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An Essay Introduction Example | Scribendi

Introduction to essay example

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An Essay Introduction Example | Scribendi

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How to Write an Essay Introduction (with Sample Intros)
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An Essay Introduction Example | Scribendi

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Essay introduction - OWLL - Massey University
Students will learn strategies and organization for an argumentative letter. Students will: analyze the structure of an argumentative letter. identify the intended audience. make a claim or state an introduction to essay example opinion on an issue. Vodka Image. brainstorm and outline points of argumentation for a letter. draft a thesis statement that takes a position/states an opinion/makes a claim. research details, facts, examples, and statistics to support a claim. Why do writers write? What is the purpose? What makes clear and effective writing? Who is the audience? What will work best for the audience? Aristotle’s Three Appeals : Strategies used to influence an introduction example audience. These methods include appeals to emotions (pathos), ethics (ethos), and logic (logos). Focus: What the writer establishes as the central point of interest; a quality of writing where all main ideas, details, and examples support and unify the topic. Thesis: The argument or claim advanced by a writer. 160–180 minutes/3–4 class periods. several sets of scissors and copies of the Essay-Order Activity (LW-7-2-2_Essay-Order Activity.docx) copies of the Example of Argumentative Letter handout (LW-7-2-2_Example of Argumentative Letter.docx) copies of the Analysis of Argumentative Letter assignment (LW-7-2-2_Analysis of Argumentative Letter.docx) copies of vodka image Topics for Argumentative Letters (LW-7-2-2_Topics for Argumentative Letters.docx) projector or interactive whiteboard to show the PowerPoint presentation or a printout of the presentation (LW-7-2-1_ PowerPoint Presentation.pptx), or a textbook with a section on argumentative writing copies of the to essay, Argumentative Writing Map (LW-7-2-2_Argumentative Writing Map.docx) The possible inclusion of Symbolism The Lottery commercial websites below is not an implied endorsement of their products, which are not free, and are not required for this lesson plan. several sets of scissors and to essay example copies of the Essay-Order Activity (LW-7-2-2_Essay-Order Activity.docx) copies of the Example of Symbolism The Lottery Argumentative Letter handout (LW-7-2-2_Example of Argumentative Letter.docx) copies of the Analysis of introduction to essay example Argumentative Letter assignment (LW-7-2-2_Analysis of Argumentative Letter.docx) copies of Topics for Argumentative Letters (LW-7-2-2_Topics for Argumentative Letters.docx) projector or interactive whiteboard to show the define mba, PowerPoint presentation or a printout of the presentation (LW-7-2-1_ PowerPoint Presentation.pptx), or a textbook with a section on argumentative writing copies of the to essay, Argumentative Writing Map (LW-7-2-2_Argumentative Writing Map.docx) Review student maps and assassination provide feedback prior to assigning the example, writing of their drafts. Focus Question: How can we apply our analysis of argumentative strategies to tomei our writing? Have students complete the Essay-Order Activity (LW-7-2-2_Essay-Order Activity.docx). Students must cut the pieces of writing into strips, and then assemble them in a logical order. “For this exercise, you will be reordering the pieces of writing on the Essay-Order Activity worksheet. Work with a partner, and discuss why you believe the pieces should be ordered in the sequence you determine. To Essay Example. Identify introductions and attention getters, body paragraphs, the define mba, three appeals, conclusions, and statements of significance. To Essay Example. By seeing how these separate, small units all work together, we can begin to understand how order and define mba structure work to support the argument.” Discuss students’ results and introduction example share the correct order with the Example of Argumentative Letter handout (LW-7-2-2_Example of Argumentative Letter.docx). Give students the opportunity to make any necessary corrections so they have a correct example to refer to later. Tell students to vodka image complete the Analysis of Argumentative Letter assignment, and go over the correct answers with the class (LW-7-2-2_Analysis of example Argumentative Letter.docx). Discuss powerful language (intense verbs, precise adjectives), and have students return to the example letter to highlight examples. “If we are going to write with authority and achieve an argumentative tone, our writing should have powerful language. Use clear statements that make concrete impressions on your reader. Using language that shows hesitation or adopting a weak tone weakens your argument as a whole. Let’s look at some more examples of powerful and bacillus gram positive or negative weak language.” Powerful: I have proven myself to be a dedicated student. I have never once turned in an assignment late or incomplete. Introduction. I know how to plan ahead to meet due dates, and define I would only benefit from joining jazz choir. Weak: In my opinion, I am a pretty good student. I am almost sure that I never turned in a late or incomplete assignment. I think I can probably plan ahead to meet due dates, and I would most likely benefit from joining jazz choir. View the PowerPoint presentation used in Lesson 1 again (LW-7-2-1_ PowerPoint Presentation.pptx). Distribute the list of possible Topics for Argumentative Letters (LW-7-2-2_Topics for Argumentative Letters.docx). Introduction To Essay Example. Have students brainstorm a list of additional topics/claims that would also be appropriate to use. Record these ideas for the class, and have students add them to Symbolism The Lottery Essay the list on the handout. “Decide on a topic, opinion, or claim that you can support with good reasons, facts, examples, and details.” Next, students will complete the introduction, Argumentative Writing Map (LW-7-2-2_Argumentative Writing Map.docx). Choose a sample topic, announce and gold write out your thesis, and to essay then model filling out the map for students. Fill in assassination, all sections. Let students know that they may have more than three or fewer than three reasons and/or supporting facts, details, and examples, and to fill in their map according to their specific support. “Before filling out your copy of the introduction, map, take some time to think about price your opinion or claim. A sentence stating your position will be your thesis statement for this assignment. Introduction. Once I have approved your thesis, you may begin filling out the map. It will be a guide when you write your actual letter. Write a thesis that clearly states your opinion.” Visit with students to approve thesis statements. “Consider how you might use ethos and Symbolism Essay logos to support your opinion or claim. As you write your supporting points, label what type of appeal they are.” Post and talk through the following guidelines for students. Model ethos and logos with your sample topic, fill them in, and label them on your map. Show that the writer is introduction fair, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. (Also show that the writer is Symbolism Essay considerate of introduction to essay example readers’ opinions by assassination, anticipating their counterarguments and responding to them.) Give reasons that support the claim. (Show that the writer put a lot of thought into the issue. Give details and examples. Use facts and statistics. Refer to what the “experts” on your topic have said. If possible, find research to support your claim.) Involve the readers’ emotions. (Note: You may omit this entirely or encourage students to focus mostly on the use of logical reasoning and supporting evidence rather than emotional appeal.) If time allows, meet in the library to permit students to conduct research during class to find facts that support their claim. Consider guiding their efforts by introduction, giving them a list of credible Web sites from which to draw information, or restrict their sources to printed materials from within the library. After students have completed their maps, have them exchange maps with other students. “Tell your partner which of his/her reasons are the strongest. Which reasons aren’t strong enough yet? How can they be stronger? Write down your partner’s suggestions on tomei price, your map.” Collect students’ maps and give them additional feedback before they begin drafting their letters in the next lesson.

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Essay writing: the introduction - Essay writing - Leeds University Library

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Картинки по запросу introduction to essay example
Domestic Violence Case Study: Criminal Mischief, Trespass & Stalking. Crimes of Domestic Violence: Stalking. In Part I of “Crimes of Domestic Violence” we looked at the offenses of harassment and false Imprisonment in the context of the story of Alicia and introduction, Carl, a couple we introduced in “Faces of Domestic Violence.” This case study looks at another couple from that post, Janice and Adam, and tomei, consider three additional crimes included in the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Act (NJPDVA), criminal mischief , criminal trespass , and stalking. Janice is introduction example having trouble accepting her break-up with boyfriend Adam. Adam ended their romance about six months ago because Janice wanted them to spend all their spare time together and was pressuring Adam to move in with her. Adam found that he could no longer spend time with friends on his own or engage in any activities that did not involve Janice. In Jackson's Essay! Although he loved Janice and tried repeatedly to work things out with her, he eventually told her that he needed to “take a break.” Janice was inconsolable and began to call him daily, crying and begging him to reconsider. She often called after midnight, and example, when Adam asked her to stop this, she did not stop but instead began leaving increasingly angry messages. Define Mba! She went to Adam’s house uninvited multiple times, twice entering through an unlocked backdoor and waiting for him to come home. Introduction To Essay! Recently, Adam found a long deep scratch along the side of his car, and his friend Chris reported spotting Janice lurking near Adam’s car during the time that the vandalism must have happened. Price! Chris advised Adam to report the matter to the police, but Adam has not yet taken any action because he feels sorry for Janice and guilty for example, hurting her. Before the incident with his car, Adam believed that Janice’s behavior was annoying but not unusual for define, someone suffering through the introduction to essay example aftermath of a break-up. He wanted to help Janice and vodka image, was even considering reconciling with her because she was so obviously deeply attached to him. Now, however, the to essay example increasingly angry phone messages and the vandalism have him seriously concerned. Recognizing Abuse and Taking Action. Like Alicia in our previous story, Adam had trouble recognizing abusive behavior because it developed slowly over time and came from a person he cared for deeply. Janice’s behavior, both during and after her romantic relationship with Adam, reveals that she probably struggles with feelings of deep insecurity and inadequacy. While Adam feels protective of price, Janice and wants to help her rather than get her into more trouble, her increasing aggressiveness is introduction cause for alarm. If Adam is close to assassination, anyone else that he believes Janice might listen to, he may want to urge that person to talk to Janice about introduction seeking therapy. Or Negative! Adam himself, however, cannot be the one to help her and instead needs to to essay, focus on his own safety. Let’s look at the applicable laws: In New Jersey, a person commits the offense of “criminal mischief” when the person “purposely or knowingly damages tangible property of another. . Vodka Image! . .” (N.J.S.A. 2C:17-3a(1)). Criminal mischief is a crime that increases in example degree depending on define mba the circumstances and the monetary amount of the damages (N.J.S.A. 2C:17-3). To Essay! If the vandalism to Adam’s car costs him less than $500 to repair, the act was a disorderly persons offense. In Jackson's The Lottery Essay! If it costs between $500 and $2,000, it becomes a fourth degree offense. Introduction! (N.J.S.A. 2C:17-3b(2)). If, in fact, Janice is the culprit in the vandalism, she has committed criminal mischief. A person commits the fourth degree New Jersey offense of “criminal trespass” by define mba, entering or surreptitiously remaining in example a dwelling (or certain other locations specified by statute) knowing that he or she doesn’t have a right to do so ((N.J.S.A. 2C:18-3a). Whether or not Janice committed criminal trespass depends partially on whether or not she reasonably thought that it was alright with Adam for her to come into his home uninvited and wait for him. It can be a defense if a person reasonably believes that a homeowner would have allowed the entry or would have allowed the positive or negative person to example, remain on the premises (N.J.S.A. 2C:18-3d(3)). A person commits the fourth degree New Jersey offense of stalking if he or she purposefully or knowingly directs at The Lottery Essay, a specific person a “course of conduct” that would cause a reasonable person to feel unsafe or suffer other significant mental or emotional distress. “Course of conduct” is introduction to essay defined to flannery o'connor sparknotes, include repeatedly (meaning on two or more occasions): maintaining a visual or physical proximity to a person; directly, indirectly, or through third parties, by introduction example, any action, method, device, or means, following, monitoring, observing, surveilling, threatening, or communicating to or about, a person, or interfering with a person’s property; repeatedly harassing a person, or repeatedly conveying or causing to be conveyed verbal, written, or other types of threats directed at or toward a person. The degree of the offense increases under certain circumstances. For example, the offense rises to a third degree crime if the behavior is bacillus positive already prohibited by an existing court order (N.J.S.A. 2C:12-10(1)(c)). Unlike other crimes included in the NJPDVA, a conviction for to essay, stalking automatically operates as an define mba, application for introduction to essay example, a permanent restraining order by define mba, the victim (N.J.S.A. 2C:12-10.1). Janice’s actions fit this profile. She may also be committing the example separate offense of “harassment,” which we examined in Part I of this series, by repeatedly calling Adam late at night and leaving him angry messages. Adam is not currently afraid of Janice, but would it be reasonable if he were? The more she persists in her current pattern of behavior, the more reasonable it would be, and the more likely it is that Adam will experience significant emotional distress. Adam needs to tell Janice very clearly that the late night phone calls must stop and that she is not to enter his home again. Vodka Image! He should also start locking his doors and consider changing his locks. Even though he does not want to cause Janice more trouble, for his own protection he needs to introduction example, file a police report about the vandalism to his car. He also needs to start documenting all of Janice’s other actions, as he will need this evidence if he does decide to pursue further legal action. New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. “Criminal mischief,” criminal trespass,” “stalking,” and “harassment” are crimes in New Jersey and define assassination, are all included within the to essay NJDPVA, entitling a victim to Symbolism in Jackson's, obtain a restraining order against a perpetrator and other civil relief. At this point Adam does not want to take legal action, but he could request a restraining order against Janice if he changes his mind. A family law attorney could help him determine more specifically what his remedies would be under the Act. In Part III of “Crimes of Domestic Violence,” we will discuss the New Jersey crime of domestic “assault.” If you have concerns about abusive behavior in an intimate or household relationship, we can help. Please contact us for a free attorney consultation. Don't go into your divorce or family law matter defenseless. Do you have family law questions? Get your divorce or family law question answered by an attorney for FREE.