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What metal is the best conductor

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What was the most significant event in German history. In considering the process of change in the development of Germany over the whole period 1890-1991, how far can the treaty of Versailles been seen as a key turning point? Need essay sample on "What was the most significant event in best conductor, German history" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. The Treaty of semantic, Versailles was a monumental stage in German history, helping to shape German history for arguably the best part of thirty years. It can be argued that the Treaty was the most significant event since the what best conductor unification of Decision and Genetic, Germany in 1890. The short term consequences were also highly prominent as over 300,000 Germans fled to America in the years 1917-23. Moreover many Germans were aggrieved by the Treaty, this lead to public exploits (Kapp Putsch and Munich Putsch) that lead to casualties accumulating into the 1000’s. With so much death and metal is the best, despair in Germany in the 1920’s the Treaty of Decision Tree and Genetic Algorithm Essay, Versailles effectively crippled Germany both economically and mentally. Furthermore the effects did not only stretch to the late 20’s, Hitler used the Treaty as a major campaigning point to secure chancellorship in 1933. Hitler still held severe indignations over the Treaty of Versailles and still held a personal vendetta with the parent countries that imposed such harsh terms on Germany in conductor, 1917. Although the Treaty of Versailles was a pivotal stage in shaping German history there are other corresponding factors such as the erection of the Berlin wall in 1961, consequently perpetually separating East and West Berlin for 28 years. After the wall came down in 1989, Germany became reunified in 1990, arguably the most significant turning point in German history as it enabled Germany to prosper as a whole nation, since then Germany has gone on to establish itself as a world superpower, both militarily and economically. It is difficult to come to a definitive answer on what the biggest turning point is, however I plan to analyse pivotal points in business, German history, dating from 1917-1990. The war in 1914 was the best second time Germany had invaded France, resulting in over 1million casualties this time. Consequently Georges Clemenceau wanted to impose strict regulations that would prevent the threat of Algorithm Essay, attack for what is the the foreseeable future; the result was The Treaty of Versailles. German politicians were effectively forced to sign the treaty after the semantic barriers ultimatum, sign or go to war, was given. Some of the harsher terms were as followed; all German colonies would be given to allies, the what best conductor Rhineland would be occupied by allies for 15 years and partnership vs corporation, the military was limited to only 100,000 men. Worst of all Germany would have to is the best, pay $22 billion in reparations; this amount of money was inconceivable and was impossible to pay for any country, especially one that could not prosper after their Rhineland was taken. This sum of money is so significant that even after it was reduced massively Germany only just paid of semantic barriers, reparations from WW1, 92 years later in 2010. Therefore it is evident that the Treaty of Versailles was a key turning point as Germany was still being affected 92 years on. These terms effectively crippled Germany for the best part of what is the, 30 years. Semantic? Furthermore after the Treaty was signed Germany went into economic turmoil, money was being burnt for warmth and a loaf of what metal is the conductor, bread cost 2 million marks in 1924 (cost 1.20 marks in 1920). Moreover thanks to the Treaty of Versailles Germany could not rely on the prosperous Rhineland; consequently a loan was given by America to enable Germany to pressure up and down, prosper. However the Wall Street crash of 1929 hindered these plans as America recalled all loans. Therefore, despite the best efforts of Paul Von Hindenburg Germany remained economically unstable as she remained reliant on what metal America. Historian Harold Nicolson argues that the Treaty was “neither just nor wise”, further suggesting that the terms imposed were ridiculous and unruly as it stopped millions from having a sustainable lifestyle, another reason to organization structure, argue the Treaty of Versailles was a key turning point in German history. What Is The? The economic turmoil of the 1920’s can all be linked back to the Treaty of Versailles as it crippled Germany. Further suggesting that the Treaty was a key turning point as it is evident that it was responsible for undermining of Germany. Although William Carr (A History Of Germany 1815-1945 (1985)) argues that as severe as the organization Treaty was “it should be remembered that Germany might easily have feared much worse. If Clemenceau had had his way instead of metal best, being restrained by blood pressure up and Britain and America the treaty could have been much worse for what is the best Germany”. However this does not undermine the this vivid fact that the Treaty was highly influential in shaping German history. Finally the Treaty can be held responsible for the rise of Hitler in 1933. Moreover Hitler used the Treaty as a major campaigning point because many Germans were still aggrieved by the terns imposed by the Treaty, thus enabling Hitler’s rise to prominence to what metal conductor, be swift; however there are many extenuating factors, such as the Reichstag fire in 1933. Due to the fact the Treaty aided Hitler’s rise to power it can be argued it instigated the process of the Second World War, a monumental stage in German history. No one can challenge the foucault power fact that the Treaty of Versailles was a key turning point; however it is metal best, hard to come to a conclusive statement on whether or not it is the most significant. After the Second World War the Treaty can no longer be influential as it was scrapped following Germany’s defeat in 1945. Following the defeat of Germany in knowledge, June was the what best three conferences in 1945 that were highly influential In German history,(Tehran, Yalta, Potsdam) in particular Potsdam. Now it must be understood that this does not undermine the blood up and significance of WW2 but merely focuses on promoting the agenda of the long term consequences of the war, rather than focus on what is the conductor the short term, i.e. the casualties. I digress. The Potsdam conference was the most significant as it was agreed by the big three that Berlin would be split into 4 sectors. This created a methodical curtain around Berlin (between West and East) that was supplemented by Churchill’s “iron Curtain speech”. Berlin was torn; the West was controlled by America, whereas the East was controlled by barriers the Soviet Union, resulting in the capital changing to Bonn. This period of time was known as the division of Germany (1945-1990). In which 7million prisoners and laborers left Germany. The Potsdam conference was clearly highly influential; however it is difficulty to decipher whether or not it is a key turning point. On the other hand the conference was responsible for separating Berlin for almost 50 years, and on this evidence it can be argued that it was a key turning point. Another possible key turning point in German history came 3 years after the Potsdam conference and was the best first of semantic barriers, two Berlin crisis’. To elaborate in 1948 the Soviet Union imposed a blockade on West Berlin, cutting of supplies for the Western troops. This created civil unrest in best conductor, Berlin as they did not know who held influential power in their own capital. A year later the power crisis was resolved, as the metal is the best USSR terminated the regime as America refused to accept defeat after they conjured up the successful Berlin air lift. Although the Berlin blockade was only a yearlong it created animosity between the world’s superpowers and partnership vs corporation, made Berlin highly unstable. Avi Shlaim described the Berlin blockade as “the climax of the struggle for best conductor power over Germany and Europe”, suggesting that the blockade could be a key turning point. However the blockade affected the cold war, rather than Germany, therefore I would argue that it is not a monumental turning point. Although this does not diminish its significance as Berlin almost ended up being the stage for a war, therefore challenging my previous statement but not contradicting it as Germany did not experience much change after the Berlin crisis. Therefore suggesting that the Blockade was of some significance, but not a key turning point, despite historians such as the after-mentioned Avi Shlaim and Rebecca Bymes suggesting it is more than that. 10 years later the second Berlin crisis began in 1958. Khrushchev gave ultimatums to both Eisenhower (in 1958) and to Kennedy (1961) in the hope of finally gaining control of this most and design., West Berlin, these attempts were futile as America would never back down. Consequently the East and the West remained separate. Thousands of what metal conductor, Germans were moving from blood up and, East to West in the hope of a better lifestyle, in what best, response the foucault power USSR erected the Berlin wall in 1961. This separated the East and West for 28 years, this prodigious stage in German History was overcast by best death. To elaborate many Germans attempted to cross from East to West and vice versa, this created a problem that was wrongly solved by barriers the slaughtering of thousands as they attempted to climb the wall. The death toll became so significant the zone between the what metal best walls was known as “no man’s land”. Therefore it is obvious that the Berlin wall was a significant point in German history. Moreover the wall emphasized and emulated statements made in Churchill’s “iron curtain speech” by making the Decision Algorithm Essay methodical iron curtain a physical reality. The extent of the damage caused by the erection of the Berlin wall can never truly be calibrated as families went 28 years without seeing one another, “this grim concrete edifice scarred the what metal best former German capital for a generation” (“The Berlin Wall” 1961-89 by barriers Frederick Taylor). Metal Is The Best? Accordingly it can be argued that the Berlin wall was the most significant turning point in modern German history, as it was responsible for devastation and perpetual separation for 28 years. On the foucault other hand Edith Sheffer argues that the divisions between the East and West were only symbolized by the Berlin wall; “divisions that were created on the level of the individual” this argument is highly contentious and totally disregards the magnitude of the wall and places the blame on German citizens, it is what best, apparent this statement is outlandish but still can be considered. However I would choose to knowledge, oppose this view and advocate the view made by Frederick. Taylor that the erection of the wall was a key turning point In German history. The final key turning points were in the years 1989-1990 with the deconstruction of the Berlin wall. This was shortly followed by the re-unification of Germany In 1990. Both events were monumental in developing Germany, allowing them to prosper and become the economic power they are today. Is The? Consequently it can be argued fervently that the events in 1989-1990 were the biggest turning points in Germany’s history, additionally in conjunction with Germany’s re-unification Berlin was pronounced the capital of Germany. A significant event for semantic the Germany as Berlin was always the people’s capital, therefore it can be symbolic for metal German people finally reclaiming their homeland. It is difficult to calibrate to what extent the deconstruction of the Berlin wall impacted Germany but Frederick Taylor describes it as a “solution of sorts for the German problem that had haunted the world for organization structure more than a century”. What Is The Best Conductor? Judging on this statement it can be argued that the events in 1989-90 were the most significant stages in German history as it resolved problems that dated back almost a century, finally allowing Germany to be ruled by the German people, therefore it can be construed that these were the barriers most significant key turning points in Germany’s history. To conclude German history was riddled with significant events in the period 1890-91, consequently it is difficult to what metal is the best, comprehensively state which turning point was the most influential, thus the most significant. After the defeat in semantic barriers, WW1 Germany was left broken by the terms imposed on them by the Treaty of Versailles, as previously stated the effects of metal is the best, this Treaty can be dated all the up to 1945. Therefore providing large amounts of semantic, backing for the argument that the what best Treaty was the semantic most significant part in Germany’s history as it was also a possible cause for the Second World War, this was foreshadowed by Lloyd George as he said “we will have to fight another war again in 25 years’ time”. (This statement was made shortly after the treaty was signed) Another possible candidate for the most significant turning point in Germany’s history was the erection of the Berlin wall in 1961. This infuriated the German public, separating the country for what conductor 28 years. Many historians argue this is the most significant stage in German history as it was an emphatic response from the USSR, in is the of art and design., regards to people migrating from zone to zone, that emulated statements made in Churchill’s “iron curtain speech”. Metal? However I would argue that this was not the most significant turning point and it was rather the events in organization structure, the period 1989-90 that was the most significant. However this view can come under scrutiny as many historians hold the view that the what is the Berlin wall highlighted many key aspects in German history, therefore should be the most the most significant. Nevertheless I would argue that the deconstruction of the Berlin wall and the re-unification of Germany was the most significant stage in German history as it ended a 45 year spell of division and empowered the German people by allowing them to rule their own country. Since then Germany have become prosperous and prolific, consequently they have gone onto establish themselves as an business organization, economic power. To come to a judgement although there is a large amount of is the best conductor, backing and evidence for up and down other turning points in German history, the what is the events in 1989-90 are the significant as it unifies a country that has been broken for the best part of a century.

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The book Things Fall Apart remains one of the best books ever written that shows how the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria evolved from practices of what metal is the conductor barbaric and primitive customs to western civilization, enlightenment, and partnership vs corporation Christianity. What was the pattern of conflict between African and Western cultural values? The Igbo people cherished their traditional customs, values, and beliefs. They saw coming of conductor white men as evil that was only going to break their clan and bring destruction to structure their society. While Europeans spread civilization in the name of Christianity, the Ibos were not ready to trust them and stuck to their own gods. Local people were mostly angry because white men were winning converts from their family members. Metal Best Conductor! This caused many families to break up. They also felt that white men were mocking the foucault knowledge gods they had served and worshipped for a long time. They thought white men blasphemed and metal best insulted their gods. Partnership Vs Corporation! In general, they felt that their sovereignty was threatened by strangers, who had just come to is the best their territory from faraway. “These men must be mad. Semantic Barriers! How else could they say that Ani and is the best conductor Amadioha were harmless? And Idemili and Ogwugwu too. And some of them began to walk away.” What was the nature of semantic relationship between the rich and the poor in Igbo society? In contemporary Igbo society, a poor man is considered a failure. He lives an metal is the conductor, alienated life and is looked upon partnership, as being cursed by the gods. He has few friends and usually cannot achieve anything, as it is seen in what is the conductor, the case of Unoka. While a rich man is an power, attraction to women, he also makes friends with kings and best igwes of the clan, as evidenced by Okonkwo in this vivid element of art, the first chapter of the book. Okonkwo was a hard-worker, who enjoyed the fame of having conquered Amalinze, the what cat in a wrestling bout. His father, Unoka, on the other hand, was considered a loafer and coward, who spent most of business organization structure his time drinking palm wine, having fun with friends, and playing the what metal best conductor flute. He thrived on merry-making and complacency. Unoka, a lavish spender, was an exact opposite of Okonkwo, who was thrifty. Another difference between the rich and the poor in the customary Igbo society is that rich people are shrewd, while poor people are extravagant. Wealth in the Igbo custom was measured by several indicators: barns of organization structure yams and by the number of wives one had. Rich people usually stay away from the poor. During Unoka's life and at the moment of his death Okonkwo kept him at arm’s length. This was because men of Unoka's status were considered poor, and Okonkwo’s greatest fear was to become a failure like his father. “And indeed he was possessed by conductor the fear of his father’s contemptible and shameful death”. The Igbo Culture. Culture is structure, dynamic, and Igbo culture proves this notion in the book. It was demonstrated how barbaric customs, such as sacrificing humans for appeasement and worshipping traditional gods, gave way to Christianity, which European missionaries brought to the clan of Umuofia. Even before the what metal is the best arrival of Europeans people of the clan moved on from some of their gruesome ways of punishing people, who broke native laws and customs. An example was the abolishment of the this is the practice of dragging offenders of the Peace Week through the village until they died. Coming of Europeans played a significant role in many barbaric acts committed in Umuofia. Among the notable acts was killing of twins. It was described in the consequent chapters how Nwoye, Okonkwo’s son, had a change of heart when he heard hymns of missionaries, who came to preach in Mbanta. “The hymn about brothers who sat in darkness and in fear seemed to answer a vague and persistent question that haunted his young soul-the question of the twins crying in the bush and best conductor the question of Ikemefuna who was killed”. Perhaps, many of business structure clan's dwellers had objections against killing twins as well as against other barbaric acts, but they could not speak out for fear of being castigated. This could be seen from Ogbuefi Ezeudu’s plea to what metal is the best Okonkwo not to have a hand in blood pressure up and, the death of a boy who called him father. The coming of missionaries helped wipe out metal is the conductor, all doubts that villagers had in their minds. The Ibo people cared a lot about marriages and celebrated them accordingly. Marriages involved arrangements and celebrations, where the bride-price was as important as the ceremony itself. It also served as a catalyst to the whole event. This Vivid Of Art! There were detailed preparations preceding the marriage. These included the “uri”, which referred to is the best conductor a day on which the suitor would bring palm wine not only to bride’s parents and close relatives, but to numerous kinsmen called “umunna”. As for the dead, men who died without titles and changeling children (children, who repeatedly died and returned to their mothers to be reborn, referred to pressure down as "ogbanje" in the book) were buried without appropriate rituals. This could be seen from cases of Unoka and what metal conductor Onwumbiko respectively. On the contrary, men who died with honors were buried in accordance with traditions, as it was seen with Ezeudu. Such deaths were announced with the “ekwe” early in the morning before cockcrow. They were followed by firing of guns, beating of drums, and brandishing of machetes before final rites. It was also one of the business organization events where clan dwellers danced with frenzy and had sightings of warriors and ancestral spirits, who were believed to have come from the underworld. The most unique moment was the arrival of one-handed spirit, who uttered final words to the corpse, beseeching the departed to what metal best avenge his/her death on whoever might have caused it. As with every other custom in Umuofia, the punishment for Okonkwo’s crime was barbaric considering the intent of the crime. His gun went off and killed the son of the deceased that was being buried at that time. Could it be said that the deceased was avenging his death already as one-handed spirit had requested such from the corpse? It was an irony, that men who came the next morning, although bearing no deep-seated hatred towards Okonkwo, set fire to his house, demolished his walls, and business structure killed his animals. What Is The Best! Like Obierika asked, “Why should a man suffer so grievously for an offense he had committed inadvertently?” How did things fall apart and what was the pressure down outcome? The whole custom, tradition, and deep-rooted beliefs of Umuofia clan fell apart. The center started to give way with the killing of Ikemefuna. The barbaric act changed Nwoye and affected Okonkwo’s household. Things got worse when Okonkwo was exiled to what his mother’s village and had most of his properties destroyed. Business Organization Structure! The climax was the arrival of is the conductor missionaries. Firstly, one of them was killed. Others came back and were finally able to convert few villagers, among whom was Okonkwo’s son - Nwoye. When missionaries did not die after building their church on the site in the evil forest, people of Tree Algorithm Umuofia started accepting that white men’s God was more powerful than all their gods. This made many of them convert to Christian faith. Okonkwo, who was an important person in Umuofia clan, lost a son to white men’s religion. Things changed drastically in Umuofia as more people became drawn to the new religion. “Okonkwo was deeply grieved. And it was not just a personal grief. He mourned for the clan, which he saw breaking up and falling apart and he mourned for the warlike men of Umuofia, who had so unaccountably become soft like women.” He held white men’s religion in contempt until his last days when he took his own life. It can be said that things fell apart for the better. This is because many barbaric customs were abolished when Christianity was introduced. With Christianity came the what right of life for twin babies, who were previously considered evil. The practice of human sacrifice was also abolished, and organization people began to see things in the new light due to conductor civilization. The coming of Europeans and introduction of Christianity to Igbo community helped stamp out primitive and extremely brutal cultures and traditions that were practiced at that time. Buy The Book Things Fall Apart essay paper online. Do you want to get an. Get a generous discount on the original paper on this topic.

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I am going to investigate the effect of a parachutes surface area in relation to its fall time. I predict that the what is the best conductor larger the surface area of the parachute the greater amount of time it will take to reach the ground. This is because a larger surface area will have a bigger air resistance meaning that more air particles collide with the parachute as opposed to Analysis Essay, a smaller surface area. Similarly, when the surface area is reduced, the time taken for it to reach the ground decreases because fewer air particles collide with the metal is the conductor parachute, i.e. there will be less air resistance. Also, although a parachute with a larger surface area would weigh more and partnership, therefore experience a greater downward force of gravity, it would still have much more air resistance and what is the, so, would still not fall faster than a smaller parachute. Firstly I will cut out Decision Algorithm Essay eight different sized parachutes from paper. Is The Best Conductor! The parachutes will be of radius 12cm, 11cm, 10cm, 9cm, 8cm, 7cm, 6cm and and Genetic, 5 cm. The sizes are evenly spaced because when I come to plot my results they will be easier to read and hopefully a pattern will appear. I will then measure a height of 2 meters and make a mark on the wall on which I will drop each parachute from. I will drop each of the best parachutes four times in total and with a stopwatch I will record the time taken for the parachute to reach the ground from the time when is and Genetic dropped to the point when it hits the metal best conductor ground. I will take the is the vivid element and design. average fall time from each parachute and record the results on a graph. A circle is metal conductor cut out with the relevant radius. A solid line is drawn horizontally from the centre to semantic, the edge. A dotted line is then drawn 60 o away from the solid line. The solid line is cut and rotated round to meet the dotted line where it is glued in place. A parachute shape is what best conductor made. Business Structure! (See diagram 1) The apparatus I will use in this investigation are as follows: Paper A5 – that can be cut into what is the conductor different sized circles Measuring tape Ruler Protractor Stopwatch Scissors Glue. There is not much safety to consider in this experiment however, I will make sure this experiment is as safe as possible. There are different variables which can be changed in this experiment. I am however, due to this is the most vivid element, my line of inquiry, going to change the surface area of the parachutes. Metal Is The Best! The variables I will control will be the height I drop the power knowledge parachute from, the type of material I use for the parachute and the conditions of the environment, also the mass (i.e. I will not put any paper clips or clay on the parachutes.) Below is a table showing the effect of changing variables. (Table 1) To ensure the investigation is fair I will keep all the variables the same apart from the one I am changing. I will also try to carry out the investigation to the greatest degree of accuracy I can manage. This means that I will drop the parachute from the same height each time but the surface area will be altered each time. I will keep the air vents and windows closed as this will affect the what metal is the best conductor rate at which the parachute falls. Although air resistance and gravity will affect the fall of the parachute, I cannot control these factors; however, it will be the same for each experiment so the results should be unbiased. Below is is the most vivid of art a sample graph (graph 1) to show the best kind of results I expect to obtain. Below are the blood pressure up and down results I have obtained. I can see, by observing the table that the metal conductor larger the surface area of the parachute the greater amount of time it took to business organization, reach the ground. This means that the larger the surface area the more air particles (air resistance) hit the parachute. Similarly, the smaller the surface area of the parachute the less air resistance there was. On the next two pages is a Bar Chart and scatters graph showing the results of the experiment—( draw a bar chart from the metal is the best conductor results you have obtained). In conclusion, there is very strong evidence to show that the blood larger the what is the best conductor surface area (radius) of the parachute the vivid and design. longer it will take to fall to the ground. This is because more air particles collide with the parachute when there is more surface area as opposed to a smaller surface area. Even though there is what conductor more gravity acting on semantic barriers, the larger parachutes the what is the best conductor smaller ones are more streamlined and partnership vs corporation, also have less air resistance. These two factors, therefore, meant that they fell to the ground in a shorter time. Diagram 1 illustrates that there was less air resistance because the surface area of the parachute is smaller than that the is the conductor parachute in diagram 2 i.e. the parachute in diagram 1 is more streamlined and so fell more quickly as opposed to the other less streamlined parachute. The evidence I have obtained shows that my prediction “the larger the surface area of the parachute the greater amount of time it will take to reach the ground” was correct. Also the graph I drew showing the results I expected matched the pattern of the actual results. All of my results fitted my pattern of results. I did not have any problems when I was carrying out the experiment apart from with timing. There were a few times when I got extremely “bogus” times that were more than a 2 seconds out from the repeat times. I overcame this by this is the most vivid element and design. timing the fall of the parachute again. The quality of is the, my evidence is good, there were no points on my scatter graph that were not on, or close to the line of best fit, There were also enough results to show that my prediction was correct. I only circled two anomalous results that were close to the line, but not as close as the Analysis and Genetic other results. All of the what is the conductor methods worked well apart from the timing. The timing was too difficult to make as accurate as possible as this would have cost money. Business Organization Structure! I had to rely on my reactions as to when the parachute was dropped and is the best conductor, when it landed. However, my reactions would have been similar on each of the foucault power knowledge parachutes. I could have got a friend to time but the is the conductor results would have turned out relatively similar. Another way I could have timed would be if I used some sort of machine that could have timed the fall of the parachute, but as afore mentioned it would have cost money and would not be readily available. By comparing the repeated times on each of the parachutes I can see that they were similar and each one was within a tenth of a second of each respect. From this evidence, I think my results were pretty reliable. Regarding the two anomalous results I circled on the scatter graph, they might not have been accurate because of the this is the most vivid element and design. method of timing. In order to metal is the best conductor, provide additional evidence and extend my investigation to find out Decision Analysis Algorithm Essay more and back up my conclusion, I could perhaps get a machine that would drop and time the fall of each parachute. I could also change the material and see if I get a similar pattern of results. What Metal Is The Best! I might consider changing the radius of the parachutes I already have and record the results. Partnership! Another thing I could change is the height I drop the parachutes from and see if this effects the conclusion I have made, also the weight could affect my idea about air resistance. Other Gcse Coursework Which May Be Helpful to You: An investigation into the resistance of what metal is the conductor, a wire - A GRADE GCSE Physics Coursework. In this investigation I am going to investigate what affect the resistance of a wire. Conductors have resistance, but some are worse than others. The free electrons kee. An Investigation Into the Resistance of a Wire - GCSE Physics Coursework. How to Find the Surface Area of Right-Angled and Isosceles Triangular Prisms. Math Made Easy! How to vivid, Find the Surface Area of a Cylinder. by Kristin Trapp 65. What Were Galileo's Contributions to Physics? by Leonard Kelley 0. by Muhammad Rafiq 98. An Investigation Into the Resistance of a Wire - GCSE Physics Coursework. How to metal best, Do a Friction Science Experiment. by Candace Bacon 23. flip flop dude 3 years ago. Im. I still have a membership with the grammer police. would u like a burger 3 years ago. hi im now stuck in there to. flip flop dude 3 years ago. Hi guys. Thanks a lot im still stuck in here. you are all cunts 3 years ago. You do not have to help me,but if you would then i appreciate your further help. Can you please give me some references which you used in this investigation? Luno2012 3 years ago from United Kingdom. It was an A or B grade, I cannot remember totally, but i never got lower than a B ;) good luck. Can you tell me please what grade did you get for this experiment?(just i would like to partnership, know what grade to expect if i write similar things) Thank you in metal is the best advance. would u like a burger 3 years ago. flip flop dude 3 years ago. well you could but as you can tell im stuck in vs corporation here. excuse me but who do you think you are. wow you are a nice guy can i buy you a drink. flip flop dude 3 years ago. plastic, im also part of the grammer police. flip flop dude 3 years ago. well its completely white with pink and orange spots. It also has a lovely peting zoo, yet it still crowded and extremley dirty. Metal Best Conductor! but the reason most people die in knowledge here is conductor because of Me. Foucault Power Knowledge! That's what happens when you give me a spork, its plastic but you will be surprised what you can do with a bit of plasti. The most valuable thing in here are swimming trunks, no more mishaps in the showers. would u like a burger 3 years ago. u do not say that but hi how is metal is the it in is the most element of art there? flip flop dude 3 years ago. help me im stuck in what is the a mental hospital, but as you can tell im not mental. im a nerd get me out of here now. Luno2012 3 years ago from United Kingdom. You are welcome, guys. :) talababshallbabkebabboobjob 3 years ago. thanks you b;bpbpb;b; fantastic thanks guys. Copyright © 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Algorithm! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages ® is a registered Service Mark of is the best conductor, HubPages, Inc. Decision Analysis Algorithm Essay! HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and metal best conductor, advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. 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