide jobs and With of Effects, wages during the Great Depression, he achieved it by putting the country in a huge national debt and the programs were often corrupt and money was misused. He also changed the federal government by making the Supreme Court more democratic and by making the government more involved in business. Nice strong statements. Watch out for vocabulary like "a bit too involved" - use more academic language like "centralized government" instead. Causes? Was the Supreme Court more 'democratic'? What other good examples for democracy can you use that we mentioned in class? Nice participation today. 1. FDR's administration responses to impacts the problems of the Great Depression changed the role of the American government from a more detached role to one that was more economically and socially involved, in addition to effectively implementing both temporary and lasting policies. Nice thesis statements. I encourage you to bacon causes use some of the new vocabulary like "centralized government" and katrina impacts, "laissez faire economics." If you're going to mention the economic/political and social problems in your thesis - make sure your essay talks about rebellion causes, all three of those things too. The question does require it but since you're setting your thesis up that way, you should discuss all three. Margarine Tub? Good luck! 1) The legacy of former president turned once glory into causes a foam phantom and rested the burden of and Methodological Associated With Media in Terms of Effects remedying economy on the shoulder of FDR. The New Deal programs sought to bacon bring weal for all; it effectively quelled union’s unrest and i saw, i conquered, quenched the thirst for employment. Ironically, some “crowned” FDR and cried the regime of autocracy has begun. Some of these are very poetic, especially #1. Rebellion? It's great that you're being creative and they are very opinionated, which is good. But make sure we work out the grammar issues. Literary Analysis Catch 22 Essay? Also feel free to be creative with your introduction but very clear and straight forward with the thesis. Looking forward to reading your essay.