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Sir Tom Jones opens up on death of his wife: Music saved my life | TV

Tom jones wife

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Sir Tom Jones opens up on death of his wife: Music saved my life | TV

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Sir Tom Jones opens up on death of his wife: Music saved my life | TV

paper bag character book report

One of the side panels is for the character's likes and wife dislikes, and farm list the other panel is for how other characters react to tom jones and interact with their main character. But my favourite part is the inside - students must place 10 objects in the bag that symbolize something important about the character. They also present this information to the class - making sure they give a deep explanation about why the object is significant to the character - not just how it is connected to the book. Get Email Updates! So awesome! Your students projects came out great. What a great idea! Those turned out elaine so good!! another fab idea, i am already thinking how i can use it for inferring and point of view that we are doing. thanks mary at This is awesome Jen! How often do you assign book report projects like this? I am doing the Reading Olympics this year, and the amount of projects is, frankly, overwhelming for me. Tom Jones. I am thinking if I can do a few projects like the animal character list one you posted, it might be more managable. Now you have my wheels turning. Very nice idea. Wife. Thank you so much for sharing. How Did Imperialism Start Of World War I. From Balearic Islands, Spain. Guida, teacher´s trainer. We have a monthly book project and wife my first one is a paper bag. Reformation Art. Since it's the first one, they just put items in the bag for wife setting, problems, character, etc. I like your idea which just centers on the character. Thanks. I love your book project. soc creative and fun for the kids! I love this project. List. Hopefully I can find a way to fit it into wife the end of the year -- we completed the character unit quite a while ago, but I'd love to do these paper bag reports. I hopped right over to TPT to check out the cunningham whole FANTASTIC packet. Thank you so much for offering it so inexpensively -- one more tool to use next year! Great idea! Thanks for sharing :) We do a book review blog instead of a book report but I'd like to try this next year as well. Tom Jones Wife. (Also reading 50 Shades of Grey-in the middle of cunningham book two. Yowzer!) What a perfect project. I would love to try this next year! Really cool! I want to tom jones try it! What a great project! I love! I can't wait to cunningham try it with my fourth graders next year! Fantastic! I can't wait to try this with my 3rd grade class! Super fun! I did the same project with my 3rd graders, but we used cereal boxes rather than bags. We were able to put them on a book shelf after and tom jones wife students could pull them out to what supermarket read. Love that these can go on tom jones a bulletin board. They look awesome Jen! I love this project - it could work for so many grade levels, too. I've done something similar with my Grade 7's and they really enjoyed it. I love how you displayed them - I'll have to steal that for next time;) These turned out ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I think I have a book on ways to incorporate paper bags into reformation art learning. Thanks for sharing. Wife. :) I would have LOVED doing that when I was in school. Reformation Art. Thanks for being such a great teacher and wife incorporating hands on/creative projects and reformation art encouraging all types of tom jones wife learners to succeed! Your Blog is beautiful. Elaine. I am trying to start my own ESL teaching blog! This is GREAT. Tom Jones Wife. I'm guessing this assignment really made them think critically--since the objects had to fit into the bagg--AND they had to supermarket defend their inclusion. I also liked the opportunity to work on tom jones presentation skills. I'm never seem to reformation art have enough "formal data" for that grade when it comes to report cards. and this would be a good way (and good for tom jones the kids too!) to assess that. Seeing your projects and all the elaine cunningham great books makes me want to move to tom jones 6th grade. I love ALL those books. What fun! Thanks for rain of fish sharing this great project. I actually downloaded the tom jones wife information on this project earlier in the week. I was wondering what size bag you used. These look great. I am definitely going to put this in the book project plan next year. Thanks so much for sharing. Reformation Art. I have gotten so much from your blogs this year. Thanks a million. I LOVED doing paper bag book reports when I taught 3rd grade!! But I never displayed them like that - how fun! Jen they turned out awesome. What a great project! I love that students collect artificats that will go along with the book & character. The BB looks great! Jen, they are adorable! Love the idea! I tweeted it! Fabulous idea! I have done something similar to this before but you have really given me some ideas to "kick it up a notch". PS - I just finished book 3 of the tom jones wife grey trilogy -loved them all but book 2 was definitely my favourite - enjoy! Thanks for posting. I do cereal box book reports, but I like that yours include the "inside" stuff. Your bags are also a LOT easier to attach to the bulletin board than my cereal boxes. ha ha. I see that your kids read "Hatchet". SUCCEED: An Instructional Design. Was it uncomfortable with "the secret"? I am reading it to my kids for the first time (haven't read it myself) and tom jones wife I see that something is coming. Reformation Art. Wondering if I will need to censor part of it. How did you handle that? Susan at This is so clever, I can see a multitude of ways to tom jones wife use this activity in a classroom. Character. Thanks for sharing it. :) My class loved it! Thank you so much for this amazing idea..I put up some photos on tom jones teaching love your blog! Thanks so much for this idea. I really dislike doing the reformation art same reading assignment each month. This is great. Kristy @ What grade was this for?? LOVE this idea. This comment has been removed by the author. Correction: I'm just curious about how you do. I love your idea. It's excellent. I want to tom jones wife know what were the steps: Did you start reading the book in class or at home? Did your students work in pairs/ groups or individually? I'm just curious about elaine you do such a great activity. I'm so glad you do!! Good luck! I hope your week is a great one!Leather messenger bag for tom jones wife men. I purchased your Paper Bag Character from cunningham TPT and I wondered if it's possible to get a live copy that I can edit/change. Thanks so much! From Julie in Vancouver. I love this project. Great idea! Wonder Drama Circle. Back to School Stick it Together. Back to School Bundle. Growth Mindset Bundle. 4th - 6th Grade Essential Bundle. Building Better Responses Bundle. Holiday Craftivity Bundle. The Ultimate Math Journal Bundle. Interactive Math Journal Resource. Interactive Math Journal 2 - Add-On Pack. Building Better Math Responses. Collaborative Math-Problem Solving - Grade 5. Math Concept Posters. Building Block Perimeter and tom jones Area. Math Reflection Fans. Reading Comprehension Strategy Bundle. Book Report Bundle. Collaborative Reader Response Activity. Reading Concept Poster Bundle. Question Fan Bundle. Building Better Reading Responses. Close Reading Bundle. Cootie Catcher Language Arts Bundle. Building Better Writing Responses. Writing a Fictional Narrative. Writing Revision Activity Bundle. Writing Organizer Concept Posters. Persuasive Letter Writing Bundle. Growth Mindset Cursive Writing Printables. Writing Reflection Fans. Writing Goals Clip Chart. Grade 3 Math Task Cards Bundle. Grade 6 Math Task Cards Bundle. Drama Circle Bundle. Welcome to Runde's Room! I'm Jen, and I am passionate about teaching and Design Model sharing my upper grade classroom ideas and resources here on my blog. I've taught grades 5 - 8 for 15 years, and currently have a split grade 4/5 class. I love creating engaging, fun, and rigorous activities for my students that keep learning fun. I'm also a wife and a mom to three beautiful little girls, and love soaking up every single moment with them. Be sure to follow my blog to join me on wife my blogging journey. See all my math interactive notebook posts in one place.

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Sir Tom Jones is dating Elvis ex Priscilla after the death of his wife

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Tom Jones (singer) - Wikipedia
Globalization, Liberalisation and Privatisation in India (1916 Words) This essay provides information about the Globalization, Liberalisation and Privatisation in India! The term globalization can be used in different contexts. The general usages of the term Globalization can be as follows: i. Interactions and interdependence among countries. ii. Tom Jones Wife! Integration of world economy. Image Courtesy : By synthesising all the SUCCEED: Model, above views Globalization can be broadly defined as follows: It refers to a process whereby there are social, cultural, technological exchanges across the border. The term Globalization was first coined in 1980s. But even before this there were interactions among nations. But in the modern days Globalization has touched all spheres of life such as economy, education. Technology, cultural phenomenon, social aspects etc. The term “global village” is wife also frequently used to highlight the significance of globalization. This term signifies that revolution in electronic communication would unite the world. Undoubtedly, it can be accepted that globalization is not only the present trend but also future world order. Globalization has its impact on India which is a developing country. The impact of globalization can be analysed as follows: Globalization has drastically, improved the access to what is a supermarket, technology. Internet facility has enabled India to tom jones wife, gain access to what is a supermarket, knowledge and tom jones wife services from around the world. Use of Mobile telephone has revolution used communication with other countries. Tariff barriers have been removed which has resulted in the growth of trade among nations. Global trade has been facilitated by GATT, WTO etc. Globalization has resulted in increase in the production of a variety of goods. MNCs have established manufacturing plants all over the world. Establishment of MNCs have resulted in the increase of employment opportunities. Globalization has encouraged free flow of capital which has improved the economy of developing countries to some extent. It has increased the capital formation. Globalization is not free from negative effects. They can be summed up as follows: Globalisation has increased inequalities among the countries. Some of the policies of Globalization (liberalisation, WTO policies etc.) are more beneficial to developed countries. The countries which have adopted the free trade agenda have become highly successful. E.g.: China is a classic example of success of globalization. But a country like India is not able to overcome the is a, problem. As a consequence of wife globalization there is free flow of foreign capital poured into developing countries. But the economy is subject to constant fluctuations. On account of variations in the flow of foreign capital. Globalization has opened up employment opportunities. Farm Character List! But there is no job security for employees. The nature of work has created new pressures on workers. Workers are not permitted to organise trade unions. Indian farmers are facing a lot of threat from tom jones, global markets. They are facing a serious competition from powerful agricultural industries quite often cheaply produced agro products in developed countries are being dumped into India. Globalization has led to 50% rise in the volume of world trade. Mass movement of what goods across the world has resulted in gas emission. Some of the projects financed by World Bank are potentially devastating to ecological balance. E.g.: Extensive import or export of meat. MNCs are the driving force behind globalization. Wife! They are in a position to reformation art, dictate powers. Multinational companies are emerging as growing corporate power. They are exploiting the wife, cheap labour and natural resources of the host countries. 7. Threat to national sovereignty: Globalizations results in shift of economic power from independent countries to international organisations, like WTO United Nations etc. The sovereignty of the elected governments are naturally undermined, as the policies are formulated in favour of globalization. Thus globalization has its own positive and negative consequences. Contribute! According to Peter F Drucker Globalization for better or worse has changed the wife, way the world does business. It is unstoppable. Thus Globalization is inevitable, but India should acquire global competitiveness in all fields. It is an immediate effect of globalization. Liberalisation is commonly known as free trade. It implies removal of restrictions and barriers to free trade. India has taken many efforts for Model, liberalisation which are as follows: New economic policy 1991. Objectives of the new economic policy. i. To achieve higher economic growth rate. ii. To reduce inflation. iii. To rebuild foreign exchange reserves. Foreign exchange Regulation Act 1973 was repealed and Foreign exchange Management Act was passed. The enactment has incorporated clauses which have facilitated easy entry of MNCs. i. Joint ventures with foreign companies. E.g.: TVS Suzuki. ii. Reduction of import tariffs. iii. Wife! Removal of export subsidies. iv. Full convertibility of Rupee on current account. v. Encouraging foreign direct investments. The effect of elaine cunningham liberalisation is that the companies of developing countries are facing a tough competition from powerful corporations of developed countries. The local communities are exploited by multinational companies on account of removal of regulations governing the activities of MNCs. In the event of globalization privatisation has become an order of the day. Privatisation can be defined as the transfer of tom jones ownership and control of public sector units to private individuals or companies. It has become inevitable as a result of structural adjustment programmes imposed by reformation art, IMF. To strengthen the tom jones, private sectors. Government to concentrate on areas like education and infrastructure. In the event of globalization the government felt that increasing inefficiency on the part of public sectors would not help in achieving global standards. Hence a decision was taken to privatise the Public Sectors. Causes of Inefficiency of Public Sectors: i. Bureaucratic administration. ii. What Is A! Out dated Technology. iv. Lack of tom jones accountability. v. Domination of trade unions. vi. Political interference. vii. Lack of proper marketing activities. Privatisation has its own advantages and disadvantages Viz: ii. Absence of political interference. iii. Quality service. iv. Systematic marketing. v. Use of modern Technology. vii. Creation of competitive environment. ix. Research and development. x. How Did To The! Optimum utilisation of resources. xi. Infra structure. However, privatisation suffers from the following defects. i. Exploitation of labour. ii. Abuse of powers by executives. iii. Unequal distribution of tom jones wife wealth and income. iv. Lack of job security for employees. Privatisation has become inevitable in the present scenario. But some control should be exercised by the government over private sectors. Changes across Euro, Third World, USA and Their Impact on India: Significant changes have taken place across Euro and USA on account of globalization, particularly in An Instructional Model the field of international business politics etc. Such changes have given rise to change in cultural and social aspects as well. The economy of European countries and US are getting integrated with the global economy. Different arrangements have been made in this regard which are as follows: It is an agreement among a group of countries to abolish all trade restrictions and tom jones barriers, in carrying out international trade. The member countries abolish all the restrictions and barriers and adopt a uniform commercial policy. 3. European Economic Community: It was initially formed by elaine cunningham, six countries viz: France, Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. It came into existence on wife 1.1.1958. How EEC has 15 members. In order to elaine cunningham, become a member of EEC, a country must be European country and it must be democratic. Activities of EEC: i. Elimination of tom jones custom duties and reformation art quantity restrictions on export and import of goods. ii. Devising a common agricultural policy. iii. Devising a common transport policy. iv. To control disequilibrium in balance of payments. v. Development of a common commercial policy. 4. North American Free Trade Agreement: i. It came into being in tom jones 1994 Developed countries like US, Canada and a developing country Mexico became the members. Objectives and Activities of NAFTA: i. Removing barriers among the rain of fish, member countries to facilitate free trade. ii. To enhance Industrial development. iii. To enhance competition. iv. To improve Political relationship among member countries. v. Tom Jones Wife! To develop industries in Mexico. the international market. It was formed in 1959. The member countries are: Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland and Great Britain. i. To eliminate trade barriers. ii. To remove tariffs. iii. To encourage free trade. iv. To enhance economic development of member countries. The concept of Third World does not have much significance in the present scenario. This term was popular prior to the disintegration of Soviet Union. USA and USSR were considered as super powers and cunningham the countries in the world were divided in supporting them. The countries which did not have an tom jones wife, alliance with both the countries were considered as Third World countries. But with the disintegration of USSR the concept of Third World has almost disappeared. However changes in Asian countries and other countries (other than Europe and USA) have affected India. Such changes can be discussed as follows: South Asian Association for list, Regional Cooperation (SAARC) It came into being in 1983 countries like India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Maldives and wife Sri Lanka adopted a declaration on SAARC. i. To promote economic social and cultural development among member countries. ii. To improve the life of An Instructional Design Essay people among member countries. iii. To enhance cooperation with other developing economies. iv. To liberalise trade among member countries. v. To promote economic cooperation among member countries. China has introduced many economic reforms. It started privatisation in 1984. China has formed special economic Zones. It has attracted heavy foreign investments. It has also formed economic and Technical Development Zones in towns and cities. Wife! These zones are free zones which allow quick business operations. There is a rapid growth in Japan during the past Fifty years. Japanese maintained a close link with ministry of international trade and investment. The Strategies of farm Japanese-corporate sector was directed by ministry of international trade. Changes across Euro, USA and Third World has its own impact on India which can be summarised as follows: i. India’s economic dependence on wife other countries has significantly increased. ii. Extensive opportunities in reformation art the field of information technology. iii. Extensive opportunities for India’s Telecom sector. iv. Strategic alliances. Joint ventures, mergers have become the order of the tom jones wife, day. v. Extensive research and reformation art development. vi. Tom Jones! Bilateral treaties to promote free trade. vii. Membership of imperialism start of world WTO. viii. Amending the domestic laws to suit the liberalised economy. E.g.: FEMA. Amendment of Patent Act. ix. Active participation in wife global politics. x. Improvement in Productivity. On the whole it can be concluded that changes across Euro, USA and other countries have significantly changed the how did imperialism contribute start of world, Indian economy. India has realised that its business can’t survive without focusing on wife changes in other countries. Indian economy has become a major economy of the world and a significant trading partner. In the new era, India is looking at the potentials of the new products. Globalization has led to the practice of imperialism of world war i management across culture. Modern business organisations have adopted Global management practices. Efforts are being made by India to understand Japanese, Chinese style of management. Issues in wife Motivation, communication across culture has gained significance. Cunningham! Every functional area of management is being studied with a global perspective. Wife! E.g.: International HRM, International Financial management, International marketing etc. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages:

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Sir Tom Jones is dating Elvis ex Priscilla after the death of his wife

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Tom Jones is dating Elvis ex Priscilla Presley a year after his wife s
In George Orwell’s "Shooting an Elephant", theme, plot, setting, tone, point of view, characterization, irony, symbolism, and language work together to create an impact on the reader. Certainly, all of the key literary elements cause a total effect of repulsion towards imperialism and tom jones wife its atrocities. Orwell wants to create awareness in the reader about the self-destruction caused by this system of government. Indeed, the short story helps the reader understand metaphorically how, even in Design Model modern times, imperialism can be a double edged sword that destroys both the tom jones wife, conqueror and the conquered. The theme of "Shooting an Elephant" is Orwell''s explicit attack on imperialism and its evils, based on his personal experience back when he was working at Burma under the command of the British government. Through his anecdote, he expresses clearly a general statement about man and list life on earth summarized when he says: "I perceived in this moment that when the white man turns tyrant it is his own freedom that he destroys (887A)." According to George Orwell, imperialism can cause damages to both the empire and tom jones wife its officers who feel forced to "impress the natives (887A)" thereby losing their freedom, and to the conquered people whose freedom is limited. All of the key elements mainly support the primary theme, through the inclusion of significant details. Plot, atmosphere, tone, and conflict also revolve around Orwell''s theme. Tone, The plot is arranged both chronologically and how did to the start of world climactically. This helps build suspense and express the ideas clearly. The story starts when Orwell narrates his background and wife expresses his understanding of imperialism. George Orwell decided to follow family tradition when he worked in Burma in the Indian Imperial Police. Reformation Art? He then narrates an anecdote to support his attack. One day, an elephant entered a state of dangerous frenzy. The person who was in charge of keeping it had searched for it and was very far from the place. The narrator was called by a subinspector to see if he could do anything about tom jones it. Then, George Orwell discovered that a coolie had been killed by the elephant and he decided to get his rifle only for defense purposes. However, a big Burmese crowd followed him as they wanted to see the elephant shot. George Orwell finally shot the reformation art, elephant after a long internal conflict took place. He decided that he preferred to kill the elephant and not look as a fool. This incident taught him more than he expected: "It was a tiny incident in tom jones wife itself, but it gave me a better glimpse than I had had before of the reformation art, real nature of wife, imperialism--the real motives for which despotic governments act (885B)." The plot contributes to what is a the attack on imperialism because without the anecdote of the shooting the author could not have been very convincing as the plot includes the tom jones wife, argument for rain of fish, his repulsion towards imperialism. Orwell’s overall attitude is uncertainty and bitterness. Throughout the story, there is a serious, humorless and critical tone that helps build the tom jones, total effect of the story and show that his attack on imperialism is legitimate. Externally, the conflict appears to be man versus man or even against nature. Contribute Start Of World War I? The atmosphere is characterized by hatred from both parties. The Burmese hated the imperialist invader, while the usual British officials hated the Burmese. Even though George Orwell did not actually hate the Burmese but felt sympathy towards them, he does hate his job and the British government: "As for the job I was doing, I hated it more bitterly than I can perhaps make clear. Tom Jones Wife? In a job like that you see the dirty work of Empire at cunningham close quarters (885A)." However, the conflict is more internal and tom jones psychological as the protagonist is fighting against himself. He had to choose combat between his ideas and imperialism to the of world war i his emotions. Orwell did not want to look like a fool in the eyes of the natives, so he acted the way he did. Wife? The internal conflict was not resolved until Orwell had an opportunity to ponder what he had done. The setting makes it possible for Orwell to describe imperialism completely; how he was changed and how he got to understand this system as a sincere analyzer and observer of his society and his time. In the 1920’s Great Britain was still an imperialist country, however, the empire was declining sharply after World War One. The story takes place in list Moulmein, a town in Lower Burma. The setting supports the theme because if the setting had been different, the anecdote would not have had the tom jones, significance that the SUCCEED: An Instructional Design Model Essay, author gives it, and even more, it probably would not even have happened. Point of view is also a very important aspect in the story. Wife? The story is told by a consistent and trustworthy first-person narrator who participated in the events, and was able to gain insight and wisdom after the experience. Based on George Orwell’s biography we can infer that he himself was the SUCCEED: Model Essay, British officer. When he wrote the story he was a changed person compared to when the action took place. He is therefore able to understand that before he "could not get anything into tom jones wife perspective (885A)." Additionally, the story leads us to deduce that the narrator has become more objective as time passed. George Orwell wrote this story years after it had actually happened in the 1920’s. How Did Imperialism? If the story had not been told from this perspective, the theme would not have been as strong. For example, if the story had been narrated from the tom jones, point of view of the Burmese subinspector or the Burmese people, an attack on imperialism would be a very superficial argument and reformation art therefore less effective. Hence, point of view also contributes to the total effect and support of the attack to imperialism. There are two dominant characters in the story; an elephant and its executioner. On one hand, the wife, British officer, the executioner narrating the story, acts as a symbol of the imperial country. He is presented in the story as a round and dynamic character with mixed feelings of sympathy and ire towards the Burmese when he said he was "all for the Burmese and all against their oppressors (885A)" and that "the greatest joy in the world would be to drive a bayonet into a Buddhist priest''s guts (885A)". George Orwell continuously repeats his decision not to kill the elephant. In the beginning he had "no intention of shooting the is a supermarket, elephant (886B)." When he sees the elephant he says "''I knew with perfect certainty that I ought not to shoot him. I decided that would watch him for wife, a little while to make sure that he did not turn savage again, and then go home (887A)", which shows hesitation. At the end he expresses "Suddenly, I realized that I should have to shoot the elephant after all." The usage of ''after all'' gives a sense of him not having any choice in the matter. Reformation Art? The fact that Orwell actually shoots the elephant gives the tom jones, reader an uncomfortable feeling as up to that moment the what, reader is led to think that the officer is not going to shoot the elephant.. On the other hand, the elephant symbolizes freedom and the victims of imperialism. The elephant is compared to machinery and later it is said to have a motherly air. George Orwell wrote the story in a way that the tom jones wife, reader feels sympathy towards the elephant. In addition, the yellow faces of the Burmese also represent the "victims" of imperialism, even though they ironically controlled Orwell. Reformation Art? Finally, the tom jones, Buddhist priest, presented more as a stereotype, is how did imperialism to the war i a flat character. His role in this story is mainly to provide a contrast to the actions and decisions that the tom jones, protagonist took. The use of irony in the story helps emphasize the cunningham, idea presented by George Orwell. Irony becomes a key in tom jones wife presenting the anecdote as it helps the readers understand how being an animal list, imperialistic power is actually limiting freedom. Wife? Ironically, the natives actually control the executioner instead of being the other way around. The killing event actually makes him feel important. He only cared not to be seen as a fool by the natives whom he sees as judges: "I often wondered whether any of the others grasped that I had done it solely to avoid looking a fool (889A)." He lost his freedom as he did what was expected of him. How Did Start War I? Finally, he was not interested in his moral righteousness as evidenced when he said: "I was very glad that coolie had been killed; it put me in right and it gave me a sufficient pretext for shooting the elephant (889A)." Another element that helps highlight the theme is the tom jones, language used by George Orwell, especially his diction and description of the events. The word choice in cunningham the story is mostly formal. However, in some cases the author uses eastern terminology such as bazaar (eastern marketplace) and betel (leaf of a plant chewed in Burma), words from Latin, such as saecula saeculorum and in terrorem, and tom jones wife finally, words related to the Hindu culture such as Raj (government or rule), mahout (elephant keeper and driver) and coolie (a hired laborer). These terms show the reader a better picture of Orwell’s social position and education. Contribute To The Of World? Orwell’s style is simple in order to communicate the message effectively but also complex in some sections in order to express enough deepness. In addition, the writer uses imagery to help the readers visualize the situation and contribute to the total effect. This becomes very clear when he narrates the slow death of the elephant after he shot him. He describes the Burmese very vividly, and tom jones emphasizes on how the animal reacted to is a supermarket the gunshots: "He [the elephant] looked suddenly stricken, shrunken, immensely old, as though the tom jones, frightful impact of the bullet had paralysed him without knocking him down (888A)." Finally, the author uses concrete and exact language when describing imperialism as he "believed that a muddled style could lead to vague thinking and SUCCEED: An Instructional Design Model Essay that precision in both thought and writing was one of the chief defenses against political tyranny (883A)."