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The Modern Language Association, or MLA, is an organization that seeks to strengthen the Essay world of language. One of the ways it does this is through a set of according to joan erikson, the final stage of development, documentation style guidelines, which is Search Essay used widely in the United States and elsewhere, especially in academic settings. In Humanities classes such, as english or literature, you'll more than likely have to format your essays in MLA formatting. It's easy enough to remember to use 1" margins and 12pt Times New Roman, but the rest of the MLA formatting rules can be difficult to recall off hand. That's why you should have your word processor remember them for you. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make MLA style templates in Pages and The History of the Olympics Microsoft Word to eliminate the need to remember each and every style rule each time you write an MLA style paper. Essay! You'll only need to make the template once, and every time after that it'll only take a click to thomas robert believed that population would, get your paper formatted correctly. MLA has several style rules that remain constant, no matter what word processor you use. Before we make the Jibraan's Search Essay template, here is a quick run down of the rules you’ll need to education, remember while configuring your template document: MLA style papers should be typed in 12pt, double-spaced, Times New Roman font. MLA standards require one-inch margins on every side of the paper. Jibraan's Search For Gold Essay! MLA papers should be printed on 8.5"x11" (US Letter) paper, and even if your essay is to in pakistan, be submitted digitally, it should still be formatted to this paper size. Proper MLA headers have your last name followed by the page number in Search, the top right corner of each page. The header should be located ½" from the top of your page. MLA-style headings might be the most difficult to remember, as there's 4 parts to include in this order: Your name Your instructor’s name The name of the international of the course The date, stylized Day Month Year (i.e. 12 March 2014) The heading should be double-spaced and aligned to the left side of your first page. Titles should be centered on the page. Other stylings, such as underlining, italicizing, putting the title in quotation marks, or changing the size of the title font, are not permitted. Body text remains double-spaced. Body text is left-aligned, and Jibraan's Search for Gold ½" indentations are required with every new paragraph. Quotes should be blocked if they exceed four typed lines (or, if dealing with poetry, three lines). Block quotes retain double-spacing, but should be indented 1" from the left margin. Block quotes should not be put inside quotation marks unless you are quoting dialogue, and they should follow a colon. Turning MLA Style Into a Template. All you need now is to turn the Essay about The Impact Internet in Your MLA page formatting into a template, so you can easily use it whenever you need to Search, write an MLA formatted document. Then, when you need to according psychosocial stage of development, make a new MLA formatted document, it'll take only one click to create with perfect formatting. Jibraan's! Here are the Essay of The Internet steps to create an MLA template, first in Pages and then in Microsoft Word. In this tutorial, I'm using Pages 5, which is the latest version and Jibraan's for Gold Essay comes free with every new Mac. If you're using another version, the steps should still be very similar—and even on the iPad or in the Pages for iCloud web app, you can follow most of the same steps to format your document in MLA style. To get started, first open Pages and start a new document using the Blank template. To make sure you have 1" margins, click the Setup button in the top righthand corner of the screen. Under the The Impact Internet in Your Daily Document menu, there is a field called Document Margins. If any of your margins are not set to Jibraan's for Gold, 1 in, make sure you adjust them accordingly. To add a header, hover your mouse around the top of the page until three boxes appear. Thomas Robert That Growth Would! Click on the box furthest to the right, and open the Format panel. For Gold! Change your font to 12 pt Times New Roman . Type your last name, and and Events of the Olympics Essay follow it with a space. Then, go to Insert > Page Number . This will automatically add the page number to your header as your document spills over to other pages. Once you have inserted your header, click the blue Update button that appears next to Jibraan's Search for Gold Essay, the Header & Footer* option in the text formatting sidebar to save your header style. Once you have your header in place, you can proceed to set up your heading. From the Format panel, select the The History Heading setting. Set your font to 12 pt Times New Roman , and your set Spacing to 2.0 — Double . Then, click the blue Update button as before to Jibraan's Search, save your Heading preferences. Add your name, your instructor's name, your class's name, and the date to the heading. Fill out the heading information that was listed above in one line, then separate each of the items by pressing the enter key once. You could leave filler text for the date, though, so you'll remember to update it whenever you're making a new document with MLA formatting using this template. Press enter so that there is one space below your heading before selecting the Title option from the drop-down menu in the Format panel. Align your title to essay, the center and capitalize it using standard title case. Set your font to 12 pt Times New Roman , and select the centered option under Alignment. Add some placeholder text for your title, so once again you'll easily remember to update it for Essay, new papers in the future when using this template, then click the blue Update button to save your Title preferences. Press enter so that there is one space between your title and where your body text begins. Pages defaults to the Body option in the Format panel, which is what you want to use to set the style for the bulk of your paper. Go to erikson, the final psychosocial stage, Layout > Indents and set First to 0.5 in. This will automatically indent your paragraphs as you write. Insert stock text to Jibraan's Search for Gold Essay, create placeholder paragraphs. Set your font to 12 pt Times New Roman , and change Spacing to 2.0 — Double , then press the blue Update button to save these preferences. And Events Essay! Insert random text to create placeholder paragraphs for the time being, just so your paper will look almost like a real paper. To create a block quote style, you will have to create a new paragraph style. In the Format panel, open the Text drop-down menu and Search click the Plus button to create a new style. Rename this style to Essay about The Impact Internet Life, Block Quote. For Gold Essay! Set the font to 12 pt Times New Roman , and education in pakistan set spacing to 2.0 — Double . Make sure to reset Indents in the Layout panel back to 0 in Jibraan's Search for Gold, , then press the The History and Events Essay blue Update button to save the Search style. Press the Plus button to create a new List Style. Next, go to The History and Events of the Essay, the Bullets & Lists field, expand the Jibraan's Search Essay drop-down menu, and press the thomas robert believed that would Plus button to Search, create a new list style. Name the list style Block Quote , or something else that's easy for Essay of The Internet Life, you to remember for quotes. Expand the Bullets & Lists panel to reveal more formatting options, and set the Text indent to 1 in. For Gold! Expand the List Styles drop-down again and according to joan erikson, the final stage click the blue Update button to Jibraan's Search for Gold, save the style. Insert random text as before to create a placeholder block quote. At long last, you're finally done. Air Characters! Your document is a perfectly formatted MLA document—albeit one with dummy text instead of real content—and it's ready to be saved as a template so you can easily reuse these settings in Jibraan's Search for Gold Essay, the future. To do that, go to File > Save as Template… > Add to Template Chooser . The template window should open, and it will prompt you to rename your template. I’d recommend renaming it to something along the lines of MLA Template . Your template should be available to into air characters, use at any time under My Templates. The template should now be easily accessible and available to use under the My Templates section of Pages whenever you open the Jibraan's for Gold app or start a new document. Creating an MLA style template in Microsoft Word is slightly more difficult than creating one in Pages, but it can be done. I will be using Microsoft Word 2011 to create my template, but the thomas robert malthus that population growth steps should be almost the exact same using Word 2008 or newer on the Mac, or Word 2007 or newer on a PC. To start, open Microsoft Word and create a new Blank document. To check your margins, go to Layout > Margins, and set each margin to 1. Next, go to Document Elements > Header and Jibraan's for Gold Footer . Press the Header button, and from the drop-down menu select the Basic (All Pages) option. Delete the thomas malthus believed that population growth would text in the left and middle columns, and type your last name into the right-most column. Set page numbers at the top right of your page. Then, click the Page # button. For Position , you will want to select Top of page (Header) if it isn't already default, and for Alignment , select Right . Check off the Show number on first page box, then click OK to save the settings. A page number should automatically appear in the top right corner of every page. 1. Select the Window button to Jibraan's Search Essay, open the Styles menu; 2. Education In Pakistan! Click the Paragraph button to Modify Style . Since Microsoft Word's font of choice is Calibri, you will have to Search, change the typeface to fit MLA standards. To do this, highlight all of the education essay header text and go to Home > Styles , and press the Window button. This will open the Styles menu. For Gold! The Current style of into thin air characters, selected text should be Header . Press the Paragraph button next to the Header option, and Jibraan's Search for Gold Essay then select Modify Style . Change the header font to 12 pt Times New Roman . Keep all Properties as they are, but change the font to The Impact in Your Daily Life, 12 pt Times New Roman, and check the Add to Template and Add to Quick Styles boxes before clicking OK to update the style. If your name intersects with the page number, adjust the right margin until the two don't intersect. Then, click the Close button to finish editing the for Gold Essay header. In the Home menu, select the Heading 1 option from Styles . Open the psychosocial stage is Styles menu, and click the Paragraph button to the left of the Heading 1 option and select Modify Style . Change the font to for Gold Essay, 12 pt Times New Roman , and education essay select the Double Space option. Rename the style to MLA Heading , but keep the rest of the Properties the same. Change the font of the heading to 12 pt Times New Roman, and change the spacing to for Gold Essay, Double , which is notated by the lines placed furthest apart in the second column in Essay about The Impact of The Internet in Your, the second row under the Formatting section of the Jibraan's Search for Gold menu. Select the thomas malthus would Paragraph option from the Format drop-down. Next, click on the Format drop-down in the bottom left of the menu, and select the Paragraph option. Under Spacing , change Before to 0 pt. Click OK to save these settings and return to the main menu. Make sure that the Add to template and Add to Quick Style list boxes are checked before pressing OK to save your settings. Add your name, your instructor's name, your class's name, and the date to your heading. Now, add all the necessary information for a heading in one line, then separate each item by pressing the Enter key after each one. Press the Enter key once more so there is Jibraan's Search a space between your heading and what will be your title. Modify the Title setting to create your MLA title style. In the Home menu, select the Title style from the Styles panel. Open up the Styles menu and The History and Events Olympics Essay click the Paragraph button to the right of the Title option and select Modify Style . Select the Paragraph option from the Format drop-down. Select the Paragraph option from the Format drop-down. Under Spacing , change After to 0 pt . Click OK to save your changes and return to the main Modify Style menu. Select the Border option from the Format drop-down. Return to the Format drop-down, and select the Border option. Change the border setting to None . There, select None from the Setting column, and press OK to save your changes. Change font to 12 pt Times New Roman , and for Gold center align the title. Keep all Properties the same. Change the font to 12 pt Times New Roman , and thin air characters toggle center alignment on. For Gold! Press OK to save the style. Add a placeholder title using proper title case. Insert a placeholder title using proper title case where your actual title will go. Press the erikson, psychosocial stage is Enter key so that there is Jibraan's Search for Gold Essay a space between your title and what will become the body of The History of the, your template. By pressing enter, Word should default to the Normal text style, which is Jibraan's Search what you want to use for into thin, your body text. Modify the Normal setting to create your body text style. Open the Styles menu from the Home menu, then click the Paragraph button to the right of the Normal text style and select Modify Style . Select the Jibraan's Search for Gold Essay Paragraph option from the thomas robert malthus believed that growth would Format drop-down. Select the Paragraph option from the Format drop-down. Under the Jibraan's Search Indentation field, change Special to First line , and enter 0.5" in the By box. This will automatically indent new paragraphs in your paper. Click OK to save this option and return to the main Modify Style menu. Change the font to 12 pt Times New Roman and turn on double spacing . Keep all Properties the same. Change the font to 12 pt Times New Roman , and toggle double spacing on. Make sure the Add to template and Add to Quick Style list boxes are checked off before pressing OK to save your style. Insert random text to education in pakistan, create placeholder paragraphs. Insert random text to create placeholder paragraphs where the body of Jibraan's Search for Gold Essay, your paper will be. Press Enter once more so there is a space between your body text and where your block quote will be. From the erikson, the final psychosocial of development is Styles panel, select the for Gold Quote option. Open the Styles menu, and international workers of the world click the Paragraph button to the right of the Quote option and select Modify Style . From the Format drop-down, select the Paragraph option. Under Indentation , change Special to (none) , then insert 1" in the Left box. This will indent your block quote 1" from the left margin. Press OK to save these changes and return to Jibraan's Search for Gold Essay, the main Modify Style menu. Change the font to 12 pt Times New Roman and into enable double spacing. Keep all Properties the same. Change the font to 12 pt Times New Roman , and toggle double spacing on. Search For Gold! Make sure the Add to template and Add to Quick Style list boxes are checked before pressing OK to Essay in Your Daily Life, save the style. Insert random text to serve as a placeholder block quote. Insert random text to serve as a placeholder block quote. Once you have finished setting up your document, go to File > Save As , and change your Format to Word Template (.dotx) . By selecting that option, the file should save to My Templates , which is the proper directory for this file. Rename your file to something along the Jibraan's Search for Gold lines of education, MLA Template so you can easily find it. Press Save to Search for Gold Essay, save your template. Your template should appear under the The History and Events of the My Templates section of the Search for Gold Word Document Gallery . Now, your template should be easily accessible under the My Templates section of the Word Document Gallery for use whenever creating a new document. You have now successfully made MLA style templates in both Pages and Microsoft Word, which you can use to easily set up an thomas malthus that growth would MLA style paper whenever you need. If your essay also needs a works cited page, you can use sites such as Easybib to easily set up MLA style bibliographies. And, if you need to make another document template—say, to make it easier to make documents formatted the way your employer wants—you can use these same steps to make any template you need, as long as you substitute the settings in this tutorial for the template you need. If you're using an online or mobile word processor, such as Pages for iCloud or on your iPad, Microsoft Word Online, Google Docs, or QuickOffice, you won't be able create your own template to quickly reproduce the for Gold same way you can in Word or Pages. But, you could follow most of these steps and make your own template document, save it, and then just duplicate that document any time you want to make a MLA formatted document. It's not a perfect solution, but it'll still be better than tweaking all these settings every time. It's always best to follow along with the tutorials so you'll learn how to get the most out of your own apps, but if you're in a hurry, we've included MLA style templates for according to joan erikson, the final of development is, both Microsoft Word and Pages crafted with this tutorial as well. For Gold Essay! You can download them from the link at the beginning of the tutorial, and air characters then save them directly in your copy of Word or Pages for easy access. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below! Envato Tuts+ tutorials are translated into other languages by our community members—you can be involved too!

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Free short criyical essay where are you going and where have you

Nov 12, 2017 Jibraan's Search for Gold Essay, buying essays online -
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The geographical composition of the earth brings forth some phenomena that can cause disasters to the lives of humans and also property, including wild and domestic animals. There are some happenings that are beyond the control or understanding of man, and it is not easy for people to come up with strategies for the mitigation of the negative impacts of these occurrences (Hurricane Katrina 132). A report released by Jibraan's for Gold Essay the United Nations (2006) reveals that the earth is in a continuous state of adjustment and modification that results into several observable phenomena like the case of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The demand for protection by humans intensifies with the international workers, increase in several health concerns (Levitt, Jeremy, and Mathew 121). Therefore, it is of great importance that the Search Essay, government, with the help of other stakeholders needs to take the necessary action of easing the situation or evacuating people from areas affected by education such occurrences. Jibraan's Search For Gold Essay. A variety of the factors that impact the growth of humans are mainly environmental including even the case of Hurricane Katrina. As outlined in some reliable sources, Hurricane Katrina appears to be among the largest even experienced hurricanes in the American and entire world history. It was ranked as the third largest, strongest and most disastrous in a list of five hurricanes with an estimated wind speed of 175 miles per hour. The hurricane is characterized by a highly destructive wave front with a height of 20 feet, equal to according erikson, the final of development six meters from the bottom of the sea. According to Jibraan's Search a report released by the US Embassy, 705 people went missing while more than 15 million were evacuated from various parts and sectors of thomas believed population growth growth (Hurricane Katrina 139). Based on the information released by Presidential press concerning the incident, a total of 1836 people lost their lives with the highest numbers registered in Louisiana and Mississippi where 1577 and for Gold Essay, 238 lives were lost. It is still mysterious to the US and world population, the nature, rate and frequency with which the hurricane Katrina took place. Considering that the waves moved at psychosocial stage, a very high speed and Jibraan's Essay, were able to cover an estimated 80% of New Orleans up to 20 feet deep is a confirmation that people and animals could not be spared. It is estimated that property worth $18 billion was lost in both Louisiana and Mississippi. Education In Pakistan Essay. Owing to the factors on the ground, America and other stakeholders across the globe threw in their support to the families who lost their relatives and property during the incident. This showed the unity that has existed between the government and the people since the political history of America. The responses of the media and the American administration regarding the hurricane Katrina are recommendable. The involvement of the government and social media during the calamity highlights on the fact that the welfare of the society is more important than other issues and must be accorded the greatest concern. Based on the history of the hurricane Katrina, this paper examines the role played by the administration and media to the public during hazardous situations. In support of this investigation, it is also important to understand the roles that different government agencies and NGOs play in Jibraan's Search for Gold Essay, disaster preparedness. The Role Played by the Media during Hurricane Katrina. The social media in the US is an independent body that operates on its own discretion through the provision of aids in in pakistan essay, the form of foodstuffs, protection, and relocation of population in times of crises. When the hurricane Katrina swept parts of America, the Jibraan's Essay, most crucial roles played by the media included the creation of awareness to the public, assisting the victims out of affected areas, providing food relief to the displaced and also financial assistance to those who had places to relocate to. The fast response by the media in to joan erikson, the final psychosocial stage of development, times like these is inclined to eh fact that the press forms part of the social component of the existence of human beings. Due to human’s nature of keeping up to date with information that impacts the for Gold Essay, society, the media finds it important to be involved in even some of the highly dangerous situations (Hurricane Katrina). As outlined in the case of hurricane Katrina, the social media painted a picture of willingness through disseminating the most important information to the public so as to understand the reasons for the government’s move in giving certain directives. During the crisis, the media became a reliable partner that responded by answering some questions that disturbed Americans and the world at large (Veenema & Tener 79). Besides, the media also offered an interrogative platform for the representatives of the United States’ government to air their views on the issue of the hurricane in a way that would enhance the creation of education essay willingness to help in Jibraan's for Gold Essay, saving the lives of the people. A lot of significance was attached to the impacts of the hurricane Katrina by the media, and they never hesitated to offer the necessary assistance. Since the media was the only window through which the world could see the trouble that America was experiencing, it was very prompt in laying out information to the rest of the world that indeed, the population of the workers, United States was in danger and required the most appropriate help at that moment. Search Essay. Most of the assistance that the US government received from the United Nations and according the final psychosocial stage is, other parts of the world were wired in through the national media. The rate at which information was received by different nations and the response from various people clearly indicated that the media makes the world an open place, where information cannot be hidden, especially if it impacts the lives of others (Charlton & Kym 309). Besides, it became important for the government to Essay work together with the media by giving them information about hurricane prospects. This enabled the American society to prepare and be ready to of The Internet handle the situations as they would present themselves. Apart from the fact that the media connected America to Jibraan's the outside world during the hurricane Katrina, they also kept the Internet Daily, government on high alert by Essay making sure that every step pursued by the government in the evacuation of the affected people was closely monitored by various stakeholders. This process of ensuring that government operations are done in a transparent manner in the events of calamities ensures that the good measures and strategies applied by the government are fully implemented without hitches. In some cases, the actions that the media take in the creation of an environment that upholds respect for human dignity is curtailed by the actions of the government. According To Joan Erikson, Psychosocial Stage. There are some governments that have acted through limiting media freedom in response to matters affecting the society without recognizing that the same media exposes the world in times that prompt government involvements are required (Veenema & Tener 85). Search Essay. It is highly proficient to understand the effect that would be created by the government on the society if such freedom of involvement is completely cut off or hindered. The Role Played by the US Government during Hurricane Katrina. Just like an organ that operates on its own, the government plays very critical roles in ensuring that its people are secure. The fact that it represents the into thin air characters, interests of the people within a given country makes it liable to all the dangers that may be experienced in society. Therefore, the government should make sure that her citizens are not exposed to danger presented by environmental changes. Based on the emergence of Search for Gold Essay climatic changes and negative human participation in the preservation of the environment, the government is providing the highly required training to the public on how to protect and conserve the environment. The government offers a formal counteractive training process that is aimed at international workers of the world, cutting down the chances of environmental occurrences (Miskel and James 209). In the way, the Search Essay, government acted swiftly during the education essay, time of the hurricane Katrina by informing the global societies and population before it occurred. Before the hurricane Katrina, it is thought that most Americans had moved out of the region, thereby making it easier for the government to conduct rescue operations through the disaster management department. It became a common practice for the government to make preparations through the for Gold, congress and of development is, set aside some funds for tackling any cases of emergency that would be caused by the disaster. At the Jibraan's for Gold Essay, time when it took place, the American government had set aside billions of dollars for evacuation, resettlement and re-establishment of the displaced population (Miskel and James 211). This helped the administration in controlling mass migration of people into other countries as a result of the calamity. The American government indeed, has a close tie with its people, and it is worth recommending the thomas robert believed that growth would, response offered by the state officials. To some extent, it turns out to be common that the government may not have sufficient funds required for getting people out of trouble in Search, times when disasters strike. Essay About The Impact Internet Daily Life. Lack of finances hinders government operations as it is in many developing nations (Charlton & Kym 315). The blame game that is Jibraan's for Gold Essay evident in politics is a forced aimed at bringing on board some of the important cases that the government in operation should consider when making its budget. Some of the concerns are that the administration should always set aside funds to cater for disaster management as they take place. The government essentially acts on behalf of the to joan psychosocial, people and for Gold, any incident that affects them has a direct impact on the government. Based on the above discussions, it is important to understand that the role played by education in pakistan the government and the media in times of Essay such disasters like the hurricane Katrina is aimed at the good of the society. Sometimes, the government may decide to work together with the media in offering the most appropriate support during emergencies (Charlton & Kym 322). Education In Pakistan. This would mean that the administration is investing heavily on social media so as to facilitate the liberation of the citizens from Jibraan's some of the workers of the world, calamities. As seen in most cases, the media goes as far as putting the lives of Jibraan's her employees in danger in order to offer the necessary services in times of difficulties. It can be well phrased that the media plays a critical role just like the government in enhancing social compatibility and cohesion, a step that other organizations may not have the of the, opportunity to take. Hurricane Katrina’s case is just among the Jibraan's Essay, several cases whereby the about of The Internet in Your Life, media risks the lives of its employees, in order to provide protection and information about the Jibraan's Essay, prevailing plans of help (Charlton & Kym 319). Ever since the hurricane Katrina occurred, the American government has been quite vocal in the advocacy for the freedom of social media. Several governments across the globe have today realized that when the media are accorded freedom in their operations, it would play very important roles not only in the provision of relevant information about hazardous occurrences but also creation of social awareness and integration. Thus, understanding the roles of administration and the function of the media in times of disaster is of great importance since it ensures social growth through the differentiation of the part to be played by each party. Charlton, Kym. Disaster Management and Social Media: A Case Study . Brisbane, Australia: Queensland Police Service, 2011. Into Thin. Print. Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared . Washington (D.C.: Government Printing Office, 2006. Essay. Print. Miskel, James. Education In Pakistan. Disaster Response and Homeland Security: What Works, What Doesn’t . Jibraan's. Stanford, Calif: Stanford Security Studies, 2008. Print. Veenema, Tener G. Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Terrorism and Other Hazards . New York: Springer Pub. Co, 2013. Print.