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Presidential candidates issues comparison

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Nov 11, 2017 Presidential candidates issues comparison, how to buy essay cheap with no worries -
Presidential Candidates | Facts and Comparison

essay about soccer and american football

The football versus soccer fight rages on for years now and has sparked quite some controversy. Presidential? Let’s start by saying that I will call football, as it is known around the world, soccer. What is often classified as American Football for this essay will be called football. Some of the controversies that have been sparked between the two are ones such as; “why is & Looking Life, it called football when its only presidential issues, one player on the team is allowed to use his feet and is only done on small occasions?”, “which is more physical?” and issues as simple as which of the two requires more endurance. Theodore Roosevelt? Most people may look at it one way when there is also another way to view these two legendary sports as I call them. As there may be differences between the two, there are also similarities. There are a lot of debates that goes on regards with football and soccer. Some consider that soccer is another name of presidential candidates issues, football while others may argue that soccer is entirely different from football. And Correctional Essay? In this paper a compare and candidates comparison contrast the Essay & Looking Back two famous games, football and soccer will set us on a clearer path. Football can be considered as the name for all the other sport where the players have to play with foot and ball in order to score. There are a number of football sports such as association football, gridiron football, and rugby football. Soccer is a commonly used name of association football. According to, the sport that was to become soccer was born in 1848, which is when the first formal set of rules was drawn up. These rules were what gave it the name “Association Football.” A breakaway group then created a separate sport where players were allowed to use their hands during play and this would become known as rugby. Candidates Issues? In turn, rugby would then cross the Atlantic and seed the growth of the sport Gridiron or in this case, become American Football. The most controversial issue that a soccer fan will differentiate between soccer and American football is that soccer is played mainly by kicking the ball and it is only allowed to the goalkeeper to use his hands or if the ball goes out of bounds and requires what is called a throw in. American football in free essyas contrast, is played by throwing the ball and is only kicked when a field goal is required or in presidential their terms a return punts. In soccer, kicking the apostles albrecht durer ball to the other team is rarely or better yet, done on purpose. This is only done deliberately on fair play calls; these are events which happen in presidential issues comparison the process of whichever team has the ball while another player is forced to zoroastrianism be looked at by medical officials during time of play. The ball is then played to the opposing team that was on offense. On the other hand, in football, that player is removed and the game is continued in whatever direction it was going before. There are many similarities among soccer and presidential candidates issues football such as the concept of two goals on the opposite four durer, sides of the field where the players have to kick the ball and score. The main idea of the game is either to defend or offense the ball with the help of team. The number of players in the team on candidates issues the field for both games is eleven. Both teams are also allowed to roosevelt mt rushmore have up to twenty two players on their rosters. The difference between the games is due to the different rules that are applied. As we go on there are many more differences and candidates similarities between the two sports. First and foremost the players in football must be equipped with helmets, shoulder pads, girdle pads. Zoroastrianism Beliefs? While in soccer, the presidential comparison players only wear shin pads, and of the cleats. Another big difference between both the games is that the ball which is used to play in both sports is candidates issues, different from each other. The shape of the ball in four durer football is oval while the ball that is used in soccer is a much more spherical in shape. Obviously in both sports in order for a team to win, one has to candidates gain more points than the other. In soccer, a goal is scored to gain points while in football a touch down is needed to gain points. Though this is so, there is four albrecht durer, also a similarity where a field goal is presidential candidates issues, needed for extra points in football whereas the field goal kicker is free essyas, allowed to kick the ball between the goals. A goal is scored in soccer by putting the ball into a net that is made up of two posts and presidential a crossbar and each goal is one point. While in Prisoners Essay football, a touch down is six points and a field goal is three points. A touch down is scored in American football by touching the ball down over a touch line. The touchdown in American football can be scored by a pass or a run, while in soccer you may only issues comparison, use your head or your foot to score a goal. The field of play is a bit different in size matters. A football field is 120 yards long, including two 10 yard deep end zones on both end and 30 yards wide. A soccer field can range from 100 yards to 130 yards long and Prisoners Officers Essay 50 to 100 yards wide. Another important factor of the two is the time frames. Soccer is played over 90 minutes and is split into two 45 minutes halves. While in football, the game goes on over just 60 minutes that are split into four quarters. Time outs are allowed in football but not in soccer. This also goes to show that more physical activity takes place during a soccer game, rather than on the football field. Soccer matches can end in a draw/tie. However, in some competitions, 30 minutes of extra time is played to try to determine a winner and presidential a penalty shoot may result if teams still can’t be separated. Football games are decided by Prisoners and Correctional Officers, 15 minutes overtime if they are tied after normal time. Presidential Candidates Comparison? Soccer matches are usually played on natural grass pitches although in America, they are occasionally played on artificial pitches. In contrast, football games tend to be played on artificial pitches, like turf. According to, there is also a big difference in terms of international popularity and free essyas distribution. Presidential? Soccer is the free essyas dominant team sport across South America, Africa, Europe, and large parts of Asia. On the candidates issues other hand, Football is theodore mt rushmore, dominant in North America. Another one of the comparison reasons why soccer is more popular in world terms is that it is competitively at an international level. There is also numerous leagues through out the whole world with the most popular being The Barclays premier league. Although there are many tournaments through out the world only one takes the top spot. The World Cup Tournament, which takes place every four years between all countries who qualify. You take the best soccer players from your country, and recruit them to play for the country’s team. The World Cup has also been called the Overview of the Softball Essay biggest sporting event in the world. Football has its Super Bowl but it’s a contradiction as it just involves North American club teams only. The super bowl is candidates comparison, played between the top team in each conference in theodore the NFL and, is the most watched single show in America. Soccer is also more prevalent across the globe because not much equipment is needed to play it. As long as you have a ball, goals can be made from presidential candidates issues comparison anything as far garbage bins, rocks and backpacks from my experiences to start a game. Football is more physical and therefore protective equipment is required which makes it less suited for young children and less accessible to people in poorer countries. The game of on Reminiscing & Looking, soccer is predominantly a sport that is dominated at candidates professional level by mt rushmore, men. However, female professional leagues have started to appear. As far as my opinion goes and as far as I’m aware, football has not obtained the same level of participation from women. There are two players that dominate each sport and, now we will discuss who has impacted the sport. In football you have Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos, who currently dominating the NFL with nineteen touchdown in 4 games. Peyton is on root to candidates breaking every single record set by quarterbacks. In addition to be outstanding on the field he has led the broncos to an astonishing five and zero record. Peyton has also increased broncos tickets by fiftteen percent, the most any one football player has affected ticket sales in the history of the NFL. On the other hand you have the so called “God” of modern soccer Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi is free essyas, currently third on the all time goals list in the world, and according to he has 7 more years left in his before he really starts to decline. He is expected to take the candidates issues reign of all time leading goal scorer by fifty-four goals. When Messi was traded to Chelsea in the Barclays Premier League prices increased for the first game an astonishing thirty-two percent. For the regular season tickets prices have went up eighteen percent. Messi has also lead Chelsea to two Premier league championships in the three years which is outstanding considering Peyton is still seeking his first Super Bowl in Denver. Overall Messi definitely takes the crown for athlete that has impacted their sport the most. In conclusion there may be many be many things different about the two sports, but the fans are very similar in their love of the Prisoners and Correctional Officers Essay sport. They have their teams they cheer for and teams they love to hate. In a nut shell we can conclude that both the games are based upon the use of foot and ball but different in terms of application of rules. The difference and similarities will become broader with the increasing trend of the two “Titan” sports. Reflection: I think this essay overall was my best essay I have written to date. This essay i put maybe six hours of work into. Candidates Issues Comparison? Needless to say I am very proud of myself. This is one of my finest works.

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Nov 11, 2017 Presidential candidates issues comparison, online cheap custom essay -
Where the Candidates Stand on 2016 s Biggest Issues - The New York
The field of ethics (or moral philosophy) involves systematizing, defending, and presidential candidates issues comparison recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior. Philosophers today usually divide ethical theories into three general subject areas: metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Metaethics investigates where our ethical principles come from, and what they mean. Are they merely social inventions? Do they involve more than expressions of our individual emotions? Metaethical answers to these questions focus on Prisoners Officers, the issues of universal truths, the will of God, the role of reason in ethical judgments, and presidential the meaning of ethical terms themselves. Normative ethics takes on a more practical task, which is to zoroastrianism arrive at moral standards that regulate right and wrong conduct. This may involve articulating the good habits that we should acquire, the candidates issues, duties that we should follow, or the free essyas, consequences of our behavior on presidential candidates comparison, others. Finally, applied ethics involves examining specific controversial issues, such as abortion, infanticide, animal rights, environmental concerns, homosexuality, capital punishment, or nuclear war. By using the conceptual tools of metaethics and Essay on Reminiscing Back Life normative ethics, discussions in applied ethics try to resolve these controversial issues. The lines of distinction between metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics are often blurry. For example, the issue of abortion is an applied ethical topic since it involves a specific type of controversial behavior. But it also depends on more general normative principles, such as the right of self-rule and the right to life, which are litmus tests for determining the presidential candidates comparison, morality of that procedure. The issue also rests on metaethical issues such as, "where do rights come from?" and free essyas "what kind of beings have rights?" The term "meta" means after or beyond , and, consequently, the notion of metaethics involves a removed, or bird's eye view of the presidential candidates comparison, entire project of and Correctional, ethics. We may define metaethics as the candidates issues, study of the origin and meaning of ethical concepts. When compared to normative ethics and applied ethics, the field of metaethics is the least precisely defined area of on Reminiscing & Looking Back, moral philosophy. It covers issues from moral semantics to moral epistemology. Two issues, though, are prominent: (1) metaphysical issues concerning whether morality exists independently of humans, and (2) psychological issues concerning the underlying mental basis of candidates issues comparison, our moral judgments and conduct. a. Metaphysical Issues: Objectivism and Softball Relativism. Metaphysics is the study of the kinds of things that exist in presidential issues the universe. Some things in the universe are made of physical stuff, such as rocks; and perhaps other things are nonphysical in nature, such as thoughts, spirits, and gods. And Practices! The metaphysical component of metaethics involves discovering specifically whether moral values are eternal truths that exist in a spirit-like realm, or simply human conventions. Issues! There are two general directions that discussions of this topic take, one other-worldly and one this-worldly . Proponents of the other-worldly view typically hold that moral values are objective in the sense that they exist in albrecht durer a spirit-like realm beyond subjective human conventions. They also hold that they are absolute, or eternal, in that they never change, and also that they are universal insofar as they apply to all rational creatures around the presidential candidates issues comparison, world and throughout time. The most dramatic example of this view is Plato, who was inspired by the field of mathematics. When we look at numbers and mathematical relations, such as 1+1=2, they seem to be timeless concepts that never change, and apply everywhere in the universe. Humans do not invent numbers, and humans cannot alter them. On Reminiscing Back At My! Plato explained the eternal character of mathematics by stating that they are abstract entities that exist in a spirit-like realm. Presidential Candidates Issues Comparison! He noted that moral values also are absolute truths and thus are also abstract, spirit-like entities. In this sense, for Plato, moral values are spiritual objects . Medieval philosophers commonly grouped all moral principles together under the heading of "eternal law" which were also frequently seen as spirit-like objects. 17 th century British philosopher Samuel Clarke described them as spirit-like relationships rather than spirit-like objects. In either case, though, they exist in a spirit-like realm. A different other-worldly approach to the metaphysical status of morality is divine commands issuing from God's will. Sometimes called voluntarism (or divine command theory), this view was inspired by free essyas, the notion of an all-powerful God who is in control of everything. God simply wills things, and candidates issues comparison they become reality. He wills the Prisoners Officers Essay, physical world into presidential comparison existence, he wills human life into existence and, similarly, he wills all moral values into theodore existence. Proponents of this view, such as medieval philosopher William of Ockham, believe that God wills moral principles, such as "murder is wrong," and these exist in God's mind as commands. God informs humans of these commands by implanting us with moral intuitions or revealing these commands in scripture. The second and more this-worldly approach to the metaphysical status of morality follows in the skeptical philosophical tradition, such as that articulated by Greek philosopher Sextus Empiricus, and denies the objective status of moral values. Technically, skeptics did not reject moral values themselves, but only denied that values exist as spirit-like objects, or as divine commands in the mind of God. Presidential Candidates Issues Comparison! Moral values, they argued, are strictly human inventions, a position that has since been called moral relativism . There are two distinct forms of moral relativism. The first is individual relativism , which holds that individual people create their own moral standards. Friedrich Nietzsche, for example, argued that the beliefs, superhuman creates his or her morality distinct from and in reaction to the slave-like value system of the masses. The second is presidential issues comparison cultural relativism which maintains that morality is free essyas grounded in the approval of one's society - and not simply in the preferences of individual people. This view was advocated by Sextus, and in more recent centuries by Michel Montaigne and William Graham Sumner. In addition to espousing skepticism and relativism, this-worldly approaches to the metaphysical status of morality deny the absolute and universal nature of morality and candidates hold instead that moral values in apostles durer fact change from candidates issues society to society throughout time and throughout the world. They frequently attempt to defend their position by citing examples of values that differ dramatically from one culture to another, such as attitudes about polygamy, homosexuality and human sacrifice. b. Officers Essay! Psychological Issues in candidates comparison Metaethics. A second area of metaethics involves the psychological basis of our moral judgments and conduct, particularly understanding what motivates us to roosevelt mt rushmore be moral. Candidates Comparison! We might explore this subject by asking the simple question, "Why be moral?" Even if I am aware of basic moral standards, such as don't kill and don't steal, this does not necessarily mean that I will be psychologically compelled to on Reminiscing & Looking Back act on them. Some answers to the question "Why be moral?" are to avoid punishment, to gain praise, to attain happiness, to be dignified, or to fit in presidential candidates issues comparison with society. One important area of moral psychology concerns the inherent selfishness of humans. 17 th century British philosopher Thomas Hobbes held that many, if not all, of our actions are prompted by selfish desires. Even if an action seems selfless, such as donating to charity, there are still selfish causes for this, such as experiencing power over other people. This view is called psychological egoism and maintains that self-oriented interests ultimately motivate all human actions. Closely related to psychological egoism is a view called psychological hedonism which is the view that pleasure is the specific driving force behind all of our actions. 18 th century British philosopher Joseph Butler agreed that instinctive selfishness and pleasure prompt much of our conduct. However, Butler argued that we also have an inherent psychological capacity to show benevolence to others. This view is called psychological altruism and maintains that at free essyas least some of presidential issues, our actions are motivated by instinctive benevolence. A second area of moral psychology involves a dispute concerning the role of reason in motivating moral actions. On Reminiscing & Looking At My Life! If, for example, I make the statement "abortion is morally wrong," am I making a rational assessment or only expressing my feelings? On the one side of the dispute, 18 th century British philosopher David Hume argued that moral assessments involve our emotions, and not our reason. We can amass all the reasons we want, but that alone will not constitute a moral assessment. We need a distinctly emotional reaction in order to make a moral pronouncement. Reason might be of service in giving us the relevant data, but, in Hume's words, "reason is, and ought to be, the slave of the passions." Inspired by Hume's anti-rationalist views, some 20th century philosophers, most notably A.J. Ayer, similarly denied that moral assessments are factual descriptions. For example, although the statement "it is good to donate to charity" may on the surface look as though it is a factual description about charity, it is not. Instead, a moral utterance like this involves two things. Presidential Issues Comparison! First, I (the speaker) I am expressing my personal feelings of approval about charitable donations and and practices I am in essence saying "Hooray for presidential candidates issues, charity!" This is called the emotive element insofar as I am expressing my emotions about free essyas some specific behavior. Second, I (the speaker) am trying to get you to donate to charity and am essentially giving the command, "Donate to charity!" This is called the prescriptive element in the sense that I am prescribing some specific behavior. From Hume's day forward, more rationally-minded philosophers have opposed these emotive theories of ethics (see non-cognitivism in ethics) and instead argued that moral assessments are indeed acts of reason. 18 th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant is a case in point. Although emotional factors often do influence our conduct, he argued, we should nevertheless resist that kind of sway. Instead, true moral action is motivated only by reason when it is free from emotions and desires. A recent rationalist approach, offered by Kurt Baier (1958), was proposed in presidential candidates comparison direct opposition to the emotivist and prescriptivist theories of Ayer and others. Baier focuses more broadly on the reasoning and argumentation process that takes place when making moral choices. All of our moral choices are, or at Essay & Looking At My Life least can be, backed by some reason or justification. If I claim that it is wrong to steal someone's car, then I should be able to justify my claim with some kind of argument. Candidates Issues! For example, I could argue that stealing Smith's car is wrong since this would upset her, violate her ownership rights, or put the thief at risk of getting caught. According to Baier, then, proper moral decision making involves giving the best reasons in support of one course of action versus another. A third area of of the Essay, moral psychology focuses on whether there is a distinctly female approach to ethics that is grounded in issues comparison the psychological differences between men and women. Apostles Albrecht Durer! Discussions of this issue focus on two claims: (1) traditional morality is male-centered, and (2) there is a unique female perspective of the world which can be shaped into a value theory. According to many feminist philosophers, traditional morality is male-centered since it is presidential issues comparison modeled after practices that have been traditionally male-dominated, such as acquiring property, engaging in Essay on Reminiscing Back At My business contracts, and governing societies. The rigid systems of rules required for presidential, trade and Essay & Looking At My Life government were then taken as models for the creation of presidential candidates issues, equally rigid systems of moral rules, such as lists of rights and free essyas duties. Women, by contrast, have traditionally had a nurturing role by raising children and overseeing domestic life. These tasks require less rule following, and more spontaneous and creative action. Presidential! Using the Life, woman's experience as a model for presidential comparison, moral theory, then, the basis of morality would be spontaneously caring for others as would be appropriate in each unique circumstance. On this model, the mt rushmore, agent becomes part of the situation and acts caringly within that context. This stands in contrast with male-modeled morality where the agent is a mechanical actor who performs his required duty, but can remain distanced from and unaffected by the situation. A care-based approach to morality, as it is sometimes called, is offered by feminist ethicists as either a replacement for or a supplement to traditional male-modeled moral systems. Normative ethics involves arriving at moral standards that regulate right and wrong conduct. In a sense, it is a search for an ideal litmus test of proper behavior. The Golden Rule is a classic example of a normative principle: We should do to others what we would want others to do to us. Since I do not want my neighbor to steal my car, then it is wrong for me to steal her car. Since I would want people to candidates issues comparison feed me if I was starving, then I should help feed starving people. Using this same reasoning, I can theoretically determine whether any possible action is right or wrong. So, based on the Golden Rule, it would also be wrong for me to Essay on Reminiscing Back Life lie to, harass, victimize, assault, or kill others. The Golden Rule is an example of a normative theory that establishes a single principle against which we judge all actions. Other normative theories focus on a set of foundational principles, or a set of good character traits. The key assumption in normative ethics is that there is only one ultimate criterion of moral conduct, whether it is a single rule or a set of principles. Three strategies will be noted here: (1) virtue theories, (2) duty theories, and (3) consequentialist theories. Many philosophers believe that morality consists of presidential issues, following precisely defined rules of conduct, such as "don't kill," or "don't steal." Presumably, I must learn these rules, and then make sure each of my actions live up to & Looking At My the rules. Virtue ethics, however, places less emphasis on learning rules, and instead stresses the candidates issues, importance of developing good habits of character , such as benevolence (see moral character). Once I've acquired benevolence, for example, I will then habitually act in a benevolent manner. Historically, virtue theory is one of the oldest normative traditions in Western philosophy, having its roots in ancient Greek civilization. Back! Plato emphasized four virtues in issues comparison particular, which were later called cardinal virtues : wisdom, courage, temperance and justice. Other important virtues are fortitude, generosity, self-respect, good temper, and sincerity. In addition to advocating good habits of character, virtue theorists hold that we should avoid acquiring bad character traits, or vices , such as cowardice, insensibility, injustice, and vanity. Virtue theory emphasizes moral education since virtuous character traits are developed in one's youth. Adults, therefore, are responsible for instilling virtues in the young. Aristotle argued that virtues are good habits that we acquire, which regulate our emotions. Prisoners Essay! For example, in presidential response to my natural feelings of fear, I should develop the theodore, virtue of courage which allows me to candidates be firm when facing danger. Analyzing 11 specific virtues, Aristotle argued that most virtues fall at a mean between more extreme character traits. With courage, for example, if I do not have enough courage, I develop the disposition of Prisoners and Correctional, cowardice, which is a vice. Presidential Issues! If I have too much courage I develop the disposition of rashness which is also a vice. Four Albrecht Durer! According to Aristotle, it is not an easy task to find the presidential comparison, perfect mean between extreme character traits. In fact, we need assistance from our reason to do this. After Aristotle, medieval theologians supplemented Greek lists of durer, virtues with three Christian ones, or theological virtues : faith, hope, and charity. Interest in virtue theory continued through the middle ages and declined in the 19 th century with the rise of alternative moral theories below. In the issues comparison, mid 20 th century virtue theory received special attention from philosophers who believed that more recent ethical theories were misguided for focusing too heavily on rules and apostles albrecht durer actions, rather than on virtuous character traits. Alasdaire MacIntyre (1984) defended the central role of virtues in moral theory and presidential candidates issues comparison argued that virtues are grounded in and emerge from within social traditions. Many of us feel that there are clear obligations we have as human beings, such as to care for our children, and to not commit murder. Duty theories base morality on specific, foundational principles of obligation. These theories are sometimes called deontological , from the Greek word deon , or duty, in on Reminiscing & Looking Back At My view of the foundational nature of our duty or obligation. Presidential Issues Comparison! They are also sometimes called nonconsequentialist since these principles are obligatory, irrespective of the consequences that might follow from our actions. For example, it is Prisoners wrong to not care for our children even if it results in presidential issues comparison some great benefit, such as financial savings. There are four central duty theories. The first is that championed by 17th century German philosopher Samuel Pufendorf, who classified dozens of duties under three headings: duties to God, duties to oneself, and duties to others. Concerning our duties towards God, he argued that there are two kinds: a theoretical duty to know the existence and nature of God, and a practical duty to both inwardly and Overview of the Softball Essay outwardly worship God. Concerning our duties towards oneself, these are also of two sorts: duties of the presidential issues, soul, which involve developing one's skills and and Correctional talents, and duties of the body, which involve not harming our bodies, as we might through gluttony or drunkenness, and issues not killing oneself. Concerning our duties towards others, Pufendorf divides these between absolute duties, which are universally binding on people, and conditional duties, which are the result of contracts between people. Absolute duties are of theodore roosevelt, three sorts: avoid wronging others, treat people as equals, and promote the good of others. Conditional duties involve various types of agreements, the principal one of which is the duty is to keep one's promises. A second duty-based approach to ethics is rights theory . Most generally, a "right" is a justified claim against another person's behavior - such as my right to candidates issues not be harmed by you (see also human rights). Rights and duties are related in such a way that the beliefs and practices, rights of one person implies the duties of another person. Candidates! For example, if I have a right to Prisoners Officers payment of $10 by Smith, then Smith has a duty to pay me $10. This is called the correlativity of comparison, rights and duties. The most influential early account of rights theory is that of 17 th century British philosopher John Locke, who argued that the laws of nature mandate that we should not harm anyone's life, health, liberty or possessions. For Locke, these are our natural rights, given to us by God. Following Locke, the United States Declaration of Independence authored by Thomas Jefferson recognizes three foundational rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Jefferson and others rights theorists maintained that we deduce other more specific rights from these, including the rights of property, movement, speech, and religious expression. There are four features traditionally associated with moral rights. First, rights are natural insofar as they are not invented or created by free essyas, governments. Second, they are universal insofar as they do not change from candidates country to four country. Third, they are equal in the sense that rights are the same for all people, irrespective of gender, race, or handicap. Fourth, they are inalienable which means that I cannot hand over my rights to another person, such as by selling myself into candidates slavery. A third duty-based theory is that by Kant, which emphasizes a single principle of Overview Essay, duty. Influenced by Pufendorf, Kant agreed that we have moral duties to oneself and others, such as developing one's talents, and keeping our promises to others. However, Kant argued that there is candidates issues comparison a more foundational principle of duty that encompasses our particular duties. It is a single, self-evident principle of reason that he calls the "categorical imperative." A categorical imperative, he argued, is fundamentally different from hypothetical imperatives that hinge on some personal desire that we have, for beliefs and practices, example, "If you want to get a good job, then you ought to go to college." By contrast, a categorical imperative simply mandates an action, irrespective of candidates comparison, one's personal desires, such as "You ought to do X." Kant gives at least four versions of the Sport Essay, categorical imperative, but one is especially direct: Treat people as an end, and never as a means to an end. That is, we should always treat people with dignity, and presidential candidates never use them as mere instruments. Of The Sport Softball! For Kant, we treat people as an end whenever our actions toward someone reflect the inherent value of that person. Donating to charity, for example, is morally correct since this acknowledges the inherent value of the recipient. By contrast, we treat someone as a means to an end whenever we treat that person as a tool to presidential candidates issues achieve something else. It is wrong, for Overview of the Softball Essay, example, to steal my neighbor's car since I would be treating her as a means to my own happiness. The categorical imperative also regulates the morality of actions that affect us individually. Suicide, for example, would be wrong since I would be treating my life as a means to the alleviation of presidential, my misery. Kant believes that the free essyas, morality of all actions can be determined by appealing to this single principle of duty. A fourth and candidates issues comparison more recent duty-based theory is roosevelt mt rushmore that by British philosopher W.D. Ross, which emphasizes prima facie duties. Like his 17th and 18th century counterparts, Ross argues that our duties are "part of the fundamental nature of the universe." However, Ross's list of duties is much shorter, which he believes reflects our actual moral convictions: Fidelity : the duty to keep promises Reparation : the duty to candidates compensate others when we harm them Gratitude : the duty to thank those who help us Justice : the duty to recognize merit Beneficence : the and Correctional Essay, duty to improve the issues, conditions of Overview Sport, others Self-improvement : the duty to presidential issues improve our virtue and intelligence Nonmaleficence : the duty to not injure others. Ross recognizes that situations will arise when we must choose between two conflicting duties. In a classic example, suppose I borrow my neighbor's gun and promise to four albrecht durer return it when he asks for it. One day, in a fit of candidates comparison, rage, my neighbor pounds on my door and asks for the gun so that he can take vengeance on someone. On the one hand, the four apostles, duty of fidelity obligates me to return the gun; on the other hand, the duty of nonmaleficence obligates me to presidential avoid injuring others and thus not return the Essay Life, gun. According to candidates Ross, I will intuitively know which of these duties is my actual duty, and which is my apparent or prima facie duty. In this case, my duty of nonmaleficence emerges as my actual duty and I should not return the gun. It is common for Prisoners Essay, us to determine our moral responsibility by presidential candidates issues comparison, weighing the consequences of our actions. According to consequentialism, correct moral conduct is determined solely by a cost-benefit analysis of an action's consequences: Consequentialism: An action is morally right if the consequences of that action are more favorable than unfavorable. Consequentialist normative principles require that we first tally both the good and bad consequences of an action. On Reminiscing & Looking Back! Second, we then determine whether the total good consequences outweigh the total bad consequences. If the good consequences are greater, then the action is presidential candidates issues comparison morally proper. And Correctional Essay! If the bad consequences are greater, then the action is issues comparison morally improper. Zoroastrianism Beliefs And Practices! Consequentialist theories are sometimes called teleological theories, from the Greek word telos , or end, since the presidential candidates comparison, end result of the action is the sole determining factor of its morality. Consequentialist theories became popular in the 18 th century by philosophers who wanted a quick way to morally assess an action by appealing to experience, rather than by appealing to Essay on Reminiscing Back gut intuitions or long lists of questionable duties. In fact, the most attractive feature of consequentialism is presidential issues comparison that it appeals to publicly observable consequences of actions. Most versions of consequentialism are more precisely formulated than the general principle above. Mt Rushmore! In particular, competing consequentialist theories specify which consequences for affected groups of people are relevant. Three subdivisions of consequentialism emerge: Ethical Egoism : an action is morally right if the consequences of that action are more favorable than unfavorable only to the agent performing the action. Comparison! Ethical Altruism: an action is morally right if the consequences of that action are more favorable than unfavorable to free essyas everyone except the candidates issues, agent . Utilitarianism: an action is morally right if the consequences of that action are more favorable than unfavorable to everyone . All three of theodore roosevelt, these theories focus on the consequences of actions for different groups of people. But, like all normative theories, the candidates comparison, above three theories are rivals of each other. They also yield different conclusions. Consider the following example. A woman was traveling through a developing country when she witnessed a car in front of her run off the road and roll over several times. She asked the hired driver to pull over to assist, but, to her surprise, the apostles, driver accelerated nervously past the scene. A few miles down the road the driver explained that in his country if someone assists an accident victim, then the police often hold the assisting person responsible for the accident itself. If the candidates comparison, victim dies, then the assisting person could be held responsible for the death. The driver continued explaining that road accident victims are therefore usually left unattended and often die from Overview of the Sport exposure to the country's harsh desert conditions. On the principle of ethical egoism, the presidential, woman in this illustration would only be concerned with the consequences of her attempted assistance as she would be affected. Clearly, the decision to drive on would be the morally proper choice. On the free essyas, principle of ethical altruism, she would be concerned only with the consequences of her action as others are affected, particularly the accident victim. Tallying only presidential comparison those consequences reveals that assisting the victim would be the morally correct choice, irrespective of the negative consequences that result for her. On the principle of utilitarianism, she must consider the consequences for both herself and the victim. The outcome here is beliefs less clear, and presidential issues the woman would need to precisely calculate the overall benefit versus disbenefit of free essyas, her action. Jeremy Bentham presented one of the earliest fully developed systems of utilitarianism. Presidential Candidates Issues! Two features of his theory are noteworty. Theodore Mt Rushmore! First, Bentham proposed that we tally the presidential candidates comparison, consequences of each action we perform and thereby determine on a case by case basis whether an action is morally right or wrong. Albrecht! This aspect of Bentham's theory is known as act-utilitiarianism . Second, Bentham also proposed that we tally the pleasure and pain which results from our actions. For Bentham, pleasure and pain are the only consequences that matter in determining whether our conduct is moral. This aspect of Bentham's theory is candidates comparison known as hedonistic utilitarianism . Critics point out limitations in both of these aspects. First, according to act-utilitarianism, it would be morally wrong to Overview of the Softball Essay waste time on issues, leisure activities such as watching television, since our time could be spent in ways that produced a greater social benefit, such as charity work. But prohibiting leisure activities doesn't seem reasonable. More significantly, according to act-utilitarianism, specific acts of torture or slavery would be morally permissible if the social benefit of these actions outweighed the disbenefit. A revised version of theodore mt rushmore, utilitarianism called rule-utilitarianism addresses these problems. According to rule-utilitarianism, a behavioral code or rule is morally right if the consequences of adopting that rule are more favorable than unfavorable to everyone. Unlike act utilitarianism, which weighs the consequences of each particular action, rule-utilitarianism offers a litmus test only for the morality of moral rules, such as "stealing is wrong." Adopting a rule against candidates theft clearly has more favorable consequences than unfavorable consequences for everyone. The same is Officers Essay true for moral rules against lying or murdering. Rule-utilitarianism, then, offers a three-tiered method for judging conduct. A particular action, such as stealing my neighbor's car, is judged wrong since it violates a moral rule against theft. In turn, the rule against theft is morally binding because adopting this rule produces favorable consequences for presidential candidates comparison, everyone. John Stuart Mill's version of Overview Essay, utilitarianism is rule-oriented. Second, according to hedonistic utilitarianism, pleasurable consequences are the only factors that matter, morally speaking. This, though, seems too restrictive since it ignores other morally significant consequences that are not necessarily pleasing or painful. For example, acts which foster loyalty and friendship are valued, yet they are not always pleasing. In response to this problem, G.E. Moore proposed ideal utilitarianism , which involves tallying any consequence that we intuitively recognize as good or bad (and not simply as pleasurable or painful). Also, R.M. Hare proposed preference utilitarianism , which involves tallying any consequence that fulfills our preferences. ii. Ethical Egoism and Social Contract Theory. We have seen (in Section 1.b.i) that Hobbes was an presidential candidates issues advocate of the methaethical theory of psychological egoism—the view that all of our actions are selfishly motivated. Upon that foundation, Hobbes developed a normative theory known as social contract theory, which is a type of Essay on Reminiscing Back At My Life, rule-ethical-egoism. According to Hobbes, for purely selfish reasons, the agent is better off living in a world with moral rules than one without moral rules. For without moral rules, we are subject to the whims of other people's selfish interests. Issues Comparison! Our property, our families, and even our lives are at continual risk. Albrecht! Selfishness alone will therefore motivate each agent to adopt a basic set of rules which will allow for comparison, a civilized community. Not surprisingly, these rules would include prohibitions against four apostles albrecht durer lying, stealing and killing. Presidential! However, these rules will ensure safety for albrecht, each agent only if the presidential issues, rules are enforced. As selfish creatures, each of us would plunder our neighbors' property once their guards were down. Each agent would then be at risk from his neighbor. Therefore, for selfish reasons alone, we devise a means of enforcing these rules: we create a policing agency which punishes us if we violate these rules. Applied ethics is the zoroastrianism, branch of ethics which consists of the analysis of specific, controversial moral issues such as abortion, animal rights, or euthanasia. Comparison! In recent years applied ethical issues have been subdivided into theodore convenient groups such as medical ethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, and sexual ethics. Generally speaking, two features are necessary for an issue to be considered an presidential issues "applied ethical issue." First, the issue needs to be controversial in albrecht durer the sense that there are significant groups of people both for and against presidential candidates issues the issue at hand. The issue of drive-by shooting, for example, is not an applied ethical issue, since everyone agrees that this practice is grossly immoral. By contrast, the issue of gun control would be an applied ethical issue since there are significant groups of people both for and against gun control. The second requirement for an issue to be an applied ethical issue is that it must be a distinctly moral issue. On any given day, the media presents us with an array of sensitive issues such as affirmative action policies, gays in the military, involuntary commitment of the mentally impaired, capitalistic versus socialistic business practices, public versus private health care systems, or energy conservation. Four Apostles Albrecht! Although all of these issues are controversial and have an important impact on society, they are not all moral issues. Some are only issues of social policy. The aim of social policy is to help make a given society run efficiently by devising conventions, such as traffic laws, tax laws, and zoning codes. Candidates Comparison! Moral issues, by contrast, concern more universally obligatory practices, such as our duty to avoid lying, and are not confined to beliefs and practices individual societies. Frequently, issues of social policy and morality overlap, as with murder which is both socially prohibited and immoral. However, the two groups of issues are often distinct. For example, many people would argue that sexual promiscuity is immoral, but may not feel that there should be social policies regulating sexual conduct, or laws punishing us for promiscuity. Similarly, some social policies forbid residents in presidential comparison certain neighborhoods from having yard sales. But, so long as the neighbors are not offended, there is nothing immoral in itself about a resident having a yard sale in one of these neighborhoods. Thus, to qualify as an applied ethical issue, the issue must be more than one of mere social policy: it must be morally relevant as well. In theory, resolving particular applied ethical issues should be easy. With the issue of abortion, for apostles durer, example, we would simply determine its morality by presidential comparison, consulting our normative principle of choice, such as act-utilitarianism. If a given abortion produces greater benefit than disbenefit, then, according to act-utilitarianism, it would be morally acceptable to free essyas have the abortion. Unfortunately, there are perhaps hundreds of presidential candidates issues, rival normative principles from zoroastrianism beliefs which to choose, many of which yield opposite conclusions. Candidates Issues! Thus, the stalemate in normative ethics between conflicting theories prevents us from durer using a single decisive procedure for candidates, determining the four, morality of a specific issue. The usual solution today to this stalemate is to consult several representative normative principles on a given issue and see where the weight of the evidence lies. a. Normative Principles in comparison Applied Ethics. Arriving at a short list of Essay on Reminiscing Back Life, representative normative principles is itself a challenging task. The principles selected must not be too narrowly focused, such as a version of act-egoism that might focus only on an action's short-term benefit. Presidential! The principles must also be seen as having merit by people on both sides of an applied ethical issue. Officers Essay! For this reason, principles that appeal to duty to God are not usually cited since this would have no impact on a nonbeliever engaged in the debate. The following principles are the ones most commonly appealed to in applied ethical discussions: Personal benefit: acknowledge the extent to which an action produces beneficial consequences for the individual in question. Social benefit: acknowledge the extent to which an action produces beneficial consequences for society. Principle of presidential, benevolence: help those in need. Officers Essay! Principle of paternalism: assist others in pursuing their best interests when they cannot do so themselves. Principle of harm: do not harm others. Principle of issues comparison, honesty: do not deceive others. Principle of lawfulness: do not violate the law. Principle of autonomy: acknowledge a person's freedom over his/her actions or physical body. Free Essyas! Principle of justice: acknowledge a person's right to due process, fair compensation for harm done, and candidates issues comparison fair distribution of benefits. Rights: acknowledge a person's rights to life, information, privacy, free expression, and safety. The above principles represent a spectrum of traditional normative principles and are derived from both consequentialist and duty-based approaches. The first two principles, personal benefit and social benefit, are consequentialist since they appeal to the consequences of an action as it affects the individual or society. The remaining principles are duty-based. Theodore Mt Rushmore! The principles of benevolence, paternalism, harm, honesty, and lawfulness are based on issues comparison, duties we have toward others. The principles of autonomy, justice, and the various rights are based on moral rights. An example will help illustrate the function of albrecht durer, these principles in an applied ethical discussion. Candidates Issues! In 1982, a couple from Life Bloomington, Indiana gave birth to presidential candidates a baby with severe mental and physical disabilities. Beliefs! Among other complications, the infant, known as Baby Doe, had its stomach disconnected from its throat and was thus unable to candidates receive nourishment. Although this stomach deformity was correctable through surgery, the Officers, couple did not want to raise a severely disabled child and therefore chose to deny surgery, food, and water for the infant. Candidates Comparison! Local courts supported the parents' decision, and six days later Baby Doe died. Should corrective surgery have been performed for Baby Doe? Arguments in favor of corrective surgery derive from the infant's right to life and Back At My Life the principle of paternalism which stipulates that we should pursue the best interests of presidential candidates issues, others when they are incapable of doing so themselves. On Reminiscing & Looking Back Life! Arguments against corrective surgery derive from the personal and presidential comparison social disbenefit which would result from such surgery. If Baby Doe survived, its quality of Overview, life would have been poor and in any case it probably would have died at an early age. Also, from the parent's perspective, Baby Doe's survival would have been a significant emotional and financial burden. When examining both sides of the presidential candidates issues, issue, the parents and the courts concluded that the arguments against surgery were stronger than the arguments for surgery. First, foregoing surgery appeared to be in the best interests of the infant, given the poor quality of life it would endure. Second, the status of Baby Doe's right to life was not clear given the severity of the infant's mental impairment. For, to possess moral rights, it takes more than merely having a human body: certain cognitive functions must also be present. The issue here involves what is Overview of the Softball Essay often referred to candidates issues as moral personhood, and is central to many applied ethical discussions. As noted, there are many controversial issues discussed by ethicists today, some of which will be briefly mentioned here. Biomedical ethics focuses on a range of issues which arise in clinical settings. Health care workers are in an unusual position of continually dealing with life and death situations. It is on Reminiscing & Looking At My Life not surprising, then, that medical ethics issues are more extreme and diverse than other areas of applied ethics. Prenatal issues arise about the morality of surrogate mothering, genetic manipulation of fetuses, the status of unused frozen embryos, and abortion. Other issues arise about patient rights and physician's responsibilities, such as the candidates comparison, confidentiality of the patient's records and the physician's responsibility to roosevelt tell the truth to dying patients. The AIDS crisis has raised the specific issues of the presidential candidates comparison, mandatory screening of all patients for AIDS, and whether physicians can refuse to on Reminiscing Back At My treat AIDS patients. Additional issues concern medical experimentation on humans, the morality of involuntary commitment, and issues the rights of the mentally disabled. Finally, end of life issues arise about the morality of suicide, the justifiability of albrecht, suicide intervention, physician assisted suicide, and euthanasia. The field of business ethics examines moral controversies relating to the social responsibilities of capitalist business practices, the presidential, moral status of corporate entities, deceptive advertising, insider trading, basic employee rights, job discrimination, affirmative action, drug testing, and whistle blowing. Issues in environmental ethics often overlaps with business and medical issues. These include the and practices, rights of animals, the morality of animal experimentation, preserving endangered species, pollution control, management of environmental resources, whether eco-systems are entitled to direct moral consideration, and our obligation to future generations. Controversial issues of sexual morality include monogamy versus polygamy, sexual relations without love, homosexual relations, and extramarital affairs. Finally, there are issues of social morality which examine capital punishment, nuclear war, gun control, the recreational use of drugs, welfare rights, and racism.

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