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Nov 12, 2017 Némésis définition, write my research paper -
A Treatise of Spousals, Or Matrimonial Contracts: Wherein All the

plans for research papers

Julia M. Garrett. Department of English and Language Studies. University of New England. How to Develop a. The following list provides a detailed research plan of manageable tasks to help you to complete a term paper or long research paper. I will continue to add to this site as other suggestions arise. If you have suggestions or "research tips" that you have picked up this semester that you'd like to némésis définition, share, email them to The Bus Rosa Essay, me and définition, I'll post those on a linked page. Keep in poe essence of envy, mind that if you follow even some of the tasks and suggestions below, you will certainly produce a much better term paper than you would have without any research plan at all. 1) Read the assignment sheet. Définition! Yes, it always helps to what setting ii of, begin by pointing out the obvious, but you would be amazed by the number of students who try to write 15-page research papers without the benefit of némésis définition, knowing what the professor has actually asked them to do. What Of Act The Crucible?! I'm hoping that the rest of you are more clever than this. Read with a highlighter in hand , and définition, mark any important details that you think you might forget during the criminal next 48 hours. More specifically, note the following: (a) key deadlines ( write them into your calendar), (b) stages of work due, (c) how many sources and (d) what type of sources are required, and définition, (e) whether a presentation of your research will be included. If an assignment sheet warns you not to do something, don't do it . If we've taken the trouble to point out The Bus something to avoid, it means that when students go ahead and do such things anyway, well, perhaps there's a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon to illustrate the effects of that on your professors. 3) Narrow the field of research / Consult the professor / Work with LAC tutors: there are plenty of people on campus to help you get on the right track with this project. If you need clarifications about the assignment, it's best to définition, go ask the professor about is the of act ii of, this soon after receiving the assignment (as opposed to the night before the thing is définition, due. Yes, that happens). As you narrow down the possible topic, choose something that really seizes your interest, something you might actually enjoy researching (that happens, too). 4 ) Collect sources / Choose a Research Focus : begin collecting possible sources, read the Parks first few pages of each to give you a more precise sense of the définition topic, and choose a research focus (primary topic of research). Make sure that you can find enough sources on of act ii of the crucible?, that topic to compose a long research paper. If not, go back and tinker with the research focus. 5) Read some sources in full / Finalize list of sources: at this point you should start reading some of your sources in full with notations, in particular creating a list of key terms and définition, phrases for profilers each article. It is from these lists of définition, key terms and phrases that you should be able to create some possible subtopics (a subtopic is something you could analyze or explain in a paragraph or two). Finalize your list of sources for the paper, print all your sources, and draft your bibliography or "Works Cited" list. It's good to do that early since sometimes when you print out an Parks article it may mysteriously leave out some important citation information -- catch that early on. 6 ) Estimate total reading time: calculate approximately how long it will take you to némésis définition, read each article or book chapter: count the number of criminal, pages, estimate how long it will take to read and notate a single page (no more than 4–5 minutes) and then do the math. For example, a 12-page article at définition, 4 minutes per page = about 50 min. of reading. Write the total time needed to read each source on the top page of each article. 7) Create a Research Schedule : figure out how many days you have until your final deadline for the paper, consider how many hours it will take to complete your stages of reading and drafting the argument and create a Research Schedule -- week by week, or day by day (hopefully not hour by hour!), set specific goals for poe essence your research process. If you are working with someone else in définition, class, both of you can keep each other on track. Agree to meet at a certain time at the library to confucius, complete the next stage of work. 8 ) Read all sources with notations / start writing some notes: as you read each source, definitely locate all the following: thesis statement / central argument argument abstract (at the némésis définition beginning) or encapsulating summary (towards the end) key terms and concepts (ones that several of your sources discuss) possible passages or statistics to cite or quote in your paper stockpile some interesting images (if you will be doing a presentation) 9) Develop subtopics / Draft a working thesis statement : as you continue reading, use your list of key terms and concepts to start organizing possible subtopics . Be looking for connections among subtopics and among articles. Media! Draft your working thesis statement and keep refining it as you continue to read and némésis, take notes. Some students draw their topics on a large piece of paper and draw in the connections -- if you're writing about a particular debate, create a two-column chart and list the key arguments for each side under a heading. Social Media Proposal Example! By the time you're done reading your sources, you should have a good sense of which subtopics will work, so create an outline of those. Définition! Revise the The Bus central argument into définition, a carefully worded and focused thesis statement. This is a good moment to review the poe essence of envy Assignment Sheet to make sure that you're fulfilling all the requirements of the assignment. 10 ) Fill in research with new sources ( optional ) : once you have a much clearer sense of what your central argument and thesis statement are, you may decide that you would like to locate a couple more articles that relate directly to that new focus. If you're lucky, you will already have all the information you need. 11) Compose a Rough Draft: all the notes that you have written so far and the outline of subtopics should make it pretty easy for you to némésis définition, jump into writing your first draft. Remember that you do not need to begin by Rosa Parks Essay, writing the introductory paragraph -- it's often easier to définition, do that after you've written your first draft. Social Proposal Example! But do keep your thesis statement on définition, hand and keep coming back to it to depression, keep you focused. Définition! If you're unsure about which section of the paper to Protest: Rosa Essay, write first, you should pick whatever subtopic you feel will be easiest to write first -- that may be a more explanatory paragraph in which you discuss the background or history of némésis définition, your topic. Or it may be a particular subtopic that is just very interesting to Rosa, you. Having the némésis définition outline of subtopics to guide your writing process is good, but you don't have to draft those subtopics in any sort of rigid order. Many students finish writing the rough draft by what of act, composing the Introductory paragraph. Building Blocks Model : this list summarizes how to build your own rough draft from définition your academic sources. (a) for each source that you read, create a list of key terms and concepts (at least 8 for each source) (b) take the most important key terms and concepts and group them together logically = subtopics. (c) each subtopic = 1 to 2 potential paragraphs (perhaps more) in criminal, your own argument. (d) organize your chosen paragraphs = outline of rough draft. (e) formulate a working thesis statement as you create your outline. (f) compose your rough draft with your outline and your developing thesis. 12) Compose a Draft Outline : once you have completed a lengthy rough draft, do the draft outline exercise to assess how the structure of the existing research paper is némésis, shaping up. You may decide to move some paragraphs around, combine others, take some out. 13) Evaluate your existing draft: after composing a draft outline, do some of the depression paper following to evaluate your existing draft: revise each topic sentence to make sure it fits clearly with the thesis highlight all direct quotations to see if you have too much in each paragraph, and not enough of your own commentary (no more than 25% of a given paragraph should be direct quotation) check to see that you have a properly balanced distribution of quotations from your sources (not too much emphasis on némésis, just one source, at depression, least one citation from each source listed on your "Works Cited") add transitional phrasing between paragraphs to create clear logical sequencing of subtopics. 14) Final Editing : your final round of définition, editing will be most effective if you read the entire paper aloud (really out loud, maybe to your roommate): work on clearer, more streamlined sentence style; proofread (perhaps with a tutor) and spellcheck! Check the webpage titled, Final 15, for a list of very simple editing tasks to and daoism, do at définition, the very end that should take you no more than 15 minutes. Review your notes on Assignment Sheet one last time before handing in your final draft. Make sure that you have numbered each page and that the ink is dark enough on confucius and daoism, each page to be clearly readable. Remember, your professor will likely be reading hundreds of némésis définition, pages of final papers; anything that you can do to depression paper, make reading that paper logistically easier will be much appreciated.

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Nov 12, 2017 Némésis définition, write my essay online for cheap -
A Treatise of Spousals, Or Matrimonial Contracts: Wherein All the
University of némésis, North Carolina, Chapel Hill. When students think of paper, Islam—if they do at némésis, all—they might summon an media proposal, image of Denzel Washington playing a stern and passionate Malcolm X in Spike Lee's 1992 film, or maybe they imagine Louis Farrakhan on the speaker's platform at the Million Man March in 1995. Some might have encountered Middle Eastern Muslims on the nightly news, mostly as "fundamentalists" and "terrorists." A few have met immigrant Muslims in their neighborhood. Muslim students might be among their classmates. But Muslims are more diverse than popular images allow, and American Muslim history is longer than most might think, extending back to the day that the first slave ship landed on Virginia's coast in 1619. It encorporates two groups—Muslims from other countries who migrated to America by force or by choice, and African Americans who created Muslim sects in the twentieth century. Thus, a consideration of the Islamic presence in définition America provides a new perspective on several important (and familiar) issues that will be used to organize this essay: What is the history of slavery in the United States? How have immigrants resisted and what setting ii of, accommodated American culture? What were African Americans' experiences in the northern cities after the définition, Great Migration? How has African-American Islam addressed race relations since the 1960s? Is America a Christian nation? At first, you will need to introduce Islam to your students, and a helpful way to depression, do this is to némésis définition, invite their responses to the word "Muslim." What comes to mind when they hear the word? Write their responses on the board without comment, and social media proposal example, then use the némésis définition, list to establish the dominant images of Muslims—for example, as militants, extremists, newcomers. Then you can begin to contest these impressions and criminal profilers, establish that Islam is a diverse and définition, long-standing American religion—one that has had a significant presence in the United States. At this point you will need to introduce the basic beliefs and practices of the world's one billion Muslims, most of whom live in Asia, not in the Middle East as most Americans presume. As in Christianity and confucius, Judaism, Islam (which is second only to Christianity in worldwide adherents) includes a number of communities or branches. The two major groups are Sunni Muslims, who constitute about 85 percent of Muslims, and Shii (or Shiite) Muslims, who account for 15 percent of the world's Islamic population. All traditional groups are represented among the five million Muslims in the United States, along with some new movements that have been cultivated on American soil. Muslims in prayer, Long Island, New York. Courtesy Islamic Center of Long Island. A profession of faith ( shahada ). All Muslims must proclaim "There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is his prophet." Note here that Muhammed is not God in Muslim theology but rather a spokesperson or mouthpiece for the divine. Définition! Prayer ( salat ). All Muslims pray five times daily while facing the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Alms ( zakat ). Faith also means outreach. To give thanks and follow the example of Muhammed, Muslims with the economic means must give alms to what the crucible?, those who are less fortunate. Némésis! Fasting ( sawm or siyam ). Muslims who are physically able are to fast from profilers, dawn to dusk during the némésis définition, ninth month (Ramadan) of the Islamic calendar. A pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca. At least once in their lives, all Muslims who are able must make a pilgrimage to the Great Mosque in the holy city of Mecca, toward which they have knelt while praying five times daily during their lives. (Chapter seventeen of The Autobiography of Malcolm X offers a vivid account of this pilgrimage, which was life-transforming for him. It was on hajj , he recounts, that he first glimpsed the possibility that people of different races could get along.) A small but significant proportion of African slaves, some estimate 10 percent, were Muslim. You might tell the story of Omar Ibn Said (also "Sayyid," ca. 1770-1864), who was born in Western Africa in the Muslim state of Futa Toro (on the south bank of the Senegal River in present-day Senegal). He was a Muslim scholar and trader who, for criminal, reasons historians have not uncovered, found himself captive and enslaved. After a six-week voyage, Omar arrived in Charleston, South Carolina, in némésis définition about 1807. About four years later, he was sold to James Owen of poe essence, North Carolina's Cape Fear region. Némésis! In 1819 a white Protestant North Carolinian wrote to social media example, Francis Scott Key, the composer of némésis, The Star Spangled Banner , to request an Arabic translation of the Bible for Omar, and apparently Key sent one. Historians dispute how much the African Muslim leaned toward Christianity in his final years, but Omar's notations on the Arabic bible, which offer praise to Allah, suggest that he retained much of his Muslim identity, as did some other first-generation slaves whose names have been lost to us. (Omar's Arabic bible, which has recently been restored, is housed in the library of Davidson College in criminal North Carolina.) Most history courses cover the immigrants who changed America's population throughout the nineteenth century. You might point out these immigrants were not all European or Christian. Définition! Many were Chinese and Japanese migrants who practiced Buddhism and other Asian traditions. Thousands of Muslims came as well, and most of of envy, these first Islamic immigrants were Arabs from définition, what was then Greater Syria. These Syrian, Jordanian, and Protest: Rosa Essay, Lebanese migrants were poorly educated laborers who came seeking greater economic stability. Némésis Définition! Many returned, disenchanted, to their homeland. Criminal! Those who stayed suffered isolation, although some managed to establish Islamic communities, often in unlikely places. Némésis! By 1920, Arab immigrants worshiped in a rented hall in confucius and daoism Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and they built a mosque of némésis, their own fifteen years later. Lebanese-Syrian communities did the same in Ross, North Dakota, and later in Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Michigan City, Indiana. Islam had come to America's heartland. The first wave of Muslim immigration ended in 1924, when the Asian Exclusion Act and depression paper, the Johnson-Reed Immigration Act allowed only a trickle of "Asians," as Arabs were designated, to némésis définition, enter the nation. African-American Islam in the Urban North. A Euro-American, Mohammed Alexander Webb (1847-1916), proclaimed himself a Muslim at the World's Columbian Exposition in setting Chicago in 1893, but converts have been more prominent among Americans of African descent, especially those who followed the mass migrations of southern blacks to northern cities beginning in the early decades of the twentieth century. Noble Drew Ali established a Black nationalist Islamic community, the Moorish Science Temple, in Newark, New Jersey in némésis 1913. Protest: Rosa Parks! After his death in 1929, one of the némésis définition, movement's factions found itself drawn to the mysterious Wallace D. Fard, who appeared in Detroit in 1930 preaching black nationalism and Islamic faith. Fard founded the Nation of profilers, Islam there in the same year. After Fard's unexplained disappearance in némésis définition 1934, Elijah Muhammed (1897-1975) took over, and he attracted disenchanted and poor African Americans from the urban north. They converted for a variety of reasons, but, for some, the poverty and racism in and daoism those cities made the Nation of Islam's message about "white devils" (and "black superiority") plausible. Elijah Muhammed won an important convert when Malcolm Little (1925-1965) joined the faith in a prison cell. Malcolm X, the name he took to signal his lost African heritage, became a public figure during the 1960s, although he separated himself from the Nation of Islam before his death. Némésis Définition! After Elijah Muhammed's death in Parks 1975, the movement split. One branch, under the leadership of the fifth son of Elijah Muhammed, moved closer to the beliefs and practices of Islam as it is définition, practiced in most of the world. This group, which would later change its name to the American Muslim Mission, is the largest African-American Islamic movement. The much smaller Nation of Islam, which the American Muslim Mission and other Islamic groups condemn as racist and unorthodox, is much more familiar to most Americans. Many American Muslims would claim that the Nation of Islam, led by Louis Farrakhan, is not representative of either immigrant or convert Islam in of envy the United States. As you teach the Nation of Islam, you might ask students what the history of African-American Islam since the Great Migration tells us about race relations. Why were Malcolm X and others in northern cities so willing to believe that European Americans were "white devils"? In what sense, you might ask, is the Nation of Islam's sacred story about the origin of whites as the mistake of a black scientist a "truthful" representation of many African Americans' experience? Muslims and némésis définition, the New Immigrants after 1965. If you are able to reach the post-1965 period in your class, you might reintroduce Muslims in a discussion of demographic changes in contemporary America. Palestinian refugees arrived after the creation of Israel in 1948. More important for the history of American Islam, the McCarran-Walter Act of poe essence, 1952 relaxed the quota system established in 1924, thereby allowing greater Muslim immigration. The gates opened even more widely after the 1965 revisions of the némésis, immigration law. Since then, Muslim migrants have fled oppressive regimes in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria; and South Asian Muslims, as from Pakistan, have sought economic opportunity. By the 1990s, Muslims had established more than six hundred mosques and centers across the United States. Islamic Cultural Center of Parks, New York. and the Islamic Assn. of West Virginia. Toward the end of your discussion of Islam in America, you might raise this final issue concerning religion and national identity. Islam may soon be the définition, second largest American faith after Christianity, if it is not already. Estimates vary widely, and a moderate estimate is depression, five million American Muslims in némésis 1997—more than Episcopalians, Quakers, and criminal profilers, Disciples of némésis, Christ. What Is The Of Act Ii Of The Crucible?! When recounting this to students, and recalling the history of Islamic slaves and the early debates about the némésis définition, First Amendment, you might ask students whether America is a Christian nation as some have proclaimed. Depression Paper! Could we, you might ask to focus the discussion, elect a Muslim president? If so, would she (while we are imagining, let's get bold!) view this land as a New Israel or take her presidential oath on a Christian Bible, as has been traditional?