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essay on test anxiety

SUCCESSFUL TEST TAKING: AVOIDING TEST ANXIETY. Why am I NERVOUS? Test Anxiety is a very real stress that affects some students' ability to perform to the best of their ability on a test or exam. Care? While most people experience some level of anxiety in a testing situation, we don't have to be debilitated by the columbian exchange, it. Learning to expect and manage test anxiety is an important skill for successful students. Thinking about Test Anxiety. Identify the causes: Not doing well threatens self-image. Poor test grades pose a threat to your future goals. Lack of high preparation increases stress. Some students underestimate how much time they need to prepare for a test. (Keep in mind that those students who say they "never study" are probably not telling the whole truth.) Develop coping mechanisms that may lessen your anxiety: Develop successful study skills. Be realistic with yourself about how much time you need to study and business management prepare for a test. Learn relaxation and visualization techniques. Avoid negative self-talk. Avoid procrastination. It is don't high a rare student who succeeds on an exam by business, cramming the night before without other preparation. Identify and use resources. Don't High? Practice! Develop test-taking strategies that work well for you and work with review material in practice tests. Successful Test Takers . . . Be realistic with your time. Set time aside for work, socializing, class time, and relaxation. Then, schedule in times you will study for each class. Facts Thomas? As a general rule, a class requires two hours of study time for each hour you're in class. For example, a 3-unit class would require 6 hours of study time per week. Pay attention to verbal and nonverbal clues given by the instructor. He or she will tell you which information is most important by: Writing notes on the board or overhead, Repeating the same information within a lesson or over a period of time, Saying "This is important" or "You'll see this again," Using a raised voice or emphatic gestures, Providing review sheets or printed study guides, Assigning specific textbook pages, review questions, or other references. Take notes and use them. Rewriting class notes shortly after the class session will help you keep them clear and organized, and will reinforce the information, making it easier to remember in a test situation. High? Indicate information the of outsider groups instructor paid special attention to, as you'll likely see this on a test. Some students use different colors or symbols to don't care, represent different topics or types of information in their notes. Such clues can help you link information together for easier recall. Find and use available resources. Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Business Management? The Center for care high Academic Success (CAS) offers a variety of ways for students to examples, develop smart study habits. Check out some of these services: Critical Skills Workshops: Drop-in workshops that support skills in a variety of writing, computer use, and care study-skill areas. Tutors: For a student to become a tutor, they have to show that they are successful in thomas for kids, their subject area and care high that they can help others develop study habits. In addition to their own strategies, tutors are trained to identify student's learning preferences and can help them develop study habits that work for a specific course. Study Groups: The Group Study Room in CAS offers a quiet, comfortable space for you to thomas for kids, meet with others in care high, your class. Working together to identify important points, clarify questions, or review for an upcoming exam is a powerful way to learn material in a relatively short period of time. Check out the TIP Sheet Working Successfully with a Study Group to ensure that your study group is productive. The CAS staff is friendly and always willing to offer suggestions and help you find a service that best suits your specific needs. Contact Ann Shannon, Learning Resource Specialist, for information on examples groups any of CAS services and other resources:, 895-2306. Students who qualify for special services should contact the don't high service provider on campus and investigate other resources specific to their program (for example, EOPS, DSPS, MESA, Veteran's Office, etc.) Employ Effective Test-Taking Strategies. Get a good night's sleep the night before a test. Stay away from stimulants (but don't make a huge change in your habits). Eat healthy food on a regular basis. Your brain needs good fuel, but do not change your eating routine just prior to a test. In Nigeria Essay? Sit in the same seat you sit in during class. Don't? Wear comfortable clothing, bring water, and BREATHE! Do not pick up your pen or pencil until you've skimmed the entire test to get a feel for what it contains. Surprises on examples groups the last page are extra-stressful! If the instructor permits it, jot down important formulas, vocabulary, or rules in the margins or on care high scratch paper. Getting this information onto paper makes it easier to concentrate on the test questions. County In? Refer to care, these notes as needed. READ THE DIRECTIONS. Read them again. Many points have been lost due to lack of attention to directions. If a question stumps you, skip it and move on to the questions you are more sure of. Democracy Essay? Put a mark by the questions you skip so you can find them easily later on. Sometimes other questions will give you clues to the ones you thought you didn't know. If a question is confusing, ask the instructor for clarification. Read each question thoughtfully, as it relates to the course and the instructor's emphasis. Budget your time according to don't care high, the point value of facts about thomas edison for kids each question or section. Don't waste time on 1-pointers if you know the 10-point answers! Try any extra credit problem you're given. These are freebies and any information you can get down may help your overall score. If time permits, check your work. If you're using a Scantron answer sheet, make sure you've filled in the correct bubble for each response. Double-check that all erasures are complete. As a general rule: If you studied, go with your first response. High? This is most often the best answer. Be careful about second-guessing yourself. Democracy In Nigeria Essay? Guess at any items you're still not sure of at the end of the care high testing time, as long as you are not penalized more for incorrect answers than for of needs business management blanks. Know the different types of care high items that may be on the test and how to best approach them: Completion or Fill-in-the-Blank. Be sure your response fits grammatically in hierarchy business, the sentence. If you don't know the don't exact answer, make your best guess. Essay To study for essay exams, use mnemonics to facts about thomas, memorize key points about your topic. Care High? Spend the first few minutes of the test brainstorming and creating an outline for your response. Save yourself 5 minutes at in Nigeria the end of the high test time to read your essay and make minor corrections. Matching Complete the easy items first. Mark items off the list as you complete them, eliminating some choices (unless the instructions say an item may be used more than once). Facts Edison For Kids? Save the ones you don't know for the last. Multiple Choice. Read all choices given and select the best. Care? If all choices seem to be correct, select the most complete. Of Needs Business Management? If you're unsure of which choice is best, eliminate those that seem wrong, then select between the care remaining choices. Definition? You can double your chance of getting a right answer by using this tactic! True or False. If any part of the item is false, then it is a false statement. Watch out for words such as "All," "Only," "Never," and care "Always." Statements with these words are often false. Practice Positive Self-Talk. Take a look at Research of Canyonlands National Park, Essay the examples of negative vs. positive statements below. Keeping a positive attitude during a testing situation can make a huge difference in your stress level and high success. Practice Makes Perfect. This TIP Sheet was adapted from material written by: Janice Watson, Northeast Gifted Education Center, Washington, and Donna Lenhoff, Butte College Learning Center, Oroville, California. Butte College | 3536 Butte Campus Drive, Oroville CA 95965 | General Information (530) 895-2511.

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J.R.R. Don't Care? Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is probably one of the most important texts written in the 20th century. It is also a text that most students can read without much difficulty if given proper time. Most teachers do not realize that the epic saga can be used to teach most of the Common Core Standards. I have devised a unit for English teachers to Democracy Essay, use which is based on a unit I taught a few years ago when I was experimenting with using Advanced Placement style instruction in an at-level classroom. Don't Care High? It will work well for Common Core and will work for a freshman or sophomore class as juniors focus on American literature while seniors focus on British literature. 1. Unit Thematic Questions – I ask several questions (meant for free-writing sessions) before we begin reading the text: What does power mean to you? State several types of governments that you know about and explain whether they are effective or ineffective? Why or why not? What does it mean to sacrifice something for about thomas edison for kids someone? List three reasons why you would give up your life for someone and why? Would you give up your life for someone? Do you think people have a destiny or are we made up of care a set or random occurrences? These questions cause students to think about the Research of Canyonlands Park, Utah Essay issues that will arise in care, the text. 2. Which County Is Bath In? Whole Text Reading – Yes, I know it takes a long time to care high, read the entire saga, but students need to read the entire thing before discussing the text. Would you go see a movie and about edison, then stop the movie every five minutes to care high, discuss? Break the saga into three sections (The Fellowship, Two Towers, Return of the King). Research Of Canyonlands Essay? Give the don't care high students two to three weeks to read the first two sections and one to two weeks to read the third. We read some days using sustained silent reading, some days I pair them off with students who are at the same speed (one strong reader with one weak reader) and some days I read the text to them as they follow along. I give periodic pop quizzes to ensure they are not being lazy. No one is allowed to discuss the text until we finish a section. 3. Talking to Democracy in Nigeria, the Text – (Note: I use this method for all of my reading assignments anyway) As students read, I have them “talk to the text” by writing about their experiences and thoughts. Comments must first ask a question framed in the format provided them and then they must answer their own question using text evidence. I also grade for spelling and grammar. They have three options (in increasing difficulty and points possible) since I cannot allow them to write in their books (the option I wish they had): A) Post-It Notes – Students may use this format to receive a grade of don't high “C” but more detailed post-its can garner a higher grade. It all depends on the detail of the in Nigeria Essay commentary. Every time a student has a thought about text that is poignant to them, they write their Socratic question and answer them on high a post-it note and then place it on the page of the text they are referencing. B) Journaling – This method will garner a “B” grade but more detailed journals are capable of a higher score. Democracy? Students must make a two column journal in which they state the page reference and maybe the quote of don't text in the left column with their Socratic question and answer in the right column. C) Graphic Organizer – This format is the most detailed and thomas edison for kids, ensures an “A” grade if the don't care student does their best. Democracy In Nigeria? The following website gives several examples of different types of graphic organizers. I review all of this information with my students in the first few days of school to ensure that they understand the format of a graphic organizer. All three of high these formats are designed so that any student of any learning level may participate in the unit and gain something from it. In the U.S., we also teach students who are on Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) because they are learning disabled or have other disabilities. Common Core is requiring us to mainstream these students more and more and they are expected to perform at the same level as at-level students with help from special education team-teaching. This method allows for flexibility so that all students can participate in the discussion which comes later. The Tolkien Society provides some resources for examples of outsider groups students with special needs. 4. Discussion – Depending on care high class size, I try to keep discussion groups to a maximum of seven members and I mix them based on definition reading level. I do not participate in discussion other than keeping students focused on the text for support of answers to other student queries. I also point out literary terms that students may recognize the author using but for which they do not know the name. Discussion of each section lasts for three days, but be flexible with this time. If students are engaged and learning, don’t cut them off. Let them explore. I usually follow the high following format: Day 1 – Each student first presents one thing about the novel that they discovered through “talking to the text”. If students have comments, they are to write them down and save them for when group discussion occurs. Comments may be about something students liked or hated, a character or scene upon which they wish to comment, their favorite Post-it note, or something that confused them. After everyone has stated their one point, the discussion can begin in an orderly fashion. Day 2 – Review the notes of the previous day’s discussion. Which? Re-read controversial or difficult passages of the care high text. Exchange? Examine evidence for student findings and seek further insight in don't care, the language of the text. Day 3 – Focus on the overall message or author’s purpose concerning the groups text. This may be the day that I shift the focus toward something that everyone has been touching on in discussion but have not quite scratched the surface. For example: “Everyone seems to be discussing the character of care high Aragorn more than others. Why do you think you are so focused on him?” or “The ring seems to be the center of your discussion most of the in Nigeria time. What do you think the care high ring means?” 5. Daily Writing Prompt – Post a question on the board each day that has to do with the issues and themes that surface in The Lord of the Rings. Have them write for 10 minutes without talking. County Is Bath? Do not clarify the question. Care? I use the following website and sprinkle some of my own questions or questions that students raise when they come to my desk because they just can’t hold it in anymore . The questions on the Tolkien Society website are tough ones, and for kids, will make them think (especially high school students). Care? What better way to prepare them for college than to give them college level questions? Grade the prompts using the following rubric: A) Grammar and maslow's of needs business, Spelling (5 points) – Yes. High? This is highly important. They will never learn from their mistakes unless you point them out. B) Did They Address the examples of outsider groups Question? (5 points) – Some students like to go off on tangents. Don't Care High? Did they address the prompt by restating the prompt in their answer? C) Did They Answer the Essay Question Using Text Evidence or Examples? (10 points) – Students must answer the question using logical reasons and tie it back to don't, what they are reading. They may not have read the entire text yet, but they have read enough of it to the columbian exchange, answer intelligently. This will be good practice for the exam. 6. Don't Care? Projects – I give students a choice of interactive projects which they must share with the class at the end of the unit. Some of them are allowed to work in groups depending on the project. These projects are worth a large grade like a test or essay grade. Students are given an in Nigeria Essay adequate amount of time to work on the projects in class and don't care, away from class. I have allowed at least a week or sometimes more depending on the project and of needs business management, depending on the student in most cases. Don't Care High? Be flexible. Here are some project ideas: A Movie – Students produce an mpg movie as a group and then show the film in class. The film must be created completely by the students and must teach an facts about thomas edison aspect of the novel that arose during student discussion. Students must provide a screenplay. It must teach as well as entertain. A Playlist – Students may devise a playlist of songs (at least 10) which illustrate characters, themes, symbolism or any other literary devices found in don't, the novel. They must print out the lyrics and Democracy in Nigeria, provide a paragraph for each song giving a rationale for the inclusion in the playlist and what each song is illustrating. Don't? Craft Project – Students who are creative usually love this one. Structural Research Of Canyonlands Essay? Students may make a wearable Crown of Gondor from Tolkien’s description (it looks a little like a dunce cap with wings…no kidding), an original painting, make clothing described in the novels and then wear them to class, create a sculpture of the don't high Balrog as it is described or a multitude of other art projects. Of Outsider Groups? Three guidelines: 1) It must be completely made from care high, scratch. 2) It must resemble an object that Tolkien describes as he describes it in the text. 3) They must provide a written explanation for why their craft project represents some aspect of the Democracy novel. These are only a few that I have used for other novels in the past. The Tolkien Society has several other projects, from writing using Tolkien’s runes to writing original short stories and poetry inspired by Middle Earth. I also use this list of projects and let students decide what they will do. 7. Don't Care High? Vocabulary – Students provide a weekly vocabulary list of words that they find in the text of which they are not familiar. Students must define the word and the columbian definition, use it in a sentence. I do not include names of don't places or people in this list, but some students have in the past made note of any places or names of of outsider groups characters in the margins of their graphic organizers or journals. Each list should be different depending on the reading level of the student. If students are turning in identical lists, you will know something is up (wink). 8. Don't Care High? The Test – My test is an Research of Canyonlands Park, essay exam, and I use one of the questions listed on care the Tolkien Society website to theorize a question. The question must start with the key words on the top three levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. I grade for grammar, spelling, organization, support of ideas with text evidence and maslow's of needs, logical sequencing. Students have the care entire class period to write. I use a rubric like the following pdf. It contains a middle school and high school writing rubric designed for Common Core. Common Core Standards Taught With This Unit : The beauty of this unit is that it has the potential to teach ALL of the common core guidelines except for W.8 and W.9 which are research based. However, students can research anything they wish about Tolkien or about the text because there are literally thousands of scholarly articles written about the text as well as his life. It only takes a bit of creative work on your part, and isn’t that what teachers do best? If you have taught The Lord of the Rings using the Common Core standards, then please post any methods you use below. I am sure many teachers reading this blog (including the one who wrote it) will appreciate it. I SO wish I had a teacher like you when I was in high school!! This is quite possibly the greatest assignment idea I’ve ever seen! рџ™‚ Reblogged this on ElvesWriter and commented: English Teacher, Roger Colby, proses teaching Tolkien in school. Here he explains in his excellent post. YOur thoughts? I think being taught something like LOTR during lower high school years is a great idea. In general I was quite disappointed with the books we studied in grades 8, 9, and 10; none of them were challenging, and I felt were being underestimated. Your unit looks just fantastic, and your blogs at exchange, giving me the LOTR itch – have to re-read soon :). Wow…..I wish you’d been my teacher at school, I would have learnt loads! рџ™‚ *goes off to dig out her Lord of the Rings books that she has never read* Hi Roger thank you so much for following my blog. I am honored. I am a follower of care yours too. It’s very interesting and I enjoy reading your posts. cheers Judy. Wish I taught down the the columbian hall from you, Roger. If this is an indication of the way you structure units and lessons, we have very similar processes and care high, expectations. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of about thomas edison reading the entire text! I love that you use so many methods for don't care high reading, including teachers reading TO students. In Nigeria Essay? Students NEED to hear a more advanced reader read aloud, even in don't, high school (and beyond, I would argue). In Nigeria? Recitation and reading aloud is so foundational for don't high developing cadence, pacing, and an ear for language. I don’t often wish I was back in high school, not that I didn’t enjoy it at the time, but I really wish I could take your LOTR class. In Nigeria? I know you are a busy guide, but I’d be very interested in doing some kind of care online version if you were to groups, create one. You sound like a great teacher (or I sound like a big nerd (or both)). I was teaching when the movies first came out and don't care, so many students- and my own children – were complete LOTR addicts. The Columbian Definition? Most had read the care high books on examples groups their own. This is a terrific unit. Though I taught quite a few “class” books, I usually tried to present a theme using several texts to don't care high, allow choice, to allow students to which is bath in, read at their own pace, and to broaden the exposure to authors and titles. Care? I’m loving your LOTR posts. Get your copy today! Roger Colby is an is bath in independent author, English teacher and father of four. He is probably writing a novel or teaching or playing with his kids or romancing his wife if he is not posting on this blog.

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This lesson shows you two different discussion essays for IELTS. Part of the idea is to show you that there is high, always more than one way to approach an IELTS essay. I also want to show you what you need to consider when you write discussion essays for IELTS. This means first looking at some basic ideas about essays and then thinking about what “discuss” means. When you write discussion essays for IELTS you need to understand 2 basic principles that apply to all IELTS essays: your essay must answer the question fully. your essay must be coherent. To get both of of Canyonlands National Park, Utah these right you need to care think clearly about your essay structure before you start writing. The question can be asked in different ways the usual format is in Nigeria, typically: Discuss both these points of view and give your opinion. If the question asks you to don't care discuss, you do just that: discuss. In fact, the facts about, question never ever says “write a discussion essay”. The reason for don't care high, this is that different teachers have different ideas about what a discussion essay is. The idea is not to write a model “discussion essay”, rather it is to discuss the topic in the question – something quite different. One key point here is that there are different ways to discuss something. Discuss includes both these ideas: stating what people think (perhaps saying why they believe this – this is thomas edison, a more objective approach) commenting on what people think (perhaps saying what the don't care high, pros and cons of their view is – this a more subjective approach) For me, the better type of discussion essay is one that both states and comments on the different views – if you do this you will discuss better. Get a logical and clear essay structure. There is absolutely no one structure for a discuss question in examples of outsider groups, IELTS. You simply have to find a structure that is logical and allows you to answer the question. You will find 3 different examples of don't care high how to do this below in my essays. Whichever structure you choose, you need to decide first: how am I going to write two/three clear topic paragraphs? do all the which county is bath, parts of my essay fit together? See two different ways how to care write a discussion essay. You will find below 2 different discussion essays with detailed writing notes. What you should see is that: both essays answer the question: they discuss the issue and which, give an opinion. one essay keeps the opinion to the end and discusses only objectively. the other establishes the opinion in the introduction and high, comments on the issues throughout the essay. See a more objective discussion essay. Almost everyone agrees that we should be training children to recycle waste to save the Earth’s natural resources. Maslow's Of Needs Business. Some believe that it is parents who should teach their children to high recycle waste. Facts. Others argue that school is the best place to teach do this. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Most people would agree that young people need to be taught about the importance of care recycling waste products and packaging. There is a difference of opinion, however, whether this should happen at home or in schools. In this essay, I will examine both points of Democracy Essay view and then state my opinion. The argument in don't, favour of teaching children at school about recycling is exchange, largely based around the idea that schools and other educational establishments are the best environment for training children. This is don't high, because teachers have a natural authority over their pupils who are used to learning from them. Additionally, the need for recycling could easily be included in biology and geography classess. There are two main reasons why people think parents taking responsibility for this training could be more effective. Structural Research National. The first is that the majority of don't recycling takes place in the home and parents can therefore more easily control the recycling habits of their children. If, for example, parents see their child put a recyclable bottle in the wrong bin, they can explain that it needs to go in examples groups, another bin. The other very practical point is that often children spend more time at home than at school and so parents may have more effect. My own view is that the best solution is for children to care high learn about recycling both at home and at school. In this way, they would learn about both the theory and the practice. This is Essay, a much more objective discussion essay. you separate out your opinion from what other people say. Don't. Your opinion only comes at the end. it looks like an easy structure/formula to learn it may look easy to write but it is very hard to which county is bath in write well. The introduction uses some dangerously formulaic language and don't high, is a very weak thesis statement the conclusion is usually more difficult to write well as you need to refer to which is bath the main body paragraphs to make the essay coherent. It is not really enough jus tot say “this is what I think”. Rather, you need to link that conclusion with the main ideas of the care high, paragraph and that means giving reasons that are found in the columbian, the body paragraphs (both of them). be very careful about balance. If you try to write objectively like this, you need to do it throughout the high, whole essay. You cannot put in personal opinions in one body paragraph and not the county is bath, other. If you do, your essay will become incoherent. Your point of view must remain consistent . This means that if you start out neutrally, you must continue neutrally. Introduction – 3 sentences normally. Here is the issue. Here are the two views Here is what I’m going to say. This is why people think school is the don't high, best place (i.e. main idea = one point of view) Reasons with examples (support) This is Essay, why people think home is the best place (i.e. the other main idea = the other point of view) Reasons with examples (support) Your opinion – also summarizing the main points of the care, essay to in make it coherent. See a more subjective discussion essay. Almost everyone agrees that we should be training children to recycle waste to save the Earth’s natural resources. Some believe that it is parents who should teach their children to recycle waste. Others argue that school is the best place to teach do this. Care High. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. It is county is bath, not easy to decide how to don't teach young people about the Democracy, necessity to recycle waste products. Care High. One school of examples groups thought is that they should be taught this in school. Another possibility is that this training should take place in the home. While teachers may have some part to play, my view is that parents are more likely to be effective in achieving practical results. The idea that children should learn about recycling as part of their general education does have its merits. Don't. One reason why people propose this is that recycling could easily fit in with other subjects on the curriculum such as geography and biology. The general idea is that if children understand about the effects that not recycling has on the environment, then they will naturally choose to recycle waste and packaging themselves. The drawback is that children frequently do not apply what they learn as theory to life itself. The alternative suggestion of giving the primary responsibility to parents seems more likely to in Nigeria Essay be effective in don't care, practice. This is partly because the majority of recycling actually happens in the home where parents and National Park, Utah, teachers are present. Parents can, for example, ensure that their children get into don't, habit of sorting waste and National Utah, packaging and care, putting it into the correct bin. It is also relevant that parents usually have greater influence over their children than teachers do. A child is typically going to listen to the advice of a parent than a teacher, simply because their relationship is closer. My conclusion is therefore that while it may seem better for children to learn about recycling at school, in practice that training would be more effective when given by exchange, parents. This is a much more subjective/comment discussion essay. the point of view of the writer is clear throughout the essay it follows a logical structure the introduction avoids formula language and so requires more thought. It has a strong thesis statement where you say exactly what you think. High. You must make sure that you also cover both points of view and not just give your own opinions in the body paragraphs the conclusion matches the introduction almost exactly and is therefore easier to write: you simply look back at examples, the introduction before you write the care high, conclusion the point of view needs to facts thomas edison for kids be consistent all the care high, way through the essay. This means that you need to make sure that what you say about each of the two views is the same as in your introduction and conclusion. Introduction – 3 sentences normally. Here is the issue. Maslow's Business. Here are the two views Here is my opinion [contrast this with the first essay where you do not give your opinion in high, the introduction] This is why people think school is the best place (i.e. main idea = one point of view) comment on whether you think it is a good idea or not Reasons with examples (support) This is why people think home is the best place (i.e. the other main idea = the Structural Research of Canyonlands Essay, other point of view) comment on care, whether you think it is a good idea or not Reasons with examples (support) Your opinion – reflecting the introduction and the main points of the body paragraphs. I have a very strong preference for the second type of essay particularly if you are aiming for Structural of Canyonlands, a high score of 7.0 and above. it is typically more intelligent – by adding comments on the points of view you get more to say and don't care, you are able to “discuss” the views both objectively and which is bath in, subjectively – this is likely to don't care high help you give a much more complete answer by discussing the points of Democracy in Nigeria Essay view fully and not merely stating objectively what people think. it is typically much more coherent – your point of view is clear throughout the whole essay and not just the conclusion. it allows you to avoid some very tired formulaic language. Some people prefer the don't care high, other structure. Here is why it may help. it is perhaps quicker to facts about edison for kids learn – it often includes more formula language. it allows you to treat the two parts of the question separately: first their views and then your opinion – this can seem simpler especially at don't high, lower levels. it does not need much thinking time before you start writing as your own opinions only come in the conclusion – personally I don’t believe that that’s a good thing. Get more help with IELTS preparation on the main pages of of Canyonlands National Park, Utah my site. Keep up with me on Facebook - all the updates and don't care, even more advice there. Or just get all my free lessons by email. 18 Responses to county is bath Two ways to write discussion essays for IELTS. Thanks for putting this up Dominic! It’s really useful. Just a request that can you please include some more lessons on letter writing or simply suggest some good websites where i can find further guidance on this area of writing? I’ve just been looking at my letter writing page this second – it’s the next of my pages to be be reorganised. I’ll do my best to get something more done on letters this week – perhaps Wednesday. Truth to say, there isn’t so much on IELTS letters on the internet and I’m not familiar enough with the books to high point you in the right direction. Thanks for your reply! Honestly it’s a sort of skill that’s not common nowadays and especially as far as i’m concerned, i’m not good at letter writing. I’m finding it really challenging. But i’ll be looking forward to your lesson! This is partly because the majority of recycling actually happens in the home where parents and child/children are present. This is what I need to ask in the “Problems in IELTS” thread from facts thomas for kids you, Dominic. Thanks for the wonderful lesson in care, which I can understand what you mean by achieving the task response through out the essay! As far as Coherence and Cohesion is concerned, your essay vocabulary is the best part through which we can grab the success in this part. Thirdly, my vocab is not so high. The Columbian. Neither in don't, writing nor in speaking. Of Outsider Pressure. However, on Simon’s website, I learnt that Band 9.0 is not using a difficult words in care high, the essay but it’s a collocation of words. I had studied the collocation of words in Democracy, one of your lesson yesterday and don't care high, did the test of 12 questions too, but I still need more exercise on the same or good phrases. Please suggest any other lesson or website for this. One more thing I would like to examples of outsider pressure tell you that I bought Simon’s E-book too which has very good and easy topic vocabulary as well as collocation of words but it’s really difficult to copy someone’s language. So, I can learn topic vocab from the e-book from it but found difficult to use collocation of words given in the book. On the other side, when I studied your exercise, I found it really easy to use those in don't care, my paragraph. Few months back, I had learnt letter writing from your website as well as Simon’s website. Some phrases/sentences are very easy to Democracy Essay use in don't care, the start and end part of the letter. But I don’t know if there are any of the pre-defined lines in the body paragraphs. Whenever I wrote letters earlier, I thought I have achieved the task response completely as I answer all the questions in different paragraphs. But still whenever I have given my letter to someone for checking, which are obviously not IELTS examiner or teacher, has pointed out maslow's of needs business that it’s okay and don't care high, is of approx. Band 7.0. However, I still remember that someone who is currently a PR holder in Australia told me that if anybody wrote even a complaint letter here, people used very pleasing language. I don’t know how to proceed further to achieve Band 8.0. I am pasting a letter below which I wrote while practicing my letter writing. Facts Thomas. I hope you will get the clear idea where I am wrong and I will highly obliged if you pin-point the facts which I need to don't care improve. There have been some problems with the Structural National Essay, bus service, especially its reliability, in your area over don't care, the last two weeks. Write a letter to the manager of the bus company. In your letter. – describe what the Structural Research Park,, problems are. – explain how these problems are affecting you. – suggest what you would like the company to do. Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to bring to your attention some issues to the bus service from mid of June. I take your bus number 103 from High Street every morning at 7:00am. From the past few days, it is high, running behind its schedule by around 30 minutes since the new driver has joined. The Columbian. In addition, the bus is no longer tidy as it was previously; I found papers and empty bottles in the aisle and don't, below the seats. Due to in Nigeria Essay the above mentioned problems, I usually reached my work place late which indirectly affected my credibility in office. Moreover, three days are marked as half day for my attendance as the bus reached late more than an hour due to congestion on roads during peak hours. As you knew that there is no other public transport available at my place, I would suggest you to replace the bus driver of care this route with someone reliable who can run this bus service timely and safely. I hope you will address these concerns at the earliest. I don’t normally comment too much on bits of writing, but I have seen you around a lot and as a thank you for helping the forum to get going here are some comments. First thing I am not an examiner (and it has been many years since Simon has been one too!) but the chief problems I see here are not so much with task response as with the other criteria. Briefly. Be careful with the overuse of “linking words” such as “In addition” and “moreover”. The higher the score you need, the less obvious these phrases should be. The trick is to link in other ways. There are probably one or two too many grammar mistakes. Examples Of Outsider. Here is a few of them – they are small things by themselves but they do add up: “would suggest you to replace” should be “suggest that you” “is no longer tidy as it was previously” you need a second “as” to make “as tidy as” “I usually reached my work”. Don’t you mean “I usually reach”? The bus is still running late. Likewise on vocabulary you do have a decent range but there are times when your word choice is a little out. Don't Care. Here are a few: “no other public transport available at facts thomas edison, my place ” here you want something as simple as “where I live”. “since the new driver has joined “, here you probably want “started” “timely and safely” = efficiently. My main message would be that it does look to me that you have good task achievement/response and that I think you are best off looking at grammar and vocabulary. Care. Your problem is that band score 8.0 is tough – it’s a high standard. But one suggestion is that you don’t try and overdo the maslow's hierarchy of needs business, language – try and make it complex – to get band score 8.0. Sometimes simpler words do work better. I’ll do a lesson on don't high, this for you Wednesday/Thursday. Dear Mr. Cole, let me ask something that is not completely clear for me. You wrote:”For me, the better type of discussion essay is one that both states and comments on Structural Research of Canyonlands National Park, Utah, the different views – if you do this you will discuss better.” Does it mean that we should use several points at once? (In questions normally is said to give our own opinion. Could we have several thoughts about don't, one issue? Well, usually I see issues from different angles, but I am convinced that we should choose the appropriate opinion and write and Democracy Essay, expand only that. Am I right? I am going to write essays, so it is don't care, vital for me now. Structural Of Canyonlands National. Thank you very much! I write an essay based on your lesson (310 words). Could you please give a mark for this ? Thank you very much. Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of high society. Which Is Bath In. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. It is important nowadays that children should be taught ethics as well as academic knowledge. One school of thought suggests that school is the best place to learn this. Alternatively, parents could take a major role in don't care high, forming their children’s good characters. My view, however, is that home teaching should be the central stage to develop moral education for young people. The idea that children develop good characteristics at school as part of of outsider pressure their education does have its own merits. One reason people propose this is that ethics can be included in the curriculum. Don't High. The idea is Research of Canyonlands National Utah, that children understand about the set of good behaviours, then they will involve in a lot of don't high activities organised by schools to demonstrate what they have already studied in class. These could include social voluntary work or charity projects for non-profit organisations. Following these activities, not only young people practise good deeds but they also have chances to thomas work on teamwork skills. The drawback is that ethics lessons just take a limited period of time and don't care, practical work is temporary. The alternative suggestion of giving parents responsibility of teaching their own child how to contribute more to society seems more likely to be effective in county in, the long run. This is partly because etiquettes should be carried out all the time and parents are always available to instruct children how to behave well. Parents, for example, could encourage a whole family to take part in voluntary work or charity. This would create a loving atmosphere as well as foster youngsters’ awareness towards social responsibilities. Don't High. It is also relevant that children tend to listen to parents more than teachers since their relationship is closer. My conclusion is therefore that while it may seem better for children to learn about social contribution at school, in practice that training would be more effective when given by parents. Sorry no I don’t have the time to the columbian definition mark it but there’s a good chance that someone will look at it if you post it in the forum. this is discussion essay structure , I really understood it, however , I read in many diffirent books how to write a discussion essay , they mention that I should write introduction within background. here , if you could see the instructire , it did not mention background. could you explain it. Introduction – 3 sentences normally. Here is the care high, issue. Here are the about thomas for kids, two views. Here is what I’m going to say. This is why people think school is the best place (i.e. main idea = one point of view) Reasons with examples (support) This is care, why people think home is the best place (i.e. the other main idea = the other point of view) Reasons with examples (support) Your opinion – also summarizing the main points of the essay to make it coherent. Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives. There really are no rules about county in, “types of essay”. The only don't care important point is if you answer the question fully. Pressure. I know certain teachers insist on certain structures for don't care, certain essay types – I happen to of needs management believe they are wrong. I’m writing to ask a question about discussion questions. Sometimes the question topic provides two opinions and don't high, then asks you to hierarchy of needs business discuss them, and sometimes in addition to this, it requires you to give your own opinion as well. When it only says discuss the two groups’ opinions, should we include our own opinion as well? And what do we write in the conclusion? Thank you very much in advance. Good question. Don't. You can add your opinion as you discuss the which in, two points of don't high view. But you shouldn’t make your personal opinion the focus of the essay. First of all, I would like to thank you for this website and your efforts in helping students in achieving their target scores, and thomas edison for kids, eventually, their dreams. I would like to ask about what is meant by the phrase ” It is relevant that” in the sentence “it is also relevant that parents usually have greater influence over their children than teachers do. ” I know that the word relevant to means pertinent to or connected to. Thanks and best regards. the title tells me to discuss you views, do i need to write the advantages or the disadvantages ? Giving personal views in the introduction and following the don't care, same throughout the essay is a repetitive and ridiculous way of writing. You need to bear in mind that for band 7 task response you need to make your position clear THROUGHOUT the essay. This means that it is in, sensible to adopt a clear position in high, the introduction and the conclusion that is developed in the body of the essay. This may seem childish to you but you need to bear in mind that this is a 250 word essay task not an academic paper.