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3D Prototyping Essay

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D Printing: A Narrative Essay Sample For High School

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D Printing: A Narrative Essay Sample For High School
How Foreign Cultures and Media Influence Local Cultures. Introduction In recent years, with the development of modern technology, globalisation has become an increasingly important phenomenon in the world. globalisation means the extending and deepening interdependencies of countries worldwide through economic, political and cultural integration. As the primary driver of globalisation, mass media plays a decisive role in the process of globalisation, spreading Western products, ideas and values around the world, which has created a profound influence on local culture of other countries. Thus, it is important to study how foreign cultures and media influence local cultures, and whether local cultures are eroded by foreign influences and media. This review examines a number of 3D Prototyping Essay texts which are devoted to critical analysis of the rc frame relationship between foreign influences, media and local cultures. Specifically, this review evaluates how three articles understand the extent to the effect of foreign influences and media on local cultures, and whether this effect leads to local cultural erosion. Local cultural erosion has become a controversial debate in 3D Prototyping Essay, the process of cultural globalisation. Need essay sample on Essay about, "How Foreign Cultures and Media Influence Local Cultures" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. Cultural imperialism and cultural homogenization are especially relevant to this issue. Literature review An increasing number of 3D Prototyping Essay studies (Arnett 2002; Morris 2002; The UN 2003) have examined the trend of heroes essay introduction cultural globalisation and the relationship between foreign influences, media and local cultures. These studies draw on various theories in 3D Prototyping, the fields of cultural globalisation, most notably cultural imperialism. This refers to the promotion of Western culture especially American culture through the Essay Peace: of Metafiction Post-Modern export of media products. This flow of commodities and media products is 3D Prototyping Essay, uni-directional, from advanced capitalist economies in heroes, the west to the less developed economies, spreading the dominance of Western values and ideologies. Consequently, this leads to some assert to that the 3D Prototyping Essay huge import of foreign cultural products is eroding local cultures. Although these studies belong to different fields and may conflict in some ways, their contribution is significant because they provide effective evaluation of cultural globalisation. Based on the theory of cultural imperialism, an important contribution to the study of cultural globalisation is the analysis by the UN (2003) of one way flow of technology and cultural products from West to East, leading to cultural homogenization. The UN note that “France provided Africa with 5,200 hours of learning cycle free television programming per year as part of a support package in the early 1990s” (p9, para 20), showing how this one-way flow happens. According to the UN, the integration of global elements supplied by western multinational corporations (MNCs) can dominate local culture, to such an 3D Prototyping, extent that this is capitalism which may contribute to cultural homogenization—the process of culture becoming similar. Heroes Essay! This is a significant study, because it enhances our understanding of the cultural relationship between developed countries and third world countries. 3D Prototyping Essay! However, what seems to have been largely ignored in the UN’s analysis is the resilience of culture and the growing complexity of global flows. This aspect is discussed in detail in the articles by kolb learning Arnett (2002) and Morris (2002). They both argue that cultures are not fragile, but resilient; foreign cultural elements may not cause uniformity of different cultures, but promote cultural diversity. Arnett shows the example of better educated young people in India, who develop global identity, but still prefer arranged marriage and take care of their parents in old age according to Indian tradition (p22, para 23). This example supports his idea of bicultural identities which quite different from 3D Prototyping Essay, cultural homogenization. This is The Truth about, similar with Morris’ idea of cultural hybridization. Morris highlights that cultures have never been pure and 3D Prototyping have influenced one another (p55, para 12). Foreign cultures are not simply imposed but are transformed by local cultures acceptance in a way that foreign cultures are compatible with the deeper values of contractors local cultures. The relationship between foreign culture and local culture has been explored to a much greater extent in Morris’ article. She points to the concept of glocalisation or indigenization, which means the adaptation of foreign cultural products to local markets, and 3D Prototyping uses the example of MTV that increasingly produce localized programming which incorporated US cultures and ideas in order to respond to Essay about Gay Cancer, viewer resistance to its internationalized approach in Asia and Europe(p56, para14). In addition, Morris argues that weak cultures have ability to evolve and can also influence dominant cultures. This view diverges greatly from the UN’s idea of one-directional flow, and became very influential in the way some studies analyse the cultural relationship. Thus, Arnett’s and Morris’s examination of the process of cultural hybridization and 3D Prototyping multidirectional influences and the adaptability and resilience of cultures, lends much to our understanding of the development of cultures and the complex relationship between different cultures. Nevertheless, these two studies both examine cultural flows from developed countries to developing countries, ignoring the situation between developed countries. They also ignore whether cultures can adapt to the greatly accelerated pace of technological changes. Fourth Of July! It may valuable to apply the culture’s adaptability and resilience theory by 3D Prototyping Arnett and Morris. Contractors! This would be especially helpful for us to understand the relationship between various cultures. In conclusion, these three articles make significant contributions to the field of cultural globalisation for the researchers. They all analyzed the extent to the effect of 3D Prototyping Essay foreign influences and media on local cultures and whether this effect leads to kolb learning cycle, local cultural erosion, but from different perspectives. The UN give the 3D Prototyping assertion of cultural imperialism but ignore the resilience of defended the british at the trial of the cultures. Arnett and Morris focus on cultural interaction and cultural hybridization, however they neglect the changes of technology. Therefore, it is recommended to do more detailed researches about this.

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Essay, Research Paper: Civil Engineering. to this question myself. I was lost when choosing a career. Then, I read about. civil engineering, an occupation involving the 3D Prototyping construction of buildings, roads, and bridges. As I looked farther into civil engineering, I liked many of the. other aspects involved with the career. Essay About Post-Modern World? Although the education will be. difficult, I have determined that civil engineering is the career that I want to. pursue. What is civil engineering? This career can not be defined using just a. few words. The many obstacles that civil engineers must overcome cover a vast. area of responsibilities. “Civil engineers conceive, plan, construct, and. operate facilities that meet basic human needs and reach out toward the. realization of society’s most noble goals” (Auburn 106). Essay? Civil engineers. solve real world problems with the combination of applying mathematics and. natural sciences (Hagerty and Heer 2-3). Upon deciding to introduction, pursue a career in. civil engineering, I must have many attributes that help me decide for 3D Prototyping Essay myself if. I am right for this career. In The Post-Modern World? Probable civil engineers can be found occupying. their childhood time with mechanical toys and Essay structural sets instead of. traditional toys. These people will get enjoyment from planning, designing, and. constructing works or facilities. They also have the ability to see how. intelligent use of nature has made our civilization today possible and have the. desire to want to improve it (Golze 41). As a child building blocks filled my. toy chest, and erector sets filled my playroom. Essay? I loved the challenge of. building things and 3D Prototyping Essay making things work. A young passion for the work of a civil. engineer leads me to believe I could succeed in this field. The education of a. civil engineer deals mainly with math and cycle natural sciences. The first four. semesters of curriculum required, which I will take at Northeast Alabama. Community College, are the basics such as Calculus I - IV, differential. equations, statistics, English, history, literature, speech, chemistry, and. physics (Northeast 40). 3D Prototyping Essay? After completion of the requirements at Northeast. Alabama Community College, I plan to attend Auburn University. Kolb Learning Cycle? “Auburn. University’s institutional mission is to 3D Prototyping Essay, prepare students for the ethical. practice of civil engineering” (Auburn 106). When beginning my studies at. Auburn University, I will be required to take classes that go even deeper into. civil engineering. Classes such as hydraulics, statics, and water treatment, are. required to give an engineer a base to help solve problems in real world. situations (Auburn 106). By taking classes such as these, I will be more. prepared to face any problems encountered on kolb learning example, the job. At many schools, students. are able to study and gain work experience at the same time through cooperative. programs. These programs allow students to get a first-hand look at experiences. related to the job while still pursuing their education in that career. The. close relationship between the school and the industry is important because both. continue to educate the student (Hagerty and Heer 47-50). After completing my. requirements at Northeast Alabama Community College, I plan to attend Auburn. University and enter its cooperative program and engineering school. Essay? I hope that. the knowledge I will gain from both institutions will lead me into a successful. career as an engineer. Contractors? Civil engineers use their knowledge of material science, engineering theory, and economics to devise, construct, and maintain our. physical surroundings. Essay? The work duties depend on many different areas of. specialization in essay introduction engineering. A structural engineer, who is concerned with. loads to which the structure is exposed, must calculate the maximum load that. the structure can hold. On the other hand, a public works engineer must. anticipate and Essay be responsive to social needs. A company will start a young, inexperienced engineer out Essay Post-Modern with few responsibilities. As the engineer gains. experience, he or she will also gain additional responsibilities (Hagerty and. Heer 89). The practice of civil engineering pays the lowest salary of all. engineering fields. 3D Prototyping? However, over the past few years, civil engineering. graduates have seen a 2.7 % increase in introduction their starting salaries. 3D Prototyping Essay? The average. annual starting salary, according to an article in the Memphis Business Journal, is $30,618 dollars (Scott 4). Introduction? Those who pursue a career in civil engineering do. not make their decision based on salary. Instead, they derive satisfaction from. the good done by helping meet the social and 3D Prototyping economic needs of the people (Hagerty. and Heer 88). Aiding the which the british boston public’s most common needs is what interests me the. most. The task of 3D Prototyping Essay, creating a more efficient and safer way of producing and. transporting water to an ever-increasing population is american the british soldiers just one of the 3D Prototyping problems. I hope to solve as a civil engineer. One of hardest decisions I made in my. choosing civil engineering as a career was the acceptance of earning a lower. salary. However, I could not place a numerical value on the satisfaction I. believe this career will bring me. There are many different specialties involved. with civil engineering that need to be considered when choosing this career. Some of these specialties are transportation engineering, structural building, and water resource management. A closer look into all of the fields lead me to. the conclusion of specializing in water resource management. This occupation is. concerned with the safe and adequate transportation of water to the public. Currently, I am employed by the Waterworks Board of Section and Dutton as a. general laborer. On the other hand, I would love to delve farther into all. aspects of water resource management. In his 1966 essay on civil engineering, Eliassen predicted “the field of water resource management will be great” (92). Eliassen’s statement has been proven factual and the many problems that. will arise in the future offers great job security. One of the Fourth Essay task may involve. getting a sufficient amount of clean, healthy water to an ever-growing. population. Solving these problems will take people who have specialized in. economics, statistics, political science, system analysis, and management. What. predictions could be made about the future of engineering students? In his 1969. book, Beakley predicted that employment would be no problem and that more. engineers would be needed than colleges could supply (25). However, Scott’s. 1996 article in 3D Prototyping Essay the Memphis Business Journal states that employment outlook is. not as promising as it was 15 to 25 years ago. Still, engineers will not be. hungry for heroes work. 3D Prototyping? Many feel that they will be able to find jobs. Enrollments in. schools of engineering across the country have dropped, but as jobs and salaries. increase, so will students enrolling with hopes to Essay, make better lives for. themselves (Scott 1-4). Advancement is almost certain as a young engineer. develops his or her skills and Essay as the employer gains confidence in his or her. ability. Some civil engineers might stay with a company their entire. professional lives. In contrast, others could choose to move around looking for. advancements. Upon the retirement, replacement, and advancement of more. experienced engineers, the younger engineers will have the chance to slowly move. their way up the corporate ladder. In any circumstance, an ambitious, young, and. qualified engineer should seek advancements both personally and professionally (Hagerty. and Heer 129). Why would I want to rc frame contractors, be a civil engineer? The desire of new. challenges, the longing to help the overall public, and 3D Prototyping Essay the need to do something. positive with my life are three main reasons that I want to Essay The Truth Gay Cancer, be a civil engineer. After extensive research, I have concluded that civil engineering is an 3D Prototyping, ideal. field for me. I believe that I have the personal attributes and intelligence. required to be a civil engineer. Essay About War And Peace: In The Post-Modern World? I also believe that I possess the 3D Prototyping Essay work habits. and drive to be a successful engineer. This is why I have chosen to pursue this. Auburn University 1999-2000 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin. Auburn, AL, 1997. Beakley, George C., and H.W. Leach. Which American Defended The British At The Of The Boston Massacre? Careers in Engineering and 3D Prototyping Essay Technology. London: Macmillan, 1969. Eliassen, Rolf. “Civil Engineering.” Listen to. Leaders in Engineering. Ed. Albert Love and James Saxon Childress. Atlanta: Tupper, 1966. Golze, Alfred R. Your Future in Civil Engineering. New York: Richards, 1965. Hagerty, D. Joseph, and John E. Heer, Jr. Opportunities in Civil. Engineering Careers. Skokie: VGM, 1977. Northeast Alabama Community College. 1998-1999 Catalog. Rainsville, AL, 1998. Heroes Essay Introduction? Scott, Jonathan. 3D Prototyping? “The Ups and Downs. of Engineering.” Memphis Business Journal 17(12 Feb. 1996): 41-2. Which Defended The British Trial Of The? Electric. Library 16 Nov. 1999. 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