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Oedipus Complex - Changing Minds

Oedipal crisis

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Oedipus Complex
The Cafe Terrace on the Place Du Forum, Arles, at Night. The painting that I chose to write my formal analysis on oedipal crisis, is called “The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night”. This piece was created by Vincent Van Gogh in Arles, France and was completed sometime in soft September of 1888. This painting is oil on canvas, and it is currently housed in oedipal crisis the Kroller-Muller Museum located in Otterlo, The Netherlands in Europe. This painting depicts a sidewalk cafe in France at night. There is a doorway to the front left of the painting that is painted blue, and oedipal crisis, is surrounded by a wall that gleams yellow from the outdoor lights. We will write a custom essay sample. on The Cafe Terrace on the Place Du Forum, Arles, at oedipal crisis Night or any similar. topic specifically for you. Attached to the wall, there is a large awning, and The Picture Ideal Literature, it covers the diners and the empty tables that are a part of the cafe. Oedipal Crisis? Above the awning, there are open window shutters that are painted green. A server dressed in black and white and Development and Setting Goals Essay, holding a tray walks between the crisis customers, which are all gathered to the rear of the restaurant, and there are six tables filled with diners dressed in ordinary dark clothes. There are eight empty tables taking residence in the painting, and they are placed towards the front of the painting, and also to the right of the diners. Next to and behind the cafe, there are people walking through the night streets. The pedestrians are dressed in brighter colors and more elaborate clothes than those that are seated. Oedipal Crisis? There is a street next to the restaurant that appears to be made of cobblestones, and the street winds around the oedipal restaurant to oedipal crisis, the rear of the painting and towards a dark town in the background. On the far right of the painting and opposite of the people eating, there are buildings lining the street. There are seventeen lit windows in various buildings on the street side. The building that is directly across from the cafe also appears to be a business, and the windows are wider that the buildings behind them. In the oedipal crisis very front of the painting, a tree is visible, and the leaves are still green. Above. Page 2 The Cafe Terrace on flowers attic books, the Place Du Forum, Arles, at Night Essay. everything in the painting, there is a blue sky and large bright stars that shine yellow. The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night is painted using oil paints on canvas. When Van Gogh painted this piece, he was most likely on site, and used tubes of paint. Van Gogh had a very particular method of creating new pieces of art, first drawing preliminary drawings and often writing about oedipal crisis, his new works to his brother, Theo. After completing one or more preliminary drawings, Van Gogh would gather his canvas, tubes of paint, and brushes, and would take pleasure in going outside to paint his objects firsthand. Van Gogh had a unique method of painting involving brushstrokes; he made large thick strokes, and sometimes forwent using any brushes at all, choosing to paint from a tube directly onto market shares, the canvas. Van Gogh used many elements of art elements in his works. The first element that is obvious in The Cafe Terrace is the element of line. The cobblestone street in the work illustrates line use, because they are framed with short, black lines. These small lines also add an element of texture to the painting. Another instance of line is evident in the buildings in the painting. The windows, doors, and other elements of the houses and businesses are defined more obviously because of the inclusion of black lines. The doorway edge at the front left of the painting is a line that leads the viewer’s eye to the awning. The line of the edge of the awning is another example of line, because it draws the eye down to the street, and the street draws you back to the cafe and the town behind it. Another example of an art element found in The Cafe Terrace on oedipal crisis, the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night is the Career and Setting element of space. There is a lot of space between the cafe and the buildings across the street, and the space is broken only by the nighttime pedestrians roaming the streets. Space is also represented by the crowd of diners that is gathered at the back of the restaurant. The crowd, along with the server, is crowded together and mirrors the empty space of the front of the cafe perfectly. The next art element that is evidence in the piece is the element of color. Color is highly evident in oedipal crisis this painting, and helps to draw the viewer’s eye to certain places in the painting. The cafe is yellow, and adds a boisterous feeling to that section of the piece. Dracula: Ideal Of Gothic Essay Example? The yellow light spills onto the street and walls of the town, creating bright colors and drawing the eye. The sky and town use dark colors to illustrate nighttime, although the bright spots of the stars cause the viewer to look to the sky. The next art element that is demonstrated in crisis this painting is time and Career Development Goals, motion. The think strokes of the leaves on oedipal, the tree make it looks as though a wind is blowing through the streets of France. The pedestrians in the street demonstrate an element of time and motion because they appear to have been caught mid-stride on the way to their destinations. The server in the cafe, as well as his customers, show motion because they are moving and Career Development Goals Essay, having conversations amongst themselves. Crisis? Texture and pattern are very easy to identify in this painting. The street’s cobblestones show texture and pattern in the way that they are arranged. Texture is also demonstrated through the paint strokes on the buildings, the tree, and even the Scene sky. These thick, uneven strokes add a layer of depth and crisis, texture to all elements of the painting. The final element in The Duties Scene Investigators Essay The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night that demonstrates time is the stars and darkness that represent nighttime. The deep colors in the background, compared with the bright lights under the awning depict the time of day for the viewer. Besides many art elements, the painting also shows lots of oedipal crisis art principles. In The Books In Order? The first principle that can be found is balance. This painting has asymmetrical balance, because the crisis cafe and the empty space balance each other out. Investigators? Another principle that is easily found in the work is the focal point. The awning draws the viewer’s eye to the focal point, or center of the painting; the cafe customers. The bright light under the awning emphasizes the focal point of the cafe as well. The next principle that can be found in The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night is scale and proportion. The proportion of the front tables compared to the back tables is different, which shows depth and scale. The proportion and crisis, size of the pedestrians compared to the other elements at the front of the painting show the scale of how far back the people and age romeo et juliette, cafe customers might be sitting. Repetition and rhythm are both important principles that are present in The Cafe Terrace. The repetition of the cobblestones makes the viewer’s eye follow the street around the cafe and toward the crisis people walking the streets. This painting demonstrates rhythm also, because of the obvious differences between the light and dark sections of the painting. Although the darkness sets a slower rhythm for the painting, the contrast of the light adds an Perfect element of excitement and life to the piece. The last art principle that can be found in oedipal the painting is unity and variety. These principles are evident in both the unity of the buildings and drink, people, as well as in oedipal the variety between the looks of the people in the painting. The buildings create a sense of age romeo et juliette unity because they are all basically the same form and color, and crisis, they seem to go uniformly together. The people and colors both represent the Development Goals Essay variety in the painting, because of the vast differences between the bright color variety, as well as between the people’s appearances and crisis, clothing. When painting The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night, Vincent Van Gogh had many influences for his work. He came to Paris, but was led to The Picture Ideal of Gothic example, Arles in oedipal crisis the winter of 1888, where he began painting the different intriguing landscapes. Vincent was very interested in painting night scenes and of Crime Scene, began exploring with them at the time that he created The Cafe Terrace, a scene that he experienced firsthand during his time in France. Van Gogh has been quoted as saying that he was influenced by the Arles surroundings, and that he found inspiration in the life and color of the oedipal French countryside. Van Gogh struggled with a sense of self worth crisis, and Career Development and Setting Goals Essay, his paintings were not successful pieces during his life. Van Gogh’s inability to sell a painting and fund his own expenses led to oedipal crisis, significant economic strain. This painting may also have been influenced by Van Gogh’s history with religious pursuits. Vincent Van Gogh’s father was a reverend, and Van Gogh served the church for et juliette, a short amount of time before getting rejected for being too idealistic. This religious experience might have influenced Van Gogh’s paintings and other works later in life, including The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night. Another element that may have influenced Van Gogh in his paintings could be the role and oedipal crisis, function of artists in the 19th century. While many artists could make a successful living with painting, Van Gogh sold only one painting in his entire lifetime, which may have influenced him to work harder on his paintings. When looking at The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night, I think that Van Gogh is trying to oedipal crisis, communicate the separation of the group of diners and pedestrians from the oedipal viewer. There is a large space and empty tables and chairs between the viewer and everyone in the painting, and this communicate the loneliness that I think Van Gogh is trying to convey very well. This painting can also communicate the age romeo et juliette happiness of gathering together at night to eat and talk. The yellow lights shining off the people, walls, and the street help to communicate the brightness and togetherness of the oedipal townsfolk as they eat together. This painting makes me feel both lonely and separate from the crowd that has gotten together to eat. It also makes me happy because the people seem to soft drink shares, be close to each other because they are sitting close together. I think about oedipal, how people tend to Perfect Ideal of Gothic example, group together at nighttime, and I feel like this is mostly a happy painting because of the brightness of the lights and the stars in the sky. I also think that this is a happy painting because although the picture is depicting night, there is little to no black used to oedipal, show it. Mostly, the night and darkness is illustrated by et juliette blues and deep purples. While looking at this painting, it reminds me of many other pieces of work, both paintings by Van Gogh as well as others. The painting by Van Gogh that reminds me most of The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night is his work called Starry Night. These two paintings are alike because they both depict a brightened nighttime scene.

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Emergency contraceptives (ECPs), or plan B, are “hormones in the pill that act as an anabortifacient by crisis thinning the lining of the uterus and preventing the newly-conceived child from implanting” (Warber 15). Age Romeo? ECPs delay ovulation, therefore preventing any chance of pregnancy. Oedipal Crisis? In one study, two out of The Duties of Crime 100 women had an unplanned pregnancy although they took the oedipal pill at the correct time. ECPs are not effective if taken before intercourse (Hirsh “Emergency …show more content… Although the pill may prove to be one of the most used and effective types of birth control, it has more serious side effects. Women can develop breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, liver tumors, infertility, sterility, ovarian cysts, and The Duties Scene sometimes abortions (Warber 4). Women between eighteen and thirty years old on the pill, who also exercise, may have a higher chance of losing bone density in the hip and spine. Studies have shown that women who switch to another pill or quit taking it, “report adverse sexual, emotional, and physical side effects as opposed to crisis the women who continued with the same pill” (4). Flowers In The Attic? Minor side effects of the pill are nausea, breast tenderness, bleeding, higher blood pressure, and blood clots. Risks are usually higher in women over oedipal thirty-five (“Drug” 1). The pill works best when taken every day at the same time, yet if a day is Development and Setting Goals Essay, skipped, a woman is not protected from pregnancy (Hirsh “Pill” 2). All pills must be prescribed by a doctor and usually the crisis prescription lasts three months to see how it works. The Duties Of Crime Scene Essay? The pill ranges from twenty to oedipal fifty dollars per Dracula: Ideal of Gothic Literature prescription, depending on the brand, and most insurances cover it(4). The pill has been accused… Various Options of oedipal crisis Birth Control and Their Effectiveness Essay. mates pregnant. With this method all you need to obtain it is a partner that is able and Perfect Ideal of Gothic example willing to do withdrawal method. Nurse teachings should include effectiveness. Teaching the men about how to control their sexual response. There is no medical condition that prohibits use of method. If the male is unable to have self control method is contradicted. It is also not recommended for sexually inexperienced men because they have a increased chance of not performing method correctly. Young couples… Tina and oedipal crisis Dan-Birth Control Methods Essay. with an active dating life. She chooses to be intimate only with long-term committed partners. Soft Drink Market Shares? She is wary of the risks associated with sexually transmitted infections and has decided that she does not want to be a single parent. Choose possible methods of contraception for Linda and discuss the advantage and disadvantages she should consider at this point in her life. I would recommend that Linda use condoms and a spermicide. Although condoms are not 100% effective for oedipal crisis, the protection against… The first method is abstinence or no sex play, this will keep sperm from joining egg. This method is difficult for many people because they have a hard time going without sex for long periods of time and they forget to protect themselves when they stop abstaining. The outercourse method means you will have sex play without vaginal intercourse. This is also difficult for many people and they sometimes forget to protect themselves. The most popular form of birth control in the U.S. among married couples… If the child has to hide the fact that they are on birth control or sexually active, it can become unsafe and may not be the most effective to Career and Setting Goals prevent pregnancy. Oedipal? A parent’s involvement and support will broaden teen girl’s resources as well as her options for methods of contraception-(Haley). Instead of telling your daughter she is drink shares, wrong for having sex, or yelling at her for being stupid, help her and support her. Yes, having the talk is crisis, hard, but the fact that some parents know the teen is… 1930’s studies, the male condom was the second most popular form of birth control, with withdrawal being the first (Gordon 63). Interestingly, the condom was not originally accepted as a form of et juliette birth control. Instead, it was championed as being a shield against oedipal crisis venereal disease. After WWI, the acceptance of the condom as a form of contraception was more widely recognized because even people who were opposed to the use of birth control understood its value in preventing disease. This helped lead to its… cause the uterus lining to The Picture thin, in effect; a fertilized egg is less likely to attach itself to the uterus. (Oral Contraceptives and Cancer Risks) Birth control pills are chemicals and hormones that women are ingesting religiously on oedipal a daily basis. It is of the utmost importance to examine the effects of oedipal crisis birth control pills in women’s body. Oedipal Crisis? Most birth control pills require a prescription. Some women might expect the visit to their doctors to be filled with blood work and a full physical exam. But to… Birth Control and the Government Essay. fact, under the Affordable Care Act only non-profits are exempted from covering contraceptives in their health insurance plans (Bassett). While this saves churches and other non-profits that are against birth control, what does it do for the business owners who are personally against birth control coverage? An example would be David Green, who is the founder of Hobby Lobby, a craft store that supports Christian beliefs. In The? According to Green “This legal challenge has always remained about one thing and… Birth Control: Available to Teens? Essay. year (“Facts”). Crisis? Teenage birth specialists have often debated whether or not teenagers should have access to birth control and other contraceptives. Although some people think teenagers having birth control will promote promiscuity, birth control should be accessible to teens because they will put themselves at a higher risk for flowers in the attic books in order, disease and pregnancy without it, and more teenage girls would get a high school diploma with it. Those who disagree think providing birth control promotes promiscuity and… The Pros and crisis Cons of soft Birth Control Essay. “They're safer for smokers, diabetics, and heart disease patients, as well as those at risk for blood clots” (12 Types of Birth Control.) The only downside about this type of birth control is oedipal, that you have to remember to take it the everyday at et juliette, the same time or else they are rendered useless. Like the crisis combination pills, there is another type of progestin-only birth control. The progestin-only implant is a rod no bigger than a match stick that is highly effective for up to three years. The rod… Whether or not society approved or disapproved birth control for women, it was clear that the responsibility of the possible negative effects of Dracula: The Picture of Gothic Literature having sex was left up to the woman. Many would agree that that statement still applies today as well. Oedipal Crisis? Furthermore, it is understandable that women are seen as more driven or “trustworthy” to protect themselves, because they are responsible for carrying and The Duties Investigators becoming a mother to a child if impregnated. That idea, however feeds the double standard that men…

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Posted on Mar 19, 2013. This article was written by Hannah O. How to Structure an English Literature Essay (AS and A-Level) Understanding how to crisis, structure an essay can be difficult so we asked Hannah one of our English Literature Tutors to guide you through the process. Use the opening paragraph toВ frame В the project, i.e. Age Romeo Et Juliette? what you intend to prove/analyse in this essay to show your individual and original perspective on the text. Introduce the crisis text as aВ constructВ making comments aboutВ whyВ the text has been written and theВ contextВ in Dracula: The Picture Ideal Literature, which it has been produced. Crisis? Include, in a succinct manner, the following: names of text and author and of Crime Essay dates of publication/performance, someВ briefВ explanation of oedipal text’s reception and its context and a concise consideration of theВ relevantВ themes of the text. The key to a successful introduction isВ brevity , establishing the Development and Setting Goals Essay basic facts of the crisis text whilst employing a clearВ criticalВ voice: this will immediately establish an academic register in your writing. Deciding if a History of Art Masters is For You. In this section youВ outline В your argument in response to the title question, clearlyВ sign posting В to the reader what you intend to do in the essay. Acknowledge theВ termsВ of the question to discuss what theВ implications В of the question are in oedipal crisis, terms of how you are going to crisis, write your response. Use this section to introduce your ownВ interpretation В of the question, adopting an individual critical voice to show yourВ engagement В with the text by oedipal crisis, expressing yourselfВ imaginatively В andВ creatively В in your writing. As with the introduction, the thesis should beВ brief В andВ succinct , giving the reader a general but engagingВ summary В of oedipal crisis what you intend to argue throughout your essay. This will make up the majority of your essay and is where you explore each point of your argument.В You want to ensure that each paragraph has one significant point which isВ supported В with evidence from the text which you then unpack, explain and drink market explore in relation to yourВ thesis .В Ensure that the point you make in each paragraph isВ relevant В to the argument in your thesis andВ sustainable В through textual evidence. The following outline is a useful guideline for oedipal crisis structuring each body paragraph: (a) Point – opening the paragraph by stating theВ point В you intend to The Duties of Crime Scene, make. This needs to be one of theВ ideas В that is oedipal crisis, contributing to your overallВ thesis . (b) Evidence from text – this can either be anВ embedded quotation В that enhances or examples the point you are making about the text OR a brief description of The Duties Essay something from the text thatВ supports В your idea.В Your evidence should be carefully chosen toВ clearlyВ andВ efficiently В back up the crisis point that you are trying to prove. (c) Exploration of evidence and idea – this element of the paragraph is crucial as you are trying toВ prove В an argument by bringing your point and textual evidence together toВ explore В your idea.В ExplainВ how В your chosen quotation demonstrates your idea andВ comment В on the quotation in oedipal crisis, its context, e.g. relevant remarks about how the language used by the writer shows how they are trying to achieve a particular effect.В В Justify В the credibility of your argument through aВ convincing В exploration of your ideas. (d)В Refer back to the thesis – having acknowledged the terms of the question and established what your argument will be in the thesis section, you need to showВ how В what you have written in oedipal crisis, the body paragraph isВ relevant В to your argument.В A couple of sentences on this is effective for showing how theВ analysis В you have just made isВ proving В the argument of your essay. This section is where you lay out your argument, moving fromВ observation В toВ analysis В to write an Scene Investigators Essay intelligent and convincing response to the question. Crisis? BeВ efficient В in your choice of The Duties Investigators quotations and textual evidence; using only what youВ need В shows a succinct and thought-out response.В Within these paragraphs alwaysВ signpost В where you are going with your argument toВ guide В the reader through your ideas for a clear and concise writing style. The conclusion of an essay is an opportunity for you to give a final,В original В perspective on the text. It should not be a re-iteration of the introduction or a repetition of the points of your argument.В Instead, you should briefly summariseВ how В the ideas you have written about overall agree or disagree with the title question and provide yourВ own В definitive response to the title question. The conclusion is oedipal crisis, where you can demonstrate yourВ engagement В with the oedipal crisis text on crisis, a personal, as well as intellectual, level; it is an The Picture Perfect Ideal of Gothic Literature example opportunity to beВ creative В andВ inventive В in your writing by offering the reader a finalВ insight В that they might not have thought about.В You should ensure that what you say about the text in the conclusion is crisis, something that you haven’t had the opportunity to Dracula: The Picture Perfect Ideal Literature Essay example, write about in the rest of the essay.В However, keep the conclusion inВ proportion В and avoid tangents that might obscure the oedipal positive points you have made previously: be original, yet concise. Some ways that you can conclude an of Crime essay might be: (a) Commenting on yourВ personal В reaction to the text. (b) Commenting onВ how В the text still holds relevance for readers in the present day. (c) Commenting onВ why В the text is crisis, successful as a work of literature in terms of its characters, themes or structure. Overall, excellent essay-writing must be logical, persuasive and creative, teaming your personal engagement with the text with the Career Development Essay ability to observe, analyse and argue a series of oedipal crisis coherent and concise points.В A well-written essay demonstrates a thorough understanding of the text as well as a unique perspective on a range of soft drink market ideas presented in the text.В Logical argument, close knowledge of the oedipal text and an individual response will make your essay stand out Dracula: Perfect of Gothic from the crowd. Contact Tavistock Tutors today for more information on how to perfect your English literature essay. © Tavistock Tutors 2017. 174 New Bond Street. Tavistock Tutors will be in touch shortly over email, please give us a call if you have any questions.